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Worst online experience EVER
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So, I caught wind of a one-time reunion show of this band that I absolutely loved back in the day.(Texas Is The Reason, if you must know.) And although I had missed the show, I still wanted to show my support for the event by ordering some commemorative shirts, etc. that were made. This is where MerchNow comes in. Obviously they were the distributors of said merchandise, and so I placed the order, payment went through fine, whatever. I got the standard "your order has been shipped" e-mail stating that I should expect it in 4-5 days in the States or 3-4 weeks int'l. 4-5 days came and went. 3-4 weeks went by and then I contacted them. No response. Another e-mail two weeks later, nothing. I waited another week and sent them the nastiest e-mail I've ever written. Not a single word from them. I was furious. It's the worst feeling knowing you can't do anything. No one's neck to wring, no one to talk to over the phone(I neglected to mention they wouldn't return my calls either.) Anyway, I forgot about the whole thing, and then a few weeks ago I decided to try once more. Finally a response. It read:

"Your Ticket has been received and a member of our staff will review it and reply accordingly," etc., etc.

I got that on 5/22, and that was it. No update, nothing. I know, you're wondering when I placed the order. February. I waited almost 5 months for an empty response from a company called MerchNow.

Now that's irony.
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Sarah May on 06/08/2007:
Oh dear... How did you pay? You should wait any longer than your credit card's limit for disputing charges. With PayPal, I believe it's 90 days. If they're the sort of company that simply never ships orders, they've been stringing you along until your time to dispute ran out and now they've got your money. I'm sorry for the experience. Good luck getting your money back. Don't forget to file a complaint with the BBB. Thanks for the review.
Sarah May on 06/08/2007:
edit: You should = You should *never*. Heh.
jmlf808 on 06/08/2007:
Thanks for the insight, Sarah. I don't think they're the type who intentionally doesn't send orders, I think they just REALLY need to work on customer service. Still, it's good to know how much time I have to dispute an item. Hopefully I won't need to, but hey. ;)
Anonymous on 06/08/2007:
Does the band have a website to order stuff from?
jmlf808 on 06/08/2007:
No, they did it all through MerchNow. I guess they didn't want to handle it themselves, since it was just a one-time deal. I think they're all on to different things.
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