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Call Forwarding never hooked up.
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- When my roommate and I decided to change our local phone services to MCI, I asked if voicemail was available. I was told that it was not available, but we could use the call-forwarding feature and have our calls forwarded to a voicemail box. The representative gave us the number for American Voicemail and we immediately signed up. We were told it would take up to three weeks to activate our call forwarding. After three weeks, we called MCI to see if our call forwarding was hooked up. At that point, we were told that we had never signed up for call forwarding. So, we signed up for it and were told that we would have to wait up to three weeks for activation.

At this time, I also gave the phone number that our calls were supposed to be forwarded to. After about three weeks, I called MCI again. We were told that we had signed up for the wrong call forwarding and that we needed call forwarding busy and no answer. So, with much frustration, we signed up for this feature and waited three more weeks. When calling this time, we were told that, due to heavy volume, our job would not be finished until December 12th, 2000. On December 13th, I called and got a representative who told me I had to wait two days after the finish date to find out what was going on with the account.

After calling two weeks later, I reached a representative that told me that our call forwarding busy and no answer had gone through the customer service computer system, but it had not gone to the system where the jobs were actually done. And that I would have to wait another three weeks to have call forwarding. At this point, I decided that I wanted to cancel this service from MCI. I realized that it would be much easier to go and get an answering machine than to wait for three more weeks to have voicemail. I spoke with a representative and asked to be reimbursed for the payments I had made to American Voicemail.

I offered to send a copy of my bill to MCI for me to receive payment. She informed me that I was to wait on the line while she got American Voicemail on the phone. American Voicemail would refund my money, since I had never used their services. Since, it was a weekend, she told me I had to call back MCI when American Voicemail was open. At this point, I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on the phone with MCI for almost two hours, the representative told me that all supervisors were busy and they would call me in the next 72 hours.

Before hanging up, I asked how many times I had called MCI. She said that since November 27th, 2000, I had called TEN times. I called MCI on Wednesday, January 10th, 2001 to get a refund for American Voicemail. I admit that my patience was at its limit at this point. I told the representative about my situation and he explained to me that I was now signed up for call forwarding. How could this be? I had just called the previous week and cancelled the call forwarding, and now I have the service? After explaining everything I had been through, the representative said that he would refund the call forwarding and give me a $38 credit for American Voicemail.

He also said that in the next 7 to 10 days I would receive a $100 gift certificate from MCI. I finally felt that all of my grievances had been heard and I was getting compensated for all of my trouble. Then I realized that I never got the representative's name and that may be everything was not fixed. The fact that we could have bought an answering machine and avoided this entire mess really bothers me. Also, another factor that bothers me is that no representative ever called us to tell us what was going on with our service. In addition to this, when we asked someone from MCI to speak with us, they never returned the call.

I don't know if our trust will ever be fixed with MCI. We still are using MCI for local and long distance, but we are looking for other options. I recommend that you provide better training for your customer service representatives to avoid problems like these in the future.

Block On Phone Lines From Correctional Institution
By -

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- I am sick of MCI putting block on my phone line when they are no longer the long distance provider for correctional inst. I think it is very unfair for them to do this. I have only a local service with MCI and yet when the block is place it's only on the calls coming from the correctional inst. Not my local calls. How are they able to do this? It is very unfair what MCI does and they should be stop.

Are they issuing false bills?
By -

NEW JERSEY -- About 8 years ago I received a solicitation call from MCI to switch over my long distance service. Since they offered a better rate and I really do not make many long distance calls, I said "what the heck" and agreed to sign up. I used their service for about 8 months and then one day, without warning or notice I went to make a LD call and received a recording that I did not have a long distance provider. This is where the drama began. I must have spent 2-3 hours going from one customer service rep to the next to find out what happened.

Finally a rep was able to help me and told me that I owed 4 months of past due bills, which was impossible. I had the cancelled check for every monthly payment that was made not to mention their own monthly statements which showed the payment amounts applied each month. It took them a week to "research the problem" only to get back to me and say that they made an error and then inform me that they notice that I have another provider and asked if I could give them permission to switch me back to MCI. I was done with them and told the rep to cancel me completely from their system as a customer.

The false billing started about 6 months after I cancelled my service with MCI. I suddenly began to receive monthly bills for $4.50 each month. After the second bill came, I called MCI and asked them why they are billing me and they claimed that I still had their line or something. I told them that I cancelled the account, refuse to pay and that they can clearly see that this so-called account has no activity. They cancelled the bills. For the last 6 years, approximately twice a year MCI randomly starts billing me for this same monthly service fee. I just received a bill last week from them showing a current balance of $6.50 plus a past due balance of $6.50.

The bill also states that MCI is now my new long distance provider. I have not switched my service and my current provider has no knowledge of a switch. MCI's charges are for some mediocre service fee and of course, there is no activity detail (I know I've made calls.) Why does this continue to happen? I have even had this exact same experience with them at my place of business. Are they pulling up old customers or somehow obtaining phone lists and sending out false bills? Just imagine the money they stand to make if people just pay the $6.50 without dispute.

By -

HUEYTOWN, ALABAMA -- I am amazed at how badly a phone company can constantly rip off their customers. Approximately 3 years ago, I was called and offered the Neighborhood plan. Basically I was told that I would pay $19.95 for the same service I was getting which included Caller ID and voicemail. This was half of what I was paying at the time. When I got my first bill it was $50.00. I was shocked so I called customer service and was told that they had quoted me the wrong price and they would adjust my bill for that month but every month following would $50.00. This was actually more than what I was paying previously for phone service.

I got very angry and told them I wanted to disconnect immediately. I immediately called my former phone company and was reconnected. I then got a bill for $60.00. I called and complained again and was told that regardless I owed it. I have been sent to collections and still refuse to pay for something I was told I don't owe. $60.00 for 1 month of phone service when I paid $20.00 already? That would make that one month $80.00 for one month of phone service that I used NO long distance at all. We have gone through 3 years of harassing calls and I am sick and tired of it!!! I would gladly join a class action suit against this company for their fraudulent practices!!!

I was actually called a few months later and asked if I would like to join the Neighborhood!! Can you believe that? I told him what had happened and he suggested I call their complaint line and report what had happened because he couldn't believe his company would treat customers that way. Well I called this number....several times....never to get through. Sounds pretty fishy to me!! How can a company like MCI get away with this? I guess that's how they make so much money. I am now listed on my credit report as someone who doesn't pay their phone bills. Yes, I could pay the $60 and get it fixed, but why should I have to pay $60 for something I never received?

Also, when originally contacted I was told my phone call was being recorded. This means they would have me asking repeatedly "Are you sure I will only be charged $19.95 a month for these exact services?" I even got my husband on the phone to double check that I was hearing right. These people should be stopped!!!

BUYER BE AWARE!!! HORRIBLE hold times and they are STILL ripping me off - BIG SCAM!!!
By -

CORAM, NEW YORK -- I URGE every single person out there NOT TO JOIN MCI. HERE IS THE LIST OF COMPLAINTS! My mother moved out of her home cancelled service and they are STILL charging her! They refuse to cancel her service so someone else is getting their service for free. Their Neighborhood plan is a joke! They conned her into getting it for 49.99 a month and they charge her 88.87 INSTEAD (because of charges and surcharges). She was told they were only going to be 15 dollars a month not over 40.00! Cancelling is a joke! She has been trying to cancel now (with my help) for the past 3 MONTHS.

Every time she calls (AFTER THE RIDICULOUS WAIT TIME) they tell her their computer is updating every single time. They say that to get rid of her DON'T BELIEVE THEM! We've heard every excuse in the book. "There are no supervisors available", " We update computers everyday and it takes 24 hours", "Sorry I cannot find your account", " I don't have a rep ID but my name is **". (They use that one all the time and the name is bogus.) They told her they cannot cancel the service because there is a pending cancellation (or other excuses).

BY THE WAY MY MOM had call forwarding to her cell phone and now she is getting charged an arm and a leg for those bills for other people (the people who purchased the house). People are calling her from Puerto Rico from all over the place to HER CELL PHONE! She travels (retired) and is incurring roaming charges. When I asked MCI to cancel call forwarding at least they said they couldn't do it. THEY KEEP SAYING that "We put the order (to cancel) in and it will take two weeks!" Every two weeks "it will take two weeks"! Customer Service Reps and Supervisors as well as Managers ARE all LIARS!

My mom has to call in every month to have them credit her account. BUT THE HOLD TIME each time is more than 45 minutes of AGGRAVATION. Go with a different company. Do not go with MCI, unless you like the headaches! BEWARE they will tell you anything to get you OFF THE PHONE. All I have to say is that every person I meet I will make it my MISSION to discourage them strongly from using MCI. TO GIVE YOU AN EX: I started talking to them today at 1:32 pm EST and after 5 hours on the phone I GOT NOWHERE! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!

Frauds MOST Unethical Company in USA
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- MCI called to get me to switch my local service from SBC. Told me 27.95 unlimited local calling. I asked "Is that all the Chicago area codes?" twice. "Yes", they said twice "just like what you have at SBC...nothing will be different just $15.00 less than SBC". Believing this was an honest company (should have thought about WorldCom here folks), I switched... phone bill $232.00!!! Charged toll calls for every call I made in my LOCAL area. Called customer service, on hold 37 minutes, and were they RUDE. One actually laughed at me for being such a dope.

Right now I am held hostage (can't use phone - every call is a toll) until I am back at SBC (which by the way offered me REAL unlimited local calls and unlimited long distance to anywhere in USA for...$46.95). I have been advised to complain to FCC and my States Attorney which I am doing first thing Monday morning. This company is criminal in my mind. BEWARE - DO NOT SIGN UP WITH MCI or fall for the scam about their "Neighborhood Plan". They will say anything and lie to get you to switch!


PETERSBURG, ILLINOIS -- I recently received a bill from MCI for long distance service. I called MCI Customer Service twice. I got different answers each time for why this happened. I do not have MCI as a carrier nor do I want them. After many, many phone calls I found that I have been slammed on both local service and long distance service. It took several calls and much time to get it straightened out.

To help me avoid having this happen again (and for others who have experienced being slammed, I would like the following: I would like to find an address for a customer protection agency that will investigate the ongoing slamming done by MCI. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

join class action lawsuit
By -

This is one of the most deceptive phone companies that I've encountered. They take forever to hook you up, tell you that you have services they don't offer in your area. When you call to complain, they can't give out last names of customer service people so that you can't track your call. They tell you that a supervisor will call, who you know won't. Take your money and then tell you tough they can't help you. I am willing to be a part of a class action suit that removes this company from doing business.The company and their stock holders deserve the worst.

MCI's Network Access Surcharge??
By -

TX -- STOP CRAMMING my phone bill with SUPURBULOUS FEES!!! We want a residential, local only, phone line for our home. But I do not want to be charged for a bunch of uniquely named "fees"!!! For example, "Network Access Surcharge" from MCI, I thought we were part of "The Neighborhood built by MCI" not NETWORK!!! (I'm part of a network now??!!?) MCI couldn't tell me what that charge was for except, "Everyone is charged that." SO??!!!
We only have local service, but there is an entire section dedicated to "MCI Long Distance Service." I do not have or want long distance service!!! BUT I STILL HAVE TO PAY??? WHY????!!!

I'm sick of hearing, seeing, discovering all these little extra charges and fees that keep popping up on my billing statements! Whatever they want to call the charges, it still adds up to more money out of our pockets and more into theirs. WE WERE NEVER TOLD THAT WE WOULD BE CHARGED FOR NETWORK ACCESS! When will these profitable lies stop?

MCI rate is $2.69 per minute for international calls

Since we switched over from AT&T, we were very happy with the long distance service with MCI. Since we were so content with the low international rates, we convinced my mother-in-law switch over to MCI. I was very clear with the MCI representative that we wanted the International Plan for my mother-in-law. However, we were shocked to see that her bill was $169.90 when we examined it. We later realized that she was charged $2.69 per min to Korea. Thinking that this was only a misunderstanding we called an MCI representative, however, she was unable to help us.

To help keep me, my friend, and family as future customers, I would like the following: We are requesting a credit of $156.30 (the difference between the standard rate and the international rate) be applied to her account. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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