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Medco Is the Worst
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Rating: 1/51

LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I have to use Medco for prescriptions because of my insurance plan, and I have to order from their mail order pharmacy for "long term" prescriptions or else they won't pay for my prescriptions at all, which is kind of a joke, because they barely pay for them now. First of all, they won't pay a penny for the prescriptions until you meet your insurance deductible (which is $2500, and that's the lowest deductible plan I could get!!!) So that means they can charge huge prices on prescriptions, not pay for them, and you have to pay THEM for these huge prices or else it doesn't go towards your deductible.

Before I meet my deductible, my son's two asthma prescriptions are, I kid you not, $800 for a 3 month supply. I have to order the 3 months all at once, and they won't even let me split up the cost and pay $266 a month, I just have to be able to come up with $800 every 3 months until we meet our deductible. AFTER we meet our deductible, it goes down to $150 for a 3-month supply, which is more reasonable, but still not cheap. Now, I have just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and they want to charge me another $300 for 3 months worth of my test strips (on top of $800 for my son's medication) so $1100 for 3 months worth of medicine. What. The. **.

I don't know how the people running these companies sleep at night. I don't know how anyone is supposed to afford this stuff. My husband and I both work full-time jobs and we do okay, but the idea that we basically have to pay an extra mortgage payment every 3 months for 3 prescriptions is insane. Also, their Customer Service is unfailingly rude.

Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I find Medco the most confusing pharmacy that I have used. Originally, I used to receive my medications through Walmart. Then someone told me that Medco is inexpensive and more convenient. They deliver medicines to your home and I decided to give it a try. In Walmart I used to call them and they give me 30 minutes to collect the medicine. I would then go and pick my medications, pay them and that's end of story. With Medco, after they receive the prescriptions, they have to take, sometimes over a week to ship the medicines. Very often they cancel the orders on the flimsiest of excuses.

The other day they called me to confirm my address and the person I talked to took me through hours of interrogation. He wanted to know the names of the medications, the quantities, the milligrams for each medication. I kept pleading that I was at work and did not have much time for this grilling. Several times he kept me on hold for minutes only to come back with more questions. Eventually the guy told me that they were not going to process my medications until I call them and give them the full names and milligrams of all medications.

A few days later, I got notification that they were not going to supply the medicines because they had tried in vain to get authority from my doctor. I could not figure out how my doctor was coming in given that he had already sent them the prescription. I called Medco and they told me that they had cancelled my supply and if I wanted medicines, I should call the doctor and request that they sent another prescription. Eventually after back and forth, they sent me the medicines and I paid their bill in full. A few weeks later, I received a letter from them claiming that I had not paid their bill in full and threatened to initiate legal recovery measures.

While I was inquiring about this, they cancelled my refills and my spouse's refills for non-payment. Seems after I paid for the medications, they revised the prices and assumed that I had paid less than what I was supposed to pay in the first instance. I regret that someone convinced me to try Medco. I have paid my share of frustration with them.

Worst online prescription service PERIOD!
By -

COLUNBUS, OHIO -- I am a 31 year retiree of Verizon. Verizon has chosen to use Medco as its online prescription company for all retired employees. I have no choice but to use them. My wife and I have been experiencing the ultimate nightmare while dealing with MEDCO for 10+ years. Their website is very slow and the prescription tracking is 3 to 7 days behind any account activity. Their records are very seldom accurate and prescription coordination between your doctor and their company is poor at best. Medco's attitude seems to be "Do it our way or the highway" regardless of the outcome of your prescriptions.

Help is sometimes provided via an 800 number and an actual person will come online and they are generally polite, BUT they seldom follow up on your problem and don't sincerely seem to care about anything except doing it their way. I have interfaced with supervisors and management personnel recently and the same results generally occur. "We are working on your problem as quickly as possible" but usually the outcome does nothing to help you get your critical prescriptions on time. I have, on several occasions, been forced to call my doctor and have him write me a new prescription and get it filled locally.

Plavix is the latest which I must take daily after my 2007 massive heart attack. Blood pressure medication is another prescription I have been scrambling to acquire in a timely fashion locally. Medco loses scripts sent by my doctor and then issues a letter to me, delaying any solution for 7 to 10 days, which ultimately insures my medications will run out before they can be renewed and shipped to me. The above is only a fraction of the problems we have and still are experiencing with this non-performing company. If you have any option for mail order prescription services "AVOID MEDCO AT ALL COST"! Trust me on this, you will be putting your healthcare at risk!

By -

3/1/10 - Yes I hate Medco. They deny me my Nexium 40mg 2x daily many times. I have appealed and they still denied it. Started getting acid back in fall of 2008. I have had 2 endoscopies which I had multi-ulcers and gastritis. Got rid of the ulcers. (I can not burp or throw up because of a past Hiatal hernia surgery.) I can stand lots of pain however getting acid for month at a time is almost unlivable (my poor husband has to put up with me being a ...) I get acid on an empty stomach and almost every time I eat anything. Get acid every time I bend over.

I have almost landed in emergency room over dozens of times because of the pain is so bad. Don't go because what are they going to do? $2000 visit and an 8 hour wait I could not do. I am no whimp either (major back surgery and off all pain meds within 2 days). I have tried Protonix, Aciphex, Zegerid, Omeprazole, pantoprazole, Carafat suspension, gasX, soda, apple cider vinegar, cottage cheese, ginger ale, milk. Probably many other things I can't remember... The only thing I have found that works is 2 Nexium a day for me. Not 1 but 2 Nexium. (My Nexium comes from Dr. samples or from my neighbor.) At $400 for 60 pills I can not afford.

Right now, I ordered some Siberian pine nut oil getting it soon and now ordering Nexium from Canada at 59 a pill which I will be getting in 2-3 weeks. If this does not work I think I would rather be dead than live with this pain. This has kept me from family, friends and many activities, life altering YES. For me life threatening MAYBE sooooooon. If anyone has anything better please let me know.

Just when you thought no company could offer more poor service than Caremark

OK, so I get new insurance this year and my new mail order prescription provider, Medco, turns out to be the most frustrating provider I have ever dealt with. You go to the trouble to get new prescriptions, mail them off, and they show up on the website as "we can't fill your prescription till we talk to your doctor". Let's see my doctor, that would be the guy that filled out the prescription in the first place.

Wait here's one, you get a prescription filled, it shows up on the website one week and poof, it's gone the next week along with all the refills which means, that's right now I have to waste my time and my doctors time reordering the same prescription. Why? Because nobody's time is more important than a Medco employee's time. So I send an inquiry about the missing prescription, and I get instructions on how to order a prescription. So, I send another inquiry, this time I clarified my question, the response was "that doesn't happen on our website", nice and to the point. The fact remains, I still have to get another prescription filled out to reorder it.

Now it seems the old saying is true, you don't know what you've got till it's gone, and for as much trouble as Caremark was to do business with (my employer bought an extra drug management contract that told Caremark to cancel certain prescriptions after being filled once, they stopped spending money on envelopes and included the refill cancellation right in the first fill of the prescription, long story), anyway, at least once you got stuff squared away you go to Caremark's website and you could view all of your prescriptions at once including the status of each one.

At Medco's website you're only allowed to view the prescriptions they say are ready to fill, if you want to see other prescriptions or more information it's really hard to find, that is if it is still there at all. I thought the person on the customer 800 helpline was polite and tried to do the right thing, but she was limited by poor corporate processes, she tried to fix an order for me two weeks ago and I'm still waiting.

The email responses are either simplistic auto responses implying you don't know what you are doing, or they insult you, "how dare you imply the great Medco may have effed something up". So there you go, at odds with my service provider, and pretty sure, at least so far, they don't know what they are doing and really don't care.

Fill a prescription on my insurance
By -

PO 747000, OHIO -- My daughter was running out of birth control pills and had gone for annual checkup. She needed a a few extra refills because she will be studying abroad in Australia for 4 months. She dropped off the prescription at the local drug store, which the doctor gave for a 6 months. The pharmacy asked her how many refills needed. She said, "6 months". She only needed 5 months but, because in order to get it cheaper they give it in 3 month supply. Well after being on the phone for 4 hours jumping through hoops calling Medco which told me I need to call UnitedHealth to get the okay, which told me to Medco they okay it. Then told UnitedHealth "Medco told me to call you". Had a 3 way conversation with Medco/UnitedHealth/and me. That I need the doctor okay for the 6 months.

I said, "The prescription was for 6 months and already at the pharmacy. Can I go or have the pharmacy fax or I will fax the prescription to you so you would have it on file?" "NO, the doctor need to call Medco for the override". "Well, it's 5 o'clock now the doctor left for the day call tomorrow." Called the next day explained to the doc that they needed to call. The doctor's office called me back and told me I need to get the prescription and mail it to Medco, to get the 3 months. I said "Well what about the pharmacy? Wouldn't they need the copy of the prescription on file?"

Well it go on and on. I paid out of pocket dearly to get 6 months prescription and didn't go through Medco even though I'm paying insurance to have this suck service. They should burn that place down. It's so hard to talk to untrained stupid people, even the supervisors at MEDCO.

Paid Twice the Price!
By -

I recently had a very bad experience with my mail-in prescription order with Medco. I had filled prescriptions by mail or several times over the past year without issue. Sometimes my prescription was for 30 days and sometimes 90 days which I never understood, but I was always charged accordingly. Well, much to my dismay, the last order I placed was for 4 separate prescriptions and when I received the first in the mail, I realized that I was charged twice as much as I would pay at the pharmacy for 1 30-day supply.

I called Medco to question the charge and ask about the status of the other 3 prescriptions and their charges. They were also filled and on their way and 2 of those prescriptions were also written incorrectly (or in a way that Medco will only send a 30-day supply but charge for the 90-day supply), thereby costing me twice as much. The representative advised me to refuse the package so that I could have my account credited. I did just that and then learned that because Medco said that the error was not on their side that I would still be charged (overcharged) for the prescriptions that I just sent back!

I was irate to say the least and finally spoke to a supervisor who agreed to put a note on my account to return the package to me. I still am out the double cost of the prescriptions and will have to revisit my doctor in order to get correctly written prescriptions to have refilled through Medco or at pharmacy if I choose. I would have expected a phone call from Medco when they originally received my prescriptions if they weren't written correctly.

Mail-in order saves Medco money and is supposed to save you a third the cost of your prescriptions. If they want your business, then they should treat their customers better. I'm not happy with the mail-in service and will be weary of using it in the future.

Mail-In Pharmacy
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- As Medco claims, it is much faster than mailing in a prescription, and if you don't they triple the price at a local pharmacy. Now No One AT MEDCO takes responsibility! They claim in Las Vegas once it is picked up by UPS, whom they have a contract with, it is out of their hands! They claim "oh well it's my problem, go back to the Dr.'s Office and get another prescription and fill it locally, at my own PERSONAL expense." The people on the telephone are rude, flippant, and couldn't care less. NOW we pay a High premium for this service which is no longer being serviced. MEDCO needs to be sued constantly to make them responsible.

Customer Service
By -

I have been a customer of Medco for the past four years and until now have been happy. However my credit card was stolen in December and since then it has been nothing but problems. I did not get a replacement card for over a week and during that time Medco decided to harass me into the ground. I spoke to one of their customer service representatives on the phone in the beginning and explained my situation. I told him I would update my card online as soon as I got a new one. He wanted me to call instead but as I have a very busy schedule and am not home for 12 hours a day I told him I would update online.

I thought that the issue was resolved and ignored the two phone messages on my machine I got from them every night after that. A week and a half later when I got my new card I went online to update and try to get my prescriptions mailed to me. Instead I find that Medco has decided to delete all of my prescriptions and all of my renewals that I had on file for the next year! I emailed back and forth trying to get my medications sent to me and was starting to get worried because I am a severe asthmatic and need my medication.

They informed me that I had to have my doctor send in the prescriptions again (of course at this time the Doctor's office is still closed from the holiday). They also told me that they had no record of ever speaking to me, which tells you how well they keep records when you tell them something they don'€™t want to hear. I finally got in contact with my Doctor and had the prescriptions sent into Medco and got my medication within the next week and a half.

Then the day after I get a letter from Medco stating that they have found my old prescriptions but since I just had prescriptions sent to me they cannot send them and will auto ship them to me as soon as coverage will allow. This is a problem because four of the medications I take only œas needed€ and will most likely not need to refill for another eight months. I am currently trying to get the prescriptions taken off auto ship and can only hope they don'€™t decide to delete them all again in spite.

Medco Pharmacy-Incompetent Thieves
By -

WASHINGTON -- INCOMPETENT THIEVES!! My Dr. wrote a Rx for me. I told him the generic caused more drowsiness and irritability so he crossed out "generic allowed" and signed his name above "Dispense As Written" AND circled it. Although I normally get generics to save money, I should not have to suffer increased drowsiness from a generic medicine that does not work the same as the brand. Medco sent me the generic. When I called, and was transferred FIVE times, (retelling the same story) I was told by the Pharmacist that the Dr. had not signed for Brand. This is a blatant LIE.

I'm a certified Pharmacist Technician and know how to read a Rx.The RPH told me she would contact the Dr. and I said. "but it's already been filled for generic". She stated, "if the Dr. writes for Brand, then they'll fill it for the $35 copay". A week later, I tried to use my debit card and it was overdrawn. Medco had filled the brand and charged me $463.00!!!

Don't ever give Medco access to your bank account. Medco is stating that I requested brand, NOT the Dr. The second RPH admitted the Dr. had written for brand, but it was also signed on the generic and although it was crossed out, they interpreted it to mean generic. Even though BRAND was circled?! That money was going to be used for college tuition. Now I have 180 days of a medicine I occasionally use.

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