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Does anyone at MCI care
Posted by Diamond Girl on 12/21/2006
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- My son is in prison (I refuse to call them correctional facilities). I recently changed my telephone service provider and was informed I had to set an account up directly with MCI. I keep faxing them the info they need but they can not read it. They say supervisors don't take calls. If I want to complain I have to write to a PO box in FL! And it gets better. The VA. Dept of corrections informed me that due to security issues, The Utility Commission has no authority over this part of MCI so they can do WHATEVER they want. SECURITY! How does my son calling me collect effect SECURITY! THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST SCAMS I HAVE EVER SEEN>

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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-12-21:
I'm pretty sure those collect calls are monitored (or they should be). So that said, they is probably only a handful of providers prisons work with to help monitor these calls, etc. It is an unfortunate but necessary side-effect of the prison system. Inmates lose a lot of rights when they pass through those doors. I'm guessing they don't put a high priority on customer service in that department... Best you can do is just be persistant.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-12-21:
Diamond Girl; you got it, it is a scam and there is nothing we can do about it, why. Because it is a money making scam that people will fall for under the pretence that your son is a criminal and has no rights. Funny it has nothing to do with you son or another criminal it’s just a way of making and controlling money. Sorry about your dilemma but that is the way this country is headed control the people and do what ever they want. A criminal running a criminal system, which just happens to house criminals.
Posted by HaroldSays on 2006-12-21:
Diamond Girl call 800-677-6580 and speak with someone at that number. Be sure to get their name when you talk with them. Get the name of a person to fax your information to. Refax your information then to 800-825-4525 attention that person. If you do not get results let me know. As far as the supervisors issue if there are not enough supervisors to handle your call immediately they will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. I have contacts in the executive offices so let me know if you get stonewalled and I will help you if you want me to. Best to you and your son. Harold from HaroldSays
Posted by nomoredrama on 2006-12-26:
Well here's a good one, I tried to pay my mci bill with my mother's atn card, after i deposited the money into her account and to my surprise the payment was declined because it is not the same name and billing address that is on the telephone billing. Which my mother has made payment's before so I can't see what the big deal is now...as long as the bill is getting paid they should be happy.
Posted by utahgirl on 2006-12-27:
I likewise have a son in a "correction facility" and I despise working with MCI. The cost is outrageous, and the service is terrible. He is in Nevada, and when we lived in Nevada a 30-minute call was in the $6 or $7 price range. Then we moved to Utah, a mere 300 miles away, and the same call for the same length of time is about $35. That is ridiculous, and it makes it impossible for us to talk to each other more than once a month, which is hard since we can't go visit him now more than once every few years. The phones at the prison are in poor condition, which isn't MCI's fault, but sometimes he has to call me back on a different phone, which costs another huge fee. Thanks for letting me vent. I don't think there's much we can do about it. AARRGGHH!!!
Posted by saivory on 2007-04-25:
I'm a little late jumping on this band wagon however I am expierncing an identical situation with my 16 yr old son in California Youth Authority. I have faxed repeatly my phone bill for address verification and the customer dept there (MCI) are lazy or just can't read. My bills top portion shows the day my account was created in 11/05 and if they continued to read on they would see the billing cycle date is current. so they tells my my bill is past 45 days old and it is unacceptable to fax a currwnt bill. and no they will not put a superviser on the phone and yes it is true that you have write to a PO Box in Fl. Something needs to be done about this. We are taxpayers and we should have a say so about who the state selects to do the correctional billing. I read an artical that MCI kicks the state back 33% or 44% of the calls. So unless enough people complain MCI and the state will have it there way.
Posted by honeysbunny on 2007-05-03:
I had the same issues when i first set up my account, the first week they said "oh just fax us this and in 3 days it will be set up" 4 days later nothing. When i called they said they didnt get my fax, so i made 40 photo copies of my phone bill and my id at the top and i faxed it over 40 times. I called the next day, and amazingly they got my fax!! I was all set up the next day. All i can say is be persistant and keep in phone contact so they can get off their butts and get it taken care of.
Posted by tjstar on 2007-05-27:
I don't think anyone does care in this departement. I guess they figure you should be treated like a criminal too? Despite that, isn't that why people go to prison to learn from their mistakes and start a new life. The whole principle here is MCI's lack of professionalism, no customer service, over charges which all adds up to suffering to the subscriber. We are already paying for the phone why do we have to pay with our time. That is wrong!! Please make comments and blogs on the Yahoo group I started MCIdepartementofcorrectionssucks.com, it will help if we all band together. Numbers do mean something. I am collecting everybodies complaints to put forth action.

Thanks for your help and comments,
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Posted by TEEMPADDY on 12/20/2006
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Posted by tjstar on 2007-05-27:
You are right the reps are very rude. They dismiss your concerns and hang up on you. I have been hung up on three times because they did not want to resolve a problem I had. I am trying to do something about their terrible service like get all the complaints together, I started a Yahoo group to do that it is departementofcorrectionssucks.com, if you could post a comment or blog and we can try and fix this.
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Are they issuing false bills?
Posted by Kalan on 10/10/2005
NEW JERSEY -- About 8 years ago I received a solicitation call from MCI to switch over my long distance service. Since they offered a better rate and I really do not make many long distance calls, I said what the heck and agreed to sign up. I used their service for about 8 months and then one day, without warning or notice I went to make a LD call and received a recording that I did not have a long distance provider. This is where the drama began. I must have spent 2-3 hours going from one customer service rep to the next to find out what happened. Finally a rep was able to help me and told me that I owed 4 months of past due bills, which was impossible, I had the cancelled check for every monthly payment that was made. Not to mention their own monthly statements which showed the payment amounts applied each month. It took them a week to "research the problem" only to get back to me and say that they made an error and then inform me that they notice that I have another provider and asked if I could give them permission to switch me back to MCI. I was done with them and told the rep to cancel me completely from their system as a customer.
The false billing started about 6 months after I cancelled my service with MCI. I suddenly began to receive monthly bills for $4.50 each month. After the second bill came, I called MCI and asked them why they are billing me and they claimed that I still had their line or something. I told them that I cancelled the account, refuse to pay and that they can clearly see that this so called account has no activity. They cancelled the bills. For the last 6 years, approximately twice a year MCI randomly starts billing me for this same monthly service fee. I just received a bill last week from them showing a current balance of $6.50 plus a past due balance of $6.50. The bill also states that MCI is now my new long distance provider. I have not switched my service and my current provider has no knowledge of a switch. MCI's charges are for some mediocre service fee and of course,there is no activity detail(I know I've made calls)Why does this continue to happen? I have even had this exact same experience with them at my place of business. Are they pulling up old customers or somehow obtaining phone lists and sending out false bills? Just imagine the money they stand to make if people just pay the $6.50 without dispute.
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Posted by KateM on 2005-10-10:
That certainly does sound shady, but I cant say that I'm surprised phone companies never seem to operate on the up and up. I would contact the better business bureau as well as your attorney general. Maybe with their help you can get them off your back once and for all.
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Posted by LucyB20 on 10/04/2005
GEORGIA -- I switched to MCI for my local and long distance to save money. I was with them for 2 months and had to move because my apartment flooded. I called them to transfer my service and was told that it could take up to 3 weeks but it should be transferred in 3 to 4 business days. After 5 business days without phone service I again called to find out when my service would be transferred. I was told that there was a problem with the line and that they had fixed it, but it would still take a couple of days to process the order. I was told that it should be done in the next 3-4 days. Another week goes by and still no phone service. I again call them to find out what is going on. They told me that the order was rejected b/c of the turn on date and that the order would be resubmitted. I was told to call back on Friday to confirm that the order would be processed and they could tell me when my service would be working. I called on Saturday from my parents house because I was visiting them for the weekend. This has now almost been a full 3 weeks without service. First of all I was told that the order was AGAIN rejected because of the turn on date and it would have to go to "special teams" to figure out why it was being rejected. I was very confused at this point b/c the women just told me that it was rejected b/c of the turn on date. When I asked to speak to her supervisor I was told that she was a supervisor and that her supervisor was not working, but that she would have her call me first thing Monday morning. I told her that I would be filing a complaint with the PSC in Georgia. When the supervisor had not called me back by Tuesday morning, I again called customer service and was told the same thing and that a supervisor would call me back. I told them that was unacceptable b/c a supervisor was supposed to call me the day before and never did. I told them that I wanted to speak to a supervisor immediately. I was put on hold for another 5 minutes to wait for a supervisior. I finally was able to speak to the floor supervisor who was very sorry for all of my trouble and would see what could be done to get my service turned on. My service was transferred within 2 hours of my talking the floor supervisor. I have since transferred back to my old phone company. I thought my trouble was over, and then when I received my final bill my account was charged for the full amount even though I was without service for 19 days. I again called customer service to request the credit that I was promised I would receive for the time I was without service. I was told the money would be put back into my checking account. A month later when the money was not back into my account. I again called customer service about the credit. They told me that I needed to contact financial services because my account was closed and "they couldn't help me." I contacted financial services and was told that they "showed no record of payment on my account" because it was set up on direct debit. They said that would submit the request for a refund but that it would probably be denied and I would have to send them a copy of my bank statement showing that I had payed my bill. I told them that was unacceptable and asked for the supervisor. The immediate supervisior told me the same thing and also said that if the refund was denied that I would have to call customer service to have them credit my account. At this point I am very confused and frustrated because customer service had told me that they could do nothing to help me. I then asked to speak to her supervisor who tried to give me the same run around. I finally spoke to the Regional Financial Services Manager who told me that she would contact the department that processes refunds and see what could be done because she did show that they owed me a refund. I was only told this after I told her that I was going to file a second complaint with the PSC in Georgia. Amazingly enough she called me back within 30 minutes to tell me that the refund had gone through and that I should have a check within 5-7 business days. My biggest complaint other than I was without service for 19 days is that no one takes responsibilty and no one wants to fix what is wrong.

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Posted by Kronenberg on 2005-10-05:
Qwest is the absolute best phone company I've dealt with, and I've tried MCI as well as many others. Qwest just seems to care, and their so friendly.
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customer service, my eye!
Posted by Tamarin on 09/22/2005
ILLINOIS -- I used to be a very satisfied and loyal mci customer. I am now very disappointed and frustrated. I moved recently and had a very hard time moving my phone service. After 2 months of hassle and over $300 in cell phone charges from being on hold for hours trying to resolve the issue, they will not rectify the situation. They do not care about customer loyalty or satisfaction at all! Don't be tempted by their empty promises, they don't deliver and you'll be holding for most of your day!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-22:
Why would you try to resolve any issues using a cell phone? Wait is the name of the game. They want you to get tired of holding on the line and hang up.
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-09-22:
I'm surprised you even considered MCI/Worldcom, seeing how they're guilty of fradulant actions.
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Posted by Tide89 on 09/06/2005
HUEYTOWN, ALABAMA -- I am amazed at how badly a phone company can constantly rip off their customers. Approximately 3 years ago, I was called and offered the Neighborhood plan. Basically I was told that I would pay $19.95 for the same service I was getting which included Caller ID and voice mail. This was half of what I was paying at the time. When I got my first bill it was $50.00. I was shocked so I called customer service and was told that they had quoted me the wrong price and they would adjust my bill for that month but every month following would $50.00. This was actually more than what I was paying previously for phone service. I got very angry and told them I wanted to disconnect immediately. I immediately called my former phone company and was reconnected. I then got a bill for $60.00. I called and complained again and was told that regardless I owed it. I have been sent to collections and still refuse to pay for something I was told I don't owe. $60.00 for 1 month of phone service when I paid $20.00 already? That would make that one month $80.00 for one month of phone service that I used NO long distance at all. We have gone through 3 years of harrassing calls and I am sick and tired of it!!!!! I would gladly join a class action suit against this company for their fraudulent practices!!! I was actually called a few months later and asked if I would like to join the Neighborhood!! Can you believe that? I told him what had happened and he suggested I call their complaint line and report what had happened because he couldn't believe his company would treat customers that way. Well I called this number....several times....never to get through. Sounds pretty fishy to me!! How can a company like MCI get away with this? I guess that's how they make so much money. I am now listed on my credit report as someone who doesn't pay their phone bills. Yes, I could pay the $60 and get it fixed, but why should I have to pay $60 for something I never recieved? Also, when originally contacted I was told my phone call was being recorded. This means they would have me asking repeatedly are you sure I will only be charged $19.95 a month for these exact services? I even got my husband on the phone to double check that I was hearing right. These people should be stopped!!!!!
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Posted by cycolbur on 2005-09-06:
mci is a big ripoff. my spouse got put on the credit report for a bill of 790 plus dollars, the interesting thing is we have never had mci. i called and talked to mci and also their collection people and they both acknowledged this is not our bill. we have disputed it and that is show s as disputed but not removed.
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BUYER BE AWARE!!! HORRIBLE hold times and they are STILL ripping me off BIG SCAM!!!!
Posted by Toula1021 on 06/21/2005

My mother moved out of her home CANCELLED SERVICE and they are STILL charging her! They refuse to cancel her service so someone else is getting their service for free.

Their Neighberhood plan is a joke! They conned her into getting it for 49.99 a month and they charge her 88.87 INSTEAD (because of charges and surcharges) She was told they were only going to be 15 dollars a month not OVER 40.00!

Cancelling is a joke! She has been trying to cancel now (with my help) for the past 3 MONTHS. Everytime she calls (AFTER THE REDICULOUS WAIT TIME) they tell her their computer is updating EVERY SINGLE TIME. They say that to get rid of her DONT BELIEVE THEM! We've heard every excuse in the book. " There are no supervisors available", " We update computers everyday and it takes 24 hours", "Sorry I cannot find your account", " I dont have a rep id but my name is XXXX" (They use that one all the time and the name is bogus)They told her they cant cancel the service because there is a pending cancelation (or other excuses) BY THE WAY MY MOM had call forwarding to her cell phone and now she is getting charged AN ARM AND A LEG for those bills for other people (the people who purchased the house) People are calling her from puerto rico from all over the place to HER CELL PHONE! She travels (retired) and is incurring roaming charges. When I asked MCI to cancel call forwarding at least they said they couldnt do it. THEY KEEP SAYING that we put te order (to cancel) in and it will take two weeks! EVERY TWO WEEKS it will take two weeks!

Customer Service Reps and Supervisors as well as Managers ARE all LIERS!

My mom has to call in every month to have them CREDIT her account. BUT THE HOLD TIME each time is more than 45 minutes of AGGRIVATION.


BEWARE they will tell you anything to get you OFF THE PHONE

ALL I HAVE TO SAY is that every person I meet I will make it my MISSION to discourage them stongly from using MCI.

TO GIVE YOU AN EX: I started talking to them today at 1:32pm EST and after 5 HOURS on the phone I GOT NOWHERE!

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Posted by tander on 2005-06-22:
Send them a letter stating you want to cancel put the date on it, and the month you want it to end, make a copy of it, and if they continue to charge you, don't pay the bill, it's been cancelled.
Posted by madcrunk on 2005-06-22:
I've had similar experiences with MCI - I think when all was said and done I waited on hold for a total of 4 hours and was "accidentally" disconnected 3 or 4 times, and this was 8 or 9 years ago. I can't believe they're still at it!
Posted by tjstar on 2007-05-27:
Thanks for the info. They seem to be conning their subscribers in every sense. I say subscribers because they definetly don't treat you like a customer.
Posted by tjstar on 2007-05-27:
I am trying to do something about their terrible service. Atleast complain to them and the FCC, please post your comments or blog at Yahoo groups, MCIdepartementofcorrectionssucks.com.
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join class action lawsuit
Posted by Challou on 12/16/2004
This is one of the most deceptive phone companies that I've encountered. The take forever to hook you up, tell you that you have services they don't offer in your area. When you call to complain, they can't give out last names of customer service people so that you can't track your call. They tell you that a supervisor will call, who you know won't. Take your money and then tell you tough. They can't help you. I am willing to be a part of a class action suit that removes this company from doing business.The company and their stock holders deserve the worst.

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Posted by YourWorstNightmare on 2005-01-18:
let's just start w/ONE thing...do you REALLY think that a large corporation can't track their CSR's???? And, frankly, it's really dumb to give your FIRST and LAST names to someone who is already angry at you...would YOU give YOUR information to someone who called YOU complaining about something YOU didn't do and frankly sounded like a raving lunatic ('cause that's whay 99% of callers calling into ANY call centre sound like). Anyway...hope you're not one of the customers that got my co-worker's last name and STALKED her for 6 months...HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!
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MCI's Network Access Surcharge??
Posted by Laura on 05/27/2004
TX -- STOP CRAMMING my phone bill with SUPURBULOUS FEES!!!!

We want a residential, LOCAL ONLY phone line for our home. But I do not want to be charged for a bunch of uniquely named "fees"!!!!

For example, "Network Access Surcharge" from MCI, I thought we were part of "The Neighborhood built by MCI" not NETWORK!!! (I'm part of a network now??!!?)
MCI couldn't tell me what that charge was for except, "Everyone is charged that." SO??!!!
We only have local service, but there is an entire section dedicated to "MCI Long Distance Service." I DO NOT HAVE or want LONG DISTANCE SERVICE!!!!!! BUT I STILL HAVE TO PAY??? WHY????!!!!

I'm sick of hearing, seeing, discovering, all these little extra charges and fees that keep popping up on my billing statements!
Whatever they want to call the charges, it still adds up to more money out of our pockets and more into theirs.


When will these profitable lies stop?
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Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-05-27:
MCI has been famous for this for years & years! Their bills have always been impossible to decipher. I don't recommend supporting a company that was built on greed & corruption, sent tens of thousands out the door (pensions gone!), collected billions while hiding under bankruptcy, and came back smelling like a rose. Basically unscathed considering all the personal & economical damage that they caused. But the Feds will make darn sure that Martha Stewart hangs!
Posted by meow001 on 2004-11-30:
Very late but if anyone is curious

Network acces surcharge is charged by all phone companies that do not own the lines in your area (mci is what is called a clec and does not own any of the lines in the us) MCI is charged this so they can sends the other companies tech out without having to have the cust pay for it because they do..So of course they put it as a "surcharge" on the bill to charge the cust's for outside wiring if it's ever needed so they dont have to pay what they have to pay the other companies techs.

You were probably being billed for ld due ot that you had a plan that included ld..Unless you get long distance completely blocked out they are going to still charge you for it.
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MCI bill them back
Posted by Info214350 on 03/02/2004
I know it most likely is not and original idea but I am going to bill MCI back. Charging them for everything I can. Like $5.00 per call to my house, copies of checks,e-mails late fees, adds sent to me.Turn around is fare play. I have made a rate list and would like to send it to them, more then one department.
Any one out there have some address where I can send my bills to MCI.
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