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SCAM--Media Insiders Panel Makes Promises It Can't/won't Keep
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Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I received an email invitation to download the Media Insiders Panel iPhone app on December 27th, 2012. I downloaded the app to my phone the same day after I saw that I could get a $5 Tango card for using the app for at least 20 days a month. It was to run in the background while I used my phone and went about my business. Since the app was supposed to have no impact on my phone's battery life and I'd get something for using it, why not?

I kept the app going whenever my phone was on (read: almost all of the time), even after I got another email from Media Insiders Panel on January 22. The email announced that they would no longer support the iPhone app and were moving on to Android, iPod, and iPad devices. This didn't really seem to be too much of an issue because I'd had the app going for over 20 days in January. Still, something in my gut told me to email "support" and confirm that I'd still get January's Tango card. So I emailed on January 23rd asking if it would impact my reward to uninstall the app before February.

On January 25th, I received a response from John in "support" stating that I wasn't getting my Tango card because they only received eight days worth of data from my phone. This seemed a bit impossible because my phone is only briefly off to charge after the battery dies, and I use data and wifi to access my apps. When I wrote that to John, he again said there were only eight days of data and that I hadn't responded to the emails they send after five days of inactivity.

Well, how can I respond to an email I never got? I checked my email (including the spam and trash folders) and never saw any reason to think my data didn't get sent. Since my phone was online and powered, I'm sure there was plenty of information sent. Especially since I never got the "we haven't heard from you emails"--and I check my email multiple times a day.

This seems like a lot of trouble to back out of paying for what they got. Don't let them spy on you for free. Don't download the Media Insiders Panel app to your device.
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User Replies:
AZ on 08/02/2013:
DO NOT RUN THAT APPLICATION! Have you any idea what that application does? Here is an excerpt from the privacy policy on their website.

MI Mobile App: This application collects general hardware, software, and application usage information about the mobile device on which you install our application. We will identify which other applications are installed on your phone, which applications you use regularly, and, in some cases, how you use your applications. For example, if you browse the Internet, we will collect information about the pages you browse, but we will not collect any information about any content that you input into in those pages or any e-mails. In addition, we may collect location-based information about you using the GPS on your phone. This application also takes a short (5-30 second) sound sample at intervals throughout the day. A sound sample can include any sound picked up by our app (e.g., TV shows, TV commercials, radio broadcasting, music, personal computer sounds, and conversations). These sound samples are translated into numeric code called a hash. The sound sample itself is then deleted from your device. A hash cannot be reconverted into the original sound sample. We upload these hashes to a server and try to identify which TV shows and/or ads you may be watching by matching numeric codes. It is not stored, and is not otherwise retrievable in any way
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Still not installed
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Time Warner took over from Grande to provide phone service. All tenants were asked to go to a meeting on 8/14/12 and I was there. All tenants were required to call in for service on 8/16 or 17 from 11a-7p and I called at 1120a on the 16th to insure I would be one of first tenants to be hooked up on the 30th. On 8/28, a Supervisor called to say they had trouble porting my phone number 214-486-2494 on 9/7/12. I told him the 7th is when they are to change out the Internet and they are to change out my phone on the 30th and they have one digit incorrect. He said okay I have it now. I asked how they were able to call me with the incorrect phone number and he said he called that number which was my contact number; so I said to make sure he has the correct number and that it will be on the 30th of August and he said someone will be there definitely between 12-4p. On the 30th, Grande did the jerky thing and cut off all phones at 10a. I went to the bottom floor and caught a Time Warner installer and said I had no phone and could they install mine immediately. He said they had to go in order. I called customer service to see if they could move me up and they said they can't but it would be done by 4p. At 5p, I called customer service and they said someone changed it to install by 9p, so she will send over an installer. The installer said he was ready to install around 3p, but notice it was changed. He lined up my phone on a Time Warner box and then said he could not get a line. I asked him why and he said it has to be turned on at Time Warner. I called customer service and he said he will work on it, he just has to open a port and Grande was delaying, but he will have it turned on shortly. My Internet quit working and I booted and rebooted and finally called Grande. I told Grande the problem with the phone and they said Time Warner requested the 7th of Sept. I told him I was the owner and I request today, but he said they have to follow rules and they need the paperwork from Time Warner. BTW, the trouble with my Internet was the incompetent installer put the Internet through his box too, which was dead and would be until the 7th. Around 830, after more phone calls to Time Warner I finally spoke to someone who said she sees the problem, but they have to wait to call Grande at 8a the next morning. At 8a I call Tie Warner and said they have to call Grande immediately to get my phone line and they said np. Finally at 11a, I ask to speak to a supervisor and I told him all the problems and how everyone has been blaming Grande, but here are the facts. He says that he sees all the mess ups and acknowledges it is Time Warner's fault, but he still can't do anything until the 4th. Here it is almost 4p and still nothing is done. I am in a business where people call me and for almost a week now they are getting busy signals.
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Extremely poor customer service
Posted by on
ANN ARBOR, MI, MICHIGAN -- I have had this problem with Media One more than one time. Notice if you call Media One on the phone, and select that you are a new customer, someone will answer the phone immediately; however, if you call and select that you are already a customer and would like to cancel service, you will be put on hold forever (well I waited for over an hour and gave up on more than one occasion). I tried to cancel my service by phone, but was put on hold for too long. So, I sent them a letter to cancel. This did not work. I continued to receive bills for 6 months later. I returned each bill, and wrote CANCEL SERVICE on the bill, but nothing ever happened. I tried calling again, with the same problems. The only way I was able to finally cancel service with them was by calling and selecting that I was a new customer, and then finally speaking with a customer service representative.
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