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Nu U MedSpa complaints
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ARIZONA -- I can not go into great detail as we are currently seeking possible legal action against the company. I can tell you that we are not happy with the lack of care, indifference to health considerations, and rude behavior of a few individuals in managerial and regional positions at the company. I can tell you that we were told that even though there was medical problems, the company refuses to refund the remainder of the money.

If there are any others who have had problems with this company, I encourage you to let others know of the problems that you have faced.
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tshel on 05/10/2008:
This company blatantly lied to me about the financing program stating my monthly payments would be $230 dollars. I just got my first bill which is well over $400 dollars. The staff has shown little regard for personal well being, carting me in and out even trying to sell me add-on services while I was in obvious extreme pain. I think the fact that they can get away with a no refund policy is pretty unbelievable in itself. I am interested in any opportunity for legal action and to recoup my funds. Email me at:
Macdiva on 06/30/2010:
I went in for smart lipo a couple of months ago.
I have to say I look fantastic and It's amazing how much the procedure tightened my belly!! Highly recommend these guys. Just wanted to give a Shout out to them for making me look great!
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Liars Scammers, unsafe Nu U Medspa BBB Rating F Phoenix and Chicago
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Nu you Med Spa Is a Big Scam. I bought a prepaid Series of Treatments and did one. They did not have the correct supplies the second time and I did not trust the technician, she had just been promoted from receptionist. I went there for many treatments following that. They were frequently out of product and once administered juvederm without numbing creme. The tech, *name not given to protect her* said Kelly the office manager wouldn't buy the creme because it was too expensive. I left crying because it was so painful.

I had stopped going there and 2 years after the prepaid treatment purchase I am being billed over $4000.00 for 10 treatments ( I only did one treatment for 20 minutes) They rushed me in after hard selling me on the treatments. Beware if they can get you in right away. They are scammers. DO NOT PRE PAY. Do Not USE their services!!!

I was sent to collections with med Choice the Financers of Nu you Medspa and tried to work it out with the local office. They couldn't figure it out and turned me over to customer service, SEAN HOFFMAN out of LAS VEGAS. He would say he was looking into it and would call me or email me later. I was the one who called and emailed for over 4 months. It is still not handled to my satisfaction. I refuse to use their services ever and don't want money back for myself, I want to give it to the Refund to MeD Choice. The services were never done!!!! Sean has given me the run around. I posted on Insider Pages and he called and yelled at me that he didn't own the stores. I said he ran the stores. He is listed as the Principal in the phoenix area. He is also listed as a person involved in the Chicago area. If you do not believe me go to the insider pages and see all of the complaints on he Chicago stores and they do mention his name as well.

The attorney General of Illinois has filed a lawsuit against them saying that They are providing unsafe, medically unsafe procedures. They also say that they will pressure people to purchase packages and not refund the money if they do not use the services, I can witness to this one that it is the truth.

Better Business Bureau rating for Nu is F in Phoenix and Chicago. Sean says it is because he is not registered with them. Sean please read the complaints. They are the reason you are rated F.

All the Phoenix Stores from 2 years ago are closed: Arrowhead: closed Paradise Valley Mall: closed. North Scottsdale: closed South Scottsdale: closed Superstition mall: Closed.
They now have 2 new stores 1 in Peoria and 1 new one in Scottsdale
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Helpful on 07/19/2010:
What kind of laser treatments did you sign up for? Request a copy of your signed contract.
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