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Very Poor Company To Do Business With
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I got the name of these people from Best Buy in my town. They use them for service and repairs. Everything went smoothly at first, quick appointment time, three hour technician visit window (Cable installers sometimes use 6-8 hour windows) and prompt calls and alerts concerning the in-home visit.

The technician did not have the part on the truck and had to order it. The next visit was a week later, another 3 hour window out of my work day, no one had examined the part before the technician was sent out... turns out the part was broken. Now I have to have another 3 hour window taken out of my work day to have these people come and do this all over again.

(A week later) The third visit from these clowns was a joke. They sent a different technician than the previous two visits and just as I opened the front door I see him drop the new part on the floor! I said, “Jeez, I hope it's not broken.” And he said, “Nah, I bet it's not.” He had no idea how to take the range apart and basically I showed him what to do. If I hadn't stood over him and directed everything I would be needing yet another visit from Metro for what he did wrong or broke.

They charged me $43.00 for the replacement part yet when I looked online at parts stores the price including shipping was almost half Metro's quoted price. A pure rip-off. The only thing I can say in their favor is in New York City most technicians charge a visit fee of around $90.00 and then charge labor and parts on top of that. Some repair shops even go so far as to say the technician will give an estimate as to the cost upon his or her initial visit as well as charging the visit itself. They have you over a barrel. Metro charges $154.95 which covers ALL labor no matter how many times they come back. But as I said, they nail you on the parts for the extra cash.

Appliance Repair Yeah Right Break Is More Like It
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EMERSON, NEW JERSEY -- Came to my house to put a retro fit on my dishwasher because of a recall, left me with a dishwasher that is smoking. Now I need to leave the breaker off or risk my house going on fire, also can't use anything on the same breaker. Real convenient!!! Did I mention this is going on for 4 weeks and 5 days so far and I have 3 kids. Easter was great spent the day washing pots and pans. This is without so much as a phone call. I emailed them several times also. Steer clear of these guys if you want attentive, professional and knowledgeable service. Your better off trying to fix it yourself and risking electrocution, it's less painful.

Repair Service? More Like What Can They Break Next...
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DOVER, NEW JERSEY -- I agree with the other reviews.... They came to my house to put on a recalled part and didn't install it correctly, which caused the compressor to burn up. After a week they came out to replace the compressor, and actually burnt holes in the ice maker.... and the ice maker doesn't work now... I called they said it wasn't their fault.... They won't admit when the do something wrong. If they come to your house.... I would film everything they do, so you have proof. Also, you can ask to have a different repair place do you installation or maintenance of recalled parts.

Horrific Customer Service - Never Return Calls
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SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- After a tech showed up without the most basic part to repair our appliance (we told them what the problem was prior to them showing up). They waited until close of business to call after a week and cancel our appointment. It took 10 days to get a replacement part that was commercially available all over the web despite their saying it was "back ordered."

Metro Factory Service made it impossible to cancel, failing three requests from me for a call back with a manager. Spoke with tech who said the manager would call (failure 4). No one did. Tech showed up incredibly embarrassed to find no one called, but said he'd speak with the owner of the company and the manager and someone would call back. No one ever did (failures 5 & 6).

This company is run poorly when it comes to part sourcing (you wouldn't believe the song & dance about distribution) and even worse when it comes to anything even remotely resembling good customer service.

Save your money and find another appliance repair company in the MD DC VA suburban region.

Incompetence and lack of customer service
By -

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- This is not a blat at my technician, but at the true lack of any customer service this company offers. After having my one year old Whirlpool fridge break down a second time, (the first was 6 weeks ago 9/15/07- after returning home from a two week vacation to such a rancid smell I was surprised Vincent hadn't shown up). I was told that someone could come 10/30/07. I called 10/26/07. I said this was unacceptable and that I needed a tech. today. I spoke with a supervisor who promised she'd call me back to check on the part in 30 min. That was nine hours ago. I called back, only to be told that no managers were available. I waited for another 30 minutes until one could be located. At the point that someone was getting on the phone, my clock turned to 5:01 pm and I was hung up on.

I called back only to be put into voicemail.

I then called Whirlpool who informed me the Metro Factory Service is a "preferred provider". I was welcome to use one of the other "preferred providers" but I'd have to pay a service charge. The woman Jessica, was terse, rude, and lacked any penchant for customer service.
I asked her to call Metro on my behalf; she declined saying they were a separate company though Whirlpool recommended them.

Needless to say, I have no freezer, no concrete appointment (somewhere between 8 am - 5 pm on Tues., thought the tech will call me Tues. morning between 8-9 to give me a three hour window), and no love lost for either of these companies.

I said that I knew of a company that would come over within the hour to replace the compressor. They wouldn't pay.

Why is it that these huge "factories" always need to order the part?

When has communication become so incredibly alien?

When did companies lose pride in what they did?

It truly is disappointing and frankly, disgusting.

Loretta Collins

Horrible Repair Service
By -

NYC, NEW YORK -- PC Richards used this company to perform warranty service on our new Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Their repair service is a joke.

I called their company to explain that I needed 2 screws to level the refrigerator. I also explained that we were not sure if the refrigerator was cooling properly. Also, that there were huge dents in the back of the fridge.

The technician was a clown. He did not know anything about refrigerators. He said the screws would take 2 weeks to order. He was shining his flashlight around underneath. He did not even know where the screws belonged.

He did not have a thermometer to measure the temperature.

The fridge was sitting on tile floors. He wanted to put the fridge on blocks so that he could pull it out.

We asked him to be careful. He threw open the fridge door, and banged the wood cabinets extremely hard. He threw the plastic grill on the floor.

He was a complete and total idiot. I never saw a repair person that knew so little.

He just opened the fridge and stared inside. It was unbelievable.

I knew someone that told me the first people the repair companies send out is the clowns. I guess that is certainly true with this company.

If I did not know better I would have thought that this was an April Fools joke. Except that it was not April Fools. It was not funny.

Customer service made up for service mistakes
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Some mistakes were made when assessing the problem with my dryer that resulted in many weeks without repair, but the owner made an effort to contact me and fix the situation with a refund. Mistakes can be overlooked when customer service makes an effort.

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