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Meineke is Incompetent and Price-Gouging Parts
Posted on
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I have spent about a year in dealing with Meineke’s incompetence. I finally had my case arbitrated by the BBB of Kansas City and won. This vehicle was brought in originally for an oil change and possible leak. After two visits, the second one being a “comeback”, Meineke still failed to change the engine oil and filter. Meineke “allegedly” found numerous leaks in the power steering system, including the power steering pump, hoses and the rack and pinion. The “alleged” replaced rack and pinion leaked and had a torn boot among many other concerns. Meineke utilizes a “shade-tree” mechanic approach to diagnose concerns in order to maximize customer repairs, resulting in fraudulent price-gouging of parts and labor. Meineke fabricates phantom parts and labor cost in order to justify their invoices. Meineke did offer to make repairs under warranty, but the facts are that this vehicle has been back to Meineke twice at a cost of over $3,260 and continues to leak even more each time returned. I had absolutely no confidence that Meineke’s “mechanic” could perform repairs a third time.

This complaint was based on Meineke’s (1) failure to perform basic diagnostic procedures and basic repairs (2) price-gouging of parts and labor (3) incompetence over safety and (4) their lack of principle and integrity towards the customer. Instead of going into details here, check out my videos on YouTube, just search for “Meineke rip-off” and leave a comment.

Let’s stand up against incompetence and being ripped-off. Thank you.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/21/2011:
I am curious as to what kind of solution was brokered by the BBB in this fiasco.

Did you get a refund of any of the costs? I hope so.
Skye on 08/21/2011:

You should contact your consumer department of affairs, and tell them about your nightmare.
Anonymous on 08/21/2011:
While it may be slightly more expensive, I have always found that the dealership is the most honest place to do business. They specialize in working on your exact model of vehicle. Whereas the other shops have a such a wide variety of makes and models running through their garages, it is nearly impossible to find an expert on all brands.
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Buyer Beware
Posted by on
EL PASO, TEXAS -- The Meineke located at 1500 Redd Road in El Paso, Texas is the absolute worst place to take your car for service of any kind. Buyer beware!!! My wife took her Ford Focus into the shop to get the transmission fluid changed. She was told that the service would cost $95 over the phone. When she arrived to the shop and the price was changed to $75 per hour plus parts with an estimated amount of $130 for the service. I told her go ahead and get it done. After the service was done, the total amount to have the transmission fluid changed came to approximately $250. I went in to speak to the owner about the high price. He charged $135 for labor, told my wife that only synthetic transmission fluid could be used (very expensive)in the 2005 Ford Focus which came to $87.48 and the filter that was replaced cost $33.88. When I asked him how the price jumped from $130 to around $250 he said that it was all explained to my wife and started to walk away. This owner is extremely unprofessional and you will never know what the final bill is until the service is completed and the invoice is printed. The shop is extremely clean, but there are absolutely no customers there, so the shop is empty as well. What else are his employees going to do but clean the shop. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am at this owner named Futz. He takes advantage of customers that do not know any better and has absolutley no remorse about it

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User Replies:
At Your Service on 08/10/2011:
If this was the case, I would have suggested sticking to my guns and asking to see a signed statement that you were aware of such costs.

Meineke sure has taken a black eye lately. I'd be careful of taking anything to them.
GenuineNerd on 08/11/2011:
A transmission fluid change can be involved; a "cheap" change would mainly involve just dropping the pan, draining the fluid, and replacing the filter, which results in only 1/3 to 1/2 the old fluid being drained. Many shops use machines that connect to the transmission lines off the radiator, and the old fluid is drained while new fluid is introduced at the same ratio, removing more than 98% of the fluid. If a filter change is also done, then the process is repeated again, thus resulting in a $250+ bill for the transmission service. However, be careful. If a transmission has over 100,000 miles, and the fluid was never changed, there could be sludge, metal shavings, etc. inside the transmission that would get dislodged by the fresh fluid, which may result in the transmission either shifting rough or failing, resulting in an expensive overhaul or replacement. Some people with high-mileage vehicles don't change the ATF for that very reason.
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Meineke (Southampton NY) - Parts Prices Marked Up Over 300%
Posted by on
SOUTHAMPTON NY -- I brought my nineties Honda to Meineke in Southampton for a rear brake service estimate. I figured I probably needed drums too so I was willing to pay up to $200. Their estimate was for $304, which breaks down as follows: Labor $95, drums $118 (2 x $59), shoes $50 and $41 for a hardware kit. (Total Parts $209). Even allowing for a decent markup, the parts prices sounded high to me so I decided not to have the work done before qetting a parts quote from my local CarQuest. CarQuest's quote was drums $41.14 (2 x $20.57), shoes $18 and $12.75 for a hardware kit (Total $71.89). In the course of doing some online research I learned that CarQuest has a national contract with Meineke, so given that there’s almost nothing but CarQuests out here on the east end of LI, I think it’s safe to assume that’s who Meineke called for their quote, and even if Meineke's discount is only 10% that works out to a 323% markup (209 / (71.89 * . 90) = 3.23) !!!!!!


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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/09/2011:
Meineke is the WORST place to take your car. They are rediculously overpriced and a ripoff.
Anonymous on 01/09/2011:
Meineke broke my oil pan and caused my car to leak oil. Thank goodness I noticed right away and was able to get it fixed before any damage was done to the engine. They also did my breaks and they still squeak
trmn8r on 01/09/2011:
That would be a 223% markup. The first 100% is the cost. The parts is where they are going to make their money.

A place like Meineke is going to mark up prices quite a bit. What would work best would be if you have an independent mechanic who works on Hondas nearby. I got lucky, and I have an expert Volvo mechanic 3 miles away out here in the country. I do most my own work, but this guy supplies me with parts and does the big jobs.

Have you gotten a second quote, and how much was it?
Anonymous on 01/10/2011:
They can charge what they want. The consumer can pay it or look for a better deal somwwhere else.
crabby on 12/28/2011:
You should be able to get the job done by an independent garage for as low as $200. There is almost no labor involved with the drums replacement on a Honda, most all labor goes into installing the new shoes and springs, and adjusting the parking brake.
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A\C Performance Check is NOT "FREE"
Posted by on
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- As per the advertisement of free A\C performance check, I took my (2002 model) car to one of the centers as my car's A\C was blowing hot air. After initial checkup they said, they need to apply dye to check if there is any leak in AC system. After some time they told me there is a leak which can not be fixed and I need to get my Compressor replaced. They provided an estimation of $1000 (Compressor cost, labour charge etc). I asked if R134a with leak seal mechanism will work and their answer was no. That day without any profit I had to pay $133.99. When I asked about the same they said at least with this amount the leak was identified. I said that's what the purpose of this FREE A\C Checkup should have been. I was totally disappointed.
I obviously had to give a thought before spending such a huge amount. Also, their diagnosis did not appear realistic to me. I went for diagnosis to a different car care center, and they iidentified no leak and it was only the cost of 3 cans of Freon (R134a) and nominal labour charge. My car's A\C is working fine now.
I wanted to bring this into notice of common innocent people to be cautious while opting for such free services. What could have been done within $50 could not be done in $133 and a $1000 was estimated on top of that. Please be aware!
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User Replies:
fast327 on 06/13/2010:
More than likely you DO have a leak in your system. The true test will be if the unit continues to cool properly. The addition of 3 cans of freon is significant.
Anonymous on 06/13/2010:
Meineke is a scam in that department. I went and asked them to just refill the freon. They said they couldn't even touch it until they checked for leaks. I explained that I don't have any leaks, it's just been a few years since I had it recharged, and it was going empty. They WOULD NOT refill it. It's a scam to try to sucker in poor saps to have their compressors replaced. I'm sure there will be responses touting insurance liabilities and so forth to help substantiate Meineke's position on this subject, but sometimes a rose is still a rose by any other name.
Skye on 06/13/2010:
I myself, am always leary of places like this. I always think that when they offer some type of free service check, they are going to damage something on my vehicle, then tell me that I need it repaired. But that's just me. It's always good to get recommendations from friends and co-workers on what mechanic they use. Word of mouth is best.

Anonymous on 06/13/2010:
yoke on 06/13/2010:
It is "free" if you have them fix what they say is wrong with the vehicle. If you do not get it fixed by them they charge you for the inspection. Pep Boys does the same thing. It is wrong and deceiving.
Skye on 06/13/2010:
Good mechanics are out there. Years ago, when I needed the timing chain replaced on my car, the dealer wanted $600.00 to do the job. I asked around, and someone recommended this little rinky dink mom & pop auto shop. I went in, and the mechanic, also the owner, told me he would charge me $149.00. I used him for years before moving. Never a problem with him or any work he did to my car. My entire family started to go to him. He was old school and on the up and up. He always said he would not get rich by ripping people off, because in the end, he would have to answer to someone else, and the mere fact he had a conscience. Good guy. Never had to worry he would take advantage of people, especially females, who are always the targets in auto shops.
gautam on 06/13/2010:
I agree with Skye. This time one such kind mechanic saved my money and got me out of worries.
whoa people on 10/06/2013:
yes 99% of places will try to get some money out of you, they don't stay in business by doing favors. Also, research auto A/C on your own, online.. you'll find out that A/C doesn't need to be "topped off" if there is no leak to begin with. It's a sealed system like your fridge. It's not like replacing wiper fluid periodically because it runs low.. The internet is your friend, try researching and you won't feel like the world is out to get you all the time
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Steer Clear of Them
Posted by on
READING, PENNSYLVANIA -- We made an appt to have our car inspected at the business. Also, we had received a quote from them to fix another issue in the car. The total to have the car inspected and fixed was around $500. Within two days the issue that was supposed to be fixed started to act up again. I went back and talked to them about it and they agreed to take it in and look at it since it was under warranty. Before I had a chance to go in the car overheated and died on the highway. We had the car towed to Meineke since we had an appt there in a few days.

Until we had the car inspected there have never been any major issues with the car. It ran great and was very reliable. Once the car was towed there we waited for them to look at it. The came back and told us the heads blew.

To make a very long story short. They misquoted us on numerous occasions, gave us the run around on the progress on our cars. Kept insisting that our car had additional problems to it that need to be fix and once we got the car back some of the features we had before no longer worked. They told us that they never worked…We had a “new” engine replaced in the car. The total amount of money was over $3000! We are having issues with the new engine and its still under warranty. When we called and asked about it they told us the warranty doesn’t cover damages to the engine, just if the engine fails/dies in those 60 days.

They won’t honor the warranty that they have given us. They said it’s free to look at but if any repairs need to be done it would cost us! Why if its under warranty? They also would not fully honor a coupon we had, they gave us some lame excuse. The work was over $2500 and the coupon was for $50! THey only honored $30 of it! I have tried to contact headquarters but they referred my complaints back the shop we were having issues with. This shop needs to be reprimanded and/or shut down for their lack of business ethics.

I have already contacted the BBB and am consulting a lawyer to seek legal advice on this matter. Any other suggestions would be great
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No Response from Meineke Customer Service
Posted by on

"At Meineke Car Care Centers we know that our customers are our most important asset! Our goal is to keep every customer happy and satisfied, and we want to hear from you! If you would like to tell us about your visit to a Meineke Car Care Center, please fill out the form below."


I am writing to express concern and disappointment with Meineke on 7290 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN. On Friday, July 17th, I had my oil and power steering fluid changed at Meineke, went home and parked my car in the garage. On Saturday evening, July 18th, I noticed a small leak in my garage, so I left a message at Meineke first thing Monday morning to advise of “a” leak and that I’d be in around 5PM to have looked at.

On Monday, July 18th @ 5PM, I arrived at Meineke as planned. What we discovered was a pinhole size leak coming from the “lower radiator hose of my 1998 Honda CRV” and had been driving around in this condition. Initially, I was quoted $275.00 for parts and labor to repair. Oddly enough, I was advised Meineke could fix immediately. As I declined, the price dropped drastically down to $160-ish by cutting out the unnecessary flush. I still declined, and Meineke sent me on my way, not even offering to fill up my leaking radiator.

Instead, I went to the nearest AutoZone to find this “lower radiator hose.” To my surprise, “lower radiator hose was not in stock for a 1998 Honda CRV.” I ordered Monday evening and it is expected to arrive by Wednesday. Meanwhile, I’m still driving in my 1998 Honda CRV with a pinhole size leak. To make matters worse, I contacted another Meineke store and asked for a quote to repair. The quote was “significantly less” and the part would require “special order.” I was also advised that “there are too many makes and models to carry every hose.” My questions is, how is it possible for Meineke on Washington St. to have a lower radiator hose available to repair my 1998 Honda CRV at 5PM on a Monday afternoon when the problem was just diagnosed? I've been a loyal customer of Meineke for years and have had very few issues with them in the past; however, I'd appreciate it very much, if someone from Meineke would be able to respond.
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User Replies:
goduke on 07/22/2009:
First of all, the website in no way has a specific guarantee of a timeframe for a response. It's only been a couple of days.

Second, you are only quoting half the language of the form:

"Since Meineke is a nationwide chain of independently owned and operated franchises, prices and services vary from location to location. Contact your local Meineke dealer for specific pricing information. For the most accurate estimate, take your vehicle to Meineke for a free inspection. Our trained technicians can then assess your vehicle's needs, answer any questions and review your options."

Is it possible for one of them to have the hose and one not? Absolutely.
Anonymous on 07/22/2009:
One possible answer: the first Meineke called up NAPA, asked if they had the part in stock, found out it was, and could be delivered. That's the way it works with a lot of shops. Duct tape wrapped around the leaking part of a hose is a good emergency repair.
bcd on 07/22/2009:
Maybe they had the lower radiator hose in stock from a previous customer that didn't come back or maybe they were holding a hose for a customer that isn’t coming back for several days so they offered it to you with the knowledge that they could obtain another one before that other customer returns. You stated that you went to the closest Auto Zone. That implies there are other local Auto Zone outlets. Maybe they use another Auto Zone or have another resource (Indianapolis is a big city) that you are not aware of.

You are complaining that they had the part in stock and were prepared to repair it at 5pm. This appears to be good service to a loyal customer. Invalid complaint.
HonestAbe on 07/22/2009:
bcd, wake up dude! ITS FOR A 1998 Honda CRV. Rather than provide me with hypatheticals, why don't you try and figure out how fast you can get one of these hoses. There are other AutoZones; however, they are NETWORKED with the other AutoZones. Guess what? NO HOSE. Obviously, there are other sources to buy from. Again, it's for a 1998 Honda CRV, not common and needs to be ordered. The other Meineke store specifically said that it is not likely "any" Meineke store would have readily available. I was there and have dealt with Meineke for a very long time and understand the norm. When Howard was there, I never had this type of coincidence happen, EVER! I went in for an oil and power steering fluid change. Return to Meineke with a pin hole size radiator hose leak. As soon as I fix it myself tonight, we'll know more of the story. In the meantime, feel free to take your chances with them, because I'm not going back to be gouged unless honest Howard returns.

HonestAbe on 07/23/2009:
goduke, appreciate your feedback but wasn't looking for any "guarantee," as you describe. Just looking for "good customer service." I've spent over 20 years in wholesale distribution, understand supply chain and don't hide behind technology as an excuse for delays in responding but rather use technology for providing "great customer service."

I also understand Meineke being an independently owned franchise and that there are price differences. Good point, Indy quoted $275.00 and the Meineke franchise that I frequented in Souther IN estimated, no more than $125.00 but would need to inspect; however, based on the scope of work and not being rocket science, pretty broad range for what needed to be done. That's the difference in going to a trusted Meineke in Southern Indiana versus one that I trusted prior to recent changes in management. Where's Howard?

Again, had work done at this Meineke. Call it a coincidence, possibly! Not accusing and not sure how the hole got in my lower radiator hose, but I'm not taking any chances, and going back to that Meineke while it's under new management. Feel free to do what you will.

P.S. Trixta, good that you thought of NAPA. I contacted and stand corrected. NAPA claims this to be so common and the reason they only had 3 in this big city, Greenwood being the closest. Nonetheless, next day delivery was the best they could offer. Looks like duct tape it is!
bcd on 07/23/2009:

You need a woman.
HonestAbe on 07/23/2009:
bcd, needs to get a life! don't you have anything better to with your life other than playing MR. KNOW IT ALL on my3cents?
jktshff1 on 07/23/2009:
Abe...bcd made some good points.
Maybe you need to back up and look at your own views.
DigitalCommando on 07/23/2009:
bcd, maybe that hose was ordered for a berillian space monkey with recently severed mafia connections? I may just have to hire you to create a few new conspiracy theories.
HonestAbe on 07/23/2009:
Dig, maybe you can find one of these rare hoses, so you and bcd can have some fun together, if you know what I mean?
HonestAbe on 07/24/2009:
UPDATE: Hose arrived, was examined and has been installed. The moral of this story, is you can go through life like bcd & digimon by accepting getting “hosed” at $275.00, in this case, or figuring out another solution by saving yourself up to 10 times the amount spent at this independent Meineke store. A grand total for this scope $27.50 based on $20 hose, $2.50 for clamps, $5 for anti-freeze with rebate and less than ½ hour to fix yourself. Nice to know there are so many opinions; however, not one person described their own personal experience with that independent Meineke store!
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Meineke - Total Rip Off
Posted by on
CINICINNATI, OHIO -- First..why do we go to such brand names to repair our car?

I think its because we expect honest, skilled workers will be put to work on our cars.

Also, we feel, they don't do try to exploit us.

Well..well..those were my assumptions, until visit to MEINEKE last week changed those perceptions.

My Experience:

I took my 98 Honda Civic to replace my front brakes at Meineke EastGate in Gleneste Withamswille Road, near Meijer Eastgate.

They replaced my front brake pads. The agreement was to put with Ceramic Brake pads. They also said rotors must be turned. I agreed to both of these. Pelase note that I dropped the car on a Saturday morning at 9.30am. They said it will be a 45 min jobs once the parts arrived.

Parts to 2hr to arrive. But when opening the box, it was not a compatible brake pad. They ordered again. It came again after 2 hr. Again the same story. By this time it was nearly 1pm in afternoon. Then the service manager did some work looking at my old brake pads & ordered again. Luckily, this time the correct brake pad again.

The mechanic fixed the new brake pads & went for test drive. I heard from squeaking sound from my front brakes & I informed the Manager. He said it is quite normal and will go off in a day of driving.

So on Sunday, I plan to go to Indiana about 130 miles from Cincinnati & drove all the way to Indiana with my windows rolled up & music pumping out of my stereo.

I took a wrong exit at Indiana & I rolled down the windows to ask a Police officer the directions. Then the dreadful journey starts. I could hear major squeaking sound from my brakes & got really tensed.

I parked the car at a parking lot & took a cab to finish off for what I came for.

Then it being a Sunday no car repair shops were open & there was no help around. So I decided to drive my car back very slowly with hazard sign blinking all the way back from Indiana to Cincinnati at 30mph. It was a indeed a real tension drive back.

I reached safe & sound at around mid night. The very next Monday morning, I took the car to Meineke East Gate. This time another mechanic looked the car for 30 minutes & told the squeaking sound was from driver side front wheel & is due to a mistake in fixing dust shield by the previous mechanic.

So all fine now. But by Friday evening , same sound appears on Passenger side.

So I took the car on Saturday morning to same Meineke at 7.30am since their website said the open time as 7.30am. But on reaching the shop, I found that they open only at 8.00am. So I waited there & the manager with a new mechanic came at 8.05am.

That guy removed my brake & observed that the first mechanic has not turned the rotor correctly & hence the sound. So he turned the rotor again & put things back in. But still the sound was there. He then said to his manager that he needs more time & the sound may be from wheel bearing also. Then I grew suspicious on these guys & asked them to put things back. I asked Meineke Manager, whether are you a part of Mieneke chain. He said that he is not. Very strange as he had Mieneke Signboard sitting over his shop roof. So I left the Mieneke after a little argument with Manager when I asked for a refund of my money since its a shoddy work.

I went to Meineke Beechmont. The guys over there examined the car & made verdict that car needs new rotor & new brake pads. Also I noticed a near empty shop floor with no cars. So again I grew suspicious & asked them to put things back as it is.

I then drove straight to Midas Beechmont & asked them to check brakes. The mechanic over there listened to the sound & said he will fix the issue un 10 minutes & I will only need to pay labour for that. I agreed to that.

He lifted my car up, removed wheels & found that dust shield was deliberately bend so that it will touch the rotor & make sound. It was a plot by the first Meineke so that I will keep coming back to them.

He made the dust shield correct & put things back on. He also did not charge me anything. I was really impressed my MIDAS Beechmont.

So that's my story.

Can someone ensure that these two Mieneke employs certified technicians? On my three visits to Meineke, I never found a mechanic twice. I feel these guys are employing guys from street with no certifications.

Hence my complaint is for:

1) Quality of work by Meineke
2) Lack of trust & integrity in business transactions by Meineke
3) Unskilled techincians working on my car
4) Creating mental sufferings because of poor workmanship.
5) Trying to cheat
6) I want complete refund of the Brake work
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User Replies:
Starlord on 06/24/2007:
I have not had any dealings with Meineke, and only a passing familiarity with Midas. I was an employee of a brake and muffler shop back in the day, so I have some familiarity with brake systems. Foreign cars (Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, etc) really should be taken to shops specializing in Asian cars. This is because of the way in which these cars are designed and assembled. I seriously doubt if the dust shield was deliberately bent, as it is something I have never heard of being done. Those shields are so poorly designed, they can be bent by something as simple as hitting a pothole. As far as the parts problem goes, I had a Toyota that was a nightmare to buy parts for, as I had to have the engine number to buy parts. This was due to the way Asian cars are built. Pardon me for saying this, but it appears to me that English is not your native tongue. This opens the possibility that the Meineke shop you went to figured you would not be too mechanically sharp, so you would be easy to cheat. Since you found a shop you can trust (Midas) then I believe you should accept this as a learning experience and have Midas do all your future work.
jenjenn on 06/25/2007:
So, starlord, do you suggest taking foreign cars to the dealership for this type of service? Just curious as I have a Honda & need to get my breaks checked. Thanks!
Tuckelbum77 on 08/11/2009:
Tuckelbum77. So sorry for the experience you had with Meineke Car Care. I also had similar experience. Did you get any money back?

I paid by Amex (American Express), and the Amex people are going to help me resolve my issue of overpayment based on what I was told by Meineke men about what was needed to repair my brakes, which they charged me $476 for, but didn't complete the job. An MVA inspector told me the cost should have been $200.00. I hope to recover $200.00
Pizedoff on 07/23/2010:
Try using the dry cleaning service that this owner also about cheating...
Ted on 03/22/2012:
I have been in the automtive field for 30 years and sympathize with all your complaints.Most franchise repair facilitys are individually owned so if you have a concern or complaint with a certain store it is not indicative of all Meinekes,Midas,speedy or whatever.But to say don't go to any Meineke,Midas,or Speedy is not fair to thw thousands of franchises that are hard working and honest professionals. So when adding your 3Cents please be fair and keep that in mind. I have two McDonalds in my area and one I will never eat at again but I would never say don't go to any McDonalds
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Stay Away From Meineke on Frank Lloyd Wright, Violent Owner
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SCOTTSDALE -- 8650 Frank Lloyd Wright Scottsdale AZ 85260

OWNER threatened to punch me in face after I asked for my keys back.. Was told my car would take an 1.5 hours, after that amount of time vehicle hadn't moved from the parking lot. So I asked for my keys back and owner said no! I told him I was going to call the police and his response was "I'm going to punch you in the face." I had to call the Scottsdale police to get my keys.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/25/2013:
Needless to say, this isn't white glove service.
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Wheel Almost Fell Off After Bearing Replaced
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AMARILLO, TEXAS -- Wheel almost fell. Manager let car leave shop in unsafe condition
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User Replies:
saj80 on 04/04/2013:
Manager probably didn't know, but he should be informed so he can follow up with the mechanic who did the repair. Don't blame you for being upset.
nitacater on 04/08/2013:
Thank you,I deffintly believe from actions of manager that there is evidence of deceipt related specifically to actions of manager.I hope your right somebody else might not be as lucky.

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Great service
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
MOUNT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS -- Great Service. Wonderful folks.
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User Replies:
Alain on 04/29/2012:
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