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MEDCO Health Solutions? “Solutions” would be the last word I would used to describe this company
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- Medco Health Solution of Irving, TX, my employer’s prescription benefit provider of choice, has over the past year sent multiple notices that I have leisurely tossed in the trash. As the notices have increased in number, and annoyance, I opened them to find that the company would be doubling my co-payment if I continued to fill my long term prescription through my local pharmacy. I was being bullied into utilizing their mail-order service, but to their credit the co-pay would be substantially less. Reluctantly I contacted my doctor to request my prescription be faxed to MEDCO, and his assistant with a large sigh (as to make clear her disapproval) complied.

I received a notification by e-mail that my prescription had been sent, and patiently waited for its arrival. I was becoming increasingly more satisfied because of the savings and convenience. I dreaded the monthly trip to the local pharmacy to pick up my medication, it was just inconvenient. Within days, my prescription and bill came bundled together as one. I opened the package to find the ‘brand’ name prescription and a bill for $52.00 for one month, instead of the generic at $20.00 for 3 months I had been expecting. I contacted MEDCO immediately, sure this would be easy to remedy. I was wrong.

I was politely advised on 3 separate phone calls by 3 separate MEDCO representatives, and in a letter declining my appeal:

“Your mail-order pharmacy filled your prescription as written by the doctor. You are required to pay the full co-payment for each prescription dispensed.”

I found humor in the fact that they continued to say, “your mail-order pharmacy” and “your prescription” considering these were only two pieces of this tangled mess I had no contact or control over. According to MEDCO my doctor apparently signed the 'fill as prescribed' instead of allowing for a generic substitution. Since I have been going to the same facility for these same medications, I know this was an inadvertent mistake.

My issue with MEDCO is their complete lack of accountability, and their obvious lack of checks and balances. To continue reporting this more an impressive quarterly earnings, they have to bully and take advantage of their clients. We are not their clients by choice, but by lack of options. I have since contacted my doctor to receive repeated apology, but he and his office have no control over MEDCO crediting the mistake. MEDCO needs to implement a system that allows consumers to accept or decline the medication (with full knowledge of the brand and cost) prior to dispensing. The mail-order service has a NO RETURN policy, obviously when dealing with medication, and this leaves absolutely no recourse for consumers.

I have since thrown the medication in the trash, and been forced to pay the bill. They made it very clear they refuse to fill prescriptions with past due balances, and send the bill to collections if refusal to pay is continued. As I explained to three MEDCO representatives and in two separate appeal letters:

“I understand mistakes are made, and service is not determined by lack of issues/problems but in how they are resolved.”

This company gets an F- in my grade book, and are in desperate need of a process overhaul. MEDCO is the school yard bully of prescription drug benefits, and if I had ANY other option I would take it.
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BEJ on 07/25/2008:
Why is this the fault of MedCo.The Pharmacy can only fill the prescription as written by the MD. It seems to me the fault lies with the physician. Why didn't you get the medical office to write you a new Rx with generic specifies? Why did you throw away the medication--now you have nothing.
Anonymous on 07/25/2008:
I agree with your assessment of Medco. They ARE a bunch of bullies. My wife has a prescription for migrane headaches. The prescription calls for a certain number in a month. The problem arises when Medco considers 34 days in a month! No matter what the doctor says, Medco will not relent.
Sunny1981 on 07/30/2008:
I don't understand how Medco is in the wrong by following your doctor's order.....
Anonymous on 07/31/2008:
A couple of points. The doctor's staff likely sighed not out of disapproval, but out of frustration. The number of patients who change pharmacies after presenting an Rx is huge. It's not just a simple matter to write a new Rx and be done with it. Takes about 30 min of combined doctor and staff time to do it properly. "Fill as written" may be appropriate for some meds. All generics are not equivalent to name brands with regard to admixtures and active concentrations. For some drugs, this is not critical. For others, which must be carefully dosed, it can cause some headaches in attaining proper steady state blood concentrations of the med. VH post!
HASABRAIN2SMART on 08/03/2008:
#1 your dr wrote your prescription either the way u requested or the way he/she felt would be best for you and if u think that Medco was wrong then why didn't u ask for a copy of the script? # 2 you as a grown adult should have full knowledge of your health/prescription plan because U picked it when you signed that lil paper during open enrollment @ your job!# 3 HAD U READ that paperwork you signed you would have known that there was a limit on how many times you could go to your local pharmacy! Take some responsibility for your own heathcare, did u want Medco to give you a glass of water to take the pills too?
treatmebetter on 02/23/2011:
Dear Nikke99, I was shocked to read of your health plan being able to double your copayment if you did not use Medco & that hasabrain2smart wrote this is in many health plans. I pray I don't find out this is true w/mine! How is this even legal in a free country?? And hasabrain2smart have you read, memorized & UNDERSTOOD every single detail of every agreement you've ever signed?? IT IS HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE!
Also overworked doctors and their staff (due to insurance companies and the endless, changing regulations they enforce) should not be expected by Medco to be mistake-proof either. The problem with the whole system is that it's a MAIL ORDER, so once pills are sent out they can't be taken back, due to health regulations (I learned this for ONLY $60-sarcasim). This is unlike your local pharmacy where they can not only put the drug back on the shelf & not charge you for it, but they know your face and you can talk to the same person more than once!!! I guess "you get what you pay for"!
It's true what is written under another post that Medco needs a class-action lawsuit & to be put out of business--but so do the INSURANCE COMPANIES! Oh well, none of these complaints will matter once we are under the nightmare of socialized medicine! Anyone who voted for that obviously doesn't have friends who live in Canada!!!
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- I feel the same way as others, it worth 0 star if there is. About three years before, it was a very nice company, they sent me medicine after called me and made me confirm about the price and amount. Since the company was merged into another company called Express Scripts, it changed. They sent me medicine without telling me, they charge the price several times higher than other pharmacy. As I did not know the price before I got it, I would not know it is actually a big amount after I received it.

Recently my doctor faxed some prescription to there. I actually told her once that do not fax any prescription to Medco, but my information in the computer system has not been updated, so she did it automatically. After I went back home, I realized that my doctor fax the prescription to Medco not Costco, so I called them to cancel it, and they said that there is not any faxed prescription for me. After several days, I received the medicine, this is not the first time they did it and the medicine is originally cheap, so I did not care too much, but when I opened the envelope, I feel so surprise. The price is SO HIGH that I thought they must made mistakes.

Then I called them, and of course, they don't agree that they received my phone call and asked me rudely like "What do you want?" I asked one supervisor why the price of that specific medicine is such high, do you know what she answer? She said that because I have deductible, so they charged me that much. And she told me that she would call me between 24-48 hours to check if there was a phone call.

After several hours, I called my insurance company, and one staff had a call meeting among three people, one is me, another one is a staff is from Medco. This time I got to ask them if they checked my phone call, and I got the answer that immediately after that supervisor hung up, she left a message saying that I did not call to cancel at all and she did not really check. Then I asked that MEDCO stuff if they charged me the same price as other customers for the same medicine. He tried to avoid my question, and I asked several more times for the same question, finally he told me that their prices are based on the MARKET for that day, the price of their medicine changed all the time!

Imagine that a pharmacy is a stock market, and it just send medicine to you without telling you any information, it is just dangerous since there is no standard at all. I got an option from my insurance company that I can plea for it. I know that I could not get back my money anyway, I just feel regret that I wasted my whole day struggling for this foolish problem.

My conclusion is: First, telling doctors to remove contact with MEDCO. Second, in case the doctors send prescription accidentally, just forget that money as if you lose in stock market. Since it is a long lasting company and every staff in that company know clearly how to deal with all kinds of people. If you keep on “bothering” them, you will find out that finally you bother yourself much more.
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Cost went up after Medco changed med from preferred to non-preferred
Posted by on
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have talked to Medco 3 times, and sent an e-mail, because my prescription was changed from $30 to $50 a month for a generic brand, and Medco doesn't offer it, so no 3 month lower price option. I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them today, 50 minutes of the calls on hold! The 1st time I called, I was told it was the pharmacy's policy that they charge me more after buying from them after a certain amount of time (what?) & I asked if Medco would fill it & he told me yes, call the pharmacy to transfer it. So I called the pharmacy, and they told me Medco doesn't offer the medication, and that they were the ones who upped the price, not them. So called Medco again. Was told it wasn't them, it was our insurance carrier's policy, so I had to wait until Monday to call them. So then I call them, they tell me, no, has nothing to do with us, it's Medco, and I told her Medco claimed it wasn't. So she put me on hold, and transferred me to Medco. I talked to someone again, she was giving me the same "reasons" and I told her, no, I talked to the pharmacy, and no, the insurance co. just transferred me! So finally she told me she'd put me on with someone who would have more information about it then her, and could do more. So I waited, and waited. Almost an hour. When someone finally answered, she started with the same excuses, and I told her, I already heard a, b, c, and talked to everyone else, so can you help me figure out what is going on? She told me she saw on her computer the price jumped from 2011 to 2012, but there was no reason given. So she told me to hold while she looked into it. She came back and told me that it was a non-preferred prescription now, and it was a preferred prescription in 2011, so the price went up. I told her it was a generic brand, I hadn't changed to the brand name. She told me it didn't matter. So I asked her what the alternatives were. She told me to ask my doctor. I told her, no, I already knew that there was no other medication similar, my doctor had told me that a long time ago. But I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do, I was having a hard enough time with the $30 a month, the medication is for an allergic disorder that creates instability, and can lead to serious complications, shock, and worse, so I can't live without it, and unfortunately there is so little known about the disorder, they have this one medication, and luckily some generic brands. So I wanted to know if there was anything I could do, any options, was there something Medco did prefer? "No," she told me, "there is no alternative medication, but you do have the option to buy it, or not." Cold. So I asked her if this has happened to anyone else, no alternative med, that suddenly becomes non preferred, and it is necessary to live, and has become cost prohibitive? "You can either buy it or not, ask your doctor for a different med, or," "Yes???" I waited eagerly to hear. "You can write an appeal to your insurance carrier." I quickly reminded her they had told me it was not their decision, but Medco's, so it wouldn't be my insurance company, so she paused and told me to hold, "Yes then, that is right, you would send the appeal in to us here." Yes, please! If that is my only option, fine, I'm not holding onto a ton of hope, but I thought it was worth a try. It was like pulling teeth to get any information out of her, and she told me she would send me the appeal letter (will see if that shows), and I tried asking if there was any information that would be helpful to have included in the letter, such as a note from my doctor, a receipt, anything? No, nothing you can do. So I just told her, "Okay, I will just document the call with you, your name (which I did state back to her, I had written in down in the beginning luckily) and the time." She was quiet. "Fine, is there anything else?" No, clearly there was nothing I could do. I had no options, and have no clue what I can do. I could understand if they were fighting me on the cost if I was ordering brand name, or if they wanted me to switch to them so that they could make the money selling it. I could understand that they'd push up the price so that I had to choose another option, and they could save money. But I already order the generic, and they have no alternative medication, and it was already so much for me to afford, and I'm stuck. I don't know what I can do, how I'll be able to afford it, and I actually need it. I guess they figure I'll find a way since I need it. Pushing up the price for all the other reasons I could wrap my mind around even though I think it's utter sleaziness, but this? No options, if you can't pay, too bad! You need it to live? Again, too bad, that's their new policy. I've read a lot of bad reviews about them before when I was upset with other decisions they've made, but this one is below the belt. Really rotten company.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 01/31/2012:
My guess is that either they changed vendors or manufacturers of the medication you take, and it became more expensive for them to get that specific kind of medication. So they are forced to pass the additional expense onto you. This isn't a rarity or anything, it happens all time in just about every industry you can name.

Alternatively you could simply try to get the medication elsewhere, you'd think just about any pharmacy could get it for you. Also, unless I'm mistaken (and I may be) if there's a generic medication, there should be a name brand version around as well.
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We got screwed
Posted by on
Three years ago and a different employer ago - we had Medco and my husband had a drug that he got on a 90 day supply. We evidentially gave our checking account info for that drug online. Fast forward to current- he has changed employers twice in those 3 years- so his new employer also uses Medco. So his doctor faxes in a 90 day prescription and we get an email advising the drug has been shipped.

Confusion because we did not pay for it. After contacting customer service we were told that they transferred our checking info from 3 years ago and that is our submitted payment method. OK - so three years ago and a totally different employer ago - we authorized you to bill our checking account.

Now you think you can transfer that to our current file? Problem is that account has been closed over a year.

Our employer has a $100 credit line clause in the contract that the mail order will contact you if over $100. MEdco claiming that since they had an authorized payment on file they did not have to contact us.

Once again this is from 3 years ago and actually 2 states ago. We have moved several times.
Had they notified us of the price we would have refused the drug as there is a much less expensive generic. But, they did not -they claim that they charge your checking account 10 days after they ship it.

So in all honesty at the point they shipped it - it was never charged.
So we can not refuse it as they say we owe it. We spent 3 hours getting nowhere. Their service was horrible. We were told that they only would take the medication back to destroy and not charge us if it was their error. But, this was our error.

We were told that we should have been "proactive" and called
them to make sure that our info from 3 years ago was not still on file.
Even though it is a new employer/new plan - seems very shady.
This seems illegal. We did not authorize them to charge us to an old checking account. Had they not transferred the old information we would have gotten a call before they shipped and it would have been canceled.
We were also told by customer service had we set up credit card payment 3 years ago - they would have called us because the credit card expiration date would not have still been valid.
So by using a check to pay for one RX 3 years ago - we have been screwed.
I would love any advice on how to proceed.
I can not imagine how badly everyone would be screwed if all companies operated like this.
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User Replies:
fast327 on 03/03/2011:
Medco magnifies the word "screwed" in every thing they touch.
getoverit on 03/03/2011:
I had a similar situation with Medco when I changed employers a few months ago. We did manage to get it straightened out but it took a lot of phone calls with their different reps giving out contradictory info. etc.

I'm inclined to agree that assuming that you want to use the same payment method on two separate accounts is probably not legal.

I'm also surprised that they sent out the medication before getting any authorization from the bank.

Several years ago, I had a health insurance claim that didn't get paid. I filed a formal appeal with my employer. They didn't make good on the claim but they did, over time, improve a lot of things in the health benefits program. I think that employee input like mine was a factor in those improvements.

I believe that employers are required to have an appeals process. That might be worth looking into.

trmn8r on 03/03/2011:
I am wondering if Medco would get a bunch of complaints if people in your situation *expected* the drugs to be paid for. I think that they might.

Since my payment information is on file, and my prescription rolls in, why not bill me and send me my order?

Quite simply, Medco had no reason to suspect or ask you if your checking account was closed. IMO it was your responsibility to contact all companies that had that number on file, and inform them the account was closed.
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Hard To Say In Short Words
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON -- I feel the same way as others, it worth 0 star if there is. About three years before, it is a very nice company, they send me medicine after call me and make me confirm about the price and amount. Since the company is merged into another company called Express Scripts, it changed. They send me medicine without telling me, they charge the price 3 times higher than other pharmacy. As you do not know the price before you get it, you will not know it is actually a big amount after you receive it.

Recently my doctor faxed some prescription to them. I actually told her once, not to fax any prescription to Medco, but my information in the computer system has not been changed, so she did it automatically. After I went back home, I realized that my doctor faxed the prescription to Medco not Costco, so I called them to cancel it, and they said that there is not any faxed prescription for me. After several days, I received the medicine, this is not the first time they did it and the medicine is cheap, so I did not care too much, but when I opened the envelope, I feel so surprise. The price is SO HIGH that I thought they must made mistakes.

Then I called them, and of course, they don't agree that they received my phone call and asked me rudely like "What do you want?" I asked them why the price of that specific medicine is such high, do you know what they answer? they said that because I have deductible, so they charged me that much.

I do not know what to say to those kind of people, they do not talk to you the normal way, they think you are their enemies at very beginning. Then I hung up and try to talk to my doctor to modify my information in computer system, so she will not fax the prescription to them any more.

It is not a big issue, but it makes me feel like I ate a fly. I know that I can not get my money back but at least, I will not pay more in the future.
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Medco is the worst
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I have to use Medco for prescriptions because of my insurance plan, and I have to order from their mail-order pharmacy for "long term" prescriptions or else they won't pay for my prescriptions at all, which is kind of a joke, because they barely pay for them now.

First of all, they won't pay a penny for the prescriptions until you meet your insurance deductible (which is $2500, and that's the lowest deductible plan I could get!!!) So that means they can charge huge prices on prescriptions, not pay for them, and you have to pay THEM for these huge prices or else it doesn't go towards your deductible. Before I meet my deductible, my son's two asthma prescriptions are, I kid you not, $800 for a 3 month supply. I have to order the 3 months all at once, and they won't even let me split up the cost and pay $266 a month, I just have to be able to come up with $800 every 3 months until we meet our deductible.

AFTER we meet our deductible, it goes down to $150 for a 3 month supply, which is more reasonable, but still not cheap.

Now, I have just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and they want to charge me another $300 for 3 months worth of my test strips (on top of $800 for my son's medication) so $1100 for 3 months worth of medicine. What. The. $%$%?!?

I don't know how the people running these companies sleep at night. I don't know how anyone is supposed to afford this stuff. My husband and I both work full time jobs and we do okay, but the idea that we basically have to pay an extra mortgage payment every 3 months for 3 prescriptions is insane.

Also, their Customer Service is unfailingly rude.
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User Replies:
Bill on 01/11/2013:
I don't think this is Medco's fault. It's your employers prescription plan and it sounds pretty bad.
trmn8r on 01/11/2013:
I believe there is an insurance side to Medco, in addition to the online pharmacy.

I used the online pharmacy, and I loved it. The three month supply plan saved me plenty of money, and the prescriptions were priced lower than the local pharmacy.

Your complaint seems to involve both the pharmacy and your prescription plan. As for the 3 month supply issue, you buy them all at once so not having a "payment plan" makes sense. You simply have to have your finances in order to be able to do that.

Your biggest problem appears to be your prescription plan, assuming these meds are available cheaper.
ok4now on 01/12/2013:
Asa 8r stated the problem seems to be your prescription plan not Medco. The cost can get really prohibitive with some of the cheaper plans. I also use Medco, my employer choose this provider so I have no choice. I'm fortunate to have a zero deductible so a three month prescription only costs me a $10.00 copay.

Depending upon your income and your son being an asthmatic may qualify you for government assistance. Something to consider to help lower the price.
At Your Service on 01/12/2013:
With respect, this doesn't have anything to do with Medco and everything to do with the situation of health care within America.
Anonymous on 01/12/2013:
Medco is the processor for your medications. Your insurance company has chosen Medco to be the processor. They don't set the benefits into place because they are not an insurance company. Your complaint here is with whoever your insurance is through.
olie on 01/12/2013:
It's too late for 2013, but for 2014 you can enroll in a Flexible Spending Account. This allows you to specify an amount(I think the limit is $2000) to be deducted from your paychecks through the year.

Even though the deductions are spread out through the year, the total amount is in the account on Jan. 1. Our FlexBen provider gives us a debit card, so we can use that instead of forking over the cash and sending in the claim for reimbursement.

We use ours to cover deductible, co-pays, and prescriptions. And GLASSES!! Back when we had two kids in braces, the IRS allowed a higher amount.

It's possible that both you and your husband are eligible for FSAs, so that would be $4000 you could use for covered expenses.

Just know: An FSA is a "use it or lose it" proposition. If you haven't used it all by Dec. 31, the unused portion goes to....I don't know. But you can't carry it over. But that's where the glasses come in!
Joe on 08/26/2013:
A lot of these issues regarding what they cover and don't is not determined by Medco, but by the insurer, usually your employer.
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Poor Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I find Medco the most confusing pharmacy that I have used. Originally, I used to receive my medications through Walmart. Then someone told me that Medco is inexpensive and more convenient. They deliver medicines to your home and I decided to give it a try.

In Walmart I used to call them and they give me 30 minutes to collect the medicine. I would then go and pick my medications, pay them and that's end of story. With Medco, after they receive the prescriptions, they have to take, sometimes over a week to ship the medicines. Very often they cancel the orders on the flimsiest of excuses. The other day they called me to confirm my address and the person I talked to took me through hours of interrogation. He wanted to know the names of the medications, the quantities, the milligrams for each medication. I kept pleading that I was at work and did not have much time for this grilling. Several times he kept me on hold for minutes only to come back with more questions. Eventually the guy told me that they were not going to process my medications until I call them and give them the full names and milligrams of all medications.

A few days later, I got notification that they were not going to supply the medicines because they had tried in vain to get authority from my doctor. I could not figure out how my doctor was coming in given that he had already sent them the prescription. I called Medco and they told me that they had cancelled my supply and if I wanted medicines, I should call the doctor and request that they sent another prescription. Eventually after back and forth, they sent me the medicines and I paid their bill in full. A few weeks later, I received a letter from them claiming that I had not paid their bill in full and threatened to initiate legal recovery measures.

While I was inquiring about this, they cancelled my refills and my spouse refills for non payment. Seems after I paid for the medications, they revised the prices and assumed that I had paid less than what I was supposed to pay in the first instance. I regret that someone convinced me to try Medco. I have paid my share of frustration with them.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/17/2012:
I used Medco for my mom for over 3 yeats, and I loved them.

There are several differences between using a mail order pharmacy and a brick and morter one. You do have to occasionally do some footwork to facilitate communication.

You mentioned that they called you to verify a bunch of information. That is an example of something you may have to do, but it should be a one-time thing, not ordinary.

I was later a stockholder in Medco, and did well with that investment until I sold. Overall, I think Medco is a good company with a good product - I'm sorry they didn't meet your individual needs.
Bill on 12/17/2012:
I have used Medco for many years and have never had a problem. I go online for renewal and the script arrives 3-4 days later. Once the script expires my doctors office electronically sends a new one and I have that in a few days.
Just last week I called my doctors office on Monday to send a script to Medco, they sent it Monday, it showed on Medco's website on Wednesday and it was in my mailbox Thursday.
ok4now on 12/18/2012:
I'm new to Medco and did experience some of the initial problems that you described. However once you're setup with them your meds come like clockwork with huge savings. Give them a chance and you will be satisfied.
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Medco Pharmacy-Incompetent Thieves
Posted by on
My Dr. wrote a Rx for me. I told him the generic caused more drowsiness and irritability so he crossed out "generic allowed" and signed his name above "Dispense As Written" AND circled it. Although I normally get generics to save money, I should not have to suffer increased drowsiness from a generic medicine that does not work the same as the brand. Medco sent me the generic. When I called, and was transferred FIVE times, (re-telling the same story) I was told by the Pharmacist that the Dr. had not signed for Brand. This is a blatant LIE.

I'm a certified Pharmacist Technician and know how to read a Rx. The RPH told me she would contact the Dr. and I said. "but it's already been filled for generic". She stated, "if the Dr. writes for Brand, then they'll fill it for the $35 copay". A week later, I tried to use my debit card and it was overdrawn. Medco had filled the brand and charged me $463.00!!! Don't ever give Medco access to your bank account. Medco is stating that I requested brand, NOT the Dr. The second RPH admitted the Dr. had written for brand, but it was also signed on the generic and although it was crossed out, they interpreted it to mean generic. Even though BRAND was circled?! That money was going to be used for college tuition. Now I have 180 days of a medicine I occasionally use.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 09/19/2010:
I am not sure why your doctor did not make this clear to you but there is NO difference in the pharmaceutical effects of a generic vs. brand name drug. In fact the FDA estimates 50% of generic drugs are produced by the same manufacturers that produce the brand name. They may differ in size, shape or color but not content.

From the FDA website (

"A generic drug is the same as a brand name drug in dosage, safety, strength, how it is taken, quality, performance, and intended use. Before approving a generic drug product, FDA requires many rigorous tests and procedures to assure that the generic drug can be substituted for the brand name drug. The FDA bases evaluations of substitutability, or "therapeutic equivalence," of generic drugs on scientific evaluations. By law, a generic drug product must contain the identical amounts of the same active ingredient(s) as the brand name product. "
GenuineNerd on 09/19/2010:
Maybe next time you should try a local pharmacy instead of a mail order company, but then again, there are also large numbers of CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens complaints on My3Cents as well. I do agree, in many cases brand name drugs do work better than generics for some late grandmother always insisted on Tylenol, since store brand/generic acetaminophen tablets did not work for her pain, although they both had the same dosage of the active ingredient. Sometimes, the non-active ingredients used in generic drugs can change the effectiveness of the active ingredients.
Helpful on 09/19/2010:
There's a couple of questions that come to mind. First, if you are a certified Pharmacist Technician, why wouldn't you arrange to have the RX filled locally, especially where you either work in the industry and would at least have connections locally? Second, it would seem the mistake was accepting the RX whereas it had so many issues of crossing out and circling. The proper thing was to have the doctor rewrite the RX so there wouldn't be a question or problem.
Venice09 on 09/19/2010:
We had a similar problem with CareMark when we were using mail order at one point. If there's a generic available, they really don't want to give you the brand even if that's the directive on the prescription. They gave my husband and the doctor such a hard time. It went on forever and we ended up paying a lot of money for the brand. I realize the three-month mail order is cheaper, but you might be better off dealing with someone in person at a local pharmacy. I'm sorry you're out the money, but I don't think there's anyway you'll get it back. I'm not even sure if you can dispute the charge with the credit card company.
Lifemates on 09/19/2010:
Probably better to go local with the prescription drugs.
trmn8r on 09/19/2010:
I used Medco for 3 years and had no problem with them. One thing - I would never give ANY company other than my electric utility access to my checking account for precisely this reason. An innocent mistake can cause a lot of headaches. I used a credit card with Medco. I'm sorry you had trouble - I agree you will be better off going local.
Venice09 on 09/19/2010:
Trmn8r, I forgot to mention that. We used a credit card, too. This is a good example of using credit wisely. I'm not sure disputing the charge in this case would help, but at least the OP would still have the cash!
Momof3 on 10/15/2012:
The reason a person would go mail order for their prescription drugs is because many insurance now REQUIRE that you do so. They demand that any maintenance medication that is taken for 3 months be written as a 90 day prescription by the doctor. This would include high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, etc. Then you MUST fill it by mail or you must pay the full amount, not just your co-pay.
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Medco is horrible
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On 8/10/2010 I placed an online refill order with Medco Pharmacy. Confirmation #: XXXXXXXXX. At this time I double checked everything on the website and the order stated it was in processes. I checked my credit card and it showed a pending payment for the amount of the medication.

On 8/16/2010 My Husband called me at work and asked me if I cancelled my Medication that the charge on the CC was no longer there. I Logged into the Medco website and the order was no longer listed and the confirmation number could not be found. I called customer service and explained the situation, the Rep was nice stated she wasn't sure why the order was cancelled, but it was cancelled in the back-end pharmacy and the only way that could have happened was if I would have called and cancelled. I assured her I did not and nobody else would have authorization to do that. She asked when I needed the medication by, I stated that I need it for the 22nd. She said that wouldn't be an issue and I would have the medication by then. I again checked the website after the call and the order did place and showed a shipment date of the 17th.

Today is the 18th. The order has not shipped from Medco. I called Medco again this morning to find out what was going on. This time the guy is stating that it was a computer glitch that my order was cancelled and he can't explain why that happened and why I wasn't notified. He stated that he now shows my order should ship by the 20th.

So now I will not have my medication in time, due to no fault of my own. No true explanations from Medco, and no true compassion or caring on their end. They are a pharmacy that my insurance requires me to use, I have no choice and they understand that. They can treat their customers poorly because they have no other options.

I spoke with a supervisor today on the 18th. She stated that she could authorize a small supply to be picked up at my local pharmacy, but I first would have to go to my Dr's office to get a prescription. I don't find this a viable option. Because Medco made a mistake twice on the same order. (first time cancelling without notifying the customer, and 2nd time not expediting the order) I have to call my Dr's office. Pay a $25 co pay and go to the local pharmacy and pick up my meds. This is a lot of my time wasted and an additional $25 that I do not feel I should have to pay in order to have my Dr's office provide another prescription.

I do not feel that Medco handled this properly, and that the solutions that they have provided are reasonable. I should not be forced to pay for their mistakes. Unfortunately, again due to my insurance company requiring me to use them I have no choice.
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User Replies:
BEJ on 08/18/2010:
I had that happen once(order cancelled in error). I asked for and got them to ship out overnight at no cost to me. Ask them to do that for you.
goduke on 08/18/2010:
If it's not a controlled susbstance where you need a physical Rx, you can probably just have your doctor call in an Rx to your local pharmacy. Most of them do it without needing an appointment, etc.
fast327 on 08/18/2010:
Medco or "Mudco" as my wife and I call them, is the worst company on earth to deal with. They administer the State Health Plan for NC state employees and we have no choice but them. They cannot count the correct number of days in a month, they play doctor, and practice medicine without a license. They always call wanting us to get prescriptions by mail and we refuse because they can't be trusted. They are the worst!
Sigh on 08/19/2010:
Today on the 19th, they have now pushed the expected to ship date to the 23rd. Man I hate this company. I did go and pay the fee at my dr's office to get a temp prescription at the local pharmacy (Medco authorized) however, it is only for 14 days, and something tells me I won't have this medication within 14 days.

BEJ- I did ask for that, the rep said she did that but did not, the supervisor I spoke with stated it was too late now to add that since it was in the back end Pharmacy. (funny since it hasn't shipped and the shipping date keeps getting delayed)

Goduke- My Dr's office requires a $25 'paperwork' payment for any perscriptions that are a 'rush' and need to be filled out with 3 business days.

Fast327- I agree 100% they can not be trusted! I have filed a complaint with the BBB even though I know it won't do any good.

goduke on 08/19/2010:
Well...that just stinks! You might want to contact the state agency that governs insurance in your state (it's often called the Dept of Insurance) and file a complaint against them. You should also contact the benefits dept through which you have Medco and raise a ruckus. That usually gets someone's attention...
Sigh on 08/20/2010:
goduke- Thanks for the great information on the Department of Insurance I never would have thought to do that. I have filed my complaint there as well. I have also contacted my Benefits department. Thanks so much for the great ideas.
Lee on 11/07/2011:
Same thing happened to me. Every time I call there they seem to be more interested in how to pronounce my last name then my issue. Asking me to go my Dr to pick up a prescription to pcik up a 7 day prescription at my local Pharmacy is ridiculous. You made the mistake, you fix it. Yet when I had the prescription set up to refill at my local Pharmacy they pushed me to do the mail order...why? I wouldn't have this problem if I would have been picking it up from my Pharmacy in the first place. So frustrating.
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Sick of the run around
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Last spring I mailed a new prescription to Medco, it was asthma medicine for my daughter. Her doc wrote it for refills up to 1 year. I mailed it in then called them a few weeks later, I was told by the representative that I would have to fill the prescription for the whole year, and could not do 30 days or 90 days. I kept repeating this back to her in a question form and she kept telling me the same thing, fill the entire script for the year. I was quite frustrated as it is a pricey medication and I was only going to need it for another week or two until fall came again as it was only prescribed during respiratory season. The representative then told me she could mail it back to me and I could fill it at my local pharmacy. I told her our plan had a 2 refill limit. She then explained to me that this particular medication does not have the 2 refill limit and I could refill it as many times as I wanted too. I repeated this information back to her and she told me that was correct. Mail it back to me Medco did. I took the prescription my local pharmacy (which I love) and got a 30 day supply. I thought all was good. October arrives as does an upper respiratory infection for my daughter. I have about a week left of meds, not to worry my pharmacy only takes 2 hours to fill a prescription when I call it in by phone. Well I get the call from my pharmacy that the insurance will not cover any of the cost of the medication. I tell him there must be a mistake, I will call Medco and get it all figured out, he tells me "let me know if you make any headway." He must have dealt w/ them before. So I call and get a very uncaring representative from Medco who will not help at all, I had to ask to speak w/ a supervisor three times before she finally got one for me. He is a bit more helpful but still will not budge on the 2 refill limit. He did tell me if I can get her doc to fax the prescription he will expedite the order will over night the order. This appeases me for the moment. So that was Tues evening. Next morning I get her doc to fax the prescription, call this supervisor to make sure it was received, it was. So I am thinking I will receive her meds the next day or by Fri at the latest. Fri morning I check my account online, no order is being processed, so I give the supervisor a call and have to leave a msg. When I finally get to talk to him 6 hours later, apparently expedite the order and ship over night does not mean I will receive the order the next day, it means w/ in one week. When I tell him that she is completely out of this medication by this time he acts surprised, even though I mentioned it quite a few times in our first conversation. He said he would try to check on the order and see if he can get it out today and send it UPS with a Saturday delivery. He told me he would call me back w/ in 5-10 min; this was 45 min ago, still waiting. I think what irritates me the most is that I hate getting wrong information, which I completely did get from the first time I called in the spring. I have not received any kind of an apology nor has Medco even bothered to own the mistake. Do they realize that these medications are to help people’s lives?
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