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Medco is the worst
Posted by Alissa.saliman on 01/11/2013
LITTLETON, COLORADO -- I have to use Medco for prescriptions because of my insurance plan, and I have to order from their mail-order pharmacy for "long term" prescriptions or else they won't pay for my prescriptions at all, which is kind of a joke, because they barely pay for them now.

First of all, they won't pay a penny for the prescriptions until you meet your insurance deductible (which is $2500, and that's the lowest deductible plan I could get!!!) So that means they can charge huge prices on prescriptions, not pay for them, and you have to pay THEM for these huge prices or else it doesn't go towards your deductible. Before I meet my deductible, my son's two asthma prescriptions are, I kid you not, $800 for a 3 month supply. I have to order the 3 months all at once, and they won't even let me split up the cost and pay $266 a month, I just have to be able to come up with $800 every 3 months until we meet our deductible.

AFTER we meet our deductible, it goes down to $150 for a 3 month supply, which is more reasonable, but still not cheap.

Now, I have just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and they want to charge me another $300 for 3 months worth of my test strips (on top of $800 for my son's medication) so $1100 for 3 months worth of medicine. What. The. $%$%?!?

I don't know how the people running these companies sleep at night. I don't know how anyone is supposed to afford this stuff. My husband and I both work full time jobs and we do okay, but the idea that we basically have to pay an extra mortgage payment every 3 months for 3 prescriptions is insane.

Also, their Customer Service is unfailingly rude.

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Posted by Bill on 2013-01-11:
I don't think this is Medco's fault. It's your employers prescription plan and it sounds pretty bad.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-11:
I believe there is an insurance side to Medco, in addition to the online pharmacy.

I used the online pharmacy, and I loved it. The three month supply plan saved me plenty of money, and the prescriptions were priced lower than the local pharmacy.

Your complaint seems to involve both the pharmacy and your prescription plan. As for the 3 month supply issue, you buy them all at once so not having a "payment plan" makes sense. You simply have to have your finances in order to be able to do that.

Your biggest problem appears to be your prescription plan, assuming these meds are available cheaper.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-12:
Asa 8r stated the problem seems to be your prescription plan not Medco. The cost can get really prohibitive with some of the cheaper plans. I also use Medco, my employer choose this provider so I have no choice. I'm fortunate to have a zero deductible so a three month prescription only costs me a $10.00 copay.

Depending upon your income and your son being an asthmatic may qualify you for government assistance. Something to consider to help lower the price.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-12:
With respect, this doesn't have anything to do with Medco and everything to do with the situation of health care within America.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-01-12:
Medco is the processor for your medications. Your insurance company has chosen Medco to be the processor. They don't set the benefits into place because they are not an insurance company. Your complaint here is with whoever your insurance is through.
Posted by olie on 2013-01-12:
It's too late for 2013, but for 2014 you can enroll in a Flexible Spending Account. This allows you to specify an amount(I think the limit is $2000) to be deducted from your paychecks through the year.

Even though the deductions are spread out through the year, the total amount is in the account on Jan. 1. Our FlexBen provider gives us a debit card, so we can use that instead of forking over the cash and sending in the claim for reimbursement.

We use ours to cover deductible, co-pays, and prescriptions. And GLASSES!! Back when we had two kids in braces, the IRS allowed a higher amount.

It's possible that both you and your husband are eligible for FSAs, so that would be $4000 you could use for covered expenses.

Just know: An FSA is a "use it or lose it" proposition. If you haven't used it all by Dec. 31, the unused portion goes to....I don't know. But you can't carry it over. But that's where the glasses come in!
Posted by Joe on 2013-08-26:
A lot of these issues regarding what they cover and don't is not determined by Medco, but by the insurer, usually your employer.
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Poor Service
Posted by Namalej on 12/17/2012
KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I find Medco the most confusing pharmacy that I have used. Originally, I used to receive my medications through Walmart. Then someone told me that Medco is inexpensive and more convenient. They deliver medicines to your home and I decided to give it a try.

In Walmart I used to call them and they give me 30 minutes to collect the medicine. I would then go and pick my medications, pay them and that's end of story. With Medco, after they receive the prescriptions, they have to take, sometimes over a week to ship the medicines. Very often they cancel the orders on the flimsiest of excuses. The other day they called me to confirm my address and the person I talked to took me through hours of interrogation. He wanted to know the names of the medications, the quantities, the milligrams for each medication. I kept pleading that I was at work and did not have much time for this grilling. Several times he kept me on hold for minutes only to come back with more questions. Eventually the guy told me that they were not going to process my medications until I call them and give them the full names and milligrams of all medications.

A few days later, I got notification that they were not going to supply the medicines because they had tried in vain to get authority from my doctor. I could not figure out how my doctor was coming in given that he had already sent them the prescription. I called Medco and they told me that they had cancelled my supply and if I wanted medicines, I should call the doctor and request that they sent another prescription. Eventually after back and forth, they sent me the medicines and I paid their bill in full. A few weeks later, I received a letter from them claiming that I had not paid their bill in full and threatened to initiate legal recovery measures.

While I was inquiring about this, they cancelled my refills and my spouse refills for non payment. Seems after I paid for the medications, they revised the prices and assumed that I had paid less than what I was supposed to pay in the first instance. I regret that someone convinced me to try Medco. I have paid my share of frustration with them.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-17:
I used Medco for my mom for over 3 yeats, and I loved them.

There are several differences between using a mail order pharmacy and a brick and morter one. You do have to occasionally do some footwork to facilitate communication.

You mentioned that they called you to verify a bunch of information. That is an example of something you may have to do, but it should be a one-time thing, not ordinary.

I was later a stockholder in Medco, and did well with that investment until I sold. Overall, I think Medco is a good company with a good product - I'm sorry they didn't meet your individual needs.
Posted by Bill on 2012-12-17:
I have used Medco for many years and have never had a problem. I go online for renewal and the script arrives 3-4 days later. Once the script expires my doctors office electronically sends a new one and I have that in a few days.
Just last week I called my doctors office on Monday to send a script to Medco, they sent it Monday, it showed on Medco's website on Wednesday and it was in my mailbox Thursday.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-12-18:
I'm new to Medco and did experience some of the initial problems that you described. However once you're setup with them your meds come like clockwork with huge savings. Give them a chance and you will be satisfied.
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For physicians, Medco loves wasting your time.
Posted by Kshin77 on 05/22/2012
As a prescriber I have dealt with Medco for a number of years. Though most of the reps are generally congenial, the company is very difficult to deal with and seems intent on wasting other peoples' time in an effort to limit the medications they have to pay for.

For instance, I regularly spend 20 minutes on a prior authorization call. I repeat my name and information, including phone and address (which they seem to never have on file), then give all the patient information (which they seem to never have on file) to get sent a form to fill out and fax back. The form (sometimes they will ask you over the phone) asks questions like: What is the diagnosis of the patient? Did you correctly make the diagnosis for the patient? Are they taking another medication in conjunction with that one?
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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-24:
From some of the reviews I've read both here and on other sites, it almost seems that Medco is not so much about helping the patient/customer, but more about not covering prescriptions to save the client (usually an employer) money. They certainly seem to have some efficiency problems. Thank you for giving us a physicians perspective on their service (or lack thereof)!
Posted by Inside Info on 2012-07-20:
Although the process seems daunting, don't be put off by the bark. Once you get a representative on the line INSIST that you complete the prior authorization by phone.

The security to insure that you are actually from a doctors office or indeed a doctor wanting to complete a prior authorization, is ridiculously low. All that the caller has to do is 1) Verify patient info Name/DOB/Name and strength of the Drug. 2). Doctor info: Dr Name/Address of Practice/ Phone and Fax Number. 3). Answer questions that are so easy to guess at that a first grader could probably do it.

It really is that easy, there is NO security questions that are asked to prove that a doctor or doctor office is actually doing this. In other words let me really spell this out....as long as a patient had the above info, AND SAID, that they are dr bob or nurse nancy or ma mike they could call in their own prior authorization.

I know this because I was a prior authorization rep for medco, many times I was surprised at the lack of security in this regard, but even though I suspected that I wasn't talking to the doctor's office, the response I got was, it is not your job to question the caller. If the caller says they are from the doctor's office, they are from the doctor's office.

For Prior Authorizations are probably handled by Apac Customer Services as can be seen here:


And a majority of the prior authorization calls are taken at the cedar rapids center. They can be reached directly at this phone number: 319 896 2900
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Customer Service
Posted by Lovladybug on 03/30/2012
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I went to my local pharmacy to get my meds, but they were way too much. So, I turned to our Medco program that said I would get three months’ supply for the same price as one month at my local pharmacy.

The meds were ordered by the doc office at 530pm, and the next morning at 9am my husband checked it and seen that they had charged
us three times that amount, so he called to cancel it. According to Medco the meds did not leave their facility until 1130am, (mind you we called at 9am to cancel). They refused to cancel and now we are out 3 times the amount of money we expected to pay, for us that is more than a week’s pay!!!! They refused to offer any payment plan help, refused to cancel the order and refused to provide any help, guidance or reassurance for the future.

This is an awful company, they have horrible customer service, (they all say the same thing word for word so you know they are reading it off a paper). I know I am not the first person this has happened to and nor will I be the last unless people like me speak out to this injustice.

There is no reason why we should not have been able to cancel this order in the first 24 hour period!!!!! This is something the company needs to correct as opposed to raping all of us of our income for drugs that should not cost this much to begin with!

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Posted by fast327 on 2012-03-30:
Avoid medco like the plague.In fact,they are worse than any plague.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-30:
I had Medco for 3 years and loved their service. Yes, I got 3 months for the price of one by buying a 3 month supply.

It can be hard to set up and there can be miscommunication at first because it isn't face to face, but once mine was set up it was fantastic. I'm sorry yours didn't work out.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-03-31:
Are the medications in question available as $4/$10 generics? Many big box stores and supermarket chains with pharmacy departments now offer discounted prices on over 400 drugs. Those prices would most likely be better than Medco or the pharmacy you're using now.
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Over charged and never received back the over charges
Posted by Sanguine on 03/22/2012
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I receive a generic medication every month. The copay was only suppose to be $10 a month but I first paid $27 for the first year I was on the medication but then they tired the price to $60. It's considered a tear one prescription which is only $10.they admired it on almost all, my calls. Even went as far as telling me their would be an investigation and I would be receiving the sum of the difference. Didn't receive any money out any notification about what they were doing to resolve the matter. mean while I continued to past the $60 for my medicine. I called nearly every month and got the same story "I'm not sure what happen, but I'll make a more of it in your file and someone will be in touch with you with in 24-48hrs. No one ever called me, I never saw a check and I'm still getting the run around. One least I spoke with said it was being held up for some stupid reason, her words not mine, and she out it through while I was on the line. I called again the next month only to find out that she no longer worked there. Big surprise there. We now have a new insurance company for our proscriptions and I pay $10 a month. Still no word on my from Medco.
Their a bunch of scam artist
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Posted by Kris10 on 2012-03-22:
Keep on Medco about this. There is no reason you shouldn't be getting your refund. Also, swype is not your friend when posting reviews on here. I had some trouble understanding certain things before i tried them out on my own phone using swype.
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Received a bill for Crestor for $185.16
Posted by Spwexpo on 03/17/2012
FRANKLIN LAKE, NEW JERSEY -- Medco has no policy for charging clients for medication that is on their brand list.
I was told it was up to my insurance plan as to how much I will be paying for brand name medicine.
I was told that the benefit plan administrator has a list of medicine and they had agreed to what Medco charges for brand name medicine.
Medco has no way to warn patients that the medication is going to cost more.
Medco has no policy on taking medicine back when a person can't pay for it.
I had no ideal that the medicine I was ordering was $370.33 and my part will be $185.16, which I cannot afford.
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Posted by raven2010 on 2012-03-17:
Pharmacies are not permitted by the FDA to take drugs back. it isnt safe:

Posted by raven2010 on 2012-03-17:
You can check with your plan administrator to find out exactly what will be covered for each drug.

My insurance provider has a website with about a zillion most commonly prescribed drugs and the exact amount my plan covers.

That helps me when I shop pharmacies for the best deals
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-03-17:
I always ask the price before I proceed with an order. Might help.
Posted by dan gordon on 2012-03-17:
while I used Medco for yrs, Walmart has a generic Crestor for about $10 for 90 pills. Sometimes it pays to ask your doctor for a few options then price them before ordering.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-03-17:
Ask your doctor about generics. I am on nexium but it is so expensive, they give me generic.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-17:
Some companies have discount cards for some drugs. I don't know if Crestor has one. Ask your doctor or pharmacy.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-03-17:
I hate dealing with Medco. Wish our carrier would go back to Prime. They are all pretty bad, but Medco is the worst in my view.
Posted by fast327 on 2012-03-17:
OT, I'm with you! I've said this many times and I'll say it once more. Medco wants to control your life. They practice medicine w/o a license. Many times they have questioned or denied the provisions in the doctor's prescription. They always think they know best. They cannot read a calendar and will deny a refill in a second! The best description I can give them is they are money-grubbing crooks. Stay as far away from them as you can.
Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-03-17:
Excellent suggestion Little. There was a drug that was not covered on my insurance and the doctor gave me a discount card from the drug maker to take to the pharmacist. It ended up being less expensive than if my insurance had covered it.
Posted by ticia232 on 2012-03-17:
Was your insurance company charging that amount for copay BEFORE you went with Medco?

I ask because my my mother's copays didn't go down after she changed. She changed because it was more convenient for her to have her meds mailed to her, because she works on the road.

Medco is NOT one of those discount online pharmacies.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-03-17:
Ticia, you are 100% correct. Medco is a contract pharmacy that companies and organizations contract with to supply prescriptions. I have found if there is any way to screw up a prescription or a customer Medco will find it. In the dictionary under clowns, it says see Medco.
Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-03-17:
Express Scripts and Medco have merged or are in the process of merging. Maybe things will get better? I don't have experience with either...
Posted by Susan on 2012-03-18:
It sounds like you received branded Crestor instead of the generic form. Unless your doctor marked the "do not substitute" box on your prescription then most pharmacy companies (i.e. Medco, Express Scripts, etc.) will fill the prescription with the generic form if available.
Posted by oldisgood on 2012-03-18:
I have Medco and am completely happy with them. You do know you have an 800 number you can call and talk directly with either a CSR or a Pharmacist and ask questions including how much your medicine will cost, don't you? I have talked to both a CSR and a pharmacist about medications many times in the past and they have always been polite and very knowledgable.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-18:
I would echo oldisgood's comment. Whem I used Medco for my mom I was thoroughly happy with them. I did call a few times and received excellent service. Maybe they could answer your questions and address your concerns if you call?
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-03-18:
When I order drugs from Medco, they always tell me how much it is going to cost me before completing the order. Maybe this is just an online thing, but have had no problems with them
Posted by Val on 2012-03-19:
I just began using the Crestor Saving Card which works with my company insurance and pays up to $50 of my normal out of pocket expense to drop my cost to no more than $18. But I've been to two major pharmacies and when they apply the Crestor card (after my regular insurance), the savings doesn't get applied, but the normal amount comes out of my Health Reimbursement Account (saving account through my insurance which I put my own funds into). I'm being told the reason for not getting the savings is because my regular insurance first pays my out of pocket co-insurance from my HRA, so when the transaction at the pharmacy occurs, it appears I owe $0.00 (even though the funds were paid out of my own account). But the pharmacy won't discount me the difference between my cost of approx $52 and the $18 max I'm suppose to pay with the Crestor Card. It appears the only way I can realize these savings is if I use up all the money in my HRA, and then during the Rx transaction, it will appear I do have a co-pay and the pharmacy will then submit a claim to to Crestor for the difference.

Has anyone else ran into this issue?
Posted by Doug Marshall on 2012-08-13:
I have found this company to be too big and unresposive to the average every day citizen who depends on their drugs as a matter of life and death issues. I am going to contact my state senator to find out if they are monopolizing the market and what can be done about it.
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Cost went up after Medco changed med from preferred to non-preferred
Posted by Lemmywatts on 01/30/2012
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have talked to Medco 3 times, and sent an e-mail, because my prescription was changed from $30 to $50 a month for a generic brand, and Medco doesn't offer it, so no 3 month lower price option. I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them today, 50 minutes of the calls on hold! The 1st time I called, I was told it was the pharmacy's policy that they charge me more after buying from them after a certain amount of time (what?) & I asked if Medco would fill it & he told me yes, call the pharmacy to transfer it. So I called the pharmacy, and they told me Medco doesn't offer the medication, and that they were the ones who upped the price, not them. So called Medco again. Was told it wasn't them, it was our insurance carrier's policy, so I had to wait until Monday to call them. So then I call them, they tell me, no, has nothing to do with us, it's Medco, and I told her Medco claimed it wasn't. So she put me on hold, and transferred me to Medco. I talked to someone again, she was giving me the same "reasons" and I told her, no, I talked to the pharmacy, and no, the insurance co. just transferred me! So finally she told me she'd put me on with someone who would have more information about it then her, and could do more. So I waited, and waited. Almost an hour. When someone finally answered, she started with the same excuses, and I told her, I already heard a, b, c, and talked to everyone else, so can you help me figure out what is going on? She told me she saw on her computer the price jumped from 2011 to 2012, but there was no reason given. So she told me to hold while she looked into it. She came back and told me that it was a non-preferred prescription now, and it was a preferred prescription in 2011, so the price went up. I told her it was a generic brand, I hadn't changed to the brand name. She told me it didn't matter. So I asked her what the alternatives were. She told me to ask my doctor. I told her, no, I already knew that there was no other medication similar, my doctor had told me that a long time ago. But I wanted to know if there was anything that I could do, I was having a hard enough time with the $30 a month, the medication is for an allergic disorder that creates instability, and can lead to serious complications, shock, and worse, so I can't live without it, and unfortunately there is so little known about the disorder, they have this one medication, and luckily some generic brands. So I wanted to know if there was anything I could do, any options, was there something Medco did prefer? "No," she told me, "there is no alternative medication, but you do have the option to buy it, or not." Cold. So I asked her if this has happened to anyone else, no alternative med, that suddenly becomes non preferred, and it is necessary to live, and has become cost prohibitive? "You can either buy it or not, ask your doctor for a different med, or," "Yes???" I waited eagerly to hear. "You can write an appeal to your insurance carrier." I quickly reminded her they had told me it was not their decision, but medco's, so it wouldn't be my insurance company, so she paused and told me to hold, "Yes then, that is right, you would send the appeal in to us here." Yes, please! If that is my only option, fine, I'm not holding onto a ton of hope, but I thought it was worth a try. It was like pulling teeth to get any information out of her, and she told me she would send me the appeal letter (will see if that shows), and I tried asking if there was any information that would be helpful to have included in the letter, such as a note from my doctor, a receipt, anything? No, nothing you can do. So I just told her, "Okay, I will just document the call with you, your name (which I did state back to her, I had written in down in the beginning luckily) and the time." She was quiet. "Fine, is there anything else?" No, clearly there was nothing I could do. I had no options, and have no clue what I can do. I could understand if they were fighting me on the cost if I was ordering brand name, or if they wanted me to switch to them so that they could make the money selling it. I could understand that they'd push up the price so that I had to choose another option, and they could save money. But I already order the generic, and they have no alternative medication, and it was already so much for me to afford, and I'm stuck. I don't know what I can do, how I'll be able to afford it, and I actually need it. I guess they figure I'll find a way since I need it. Pushing up the price for all the other reasons I could wrap my mind around even though I think it's utter sleaziness, but this? No options, if you can't pay, too bad! You need it to live? Again, too bad, that's their new policy. I've read a lot of bad reviews about them before when I was upset with other decisions they've made, but this one is below the belt. Really rotten company.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-01-31:
My guess is that either they changed vendors or manufacturers of the medication you take, and it became more expensive for them to get that specific kind of medication. So they are forced to pass the additional expense onto you. This isn't a rarity or anything, it happens all time in just about every industry you can name.

Alternatively you could simply try to get the medication elsewhere, you'd think just about any pharmacy could get it for you. Also, unless I'm mistaken (and I may be) if there's a generic medication, there should be a name brand version around as well.
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Medco OnLine Pharmacy BAD Business Monopoly
Posted by PCS on 06/12/2011
UNKNOWN-CAN FIND ON WEB SITE, MISSOURI -- Medco is a monopoly that does not meet our needs or communcate on a timely basis. How can we be forced to use it by our healthcare insurance!!

My doctor renewed my prescriptions at an annual visit. The only way they will show on-line is if they ship me every single prescription she renewed at this time, whether I need them or not. They will not post them online for me to order as needed unless I order them all now. It takes them two days to reply to a post on their site and they don't follow the string of emails so never understand the problems they are creating.

Even though this is supposed to be an online service they are now telling me to go back to my doctor to get paper from my doctor, find an envelope, find a stamp, go to the post office and mail them prescriptions each time I need one because they can't find a way to keep the submitted renewals for prescriptions by my doctor at an annual visit.

We should be uprising against this ridculous policy of ordering 90 days of medicine from someone who has no clue how to communicate or service our needs, much less have a human understanding of our medical concerns!!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-12:
Once I figured out their system, using Medco was a breeze and cheaper than what I was doing previously.

I hope it gets easier for you.
Posted by oldisgood on 2011-06-13:
I think Medco is wonderful. When the doctor renews all my prescriptions I ask for individual prescriptions. I then send in each one when I need it. The envelopes are prepaid so no postage is required. I can see Medco not being able to keep renewal dates straight when all prescriptions are sent in at once. They offer excellent service, reasonable prices and their customer service is very, very good. I have been doing this for 15 years and have NEVER had a problem.
Posted by rgs3 on 2011-10-30:
It's clear Medco has shills working this site. I signed up under their claim that the first 90 day supply of a generic was free. I received the brand name and a charge for $100. I have never been prescribed the brand name, and they knew my prescription history. They didn't use the MSA debit card they were given, and certainly wouldn't admit to a mistake or correct anything. For me, to read the only responses as praise for Medco is ridiculous. The only way it gets easier, is to choose a different mail order provider, as I am.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-30:
It's clear you are mistaken "rgs3". I don't work for anyone.

I have surfed consumer websites for 5 years, and it always amuses me when I am accused of being a "shill". Yes, shills exist, but it easy to tell the difference. A shill would go on and on about how great the company is.

Looking above, I wrote two (2) sentences. There is a note of empathy in my comment, which recognizes that the author does have an issue but it may get better.

"get better" isn't code - Using Medco is different than your pharmacy down the street. Once a person (evidently NOT you) figures out how to use their system, it DOES become easy. I'm sorry it didn't work for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-30:
Good comment cgs3.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-30:
How is rgs3's comment "good"? I am not a shill and neither is oldisgood, and you know it.

My response isn't "praise". It is an honest evaluation of my experience with them. It wasn't completely without issues, but they were minor and only in the beginning. Used them for over 3 years.
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Horrible Company
Posted by Companiesthatarehorrible01 on 02/18/2011
Medco is an awful company to deal with! We only deal with them because of our insurance. They take forever to get medications mailed out. They claim they have to call the doctor when there are refills left. If you can, deal with a local pharmacy.
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Posted by fast327 on 2011-02-18:
I have issues with medco often. They are everything you say and more. I have to put up with their obstinate ways because they are connected with the NC State Health Plan. They always want to mail our prescriptions, but we refuse and want to keep using our local pharmacy. Therefore, they cause trouble every chance they get.
Posted by Skye on 2011-02-18:
Is Medco the only way you can get prescriptions filled?

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Posted by Justjane on 02/11/2011
My previous company used CVS Caremark as their Pharmacy Benefit Manager. My new company is contracted with MM. Let me suffice to say that no medication that I was on previously is being covered without a prior authorization. I'm talking about medications I have been on for almost 10 years for chronic illnesses. Customer service at this crack PBM is atrocious. I'm wondering if and when I have a reaction, because they refuse to fill my RX's until my Dr, who has gone to school for over 11 years to specialize in medicine, calls to talk to some flunky who probably has a GED, at best, and that idiot is going to make my medical decisions? You're kidding me, right? My lawyer has me have them reiterate back to me that they are refusing medication until a customer service representative decides on my medical needs. This is a lawsuit!
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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-02-11:
has probably more to do with your insurance coverage than with Medco. I"ve used them for yrs and find the service top notch. Think your issues are with your provider not the pharmacy.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-02-11:
We had the same problems with Caremark. Go figure.
Posted by fast327 on 2011-02-11:
Anytime Medco is involved with prescriptions, there is trouble. They practice medicine without a license and cannot read a calendar. They consider a typical month to have 35 days and they question whether your physician has properly prescribed your medicine. They have denied refilling prescriptions because they were called in ONE DAY EARLY. What an arrogant bunch!
Posted by Alain on 2011-02-11:
I think I'll stick with the local pharmacy.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-11:
I used Medco for 3 years for my mom's prescriptions from 4 different doctors. I had no issues whatsoever.

My takeaway was there were a few extra rules because we were doing transactions through the mail instead of in person. Other than that it was flawless and we saved money and time on trips to the pharmacy. Maybe it isn't for everyone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-11:
Yep had a similar problem with these jerks. They live to throw that preauthorization lockout on the screen, but sure don't mind raking in all that cash from premiums!
Posted by momsey on 2011-02-11:
Yeah, I had a bad experience with Caremark. So I can't say Caremark is great and Medco is terrible. But, in general, I like to deal with brick-and-mortar pharmacies as much as possible.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-11:
momsey -> based on my experience, I think that is the issue for many people. There is a difference, and I think there has to be, in using one versus the other.

At the root, I think a lot (not all) of people who complain are more comfortable dealing in person with a pharmacist/technician.

The few minor things that came up when I used Medco were promptly handled by calling them.
Posted by fast327 on 2011-02-11:
I use a brick and mortar, local pharmacy. I refuse to use mail order pharmacies such as Medco recommends. My pharmacist sometimes has to work around Medco's sillines.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-02-11:
most insurance offers you the choice to go to your local pharmacy and get a 30 day refill or mail order and get 90 days for the same deductible. Its your choice. Medco doesn't receive your premiums your insurance carrier does.
Posted by fast327 on 2011-02-11:
The USPS has never proven themselves to be that reliable. I have had mail lost, delivered to the wrong address, or damaged. I do not want my medicines handled by such incompetent delivery.
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