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5101 Menard Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54703
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MANHATTAN, KANSAS -- The service I was given, and I tried to file a complaint the reply I received from ** "we will try to improve", if that's the company's policy that's OK. There are other hardware stores.

Trying To Purchase A White Christmas Tree Their Last Display One
By -

WYOMING, MICHIGAN -- I wanted to purchase a white x-mas tree and asked a sales lady for help, she said the display model was for sale $99 for the tree and $599 all decorated! I said I would take it undecorated and she went to verify it with manager. She came back and said I had to buy it for $599! The price tags said $99 or $599... I strongly feel they should have sold it to me for the $99 without the decorations! As a patriotic member of the American Legion for 30yrs. I have always had a white tree with red, white, and blue decorations on it. I am 80 yrs old and can't go from store to store looking for a tree... So now, I don't have one!

By -

PRINCETON, INDIANA -- I purchased Tile Redi shower pan from Menards. The problem arose after installation was complete. The pan had spongy spots. My tile installer contacted Tile Redi tech and was told to proceed with tile installation. After tile was installed the grout and tile began to crack and come up. Now, Tile Redi will not claim any responsibility. To make things even worst Menards won't make it right either. Menards has a install complaint form which is a joke. You can't talk to Menards except by mail which makes it very difficult to resolve any dispute you might have. Still waiting for resolution. Menards should have a better policy for defective products.

By -

I live in Columbus Indiana and I'm remolding my home I went to Menards to buy supplies and my sister and her husband went with me. They have a dog - she only about three pounds. She's in a doggie stroller locked in. We were told dogs are not allowed in the store. We asked why, the person said "because we serve food." That's not true - they sell some food that's in bags like chips, candy bars, nuts, coke in cans. Not open food like they do in a restaurants. In Indiana you can't leave a dog in the car on a hot day. You can go to jail.

Needless to say we won't be shopping at Menards anymore. And if you have a dog even in doggie stroller don't shop there they don't want your money. And they will let you know it. It's OK I'll spend my money at Home Depot in Seymore - they love pets. Thank you.

Where Do I Stand.... The New Counters at Menards
By -

Congratulations!!!! To whoever designed the new checkout counters at your stores. What a great idea!! If your goal was to alienate customers you've succeeded. Having the check out person stand with their back to you. However it should make it easier for a criminal to put a knife, gun or whatever else to the throat of a checkout person. And rob the register. Because chances are they'll never see it coming. It should save a lot of time if a cop is on scene. This will help secure a hostage in the fewest amount of criminal moves. But, that's speculation..... for now anyway.

This is clearly the vision of overpaid corporate personnel who think they have a better way. Even though they themselves, do not work in a store or behind..... I mean in front of.... on the same side as... the wrong side of the counter. But, what do I know. I don't care for it. No one I've talked to likes it. The employees don't feel safe. But... at least it's completely ignorant. Nice to see you pulled out all the stops and didn't hold back. Thank you.

Response to Policy on Theft
By -

In response to theft policies at Menards. To whom it may concern, the policy on theft is the same as everywhere else - you steal something, you get caught, you pay the consequences. Sometimes mistakes are made by both parties and should be handled accordingly. I have found several hundred tape measures lying around Menards (still in packaging) which were used by guests to check something, sometimes they are stolen or accidentally taken out of the store. Granted they don't cost very much but if you add all of them up it can run into the thousands of dollars.

Sorry if all accounts of theft are not handled correctly. Sometimes the person handling it needs trained on how to do this properly without bringing their personal lives or emotions into it.

How Not To Treat Your Employees
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- It is -35 degrees today in Wisconsin. It's a shame when one of your employees calls in and states that they have a flat tire but still will be in to work when it's fixed. The supervisor states "you have a flat tire? Well you'll have to prove it, take a picture and show it to a supervisor when you come in". What kind of supervisor do they promote that can't trust an employee that's worked there for 3 years? It's not like the employee wasn't coming into work. The employee did the responsible thing and called stating why they would be late.

Sick of the Jingle

For the most part I enjoy shopping at your store, but really have tired of hearing "Save Big Money at Menards" song being played over and over the P.A. Plus, what up with the "after rebate" gimmick on door buster specials? I mean, why do I have to mail in a copy of a receipt and wait three weeks to get the "sale price."

Didn't Get Discount
By -

BAY CITY, MICHIGAN -- Menards is having a sale where you get 17% off everything that you put in a special bag. I purchased an item that would only fit half-way in the bag and they refused to give me the discount. This has happened to me before. Some good did come of it though as all 10 of us at work today chuckled about it all day. Enjoy the $3.00 Menards you must need it worse than I do. Too bad your pettiness will end up costing you hundreds in lost business. Poor customer service is the key cause of a business to self-destruct and Menards is well on the way.

By -

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- Carpet purchases was defective. Menards sent someone from the carpet mill, (Shaw Industries) to inspect the carpet, who said there was nothing wrong with it. The twist was coming out of it in less than three months & dents from tables & chairs do not rebound. Menards never sent a representative from their own company. In my opinion, they do not stand behind their products.

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