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McMahon's Deceptive Trade Practices
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MESA, ARIZONA -- I am writing to inform you about the conduct of McMahon’s RV. I purchased a new RV (August 15, 2011) from McMahon’s and financed the purchase with Bank of the West. I traded in a 2006 Winnebago Aspect that was financed with Ally (formerly GMAC). As part of the transaction, when the loan on the new RV funded, the trade-in was to be paid off.
This loan funded on August 16th, 2011. I believed that Bank of the West would pay off the trade-in, but I now understand that all the funds went to McMahon’s. McMahon’s was supposed to pay off the balance on the trade-in owed to Ally, but now, two months later, it has not done so. Since then, McMahon’s has repeatedly made numerous false claims, starting with VP and Finance Manager telling me that it was just an error at their HQ in Irvine. They said they would meet with Brent McMahon and figure out what the problem was. Then the excuses progressed to the check was cut and they were waiting for Mr. McMahon to sign it (this was about three weeks ago). Ally got involved and VP assured them, starting a week ago, that the check had been sent. It didn’t arrive, and he even gave them a check number for the check which never arrived. It has now been two months since McMahon’s received the funds from Bank of the West. Over $30,000 of those funds that McMahon’s kept do not belong to them and should have been paid to Ally.
Also, I paid $4,206 for an extended warranty that was never provided to me. I asked in writing for a full refund of that within a few weeks of that purchase, to no avail.
It could be that McMahon’s will never pay this money, and is committing theft. However, even if they pay it soon, it is apparent that at best McMahon’s is wrongfully using “the float” by substantially delaying the payment of my trade-in. In the meantime, my credit suffers, because I became delinquent on the loan with Ally (believing that it was paid in August).
I did business with McMahon’s after checking their rating with the Better Business Bureau and seeing that they had an A+ rating. After having this problem with them, I have done more research and have seen that there have been many more complaints on these two specific areas: failure to pay off trade-ins and failure to provide the warranty purchased.
Whether these issues are eventually resolved, this company should not be allowed to keep it’s A+ rating because it looks like McMahon’s is engaged in a pattern of using customers’ money as long as they can, to the detriment of the customer. This conduct of repeatedly failing to pay off trade-ins is deceptive and fraudulent, and for this reason I thought you should be advised.
The Better Business Bureau is a great program, and I appreciate that there is a forum to air complaints with a business and get information about a company. However, it seems that McMahon’s knows how to maintain its rating without changing its practices, by answering complaints with the same excuses. Businesses should not be able to manipulate the Better Business Bureau. Consumers who rely on the Better Business Bureau are being misled and repeatedly damaged by doing business with McMahon’s. McMahon’s emphasizes its high rating with the Better Business Bureau in its advertising. They should not be able to use the good name and reputation of the Better Business Bureau. With all due respect, it seems that the Better Business Bureau is being unwittingly used to help perpetuate McMahon’s fraudulent activity.
I have never filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on any business. I need help with this company. I need them to pay off my trade-in, refund my money for the warranty I was never provided, and repair my credit score.
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User Replies:
Skye on 10/16/2011:
The BBB is not going to help you. They are not there for the consumer. As long as a company pays their yearly due's, that's what keeps them a BBB member.

You could try contacting your State Department of Consumer Affairs. They are the ones who look into situations, and actually are there for the public.
Old Timer on 10/16/2011:
Skye is 110% correct. As long as McMahon's pays the BBB they will keep their A+. Any business that wants to pay the BBB can be a A+ business, even if they get 10 complaints a day. The day McMahon's stops paying the BBB you will see a "F" rating show up out of nowhere.

We were tagged by the BBB years ago and promised that if we paid them a recent complaint would be taken care of. Our attorney found out there never was a complaint and we never heard from the crooks again.

The BBB in our area is nothing but legal extortion.
trmn8r on 10/16/2011:
It is fashionable to bash the BBB. Personally, I have found them very useful. However, you need to understand that sometimes they are more useful than others. If a company pays the BBB dues, you are much more likely to see ratings skewed towards an "A" That sounds like what is happening here.

If a company is NOT a member of the BBB, the ratings are much more accurate. I have seen bad companies fluctuate between a "B-" and an "F" quite deservedly.

So, I caution you against thinking the BBB is the be-all end-all. However, I would go ahead and file a complaint with them and not hold it out as a threat of some sort. Just do it if you haven't, and with any other agency you can think of.

Your complaint is a common one with dealers that have cash flow issues. That is what this boils down to. Good luck and keep the pressure on.
Anonymous on 10/16/2011:
I actually like the BBB. They helped me get a refund when I had that fiasco with office Max.
Old Timer on 10/16/2011:
You guys are lucky, ours are a bunch of liars and crooks.
At Your Service on 10/16/2011:
As far as the extended goes, who to say you never received it? Have you ever put in a claim for it to be used?
trmn8r on 10/16/2011:
Every time the subject of the BBB comes up, we go through this. Some people have had bad luck with them. I've been lucky 2 out of 2 times. Gives us something to talk about.
Skye on 10/16/2011:
There was a very eye opening and informative article in Reader's Digest a couple of months ago, about what really goes on at the BBB.

OT and me already knew the real deal with the BBB.
Nohandle on 10/16/2011:
I would be interested in the article you mentioned Skye. I cancelled my subscription to Reader's Digest a few years ago when I had a stack I hadn't even opened due to other things taking priority with my time.

All I can tell anyone about BBB from a business standpoint is are a member and pay a yearly fee until you decide it's not worth your effort. I do know at one time a business was checked out from top to bottom to make certain everything met their criteria. Unfortunately, in many cases that has changed.

As far as our OP mentioning a check number given to him is the biggest bunch of foolishness I ever recall. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one. That batch of checks, with check numbers, might have been written but by golly they haven't been signed or released.
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McMahon's Fails to register Motor Home
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COLTON, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a new Holiday Rambler motor home on August 11, 2010. It's now January 17, 2011 and my motor home has yet to be rtegistered with the DMV. I have spoken to the finance manafer and general manager who both promised me they would look into the matter and call me back. No one has called. I called to speak with the DMV processor at the dealer and was told I can't. Tomorrow I am filing a complaint with the DMV as well as consumer affairs. With all of the problems I have had with this dealership all I can say is stay away from them. This is my third new motor home and without a doubt McMahons is absolutely far and above the worst dealer I've ever been involved with. STAY AWAY unles you want more trouble than you've ever had before.
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User Replies:
Skye on 01/18/2011:
Aren't you the one who is responsible for registering the RV, the buyer?

Instead of hoping they come through, register it, then sue them in small claims court for the amount it cost, if it's in your contract that they are the ones who were responsible for registering it in the first place.
azspots on 01/18/2011:
Anytime we've purchased a vehicle, the dealer gives you the temporary tag and THEY register the vehicle and have the plates sent to the purchaser. There is one local dealer, that, although they're given 45 days to accomplish this - they are notorious for being late with the registration of the vehicle.
Nohandle on 01/18/2011:
Every state probably varies but in mine if a vehicle is purchased from a dealer the dealer sends the necessary paperwork to the State for a title. It's the buyers responsibility to trot himself down to the DMV to complete the final paperwork. The buyer must have a copy of the bill of sale along with the dealer's application for a title in the buyer's name transferring ownership. The buyer is given a copy of the filed paperwork before he leaves the dealership.

If purchased from an individual the new owner must have an original bill of sale along with the original title from the seller to make the transfer. I don't have a clue as to what happens after that.
Skye on 01/19/2011:
When I lived in NY, the dealer registered my vehicle. I picked up my new vehicle, complete with plates, and registration in my own name.

I now live in Colorado, and when I bought my new vehicle, the dealer gave me a temporary tag, but it was up to me to register it.I was given 30 days to have the vehicle registered. I had to go to the DMV, register my vehicle, and they gave me my plates.

As mentioned every state varies with how it's done. Waiting around waiting since August for a dealer to do what according to the op, was to be done by the dealer when the vehicle was purchased, is not happening. It's almost February 2011, how long is the op supposed to wait? Forever it seems according to the dealer they purchased their RV from.
Gregg R. on 11/07/2012:
Consider yourself lucky....I'm having a much bigger problem dealing with these clowns. I just received a call from my finance company telling me that the pay-off on my RV loan hasn't been received from McMahon's (I traded in an RV that had a 110K balance due to McMahon's when I bought my new RV). Now I am responsible for payments on 2 loans: my old traded-in RV loan and my new RV loan.....AND they haven't registered my new RV yet, either (it's been 48 days). Anyone know a good lawyer for this kind of stuff?
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Posted by on
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- What can I say? This company is full of liars, cheaters and thieves. First of all we purchased a brand new motor home which they sold to someone else, after completing the purchase agreement & taking our money. Many calls & months later we were talked into buying a used motor home, a 2008 40' Holiday Rambler.

Since then they have refused to provide the love seat which belongs in the coach, the fireplace which was "a deal breaker" if not included, the ladder which they removed & lost while detailing the coach, the defective air mattress controller and much more despite many calls & e-mails. No one returns our calls, most of the mailboxes for voicemail are full. These people do not care.

AND, they fraudulently have kept the premium money we paid for extended warranties on the coach, audio & visual & tires. So, even though the step broke and injured my husband the first night we owned it, they failed to repair it or reimburse us, the satellite system is defective, the speaker wires are defective, the Sirius radio is defective, the GPS is defective to name a few items, we can't get these items repaired after 2 months because the warranty premium has not been paid by McMahon's.

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User Replies:
BEJ on 02/05/2010:
Why did you accept a used coach when you purchased another. They owed you the coach that you purchased. I am not sure there is anything that you can do since you accepted delivery of the used coach.
Anonymous on 02/05/2010:
yeah that's BS. I would have told them to return my money and get lost. If they refused, lawyer time!
Skye on 02/05/2010:
Wow. You paid for it, they gave it to someone else. Crazy, but you should have done what Tenn says, return your money and get lost.

Did they say whey they gave it to someone else?
Endeavor on 02/06/2010:
I should have been more descriptive, we paid a deposit on the new coach & then they sold it. They still owed me the one I bought. We did agree to the used one, it was "slightly" used & valued slightly higher than the new Monaco we started with. If I had asked for a refund no doubt I would still be waiting.
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