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Rating: 1/51

ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- I feel the same way as others. It's worth 0 star if there is. About three years before, it was a very nice company. They sent me medicine after called me and made me confirm about the price and amount. Since the company was merged into another company called Express Scripts, it changed. They sent me medicine without telling me, they charge the price several times higher than other pharmacy. As I did not know the price before I got it, I would not know it is actually a big amount after I received it.

Recently my doctor faxed some prescription to theirs. I actually told her once that do not fax any prescription to Medco, but my information in the computer system has not been updated, so she did it automatically. After I went back home, I realized that my doctor fax the prescription to Medco not Costco, so I called them to cancel it, and they said that there is not any faxed prescription for me. After several days, I received the medicine. This is not the first time they did it and the medicine is originally cheap, so I did not care too much, but when I opened the envelope, I feel so surprise. The price is SO HIGH that I thought they must made mistakes.

Then I called them, and of course, they don't agree that they received my phone call and asked me rudely like "What do you want?" I asked one supervisor why the price of that specific medicine is such high. Do you know what she answer? She said that because I have deductible, so they charged me that much. And she told me that she would call me between 24-48 hours to check if there was a phone call. After several hours, I called my insurance company, and one staff had a call meeting among three people, one is me, another one is a staff is from Medco.

This time I got to ask them if they checked my phone call, and I got the answer that immediately after that supervisor hung up, she left a message saying that I did not call to cancel at all and she did not really check. Then I asked that MEDCO staff if they charged me the same price as other customers for the same medicine. He tried to avoid my question, and I asked several more times for the same question. Finally he told me that their prices are based on the MARKET for that day, the price of their medicine changed all the time!

Imagine that a pharmacy is a stock market, and it just send medicine to you without telling you any information. It is just dangerous since there is no standard at all. I got an option from my insurance company that I can plea for it. I know that I could not get back my money anyway. I just feel regret that I wasted my whole day struggling for this foolish problem.

My conclusion is: First, telling doctors to remove contact with MEDCO. Second, in case the doctors send prescription accidentally, just forget that money as if you lose in stock market. Since it is a long lasting company and every staff in that company know clearly how to deal with all kinds of people. If you keep on "bothering" them, you will find out that finally you bother yourself much more.

Hard To Say In Short Words
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Rating: 1/51

ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- I feel the same way as others, it's worth 0 star if there is. About three years before, it is a very nice company, they send me medicine after call me and make me confirm about the price and amount. Since the company is merged into another company called Express Scripts, it changed. They send me medicine without telling me, they charge the price 3 times higher than other pharmacy. As you do not know the price before you get it, you will not know it is actually a big amount after you receive it.

Recently my doctor faxed some prescription to them. I actually told her once, not to fax any prescription to Medco, but my information in the computer system has not been changed, so she did it automatically. After I went back home, I realized that my doctor faxed the prescription to Medco not Costco, so I called them to cancel it, and they said that there is not any faxed prescription for me. After several days, I received the medicine, this is not the first time they did it and the medicine is cheap, so I did not care too much, but when I opened the envelope, I feel so surprise. The price is SO HIGH that I thought they must made mistakes.

Then I called them, and of course, they don't agree that they received my phone call and asked me rudely like "What do you want?" I asked them why the price of that specific medicine is such high, do you know what they answer? They said that because I have deductible, so they charged me that much.

I do not know what to say to those kind of people, they do not talk to you the normal way, they think you are their enemies at very beginning. Then I hung up and try to talk to my doctor to modify my information in computer system, so she will not fax the prescription to them any more. It is not a big issue, but it makes me feel like I ate a fly. I know that I can not get my money back but at least, I will not pay more in the future.

Lost Script, More Expensive, Rude & Unhelpful Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- Doctor submitted 4 scripts to be filled. Received a call from Medco, after they left 4 messages on a business phone that doesn't get checked, confirming the 4 scripts and home address. Told them to please delete the number they have been calling and to add the home phone number. Put me on hold and came back saying it was all changed. After a week, my husband received more messages on his business line, finally got ahold of them and they needed a credit card number for my 3 scripts. Asked them where the 4th was, and they said they never received it. I told them that THEY told me there was 4 and they checked with me about all 4 of them. She didn't have anything to say.

I questioned their pricing since I was supposed to be paying for 2 months and getting 1 free. My monthly charge for 4 meds are $70.21 (which is $210.63 for 3 months), they want $175 for 2 of the meds for 3 months. How is this supposed to be saving me $$? I feel like this is such a scam. Making me go to them, but they are charging me higher prices for my meds. When told the customer service representative about this she just read from her little script that she is supposed to say to mad customers. Made me more upset.

MEDCO Health Solutions? "Solutions"€ would be the last word I would used to describe this company
By -

FLORIDA -- Medco Health Solution of Irving, TX, my employer'€™s prescription benefit provider of choice, has over the past year sent multiple notices that I have leisurely tossed in the trash. As the notices have increased in number, and annoyance, I opened them to find that the company would be doubling my copayment if I continued to fill my long term prescription through my local pharmacy. I was being bullied into utilizing their mail-order service, but to their credit the copay would be substantially less. Reluctantly I contacted my doctor to request my prescription be faxed to MEDCO, and his assistant with a large sigh (as to make clear her disapproval) complied.

I received a notification by e-mail that my prescription had been sent, and patiently waited for its arrival. I was becoming increasingly more satisfied because of the savings and convenience. I dreaded the monthly trip to the local pharmacy to pick up my medication, it was just inconvenient. Within days, my prescription and bill came bundled together as one. I opened the package to find the "€˜brand"€™ name prescription and a bill for $52.00 for one month, instead of the generic at $20.00 for 3 months I had been expecting. I contacted MEDCO immediately, sure this would be easy to remedy. I was wrong.

I was politely advised on 3 separate phone calls by 3 separate MEDCO representatives, and in a letter declining my appeal: "€œYour mail-order pharmacy filled your prescription as written by the doctor. You are required to pay the full copayment for each prescription dispensed." I found humor in the fact that they continued to say, "Your mail-order pharmacy"€ and "Your prescription"€ considering these were only two pieces of this tangled mess I had no contact or control over.

According to MEDCO my doctor apparently signed the 'fill as prescribed' instead of allowing for a generic substitution. Since I have been going to the same facility for these same medications, I know this was an inadvertent mistake. My issue with MEDCO is their complete lack of accountability, and their obvious lack of checks and balances. To continue reporting this more an impressive quarterly earnings, they have to bully and take advantage of their clients. We are not their clients by choice, but by lack of options. I have since contacted my doctor to receive repeated apology, but he and his office have no control over MEDCO crediting the mistake.

MEDCO needs to implement a system that allows consumers to accept or decline the medication (with full knowledge of the brand and cost) prior to dispensing. The mail-order service has a NO RETURN policy, obviously when dealing with medication, and this leaves absolutely no recourse for consumers. I have since thrown the medication in the trash, and been forced to pay the bill. They made it very clear they refuse to fill prescriptions with past due balances, and send the bill to collections if refusal to pay is continued.

As I explained to three MEDCO representatives and in two separate appeal letters: "€œI understand mistakes are made, and service is not determined by lack of issues/problems but in how they are resolved." This company gets an F- in my grade book, and are in desperate need of a process overhaul. MEDCO is the school yard bully of prescription drug benefits, and if I had ANY other option I would take it.

Cost went up after Medco changed med from preferred to non-preferred
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have talked to Medco 3 times, and sent an e-mail, because my prescription was changed from $30 to $50 a month for a generic brand, and Medco doesn't offer it, so no 3-month lower price option. I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them today, 50 minutes of the calls on hold! The 1st time I called, I was told it was the pharmacy's policy that they charge me more after buying from them after a certain amount of time (what?) & I asked if Medco would fill it & he told me "Yes, call the pharmacy to transfer it". So I called the pharmacy, and they told me Medco doesn't offer the medication, and that they were the ones who upped the price, not them.

So called Medco again. Was told it wasn't them, it was our insurance carrier's policy, so I had to wait until Monday to call them. So then I call them, they tell me, "No, has nothing to do with us, it's Medco", and I told her Medco claimed it wasn't. So she put me on hold, and transferred me to Medco. I talked to someone again, she was giving me the same "reasons" and I told her, "No, I talked to the pharmacy, and no, the insurance co. just transferred me!" So finally she told me she'd put me on with someone who would have more information about it than her, and could do more. So I waited, and waited - Almost an hour.

When someone finally answered, she started with the same excuses, and I told her, "I already heard a, b, c, and talked to everyone else, so can you help me figure out what is going on?" She told me she saw on her computer the price jumped from 2011 to 2012, but there was no reason given. So she told me to hold while she looked into it. She came back and told me that it was a non-preferred prescription now, and it was a preferred prescription in 2011, so the price went up. I told her it was a generic brand, I hadn't changed to the brand name. She told me it didn't matter.

So I asked her what the alternatives were. She told me to ask my doctor. I told her, "No, I already knew that there was no other medication similar, my doctor had told me that a long time ago. But I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do. I was having a hard enough time with the $30 a month. The medication is for an allergic disorder that creates instability, and can lead to serious complications, shock, and worse, so I can't live without it, and unfortunately there is so little known about the disorder, they have this one medication, and luckily some generic brands. So I wanted to know if there was anything I could do, any options, was there something Medco did prefer?"

"No," she told me, "there is no alternative medication, but you do have the option to buy it, or not." Cold. So I asked her if this has happened to anyone else, no alternative med, that suddenly becomes non-preferred, and it is necessary to live, and has become cost prohibitive? "You can either buy it or not, ask your doctor for a different med, or..." "Yes???" I waited eagerly to hear. "You can write an appeal to your insurance carrier." I quickly reminded her they had told me it was not their decision, but Medco's, so it wouldn't be my insurance company, so she paused and told me to hold, "Yes then, that is right, you would send the appeal in to us here."

Yes, please! If that is my only option, fine, I'm not holding onto a ton of hope, but I thought it was worth a try. It was like pulling teeth to get any information out of her, and she told me she would send me the appeal letter (will see if that shows), and I tried asking if there was any information that would be helpful to have included in the letter, such as a note from my doctor, a receipt, anything? "No, nothing you can do". So I just told her, "Okay, I will just document the call with you, your name (which I did state back to her, I had written in down in the beginning luckily) and the time."

She was quiet. "Fine, is there anything else?" No, clearly there was nothing I could do. I had no options, and have no clue what I can do. I could understand if they were fighting me on the cost if I was ordering brand name, or if they wanted me to switch to them so that they could make the money selling it. I could understand that they'd push up the price so that I had to choose another option, and they could save money. But I already order the generic, and they have no alternative medication, and it was already so much for me to afford, and I'm stuck. I don't know what I can do, how I'll be able to afford it, and I actually need it.

I guess they figure I'll find a way since I need it. Pushing up the price for all the other reasons I could wrap my mind around even though I think it's utter sleaziness, but this? No options, if you can't pay, too bad! You need it to live? Again, too bad, that's their new policy. I've read a lot of bad reviews about them before when I was upset with other decisions they've made, but this one is below the belt. Really rotten company.

Medco is horrible
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On 8/10/2010 I placed an online refill order with Medco Pharmacy - Confirmation #: **. At this time I double-checked everything on the website and the order stated it was in process. I checked my credit card and it showed a pending payment for the amount of the medication.

On 8/16/2010 My Husband called me at work and asked me if I cancelled my Medication that the charge on the CC was no longer there. I Logged into the Medco website and the order was no longer listed and the confirmation number could not be found.

I called customer service and explained the situation. The Rep was nice stated she wasn't sure why the order was cancelled, but it was cancelled in the back-end pharmacy and the only way that could have happened was if I would have called and cancelled. I assured her I did not and nobody else would have authorization to do that. She asked when I needed the medication by, I stated that I need it for the 22nd. She said that wouldn't be an issue and I would have the medication by then. I again checked the website after the call and the order did place and showed a shipment date of the 17th.

Today is the 18th. The order has not shipped from Medco. I called Medco again this morning to find out what was going on. This time the guy is stating that it was a computer glitch that my order was cancelled and he can't explain why that happened and why I wasn't notified. He stated that he now shows my order should ship by the 20th. So now I will not have my medication in time, due to no fault of my own. No true explanations from Medco, and no true compassion or caring on their end.

They are a pharmacy that my insurance requires me to use, I have no choice and they understand that. They can treat their customers poorly because they have no other options. I spoke with a supervisor today on the 18th. She stated that she could authorize a small supply to be picked up at my local pharmacy, but I first would have to go to my Dr's office to get a prescription. I don't find this a viable option because Medco made a mistake twice on the same order. (First time cancelling without notifying the customer, and 2nd time not expediting the order.) I have to call my Dr's office. Pay a $25 copay and go to the local pharmacy and pick up my meds.

This is a lot of my time wasted and an additional $25 that I do not feel I should have to pay in order to have my Dr.'s office provide another prescription. I do not feel that Medco handled this properly, and that the solutions that they have provided are reasonable. I should not be forced to pay for their mistakes. Unfortunately, again due to my insurance company requiring me to use them I have no choice.

Sick of the run around
By -

Last spring I mailed a new prescription to Medco, it was asthma medicine for my daughter. Her doc wrote it for refills up to 1 year. I mailed it in then called them a few weeks later, I was told by the representative that I would have to fill the prescription for the whole year, and could not do 30 days or 90 days. I kept repeating this back to her in a question form and she kept telling me the same thing, fill the entire script for the year. I was quite frustrated as it is a pricey medication and I was only going to need it for another week or two until fall came again as it was only prescribed during respiratory season.

The representative then told me she could mail it back to me and I could fill it at my local pharmacy. I told her our plan had a 2 refill limit. She then explained to me that this particular medication does not have the 2 refill limit and I could refill it as many times as I wanted to. I repeated this information back to her and she told me that was correct. Mail it back to me Medco did. I took the prescription my local pharmacy (which I love) and got a 30-day supply. I thought all was good.

October arrives as does an upper respiratory infection for my daughter. I have about a week left of meds. Not to worry my pharmacy only takes 2 hours to fill a prescription when I call it in by phone.Well I get the call from my pharmacy that the insurance will not cover any of the cost of the medication. I tell him there must be a mistake, I will call Medco and get it all figured out, he tells me "let me know if you make any headway." He must have dealt w/ them before.

So I call and get a very uncaring representative from Medco who will not help at all. I had to ask to speak w/ a supervisor three times before she finally got one for me. He is a bit more helpful but still will not budge on the 2 refill limit. He did tell me if I can get her doc to fax the prescription he will expedite the order will over night the order. This appeases me for the moment. So that was Tues evening. Next morning I get her doc to fax the prescription, call this supervisor to make sure it was received, it was. So I am thinking I will receive her meds the next day or by Fri at the latest.

Fri morning I check my account online, no order is being processed, so I give the supervisor a call and have to leave a msg. When I finally get to talk to him 6 hours later, apparently expedite the order and ship overnight does not mean I will receive the order the next day, it means w/in one week. When I tell him that she is completely out of this medication by this time he acts surprised, even though I mentioned it quite a few times in our first conversation. He said he would try to check on the order and see if he can get it out today and send it UPS with a Saturday delivery. He told me he would call me back w/in 5-10 mins; this was 45 mins ago, still waiting.

I think what irritates me the most is that I hate getting wrong information, which I completely did get from the first time I called in the spring. I have not received any kind of an apology nor has Medco even bothered to own the mistake. Do they realize that these medications are to help people's lives?

Won't Pay My Aged Relative's Claim
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Rating: 1/51

KENTUCKY -- She is old. Putting together a claim form and taping the prescription and bill and mailing it from overseas is very difficult for the old lady. She has to pay for every penny of the medication's cost. Then she gets no money. She is out thousands of dollars.. IS there anything more to say? Medco should be investigated. Again. Shame on the US company she retired from for allowing this. Isn't there an honest claims processor to use?

Medco Is a Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- Medco has messed up the delivery of my medication two prior times. I thought I will give them one last chance, and they LOST the prescription this time!!! OMG, they are the WORST company to deal with, NEVER use them... BEWARE!!!

We got screwed
By -

Three years ago and a different employer ago - we had Medco and my husband had a drug that he got on a 90-day supply. We evidentially gave our checking account info for that drug online. Fast forward to current - he has changed employers twice in those 3 years so his new employer also uses Medco. So his doctor faxes in a 90-day prescription and we get an email advising the drug has been shipped. Confusion because we did not pay for it. After contacting customer service we were told that they transferred our checking info from 3 years ago and that is our submitted payment method.

OK so three years ago and a totally different employer ago - we authorized you to bill our checking account. Now you think you can transfer that to our current file? Problem is that account has been closed over a year. Our employer has a $100 credit line clause in the contract that the mail order will contact you if over $100. Medco claiming that since they had an authorized payment on file they did not have to contact us. Once again this is from 3 years ago and actually 2 states ago. We have moved several times.

Had they notified us of the price we would have refused the drug as there is a much less expensive generic. But, they did not -they claim that they charge your checking account 10 days after they ship it. So in all honesty at the point they shipped it - it was never charged. So we can not refuse it as they say we owe it. We spent 3 hours getting nowhere. Their service was horrible. We were told that they only would take the medication back to destroy and not charge us if it was their error. But, this was our error. We were told that we should have been "proactive" and called them to make sure that our info from 3 years ago was not still on file.

Even though it is a new employer/new plan - seems very shady. This seems illegal. We did not authorize them to charge us to an old checking account. Had they not transferred the old information we would have gotten a call before they shipped and it would have been canceled.

We were also told by customer service had we set up credit card payment 3 years ago they would have called us because the credit card expiration date would not have still been valid. So by using a check to pay for one RX 3 years ago - we have been screwed. I would love any advice on how to proceed. I can not imagine how badly everyone would be screwed if all companies operated like this.

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