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Posted by Laura857751 on 09/27/2011
Change in cost of prescriptions with no explanations, and no manager on duty to talk to about it. The clerk could not answer my questions.
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Posted by Buddy01 on 2011-09-27:
Maybe the amount your insurance covers has changed. If so, then a manager would not be bale to help.
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Cat food
Posted by Nayanwh on 07/28/2011
LANCASTER, OHIO -- We recently purchased Meijer brand cat food. We were going on a 3 day vacation so filled numerous bowls with the "cat food". We noticed that the cat food had bone shaped morsels and the food was larger than I thought it should be but it said cat food on the bag. When we got back hardly any of the food was eaten. We then realized it was dog food in the cat food bag. How hard is it to put the right pet food in the properly labeled bag?
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Posted by BEJ on 2011-07-28:
Your poor cat--hope he or she did ok. Did you return the bag of food to the store? I would think that they would replace it.
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Self Serve Only!
Posted by Judo123 on 03/15/2011
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- This happened at the Lake Lansing store in Lansing MI, 7:05AM. I went in for a highlighter (marker) at a cost of $1.00. After finding it I decided to pick up a few other items, mostly grocery. The total bill would have been easily over $100. I walk down the checkouts to find a clerk. Self serve only! Well that's a problem for me. By using these lines we eliminate jobs.
After checking again I self scanned the marker I came in for and left everything else. I talked to a worked and asked him to inform his manager that they just lost a larger sale with the additional cost of putting the items back on the shelves or cooler. The explanation was that a worker was on break.

Meijer is so corporate they would love to get rid of as many employees as possible by using a gas station model. Service is not important to them and their workers are miserable. To bad their Union hasn't been able to help them out over the years. Maybe we shoppers can!
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-15:
I have never used a self-checkout and never will. Not only does it eliminate jobs, but I don't like being spoken to by a machine. I like people.

Also, I don't think it's any faster or efficient. I see too many people having problems at the self-checkout. How do you explain a problem to a machine?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
well since I used to work at stores as a cashier, I am used to using those self scanners, and prefer them because normally the lines are quicker. If you know how to use them, it can be a quick process, if you dont have a cart FULL of stuff.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
I love the self checkout. As far as costing jobs did you stop using the phone because there is no longer an operator connecting the call? Do you stop using trash service because one person can do the job of 4 today? Did you stop buying cars because robots do most of the assembly today? Do you use the full service when filling your car with gasoline or do you pay the extra 50 cents per gallon? The job market has changed over the years and will keep on changing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
throwback, I think its the point that when some people as customers go shopping, they are so used to having the interaction with "people" that they don't think its right to have to serve themselve's at a machine, and I can understand that. I mean there are people creating robots right now. Pretty soon there will be a time when robots will be able to do EVERYTHING, from cleaning our house, to BUILDING our house, to cooking our breakfast. How far do we have to go before we say enough? Pretty soon everyon'e job will be done by a robot, and our economy will crumble away.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-15:
I like self serve checkouts, but, and I want to get this right, the OP is not going to shop there and recommends others don't also, which would jeopardize more jobs, in order to protest them making their operation quicker for their customer?
There is usually a clerk at the self serves for customers.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-15:
Prince, exactly. It's the interaction with people that is important. I also think people who use the self-checkout should get a discount. Why should they do the job of a cashier for free?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-15:
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-15:
When I'm in Walmart with my kids, they use the self-checkout and I go to a cashier. I always finish first. I don't know why the self-checkout would be any faster, especially when so many people don't know what they're doing and end up needing help or when something goes wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
I shop for my own groceries, and now they want me to scan and bag them myself as well. What's next? Rolling out a pallet and stocking the shelves for ya' too? While my wife enjoys it, I don't, and I too agree with Venice in thinking that a small discount or coupon should be given to those that use the self-checkout.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-15:
Right, Dirm. Maybe we should sweep the floor, too! I am a very low maintenance customer. I know how to take care of myself and I ask for very little. But why would I save the company money by doing the cashier's job without getting some kind of discount? No thanks.

I don't mind bagging, in fact I prefer doing it myself, but I don't think I should have to do the rest if I'm shopping at a full service store.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-03-15:
Generally the self-checkout line is faster than going to a cashier because of the lines that ussually are at a cashier's register. If the cashier register is open with no line, I'd go there first. If I have a few items, it's quick to go to the self-checkout. If there is a line for self-checkout, I will try to avoid it due to the all to common user error.
Posted by MRM on 2011-03-15:
I prefer cashier so that I could get rid of some change. I dislike breaking up a large bill for a small amount.
Posted by FlShopper on 2011-03-15:
We have self checkouts where I work. We haven't eliminated any jobs because of them. There are always cashiers in those lanes to help customers as well as another cashier who oversees all of the lanes.
I do think there should be manned registers available for customers with large orders or for customers who prefer not to use the self checkouts, but sometimes (as in the case of the OP)there may be a shortage of manpower and it's better to have several self checkouts open rather than one register.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-03-15:
LOVE self check out. As a cashier myself I can do the job faster then another person anyway. I prefer NOT interacting with others. I can't stand when I only have a few items and really want to self check out and there's a bunch of bumbling people with carts full using them. For those of you who think self check out is sooooo baaaaad because you have to do the work yourself, well, self check out wasn't made for people like you. It was made for people like me.

OP, people have to go on break, and I doubt many people are grocery shopping at 7AM. Why pay a cashier to stand there and twiddle their thumbs for the 1 customer who chooses human interaction over computer self sufficiency? Run a business OP, you'll find it isn't worth it.
Posted by azspots on 2011-03-15:
I like yelling at the self check outs ;) Not yell, but I do talk back to them.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-03-15:
I prefer the self-checkout myself. I wish my local WM hadn't gotten rid of theirs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
I don't use the self check out lanes either. I also don't understand the point of having the self check out lanes if they also have to have employees there observing and helping. Get rid of them and put the employees back to work ringing and bagging. Express lanes are in all the stores I shop at for those that have just a handful of things and want to get in and out quickly.
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-15:
Yes it was an inconvenience for you at that moment, but the cashier was on a break. They are entitled to breaks. I love the self check out, but I know many do not.

I'm sorry you did not receive the service you wanted at that moment.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-15:
I hope you put all those groceries back, as that would be the considerate thing to do.

As far as it being 7:05 at a grocery store, at these off hours there is usually an employee assigned to (on request) staff a register. If that employee is temporarily unavailable, you are on your own.

Personally, I support minimum staff at odd hours, because if it is increased it may be wasteful and result in higher prices for all customers.
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-15:
Trm, they say they left the groceries so now it will cost them more money, because they have to pay someone to put them back.

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-15:
I see, the OP wasn't interested in courtesy but rather compensation. Sometimes I get to a certain point and my attention span wanes. Problem is, that point varies randomly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
I use self checkouts when I have a few items. If I have a lot of items or I'm buying alcohol (for my bf. I swear I'm still sober), then I go thru the regular lines. If I go to a store late ot night, the self checkouts are usually closed and that annoys me cause then I have to stand in line.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-15:
Just, I don't understand it either. I was hoping self-checkouts wouldn't catch on, and I dread the day they take over. Target and my grocery store still don't have them, so I'm grateful for that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
I was a kid when gas transitioned from full service to self service. The discussion then is very similar to the discussion on this review.

Whether you like it or not self checkout is the future. There will come a day when somebody checking you out will seem as odd as that time in Oregon when a guy put gas in my tank and I thought he was some crazy homeless guy looking for a hand out.

The beat goes on man.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-15:
Depends where you live. I grew up in New Jersey where there are no self-serve gas stations. When I moved to New York, I had to get used to self-serve, but I still don't like it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
I e-mailed Meijer and asked if they eliminated any jobs as a result of going to self-serve ... they responded and said they would not answer the question.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-15:
Toto, no offense, but why should they? Unless you are a stockholder it's actually none of your business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-15:
Well, when everyone does nothing but *speculate* on an accusation against a company, with no facts whatsoever to suppport any position, I feel it's only fair to give that company a chance to set the record straight, if they want to. The only way to do that is to ask them about it.

If they had not lost any positions, they would have jumped up and down and said so.

They are privately owned, which is why it is none of my business. But they are a significant force in my community (they are HQ'd here), which gives me the prerogative to ask them questions about how they conduct business.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-15:
Venice -> As a fellow native NJerseyite, I hear you. But I like self serve, because I like not worrying that an attendant is going to spill gas on my car. Or be busy speaking on his bluetooth to a relative in another country.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-16:
Trmn, one reason I don't like self-serve is because some people are idiots and shouldn't be allowed to operate a gas pump. I don't want to be there when something happens. I am also spoiled. Having grown up with full-serve stations, I got used to not having to get out of my car, clean my own windows, etc. I'd even tip the attendant for good service. Of course, that was back when I didn't have to mortgage the house to fill the tank. In case you haven't figured it out, I tend to live in the past. Those were the days, my friend...
Posted by FlShopper on 2011-03-17:
I don't agree that they would've jumped up and down to confirm that no positions have been lost by self-checkout. I think people believe what they want to believe.
We tell people regularly that no cashier jobs have been eliminated because of self-checkout; on the contrary, our store is currently hiring more cashiers. But despite that, some people refuse to believe it and prefer to think that the self-checkout is somehow an arbiter of the decline of civilization.
To the rest of us, it's simply a convenience.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-17:
will put Shopper
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-17:
People assume (myself included) that self-checkouts eliminate jobs because that's the way it appears. Where I live, it did seem to eliminate cashier jobs in Walmart and Stop and Shop, but the public really doesn't know what goes on behind the scenes. I guess each store is different.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2012-02-04:
Meijer is my favourite store and has been since they opened in Saginaw, Mi decades ago. However, lately they have been closing the express lane down in order to give the cashier a break---instead of relieving the cashier, they just close the lane!! I complained to the manager and he said they don't do that! He actually had the gall to lie to me! I also refuse to use the self serve. I have left a few carts half or more full of groceries when they either don't have enough lanes open or the express lane is closed. I always ensure there are frozen items in the cart and just park it somewhere in the women's clothing area where it won't be found until the ice cream has melted onto the floor, etc. We also say absolutely nothing when the cashier does not notice the bag of bird seed on the bottom of the cart, etc. Our attitude towards Meijer has followed their apparent attitude towards it's customers: to hell with them! We still go to Meijer almost every day, and Meijer is still much better than WalMart, but Meijer has now lost our loyalty due to their lack of lanes and closing express lanes down in an effort to save money. When they installed the self serve lanes a few year ago in Saginaw the boss in charge of both Saginaw managers told me personally that they would ALWAYS have an express lane open. Period. He lied. They do not. His name was Rick W. (forgot the last name) This was after I told him we do not patronize the self serve lanes. This guy is still with Meijer, too as I have seen him recently on a periodic visit to the Saginaw Stores. All in all, we still like Meijer and their cashiers are mostly good reps for the company. But, as for loyalty to a particular store, that is now out the window.
Posted by old fart on 2012-02-04:
For what it's worth the Meijer's on Tittabawsee road in Saginaw had All the lanes open this Saturday and a lady directing customers to the next available lane to speed thing up. Wallysmart NEVER does that! much less have ALL lanes open.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-04:
The walmart near me will do that on occasion. I was actually in line today when a cashier approached me and asked if I was buying cigarettes (I was in the cigarette line). 7 month pregnant me laughed and said no, so she said she could take me over at her lane. I had no trouble waiting, but it was nice to get out so quickly n
Posted by wjk898 on 2012-11-08:
I insist on my groceries bagged "paper in plastic" and I can more easily do it myself at the self check then pester the cashier to do it..and they usually don't know what I'm requesting. Self checkout for me!
Posted by bob on 2012-12-24:
I think the thing that most people don't understand is that the grocery industry on avg. only makes 2% profit a year. (thats if you have a good year!) Approximately 65 - 70% of the revenue a grocery store generates is given back to the companies that made, packaged, and delivered the goods to the store. So you generate 1 million in revenue, than it cost you around $700,000 to bring the products into your store. So for your $100.00 grocery order, after you factor in everything, (cost, labor, rent for the building, Health Care, general maintenance) the store probably only profits about $5.00 on that order.

So while it is very frustrating when there are only four lanes open and the store really needs about 8 lanes open to properly get customers checked out, there is a balancing act going on. So yes I can have 10 lanes open for 15 hours a day to accommodate the business, but in order to pay for that labor I will need to raise, egg prices, milk prices, bread prices, and other goods to cover it.

So if you want to pay $6.00 for a gallon of milk, $5.00 for a dozen eggs, and $6.00 for a loaf of bread, I will have all my lanes open for 15 to 18 hours a day. Unfortunately that will not happen, so in order to be competitive and keep my prices lower than other stores, I will invest in more self check-out machines. Yes I may have a cashier who will man 4 to 6 self check-out machines, but if you want to buy .99 cent eggs, and milk at $2.99, then you will have to deal with less cashiers. That is the hard truth...

People want Wal-Mart prices, but want 5 star service! The two don't mix most of the time.... there might be some exceptions.

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They removed the buzzer at the meat department counter.
Posted by Dougsflutes on 02/08/2011
INDIANAPOLIS -- This review is about Meijer Store #129 in Indianapolis, IN. The meat department has a new refrigerated counter, but the buzzer that used to be on top of the counter has been removed. Now there is no way for you to attract the attention of meat department employees when you would like service at the counter. I did notice that employess in the refrigerated meat-cutting room stand with their backs to the counter so that they cannot see anyone at the counter. Need I have to say that this is not good customer service. The good news is that there is special on ground round in the counter. The back news is that you can't buy it because no one will wait on you. Accurate checkout is another problem that I have with this store. On my last visit I purchased 20 items, and there were four errors on my checkout ticket. I was charged higher than the shelf price for two of the items, which is not uncommon in this store, as they seem to have a problem removing out-of-date sale items. My container of milk was scanned twice, so I ended up paying for two bottles instead of one. Also, a produce code was entered incorrectly, so I ended up buying cactus pears instead of avocados. I didn't check my receipt until I got home, but had I wanted to make a correction and get a refund, I would have had to stand in line at the customer service desk, where one person was trying to do everything. In general, I am not pleased with the customer service in this store.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-08:
Sounds like it's time to shop somewhere else.

There are no buzzers at the meat counters in the two grocery stores I frequent (Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh). I am always asked if I need assistance, just by approaching the counter.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-08:
If you can see them standing with their backs turned, would they be able to hear you say "Excuse me?"

Also, have you talked to the manager about why the buzzer was removed and let them know you're having difficulty getting timely service?
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-02-08:
If there's no buzzer and they're standing with their backs to me, I'd hollar until they decided to turn around. Yeah, I can be a real pain in the butt sometimes :).
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-08:
Check to see if they have a *new* "buzzer," actually a device that dispenses numbers, as in "We are currently serving X number." Meijer has been moving to this system, and I'll bet they have just installed it at your store. I've seen a bunch of people just standing around without numbers, waiting, while those of us with numbers get served. See, when they call your number, you are expected to approach the counter, until then, the folks behind the counter do not need to watch for you wandering up. It's all a system now. And it works great.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-02-09:
Monkey, that sounds like a great system, but as with anything else, a system is only as good as the people. The gun department at Cabela's in Lacey, WA has much the same system, and I got so disgusted one time I threw the number slip on the floor and walked out. Four people were standing around in full view of myself and other customers, talking. I tried waving to them to let them see my number slip, and was ignored. When one walked by me, I asked when I would be helped and he just waved back toward the group. To say the least, I was in high dudgeon. I whistled very loudly, so they would be looking at me as I wadded the slip up and dropped it over the counter onto the floor.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-02-09:
there's no buzzer.... have you considered saying "Excuse me"?
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-02-09:
As far as the receipt goes, many will remind you to check it before leaving the store. I've yet to hear anyone tell me just how they manage that when there are a number of items in the cart. I still want to know their system for keeping track of sale items and the like.

Honestly, when my closest grocer completely remodeled I don't think the buzzer was put back either. If I can't find anyone to assist I'm not too proud to walk myself through the same door they come through and holler "hello". The numbering system is foreign to me except once at a department store near Christmas when there was free "deluxe" gift wrap for certain customers.
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Worse Service EVER!
Posted by Prema on 01/12/2011
I ordered a lamp and around ten days later received a lamp, but, unfortunately, it was not the ordered lamp. I called and spoke with a person who said I would be contacted. Four days later, having heard nothing, I called again and was told they were backed up. Now ten days later, I have heard nothing. They are not dealing with this issue in a professional manner despite three calls to them.

I haven't experienced this kind of deplorable service and contempt for the customer from any other store.
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Posted by karleebarlee on 2011-01-12:
Try calling back every day and trying to talk to someone. The squeaky wheel gets the oil =).
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Meijer from both points of view.
Posted by Wunderwmn1986 on 12/24/2010
I have read many reviews criticizing Meijer from a consumer point of view. Much of this is entitled customer rubbish, where people fail to read signs (thus they claim to be overcharged because they pick up a 30oz bottle instead of a 10oz), use the self check out fast lanes when they do not have the knowledge or patience to learn how to do so, and go shopping at midnight and expect the same kind of service as during the day. There is a delusion that just because you have a dollar, that you OWN the people who work there. This is wrong. It is not moral. Meijer like all big-box stores is a direct result of how Americans have chosen to spend their money. YOU wanted bigger, faster, cheaper. You got sprawl, u-scans, and chinese lead-laden garbage, and overworked underpaid employees who are working their hardest just to make ends.

What I have learned as a customer and an employee of Meijer is that the customer is NOT always right. People must go home at some decent hour. Watching people on Christmas eve whine like children about how the store closes at 7pm is disgusting. These people have families and work hard. I have had customers throw potatoes at me, threaten to hit me, and swipe at me with their hands, not to mention lie repeatedly. I believe in a society of mutual respect and conduct. I have always acted in this manner while shopping, returning my cart myself, not using plastic bags, saying please and thank you no matter what, not using the u-scan when I knew I would need help, and NEVER heckling of whining at hard working people.

Meijer is a family owned store. It's employees are union members. When you shop at Walmart or Target and pinch pennies, what you fail to realize is that Meijer helps it's employees, all who works over 12 hours to have healthcare, instead of pushing it off on the government welfare like other corps.

Coupons are often an issue. In college, I found that making a list (and yes, shopping at my local meijer) and sticking to it, without coupons was always far cheaper than what other girls in my building did with chasing sales and clipping coupons. These are advertising tactics that get you to buy what you don't need. I personally wish meijer would do away with them, and just lower prices overall. Coupons are made by many different vendors and often do not work correctly. Be patient and courteous with your cashier when you hand them a wad.

I agree that it has gotten too big, but as I mentioned above this is a direct result of us demanding bigger, better, faster, cheaper. If you have at u-scans, don't use them. (and I'd like to dispel the rumor that they take away jobs. they create many higher paid tech and production jobs and are constantly monitored.)

My experience has lead me to believe that the general American consumer does not understand how to get what they want, and how to express their opinions in a productive matter. Logic tells us that if you dislike something you want it to be fixed, yes? But the current approach does the total opposite. Don't buy foreign products if you don't like them. Don't shop at anti-union stores if you are tired of corporations beating on working people, and forcing us to pay for what they should in taxes. And if you have a problem with a store, don't shop there and write a clear, respectful letter, maybe a few times even to the company.

Abusing employees only decreases your level of service. Shop at decent hours of the day. Spend time with your family, and just stop rushing so much. We really don't need more stuff. What we need is piece of mind, community, and passion in life.
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-12-24:
I agree with a lot of this post. However, this point went against the grain

"...go shopping at midnight and expect the same kind of service as during the day. "

If a retailer opts to be a 24 hour store there should be no less expectation of reliable customer service and assistance as during daylight hours. Those who shop during this time, may well be time restricted by jobs and other responsibilities during what the OP considers "normal" shopping hours.

While I fully expect reduced staffing during overnight hours at a retailer, I do not expect, nor accept poor customer service at any time of day.
Posted by Inat on 2010-12-25:
i was with you "...Don't shop at anti-union stores if you are tired of corporations beating on working people, and forcing us to pay for what they should in taxes." - Unions usually make me spend MORE money by inflating the cost of labor and enjoy my tax dollars in the form of pension bailouts, gov't favors, etc. Unions are a blight
Posted by Ponie on 2010-12-25:
Meijer has 'red shirts' (employees), and 'blue shirts' (supevisors). In my family/extended family, I have some of both. I think I live amid the largest concentration of Meijer stores in MI, 7 of them. One about 18 miles distant, all others much closer.

I think wunderwmn has been hitting the eggnog a bit, after all this was posted Christmas Eve. :)

I find a couple of her points amusing: Just because I may have never used the selfcheck lanes, why shoud I stay away from them? We all have to learn some time. I use them whenever possible except when I have coupons--easier to have an experienced cashier handle those transactions.

Had potatoes thrown at her, threaten to hit her, swipe at her with their hands? Blue shirts abound in all areas of these stores and it would not be tolerated--a shout out would bring them running.

She has one point correct--it's a family owned business. And a darned good one, too.

I think wunderwmn was ticked off because she had to work Christmas Eve. One of the blue shirts in my extended family had worked 18 days straight without an off day until today. His attitude? He's glad he has a dependable job and since he works nights, has time during the day to spend with his family.

Lighten up, wundrwmn.
Posted by old fart on 2010-12-25:
Ponie,,,, I bet dollars to donuts you live in the Grand Rapids area..
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Cranky employees
Posted by ZAl on 12/18/2010
Employees are cranky, and managers don't care that they are. Manager "Dawn" suggested I could shop elsewhere. I am going to take her advice.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-19:
Good plan.
Posted by Ghost of former member on 2010-12-25:
Details would be nice.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-25:
Good plan.
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Best Customer Service!
Posted by BVay on 12/10/2010
FORT WAYNE, IN -- The Meijer on SR 37 has The Best person employed there ever! Her name is Cindy, and she is the Meijer Store Director at the Meijer on SR 37 in Fort Wayne. I was looking to get a Christmas tree with my husband and baby, and Cindy was nothing but polite and helpful. She answered all of my questions with respect and knew her store like the back of her hand! She deserves a promotion (if there is any job higher than Store Director) and a Holiday bonus. I love shopping at Meijer because of great people employeed there, like Cindy. :)
Thank you Cindy for being such a big help. Merry Christmas! God Bless You!!

10301 SR 37 Hwy, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46835
(260) 492-1300 ‎
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Santa Buck Not Honored
Posted by Slmjim on 11/28/2010
I attempted to use a Santa Buck to discount the purchase of a $100.00 T-Mobile prepaid phone card. The checkout attendant was unsuccessful in his attempts to run the Santa Buck for it, and agreed that there is NO disclaimer printed on the coupon that would indicate that it could not be used toward the purchase of prepaid phone cards.

Let me state clearly that the checkout attendant was at all times courteous, respectful, knowledgeable and friendly. Not so was the store "manager" he contacted for assistance. We'll call the "manager" "Mr. no".

"Mr. no" examined the Santa Buck and proceeded to give me some lame excuse that prepaid cards are not "general merchandise" and that a Santa Buck cannot be used to discount the purchase. I asked "Mr. no" politely to call HIS manager and he said he would not call "corporate", and Santa Bucks could not be used on prepaid phone cards, with no other explanation. During the following discussion I asked him TWO MORE TIMES to call "corporate". "Mr. no" REFUSED. TWICE! I proceeded to pay for the two items I really needed, successfully using Santa Bucks for each, and left all the rest of the items I had in my cart at the Service Desk for "Mr. no" to deal with restocking.

Within 1 1/2 miles of store # 164 there is a Target, Super Wal-Mart, Krogers, Walgreens, Home Depot, Office Max, Shoe Carnival, and many smaller specialty stores. There is no compelling reason to visit this Meijers, other than it might have an item on sale. In the future I will AVOID Meijer stores unless there is some loss-leader on sale I want. In that case I'll purchase that loss leader item and make my other purchases elsewhere. I'll Post this experience on the appropriate Web forums, and will discourage friends & family from visiting Meijer, s.

So the result is this: A friendly and helpful checkout attendant is hamstrung by wrong documentation and poor "management", directly hurting the bottom line.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-28:
There is a disclaimer printed on the buck. I would think the "licenses" in the Excludes part printed on the buck might rule the prepaid phone out. That is, in a sense, a license to use t-mobile.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-11-28:
Isnt there a disclaimer saying something about how they can only be used on general merchandise?

I dont think prepaid phone cards are considered general merchandise
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-28:
It's printed on the coupon
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-11-28:
I got curious on this one. I went to their website and found this:

Santa Bucks Will Be Back!

Santa Bucks will be available here next Thursday, Dec. 18th. Use them Dec. 21st - 23rd.

Earn up to 20% Off* your next grocery purchase at stores with The Meijer Bonus!

Problem is Thursday December 18 occurred in 2008!! Not a very reassuring sign that their website is reliable.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-11-28:
Also found another page on their website that says the Santa Bucks are "Not currently available".
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-11-28:
The not currently available page is the same one I found, chuck.

I had some last year and remembered the "general merchandise" disclaimer, but that's it.
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-11-28:
where did you get the santa buck? i wonder if it was an old or outdated one to start with. maybe the person who gave it to you did not realize it.

very helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-28:
Look, Im a pretty salvy coupon guy. I use coupons a lot. I used to also work in retail, and ALL percent off coupons have the same stipulation. Gift cards, prepaid cards, cigarettes, and alcohol are excluded. Its pretty much a general rule with these coupons. The manager said no. Why do you have to insist on getting him to call corporate when he already told you the coupon is not valid towards the card? Seems to me you can't take "no" for an answer.
Posted by Lifemates on 2010-11-28:
Look on the bright side at least they had a friendly checkout attendant. Sometimes they don't even have that.
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Forgotten but not yet gone
Posted by Pcj on 11/01/2010
GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN -- This review is in regard to the vast wealth of the company and the minute
pension of the persons who worked so hard to create this wealth.
When the third greenville store opened in 1964(after a November 1963 fire) many of us were hired and yet few remail today. The hugh monetary bequests of the Meijer family are the result of our long hours and the feeling, we were given, that it was our company too makes it hard to try and live on the minimum amount received as pension.
It has been over 20 years that many of us(those still alive) retired and there has never been a cost of living adjustment for any of us. We need to pay all our own health care and many need to decide between heat or food. This is not my case but I am most fortunate and, yet, feel that all the millions could give us a small increase in our pensions.
Please consider this for those who live to be as old as the chain..
Thank you for listening
Phyllis c. Johnston
Former service department manager
Store #1
Greenville, Michigan

1964 to 1988 service
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Posted by clutzycook on 2010-11-01:
Maybe you should take this to the head honchos at Meijer rather than here. I certainly can't give you a raise in your pension.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-01:
The young folks today might ask "what's a pension?"

My guess is that if your pension plan does not have a COLA feature, it is 99.99% the case they won't add one. COLA's were more widely used in the 70's, when inflation was a huge concern. Currently, inflation is near 0, but that may change in a few years. It has to. The real question is what your plan's terms are.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-01:
I have a pension set up through the state of South Carolina. There waqs just an article saying how the SC's pension plan is facing torubles. Lucky me. Not only do I NOW have to worry about never seeing social security Ive been paying into the last 13 years, now I even have to owrry about weather or not ill get my PENSION in 27 more years? Yeah wonderful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-01:
In 27 years, you will be seeing me at wal mart among the other old greeters who cant afford to live on what they make on just a pension. lol
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-01:
It's always good to have a plan Prince-Caesar. Sure hope yours works out. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-01:
I don't think the OP was looking for anyone here to give her a raise...but was merely posting an informative post on how the vast majority of employees get screwed over.

This makes me sad.."they" always say if you plan wisely for your retirement, there's no reason why you can't live comfortably..obviously that is not true for the vast majority.

Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-01:
"This is not my case but I am most fortunate and, yet, feel that all the millions could give us a small increase in our pensions."

I am a bit of a slouch with English, but isn't an increase a form of a raise?

I missed the part where the OP implies or states that the vast majority of employees get screwed over. This appears to be an editorial comment. Nothing wrong with that, but did the OP say it?

All the jobs I agreed to take came with benefits, which were explained to me when I accepted the job. If there was a COLA adjustment in the pension (a few had that) it was stated. If they delete it later, that would be getting "screwed over". I missed the part where the OP's COLA increase was deleted.
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