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Untrustworthy Services and Fees, Poor Service
Posted by Studio.zoo2 on 07/25/2013
PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA -- I was directed to explore 2 or 3 No-contract cell phones by a sales person at Best Buy. After looking over the choices, I selected Metro PCS for what appeared to offer good coverage, a reasonable monthly rate, navigation service, and unlimited text, phone, and internet service.

Within days, the navigation system stopped working. I was told there was an additional fee for that service, which was not explained to me upon purchase. I agreed to pay the additional fee because as I stated when making the purchase, that was one of the most important features of having a smart phone. After having the phone for a little over a month, I received a text informing me that Metro PCS would no longer be offering the navigation service, and that my account would be credited with $5.00. The only explanation was that Metro PCS could change features at any time and repeated empty apologies for any inconvenience this has caused me.

It's a good thing I don't have a contract, but it was a waste of $150.00 to purchase a phone that I won't be able to use. I shouldn't be surprised in this day and age, but it appears that it is rare for a company to have any kind of conscience, and this one is no exception.

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Posted by julie on 2013-07-26:
I can see charging extra for Metro Navigator with new customers but not with customers who have already had it. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years and will be leaving metro where I spend with all my family members over 200 dollars a month. Bad Bad customer service. Your company is sad.
Posted by COLLIN HENRY on 2013-08-10:
Metropcs is stink been with them since 04. NO MORE NAV. I'm leaving bye.
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Went From Ok To Poor Reception
Posted by Lyndiana925 on 06/15/2012
The last couple of weeks I can't even make a phone call inside my house unless I'm in one room. At work my calls drop constantly. Traveling on the interstate my calls drop 2-3 times in a drive. This is ridiculous.
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-06-15:
Makes you think they do this to make you get a new phone doesn't it. I think the same thing about my iPhone 3G and ATT.
Posted by MRM on 2012-06-15:
Either your phone is wearing out or you drop the phone often.
Posted by MRM on 2012-06-15:
Speaking of iPhones, Virgin Mobile (prepaid carrier) will be carrying iPhone 4G on June 29th, but you'll have to pay the hefty price tag upfront. I, for one, will not be getting the iPhone.
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Bad-bad- reception
Posted by Jonjur on 09/20/2010
I'm very disappointed in metro pcs. I was eager to switch from T-mobile which was great but I wanted to save some money so I figure I would go to metro... Well after choosing a good phone and 1st month payment I want out!!! I live in homestead Florida and I get no reception basically, 1 bar in my home and the same outside. When I get a call I can’t understand a word people are saying all is muffle and cut off it’s frustrating and ridiculous. I spend most of the time saying: WHAT? CAN YOU REPEAT? What a ripp-0ff really. Is been 1 week and I'm switching back to another provider I don't care I will lose $70.00 for a phone and $45 for first month and I'm un-employ at the moment. That tells you how bad it is and how desperate I am to leave metro. I want to be able to understand when they call me for an interview, this is my livelihood. I was hi on metro defending it against other people comments but they were right, at least in the Miami, Homestead area. Beware; try it before committing, to check reception in your area. Hope this helps..
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-21:
Indeed, telling other consumers about your experience Does help. Thank you!
Posted by jc on 2012-07-26:
Metro PCS stands for piece of crap* sh**. My expensive phone freezes at least 4 times a day. When I am paying my bills or doing something important the phone decides to freeze or cut off. They say its only $40.00. until you make a payment then they charge another $3 for processing.
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Rip Off Service and Rude Employees
Posted by Norm3476 on 05/15/2013
PHILADELPHIA -- I have bought a brand new phone that was not cheap after leaving the store I realized the connection and calls were were very bad service . Calls dropping and break ins on each convo. Metro gave the run around for 8 days refusing to give me a new phone or refund . Customer Service is not any better then the stores they try to stall you. Until the refund policy has expired so they get your money for not only a phone that does not work but also a service bill that you could not use. I will never use this company again and will make sure to tell my family and friends it is not only a waste of money but also lots of time.

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Posted by Mary Jacksonville fl on 2013-09-10:
same thing happened to me and I've been with Metro for years.
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Business Ethics
Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 11/23/2012
N WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Earlier this month, I drove my (legally blind) brother to the PCS Metro store on Bridge St, in N Weymouth, MA. His mission was to pay his monthly bill, and to buy himself a new phone.

While he was being waited on by S***, I browsed around.

He paid his bill with cash, and paid $93 for a phone, which he put on his credit card. S*** gave him two receipts, and we left.

On 11/14 his phone service was turned off. He returned to the store and was told that the service was shut off for non-payment. He told them he had a receipt for the payment. When he showed us his receipts, he had the credit card receipt... and a duplicate credit card receipt for the phone. Nothing for the cash payment. When asked, S*** said no payment was ever made. I don't think he realized that I watched it happen.

The manager says he must not have made a payment because the cash drawer was fine that day. Again I watched him make the payment, but that makes no difference. I am not surprised the cash draw balanced, I am sure the cash never saw the inside of the drawer.

We called the corporate number. They didn't even pretend to be interested, and told us that it was between us and the franchisee, they wouldn't help.

The store further declined to take the phone back, which he couldn't use because he had no service.

What happened to his $40 payment? You can draw your own conclusions, bearing in mind that S*** took great pains to give a blind man two receipts for two transactions, but not for two separate transactions.

There isn't anything more we can do about this, I am willing to let Karma take its course It just makes it a little better to let you know what kind of company PCS Metro is, and what type of people they employ. And to S***, I hope you can sleep at night.

Seasons Greetings to all.
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Class Action Lawsuit
Posted by Kc8nqa on 02/13/2011
I was fraudulently led into buying the Huawei Ascend 3G. with the premise of 3G internet access on the Huawei Ascend. After receiving no help after almost a dozen calls holding for 10 - 20 minutes each time, not to mention being transferred a dozen or more times Answering the Idiot Questions EACH TIME! I was finally told that Metropcs Does Not Support 3G speeds like they advertised.

I am paying 50 dollars for a service that is no different than the 40 dollar service I had with my other phone. I am also out the 120 dollars for the Huawei Ascend 3G and 10 dollars for the activation fee on the Huawei Ascend 3G.

Metropcs has non-professional customer service, consumers are being misinformed by cust/svr with lack of knowledge in trouble/shooting problem's. I was more or less told by several of these Metropcs distributors, there is nothing they can do and just about thrown out of the store.

They fail to monitor privately owned and operated Metropcs distributors that represent there logo & company, their customer care is negligently handled, and their deliberate intent on never resolving issues with consumers has been going on since day one of business and totally un-acceptable.

I am trying to initiate a Class Action Lawsuit for this Specific Issue. That will add to the two other Class Action Lawsuits that where initiated at the end of 2010.

Anyone that has had or have issues related to this complaint should do the same! Stand up for your Consumer Rights, make Metropcs accountable for their products and services!

Thank You ALL.
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Posted by BanBunneh on 2011-02-13:
I agree..
Went there to get my phone and they dont tell u anything about it not being 3G. Even when u check the speed of the internet without being on wifi in the store with a speed tester, and even tell them and show them that's not 3g. They dont do anything about it. There has been a time the guy tried to do something with it but its not like it made any difference. The speed on the phone is faster on wifi but that's just because its on wifi. As soon as you take it off its just slow as molasses. At my house all my bars are up so u would think it would be faster.. yea it is.. still aint no were close to the 3g at all. Personally I think it is exactly the same speed as the original $40 coverage. Not to mention there so called "4g" is what the 3g should be, meaning that the 4g isnt correct either. Let me know if somethin happens.. and if there is a lawsuit that happens. Im totally in on this.
Posted by kc8nqa on 2011-02-15:
Hey ALL,

I found this page with Contact Metropcs.


I say anyone with the same problem notify them through this link. Here is what I Sent :

Metro pcs are thieves and lairs. I have just been through hell with your god awful customer service after being out right ripped off with your false claims of 3G and the Ascend. I have been telling everyone what you did to me an several others I know are doing the same. I would never recommend you again to anyone. In closing, I am trying to initiate a Class Act Law Suite. You Guys Are Crooks!
Posted by BPP82 on 2011-07-05:
Agree with all 3. THEY SUCK!. Rather have Straight Talk!!! Atleast they use Sprint towers!!! Wish someone would buy out this crappy company like they did with TMobile. Speaking of TMobile. I was sitting right beside someone with a TMobile and they had 3G!!!!
Posted by carol on 2011-11-20:
same problem with the Ascend not 3g and the phones are pieces of crap so is customer service any one have problems with charging thier phones old phone wouldnt charge paid ins deductible sent me new phone they sell for 50 bucks paid 100 for mine now this phone will not charge love to hear more about the class action lawsuit im there!!
Posted by Platnum29 on 2012-02-21:
I am also botherd w/ the problem I had the phone also kept getting kicked off fb walmart along with other sites. They tried 2do sumthn bout it and it wrkd a lil better. But still really slow had probs with my battery wud charge all nite then go out by the evening withn 10-12hrs after a while it jus wudnt chrg or cut on @all my friend has da exact phone but my bat. Wud chrg in hers. Wat pissed me off da most I was paying insirance and 4 tha past few mnths ending my service when id go in price wud go up by a 1$ come 2find out all da $ ur paying for ins. Doesnt go torwards ur deductable waned 2 charge 40$ $ I paid ea.mnth 2 have ins. Totalled more than tjat. 4da same phone but since dey recalled nuthn kud b done I waz pissed.paid alot 4 tha phone. Smdh.
Posted by Mark Thompson on 2012-03-16:
What about selling a nationwide coverage plan and then terminate your service because you use too much roaming??? That is why you purchase the nationwide plan...duh!! And noone will help you or tell you how to get in touch with the people at 'Corporate'...just turn your phone off and refer you to a site online that doesn't exist!! Fraud...Fraud...Fraud. I have complaint to FCC,FTC, Consumer Affairs and to two States Attorney's offices...do they care - hell no.
Posted by Daniel Perrin on 2013-08-17:
I bought the ZTE with the promise that it would have the best internet service, and reception out in the for custer area. I have called numerous times and been told that I need to shut my phone off and restart it. I have done this more times than I can count. I have been lead to but a phone that the sales agent said was 4g but turned out it was not. These are the most unprofessional, individauls I have ever worked with. At this time I am taking my phone nubmer and leaving Metro is a bunch of frauds and scam artist worried about just selling you items. What about the items I paid for like phone service, guess I'm just out my money. Peace Metro
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MetroPCS - Samsung Code - Poor/NO Customer Service
Posted by Gsgustin on 10/28/2010
LARGO, FLORIDA -- This has been without a doubt the most miserable consumer experience in my 60 years on this earth. MetroPCS sponsers our MLB Team, so I thought I'd give them a try when my Sprint contract ran out - BIG MISTAKE.

I purchased a Samsung Code - the dealer and metroPCS have a full refund policy if not satisfied within 7 days - full refund of service and phone purchase. Well, maybe. I returned to the store in 5 days and complained that my Code would not download apps or ringtones. I was told in a condescending manner - that I needed money in my account. I explained I had purchased with credit card, which was charged, without a bit of difficulty.

Then they looked at my phone, and told me there was nothing wrong. I asked them to show me how to download apps and ringtones - they tried and couldn't. I was told since it's a "new service" you'll need to wait for your phone to "update". Went home skeptical, but gave them a try. The following Monday (8 days after purchase) I returned to the store and again complained, but was told I was too late to return for full refund - even though they told me I needed to wait a few more days (probably so they didn't have to honor their guarantee.

At this point they told me there was nothing wrong with the phone - but, I should take it to the Service Store anyway. At the service store I spent 4 consecutive Friday afternoons trying to get the phone to down load apps and ring tones. Finally, they exchanged my phone and assured me that 'all is right now' - of course I decided to check before leaving the store. Sitting in the waiting area, I once again tried to download the same apps and ringtones - You guessed it - I STILL couldn't do it - although "everything was alright now".

At this point the assistant store manager gave me his business card, and told me that he would personally take care of it, and I didn't need to continue to come in every week. He'd get back to me.

After two weeks of not hearing anything - I called his cell number on his card - no answer, but I left a call back message. A few days later I again, called and left a request for him to call me back. Another few days, and once again I left a message - Never heard a thing back from him.

Completely perplexed I (for the first time in my life) filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs. A very nice lady there handled my complaint and continued to try and get me some satisfaction from metroPCS. after about two weeks, she informed me that metroPCS refuses to mediate, and that my only remaining option is small claims court...

Needless to say, I have returned to Sprint for my cellular needs, my new Droid worked first time, and ever time since establishing my new service - Oh yeah, and the phone was free!

So, I'm out $250.00 and four months service from metroPCS - and am considering pursuing a small claims court suit.

I would not recommend MetroPCS to anyone - and would suggest that any current customer consider abandoning them if they should have any difficulty with their service or phone - there is little chance, if any, that MetroPCS will make it right.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-29:
This is definately worth filing the claim in small claims court.
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Metro PCS too many problems
Posted by JC4ever on 08/28/2010
FLORIDA -- MetroPCS wanted my full SS # to port my current cellular # to Metro (I refused.) Refused & kept refusing. You also have to create a pass code & all Metro customer service agents ask for it when accessing your account. The first time they accessed my account in the store they kept my account window open; initially refusing to close it, although I was leaving the store. They said they closed it. Now my user ID & password do not work on the secondary log-in page to access "details" of my account. There was also a problem with billing. 611 said I have to go back to the store to correct this. Additionaly, they promised to exchange my cell phone if there was less than 1 hr talk time on it w/in 7 days. In 2 days w/55.18minutes on the phone they told me there had just been a change of policy and I could not maintain my ported # if I exchanged my phone. I was given an 800 # to call but customer service barely spoke English - said I could not keep my #. Later I called 611 Metro PCS customer service from my Metro phone and was told this was not true. However, it was too late because I had talked for more than an hour. I kept the phone. I haven't been able to access certain webpages as the phone does not appear to have a / character among other problems. Moreover, the phone comes charged & the battery does not hold a charge well. I wish I had asked for an un-opened box.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-29:
You may want to switch to another provider.
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Ripoff... plain and simple
Posted by Artslayer on 01/08/2010
I paid for 2 phones to get the unlimited text and talk. I could have never expected the results I got. The person that sold the phone gave me a Spanish only agreement. I don't know Spanish. Unlimited means that when I went back to NY on vacation that I had to buy roaming minutes because there was no metropcs signal. I asked when I got the phones if they would work in upstate NY and they said that the phones would work with no explanation about paying for minutes at all.
This company offers a coupon for a free hands free earpiece/mic. It states to go to any store and they will give me the earpice. Store representative told me that I had to go to the corporate store to get it.
I keep getting LA01 message that states the call could not go through, try again. The calls don't always ring the phone and come in as missed. Sometimes I don't find this out until hours later. Voicemail shows up on the phone as missed in addition.
I called customer service and got sorry and nothing else. Called again to complaint about the store visit because customer service refuses to help me, stating that the store will support the phone. The store says to call customer support.
Customer service representative was more than difficult to understand and kept confusing above issues with the phone. She said take the phone into the store. The supervisor I spoke with denied that error messages, delayed and missed calls were a network issue and said that the store would replace the phone because these are not network related. Pretty much the same as the previous representative. I spoke with a supposedly higher supervisor and was told the same thing, go to the store. All the other issues were handled with "I apologize for the inconvenience" or just sorry. He also stated that the stores just sell the phones and the customer support is only there for network issues, which I had plenty of, all of course which he denied. I went to the store as directed where I purchased the phones for the third time and they told me there was nothing they could do. I will follow up at the corporate store that is 3 cities away. I am now shopping for a new carrier. It is unthinkable that this company is allowed to do business. There are other issues that are too many to list, these are just a few of the larger ones I have encountered. So now I am shopping for a new carrier. Stay away from this company.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2010-01-09:
why did you pay for a spanish agreement??
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
I would trash the metro PCS and go with a popular company like AT&T, verizon, or TMobile. Those smaller companies like metro PCS I think are ripoffs. These people must have saw you coming. They made you sign a spanish agreement? I mean you actually signed it? For all you know, it could have said they are charging you $1000 a month. That would have raised a red flag for me. You should have done your homework and looked into Metro PCS before you went to a store. I dont know much about them since Ive never used them, but I would stick to the big companies if you plan on using it in multiple states.
Posted by Flexanimous Fellow on 2010-01-09:
I work for Metro and resent the statement that it is a ripoff. Personally, I must port between 5 to 10 phone numbers a DAY to us from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. People are realizing that it is ridiculous to face outrageous charges and be held in a 2-year contractual agreement simultaneously. For one disgruntled customer, i'd dare say I have between 5-8 satisfied ones, all from previous carriers. OP, it's unfortunate that you were misinformed regarding the service. Corporate stores do have more abilities and treat their customers nicer than the independent authorized dealers do. It's like that with each company. If you need to check the signal strength/availability of upstate NY, use the coverage tracker on the MetroPCS website. Yes, service is there (free, provided you have an up-to-date phone), but it's not available throughout the entire state. You can scroll around an interactive map to see if service is available in the areas you're visiting. If you decide to keep the service, feel free to message me with any questions/concerns. I'd be glad to help any way I can.
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Limited by the 'unlimited' service...Unwilling to do the right thing.
Posted by Consadvo on 01/08/2010
GRAND RAPIDS AREA ( KENTWOOD ), MICHIGAN -- I purchased my Metro PCS phone at a registered dealer and paid my monthly bill. I was planning a trip to Grand Rapids from the east side of the state and checked in with the dealer form whom I purchased the phone. Yes, he said there is service thru Lansing and Grand Rapids. Wondering then why my phone did not work there. After visits to two metro PCS stores and then finally finding the corporate store where I had been assured they would help me with my problem. Upon entering and speaking w/ the reps there, I was told that the 'unlimited' service I had paid for was not available to my phone as the newly expanded network had towers using a bandwidth that was not compatible w/ my phone.
I was told the only options which were available to me were: A) purchase travel minutes - $0.19 cents a minute plus tax and fees...Or B) purchase a new phone that would work here and back where I had come from. I was not prepared to purchase a new phone...and paying the exorbitant per minute fee did not seem too customer friendly to me as my monthly fee was supposed to include unlimited minutes and unlimited access to their service network marked in purple on their map.
The limits were closing in and the reps acted like it was my problem.
The monthly bill had been paid ahead, the phone was a metro PCS phone purchased from a metro dealer: their equipment and their service and now I was expected to cheerfully pay more?...I left to check out options, but soon realized they 'had' me...I had to purchase the travel minutes at that high price...and I asked since this was not my issue would metro PCS give me some complimentary travel minutes to use in the next 24 hours...a reasonable request to a company that advertises with the slogan, " Unlimit yourself!" The answer was no.
I had been limited by their new technology and there was no help offered or available w/o paying more money...and $5.00 would not solve the problem...that would only last for the first phone call as there must be a $5.00 bal at the start of any phone call using travel minutes.
My opinion is that a company that does not have folks tethered to a 2 yr contract should be more accommodating and offer a solution that is makes the customer whole even if that requires a temporary 'patch' of sorts. This patch should make their advertising claims consistent and true. My trip was cut short and made unpleasant as I was not wanting to waste 3 hours searching for the stores and a solution to my (really their) problem. I should state that my phone was a bout 2 yrs old and I had recently purchased a new one, but the reception was better on the old one so went back to thatand was not looking to purchase another.
Companies need to empower their employees to do the right thing. Perhaps customers are a dime a dozen and you feel you do not need to care... It is expensive to obtain a customer. It is more economical to keep a customer. Customer good will is something to be treasured not stomped in the mud. This company has no integrity in my opinion and has joined ranks in subscribing to the greed culture we find prevalent in many American Corporations. Perhaps it would be good to remember we are all customers somewhere to someone...and we need to treat others as we would like to be treated. I have options, Page Plus, here I come...and I do not have to pay extra to use my phone in those areas...
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