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Calls from MCI
Posted by NVLworks on 02/24/2004
I have received calls all week from MCI. As soon as i pick up. their computer hangs up the phone. I have received 4 TODAY. I have called back twice to tell them to stop. The said that they will put me on the list and they will stop calling in 10 days..I am tired of their desperate sales tactics. Anyone else with this problem?

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Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-02-26:
yes....doesn't it get annoying???? here's the solution: if you have any children (especially young children (my 3 1/2 yr old daughter is the best for these dildos!!!!)) tell them to take the call and see how long they can keep the people on the line!!!! my daughter had an mci crony on the line for almost 8 minutes!!!
Posted by RCORRELLS on 2004-03-02:
I have never in my life been so abused, badgered, harrassed, and disrespected as I have at the hands of MCI. They never stop calling, NEVER. No collection agency has ever treated me with this much contempt. I do not get as much spam as I get telephone calls from MCI. It feels like I'm being stalked. I hit my breaking point yesterday. I went to MCI's website and started dialing every toll-free number listed. I assured them that for every call they make to my home, I will call them twice. The moment they stop harrassing me, I will stop harrassing them, and not one moment before. If they call my house 423 times in the next ten days (the time it takes to have my number removed from their database), they will be receiving 846 calls from me demanding they cease this harrassment. My primary target is their "ethics" department. ETHICS-MCI-WORLDCOM - yeah, no irony there!!
Posted by Viceus on 2004-07-29:
MCI has been calling me for months and hanging up but the calls got more frequent up to 10 a day from different area codes. I started calling these numbers and found out that they were all from MCI after giving them a thorough tongue lashing they told me they will send me a letter stating I am of of there list within the next 10 business days.
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Unauthorized Billing
Posted by on 01/26/2004
We received a bill from MCI the other day for 2 months worth of billing for one phone call. They charged us $10/month base fee plus the $1 for the call. Now they are charging us $10/month just to have their long distance that we never signed up for.
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Signed up without notice
Posted by on 12/11/2003
We don't have any long distance phone service. One day we accidently dialed a long distance number unknowingly (and it worked fine). A month later we received a bill from MCI for $15 dollars (for a 1 minute call). Apparently we were "automatically" signed up for their long distance package instantly after making a long distance call (which we specifically requested NO long distance service for our phone). Apparently there are many standard monthly fees that accumulate to about $15 just for having the long distance service. Thanks MCI.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-11:
Just call me at 1-212-555-6412
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MIC rate is $2.69 per minute for international calls
Posted by on 08/17/2001
Since we switched over from ATT, we were very happy with the long distance service with MCI. Since we were so content with the low international rates, we convinced my mother in law switch over to MCI. I was very clear with the MCI representative that we wanted the International Plan for my mother-in law. However, we were shocked to see that her bill was $169.90 when we examined it. We latter realized that she was charged $2.69 per min to Korea. Thinking that this was only a misunderstanding we called an MCI representative, however, she was unable to help us.

To help keep me, my friend, and family as future customers, I would like the following:

We are requesting a credit of $156.30 (the difference between the standard rate and the international rate) be applied to her account.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-08-17:
Typical phone company scam. No one person gets the same deal. I think they just randomly draw rates out of a hat, that is how they bill.
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Call Forwarding never hooked up.
Posted by Missemma10001 on 01/12/2001
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- When my roommate and I decided to change our local phone services to MCI, I asked if voicemail was available. I was told that it was not available, but we could use the call-forwarding feature and have our calls forwarded to a voicemail box. The representative gave us the number for American Voicemail and we immediately signed up. We were told it would take up to three weeks to activate our call forwarding.
After three weeks, we called MCI to see if our call forwarding was hooked up. At that point, we were told that we had never signed up for call forwarding. So, we signed up for it and were told that we would have to wait up to three weeks for activation. At this time, I also gave the phone number that our calls were supposed to be forwarded to.

After about three weeks, I called MCI again. We were told that we had signed up for the wrong call forwarding and that we needed call forwarding busy and no answer. So, with much frustration, we signed up for this feature and waited three more weeks.

When calling this time, we were told that, due to heavy volume, our job would not be finished until December 12th, 2000. On December 13th, I called and got a representative who told me I had to wait two days after the finish date to find out what was going on with the account.

After calling two weeks later, I reached a representative that told me that our call forwarding busy and no answer had gone through the customer service computer system, but it had not gone to the system where the jobs were actually done. And that I would have to wait another three weeks to have call forwarding.

At this point, I decided that I wanted to cancel this service from MCI. I realized that it would be much easier to go and get an answering machine than to wait for three more weeks to have voicemail. I spoke with a representative and asked to be reimbursed for the payments I had made to American Voicemail. I offered to send a copy of my bill to MCI for me to receive payment. She informed me that I was to wait on the line while she got American Voicemail on the phone. American Voicemail would refund my money, since I had never used their services. Since, it was a weekend, she told me I had to call back MCI when American Voicemail was open. At this point, I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on the phone with MCI for almost two hours, the representative told me that all supervisors were busy and they would call me in the next 72 hours. Before hanging up, I asked how many times I had called MCI. She said that since November 27th, 2000, I had called TEN times.

I called MCI on Wednesday, January 10th, 2001 to get a refund for American Voicemail. I admit that my patience was at its limit at this point. I told the representative about my situation and he explained to me that I was now signed up for call forwarding. How could this be? I had just called the previous week and cancelled the call forwarding, and now I have the service? After explaining everything I had been through, the representative said that he would refund the call forwarding and give me a $38 credit for American Voicemail. He also said that in the next 7 to 10 days I would receive a $100 gift certificate from MCI.

I finally felt that all of my grievances had been heard and I was getting compensated for all of my trouble. Then I realized that I never got the representatives name and that maybe everything was not fixed.

The fact that we could have bought an answering machine and avoided this entire mess really bothers me. Also, another factor that bothers me is that no representative ever called us to tell us what was going on with our service. In addition to this, when we asked someone from MCI to speak with us, they never returned the call.
I don't know if our trust will ever be fixed with MCI. We still are using MCI for local and long distance, but we are looking for other options. I recommend that you provide better training for your customer service representatives to avoid problems like these in the future.

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