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Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

ALISO VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- Merit took over management for our condo building early this year and services have been declining rapidly. The current building staff (doormen, porters, maintenance crew) is a pale shadow of the professional staff we had on hand under our previous management company. Our dedicated representative is non-communicative, the only number listed for him is the general 800 number for Merit, and he doesn't listen to anything residents have to say, or respond to questions and concerns.

The building, once an elegant boutique building, is now dirty, with garbage overflowing in the trash room, filthy carpeting, dirty windows, dogs running off the leash all over the common open space (and doing what dogs do, if you know what I mean...), smokers using the common space. Our 24/7 concierge desk now goes unmanned for long stretches, or an unkempt, badly dressed (stained coveralls) handyman sits at the desk while the concierge is off doing whatever it is he does when he's not at the desk.

Questions regarding mandatory inspections are poorly communicated by the representative, and when called on it, his tone is aggressive, confrontational and accusatory. Merit also does not respect basic, professional, ethical dictates when it comes to confidential matters. Board members gossip with other residents about private matters between individuals and the management company, emails are bcc-ed to low-level staff members, including emails regarding sensitive security matters.

Run far, far away from Merit if you're considering using this company. Definitely run a Nexis-Lexis search on them, and investigate them, their people, their tactics and the stack of complaints against them very thoroughly. I realize most management companies are basically a bunch of immoral, unethical, grasping, greedy bottom feeders, but this pack of cretins takes first place in the Property Management Company Hall of Shame.

Read the Fine Print if You Are Considering Merit Property Management Co.
By -

1 POLARIS WAY ALISO VIEJO,, CALIFORNIA -- My recent experience with this Los Angeles Firm named Merit Property Management Company was less than they purport to be. The company and its Northern California people are reckless with the truth and facts regarding the services they offer at the prices they quote.. They tend to quote low and have an enormous amount of customer/owner add ons for fees and services which in turn become much higher than any other property management company in town.

The management company retains all the fees collected as late fees etc (which are extreme) outside the monthly contracted fees. When selling a home within their control the buyer's new costs are excessive of any management company in the Sacto. area. Their follow up regarding problems oftens tends to exacerbate the situation as opposed to a professional resolution. WATCH OUT BEFORE YOU CONSIDER HIRING THIS COMPANY...

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