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Class Action Lawsuit
Posted by on
I was fraudulently led into buying the Huawei Ascend 3G. with the premise of 3G internet access on the Huawei Ascend. After receiving no help after almost a dozen calls holding for 10 - 20 minutes each time, not to mention being transferred a dozen or more times Answering the Idiot Questions EACH TIME! I was finally told that Metropcs Does Not Support 3G speeds like they advertised.

I am paying 50 dollars for a service that is no different than the 40 dollar service I had with my other phone. I am also out the 120 dollars for the Huawei Ascend 3G and 10 dollars for the activation fee on the Huawei Ascend 3G.

Metropcs has non-professional customer service, consumers are being misinformed by cust/svr with lack of knowledge in trouble/shooting problem's. I was more or less told by several of these Metropcs distributors, there is nothing they can do and just about thrown out of the store.

They fail to monitor privately owned and operated Metropcs distributors that represent there logo & company, their customer care is negligently handled, and their deliberate intent on never resolving issues with consumers has been going on since day one of business and totally un-acceptable.

I am trying to initiate a Class Action Lawsuit for this Specific Issue. That will add to the two other Class Action Lawsuits that where initiated at the end of 2010.

Anyone that has had or have issues related to this complaint should do the same! Stand up for your Consumer Rights, make Metropcs accountable for their products and services!

Thank You ALL.
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User Replies:
BanBunneh on 02/13/2011:
I agree..
Went there to get my phone and they don't tell u anything about it not being 3G. Even when u check the speed of the internet without being on wifi in the store with a speed tester, and even tell them and show them that's not 3g. They don't do anything about it. There has been a time the guy tried to do something with it but its not like it made any difference. The speed on the phone is faster on wifi but that's just because its on wifi. As soon as you take it off its just slow as molasses. At my house all my bars are up so u would think it would be faster.. yea it is.. still aint no were close to the 3g at all. Personally I think it is exactly the same speed as the original $40 coverage. Not to mention there so called "4g" is what the 3g should be, meaning that the 4g isn't correct either. Let me know if somethin happens.. and if there is a lawsuit that happens. I'm totally in on this.
kc8nqa on 02/15/2011:
Hey ALL,

I found this page with Contact Metropcs.

I say anyone with the same problem notify them through this link. Here is what I Sent :

Metro pcs are thieves and lairs. I have just been through hell with your god awful customer service after being out right ripped off with your false claims of 3G and the Ascend. I have been telling everyone what you did to me an several others I know are doing the same. I would never recommend you again to anyone. In closing, I am trying to initiate a Class Act Law Suite. You Guys Are Crooks!
BPP82 on 07/05/2011:
Agree with all 3. THEY SUCK!. Rather have Straight Talk!!! At least they use Sprint towers!!! Wish someone would buy out this crappy company like they did with TMobile. Speaking of TMobile. I was sitting right beside someone with a TMobile and they had 3G!!!!
carol on 11/20/2011:
same problem with the Ascend not 3g and the phones are pieces of crap so is customer service any one have problems with charging their phones old phone wouldn't charge paid ins deductible sent me new phone they sell for 50 bucks paid 100 for mine now this phone will not charge love to hear more about the class action lawsuit I'm there!!
Platnum29 on 02/21/2012:
I am also botherd w/ the problem I had the phone also kept getting kicked off fb walmart along with other sites. They tried 2do sumthn bout it and it wrkd a lil better. But still really slow had probs with my battery wud charge all nite then go out by the evening withn 10-12hrs after a while it jus wudnt chrg or cut on @all my friend has da exact phone but my bat. Wud chrg in hers. Wat pissed me off da most I was paying insirance and 4 tha past few mnths ending my service when id go in price wud go up by a 1$ come 2find out all da $ ur paying for ins. Doesn't go torwards ur deductible waned 2 charge 40$ $ I paid ea.mnth 2 have ins. Totaled more than tjat. 4da same phone but since dey recalled nuthn kud b done I waz pissed.paid a lot 4 tha phone. Smdh.
Mark Thompson on 03/16/2012:
What about selling a nationwide coverage plan and then terminate your service because you use too much roaming??? That is why you purchase the nationwide plan...duh!! And no one will help you or tell you how to get in touch with the people at 'Corporate'...just turn your phone off and refer you to a site online that doesn't exist!! Fraud...Fraud...Fraud. I have complaint to FCC,FTC, Consumer Affairs and to two States Attorney's they care - hell no.
Daniel Perrin on 08/17/2013:
I bought the ZTE with the promise that it would have the best internet service, and reception out in the for custer area. I have called numerous times and been told that I need to shut my phone off and restart it. I have done this more times than I can count. I have been lead to but a phone that the sales agent said was 4g but turned out it was not. These are the most unprofessional, individauls I have ever worked with. At this time I am taking my phone nubmer and leaving Metro is a bunch of frauds and scam artist worried about just selling you items. What about the items I paid for like phone service, guess I'm just out my money. Peace Metro
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Customer Service
Posted by on
UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA -- On December 8, 2010 I purchased a Kyocera Torino cell phone and plan for $75.00 for my son. In the third week of my having the phone, he tried to place a call and when answered the person on the other end could not hear him and the person on the other end could not hear my son. Immediately I sent my son to the store where I had purchased the phone and the customer service representative said he would have a new phone ordered and would let us know when the phone came in. Well within one week of each other, two phones came to the store and both phones had the same defect. I called Metro PCS to find out if I could get another phone and I was told by a manager that I needed to go to a corporate store and they would be able to help me. When I went to the corporate store, I was told that I had two options. One they could order the same phone. I explained to the manager that two of the same phones had been ordered and they both had the same defect. The second option he gave me was that I could purchase a new phone. He said the cheapest phone they had was for $60.00. I asked him why would I give you an additional $60.00 for a phone when I already purchased a phone for $75.00 that went bad in three weeks. The manager kept repeating the same Metro PCS policy to me about only being able to replace the phone I had with the same one. So I shut the plan off and I am out of $75.00 because I couldn't get my money back because, of course, I had missed the seven day return policy.

You know, just because this company offers a cheaper rate than other cell phone carriers, there customer service should still be up to par. I can't believe how rigid they are with their policies when they could obviously see I was having a problem with one of their products and had the nerve to suggest I give them additional money for another phone when I had already purchased one that stopped working in three weeks.
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User Replies:
Flexanimous Fellow on 01/08/2011:
The fact that this is a prepaid cell phone company needs to be taken into consideration. They do not have the luxury of keeping you as a customer for a minimal 2 years like the competition does, unless, of course, you buy out of the contract for $200. Metro stays in business through phone and accessory sales, thereby making exchange policies more stringent.

Nonetheless, I still feel your pain. It is unfortunate to have a phone malfunction after 3 weeks. Next time, I would be sure to read reviews of the phone you wish to purchase (typing the brand/model of the phone into Google will give you more than enough hits), or going through the manufacturer itself for repair service. Good luck.
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Disconnected From Proper Customer Service
Posted by on
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- My bill is due each month on the 10th. I was unable to make the payment that was due on April 10th but subsequently made the payment by credit card on May 1st. Once this payment was made service was supposed to be restored within 4 hours however service was not restored. I contacted MetroPCS, the same day, by dialing 888-863-8768. I made several calls which ended with the automated system disconnecting my call. Finally, after 12 attempts and 2 hours later, I was connected with a representative who informed me that my account could not be accessed and to call back in 2 hours. I waited the 2 hours and attempted to call again only to have the automated system hang up on me several more times before I was able to reach a rep. The rep. was able to access my account. I explained the reason for my call and was told I would be transferred to the department who could help me and during the transfer I was disconnected again. I made several more attempts to speak with someone only to be disconnected several more times by the automated system. I was able to reach a rep. again and was told that my account could not be accessed again. I gave up on my attempts out of frustration and the very next day after the automated system hung up on me several more times, my service was restored and my requests for compensation went unheard. On May 8th, seven days after my service was restored, I received a text message informing me that payment was due on May 10th. Payments made are for the next month’s service and since I did not make the payment until May 1st there would have been no payment due. I called MetroPCS just to verify this was correct and after only one attempt I spoke with a rep. who informed me that my service would not be interrupted and to disregard the text. Unfortunately, on May 15th (today) the service was interrupted. This phone was purchased so that I can maintain contact with my children (one of them who is extremely asthmatic) during their commute to and from school. And due to the storms approaching my area, it was imperative to resolve this matter and have service restored. I called the toll free number for MetroPCS nine times only to be disconnected by the automated system. On my tenth attempt I reached a rep. who said I would have to be transferred because she could not access my account. During the transfer I was disconnected. I called three more times and was disconnected by the automated system then on the next attempt the gentleman I spoke with said he would make sure he had someone on the line before he released my call and he did just that.
I felt a little relieved at this point and explained the issue to the new rep. I was transferred to only to be told I would need to be transferred. I informed her of the several attempts made prior to reaching her and I refused to be transferred. She transferred me anyway and the call was disconnected. Two more attempts were made by me and the automated system disconnected both times. I made one last call, finally reached a rep. who informed me that I would be transferred. I refused to be transferred and explained all the wasted time I spent trying to resolve this matter. The rep. responded by telling me that her system was down and she had to transfer me to someone who could access my account. I gave in and once again the call was disconnected.

I was outdone and frustrated but called the toll free number once more. I reached a rep. explained the problem and told her not to transfer me to any other rep. This rep. informed me that the system was down and no one could access my account and that I needed to call back the next day. I refused her instructions and stated I was not ending my call until someone could provide me with help and compensation for another day I had to spend on the phone with MetroPCS. The rep. stated she could not access my account and she would transfer me to the department that could. I informed the rep. that she had just told me that the system was down so why would she transfer me now. I refused to be transferred and requested to speak with a supervisor. I was placed on hold and a few seconds later a gentleman named Robert identified himself as a supervisor. I went through my entire experience with him, expressed my frustration and importance of having this matter resolved and service restored. I also requested that I be compensated for my inconvenience for not just this day but for the problems I encountered on the day payment was made. He explained there was nothing that he could do to help me and told me to call back the next day. Robert acted unconcerned about my problem by informing me that I would not be compensated and since the system was down told me to call back tomorrow.

I requested to speak with someone over him and was told that I would need to send a letter to the corporate office and was provided with an address. I informed Robert that I did not believe that any action would be taken by me sending a letter to the corporate office so I informed him that not only would I send a letter to MetroPCS corporate office but that I would also file a complaint with the BBB. At this point I’m not sure what to do but I will have to contact MetroPCS tomorrow to try to resolve this problem. My problem is that I am going to end up going through the same thing I did on May 1st & 15th and there’s not guarantee that the issue will be resolved. MetroPCS has become the popular cell phone choice in my area however many have encountered some of the same problems.
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User Replies:
dfields on 05/15/2007:
this is what I don't understand. you stated, you paid April 10th's bill late (May 1st) as monthly payments fall on the 10th of each month. the text message you received May 8th, reminding you of payment on the 10th would have been correct and up-to-date. I don't understand why a Rep. would have said anything to the contrary. am I understanding this correctly?
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Customer No Service
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Orlando, Florida October 19th, 2010

December of '09 - I purchased a phone and a plan from metroPCS.
The phone started to have speaker issues about four months into 2010.
I found out the phone would be replaced with another phone (a re-ferb) anytime within one year of purchase, but I have to travel
to the corporate office - a one hour round trip.
I have a metroPCS store very close to me. It seems...only the corporate office can exchange the phone.
You might think the store I purchased it from could do a little customer service for me.
Here's my point.
Yesterday I picked up my re-ferb and the salesman transferred my stored phone numbers from the old phone to the referb replacement phone, but he did not make it clear I would "loose" (not be able to transfer) my personal voice recordings from my old phone. That was never brought up.
I had 70 voice recordings stored on the old phone.
After spending about two hours waiting for the transaction of getting a replacement phone I left the store and went home.

Next day, to my dismay...the voice recordings were not on the phone.

I called the main number 800 something metro and to my dismay again it took almost two hours to get through to talk to someone. I kept getting so far through all the voice prompts and then I was disconnected over and over again. (I am sure Verizon is enjoying this post).

So I got in my car to venture to metroPCS corporate office (again) to see if there was anyway I could retrieve those 70 personal and very important voice recordings that were left on the old
by the time I arrived at the corporate office and waited to talk to a
customer "no service" agent - low and behold I was connected to a live person on the phone (yes I still had been trying to get a hold of someone by phone) it was my turn to talk with someone at the counter and...
as luck would have it, I was finally connected to someone from metroPCS on the phone.

Now I know why there is a security guard at metroPCS.
I could see how tempers could flair.

Long story short they were very short with me and made quick work of my visit by telling me there is absolutely nothing that could be done about retrieving my 70 voice recordings and...I was talking to the manager of the office who's next step was to ask the security guard to show me the door because I kept asking questions like these...
1.) Where was the phone? (gone, she said, we sent it out last night)
2.) Where was it sent to?
3.) May I try to retrieve the phone? (we can't even get it back, she said)
3.) May I have the address and telephone number of the place where you sent my old phone, please? (no you can not, we are not allowed to give that information out, she said)
4.) May I have the serial number or ID of the phone? I know you have a record of that information, I saw the agent scan it yesterday.

So I started to talk to the agent from yesterday who scanned the phone and she said, "you don't have to talk with him, he has nothing to do with what you want, there is nothing we can do, you have to leave now."
When I ask for her name or employee # because I would like to lodge a complaint about the way I was treated, she refused to give me her name.

So let's review:
1.) Two hours of travel time, plus gas and wear & tear on my car
2.) Two hours total in the store wait time & service time
3.) Two hours of wait time and constantly recalling 800-metroPCS

Six hours of my time out of two work days - very, very frustrating.

Like I said, I know why they have a security guard on duty.
I think they may be the only phone store with a security guard on duty.
And boy, if I had a temper that guard would have earned his money today.

Yes, the phone service is cheap and yes there is... "customer no service"

Good Luck and may your experience be better than mine.

What we go through to save a buck.
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Ripoff... plain and simple
Posted by on
I paid for 2 phones to get the unlimited text and talk. I could have never expected the results I got. The person that sold the phone gave me a Spanish only agreement. I don't know Spanish. Unlimited means that when I went back to NY on vacation that I had to buy roaming minutes because there was no MetroPCS signal. I asked when I got the phones if they would work in upstate NY and they said that the phones would work with no explanation about paying for minutes at all.
This company offers a coupon for a free hands free earpiece/mic. It states to go to any store and they will give me the earpice. Store representative told me that I had to go to the corporate store to get it.
I keep getting LA01 message that states the call could not go through, try again. The calls don't always ring the phone and come in as missed. Sometimes I don't find this out until hours later. Voicemail shows up on the phone as missed in addition.
I called customer service and got sorry and nothing else. Called again to complaint about the store visit because customer service refuses to help me, stating that the store will support the phone. The store says to call customer support.
Customer service representative was more than difficult to understand and kept confusing above issues with the phone. She said take the phone into the store. The supervisor I spoke with denied that error messages, delayed and missed calls were a network issue and said that the store would replace the phone because these are not network related. Pretty much the same as the previous representative. I spoke with a supposedly higher supervisor and was told the same thing, go to the store. All the other issues were handled with "I apologize for the inconvenience" or just sorry. He also stated that the stores just sell the phones and the customer support is only there for network issues, which I had plenty of, all of course which he denied. I went to the store as directed where I purchased the phones for the third time and they told me there was nothing they could do. I will follow up at the corporate store that is 3 cities away. I am now shopping for a new carrier. It is unthinkable that this company is allowed to do business. There are other issues that are too many to list, these are just a few of the larger ones I have encountered. So now I am shopping for a new carrier. Stay away from this company.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 01/09/2010:
why did you pay for a Spanish agreement??
Anonymous on 01/09/2010:
I would trash the metro PCS and go with a popular company like AT&T, Verizon, or TMobile. Those smaller companies like metro PCS I think are ripoffs. These people must have saw you coming. They made you sign a Spanish agreement? I mean you actually signed it? For all you know, it could have said they are charging you $1000 a month. That would have raised a red flag for me. You should have done your homework and looked into Metro PCS before you went to a store. I don't know much about them since I've never used them, but I would stick to the big companies if you plan on using it in multiple states.
Flexanimous Fellow on 01/09/2010:
I work for Metro and resent the statement that it is a ripoff. Personally, I must port between 5 to 10 phone numbers a DAY to us from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. People are realizing that it is ridiculous to face outrageous charges and be held in a 2-year contractual agreement simultaneously. For one disgruntled customer, I'd dare say I have between 5-8 satisfied ones, all from previous carriers. OP, it's unfortunate that you were misinformed regarding the service. Corporate stores do have more abilities and treat their customers nicer than the independent authorized dealers do. It's like that with each company. If you need to check the signal strength/availability of upstate NY, use the coverage tracker on the MetroPCS website. Yes, service is there (free, provided you have an up-to-date phone), but it's not available throughout the entire state. You can scroll around an interactive map to see if service is available in the areas you're visiting. If you decide to keep the service, feel free to message me with any questions/concerns. I'd be glad to help any way I can.
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No Service and No Return w/ attitude
Posted by on
APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I just had one of the worst experiences in my life with a company. Purchased a Samsung Code yesterday on the everything included plan. Got home and tried to use it all evening and had basically no service when I was in the house. I work 50% of the time out of home which requires a lot of phone time. I was really looking forward to a plan that was cheaper than my Verizon plan. Unfortunately when I went today to return the phone, I was met with attitude by the sales representative at Metro Now in Apopka, Florida. I did not get a "sorry about that" or anything. Instead I received a basically nasty attitude regarding the notice on the box stating that the phone cannot be returned if it is used for more than 1 hour. The woman representative was basically telling me to go away and I rightfully I began to get angry with her and told her that if you don't take it back I will just dispute the charge with my credit card company since I was never told about a 1 hour talk time. Then she pulled up the time log and told me that I had used the phone for 22 hours. The time log I guess just displays data time as well since I wasn't able to make much more than an hour of calls and I had the phone less than 24 hours. The woman continued to tell me that they would not do anything and became very enraged when I told another customer in the store not to use Metro PCS(at this point I was steaming). I am glad that I learned my lesson to never use Metro PCS again and since I have around 200 employees, they will also hear about this. I am more than willing to pay more money as long as I receive good service and not a lot of fine print. My family and I spend over $500 a month on phones but I guess a $300 phone is not worth my business in the future.
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Anonymous on 01/07/2010:
Well, they can't control where you live, and my husband has no signal inside Lowes where he works. Did you try the phone anywhere else but your home? No cell phone is going to have reception in every single place you use it.

All carriers have black out spots.
qdobadood on 01/08/2010:
Agreed and since I use my phone for half of my work out of my home than I have to get service that is not in a black out spot. Verizon and Tmobile was not a black out in my neighborhood. Thankfully, Metro PCS contacted me yesterday and has agreed to take the phone back.
ksmom on 01/08/2010:
Sorry it didn't work for you and really glad you were able to return the phone. When there's a problem and the company makes it right, it's encouraging.
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A positive review for a change.
Posted by on
First thing is first. I am NOT a representative of MetroPCS, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way, shape or form.

In May 2009 I was laid off from my job and am to this day living off my severance. In order to consolidate bills, I did away with my home phone and moved from Verizon to MetroPCS. I was very happy with Verizon, but because of the cost, plus the need to carry an additional data plan on top of my normal plans due to my phone, I decided to give MetroPCS a try.

I purchased the BlackBerry 8330 and ported my Verizon number over to MetroPCS. The $50 for the Blackberry plan with MetroPCS (which INCLUDES data) is less than my plain-jane minutes on Verizon, and then Verizon charged me an additional $30 a month for data.

Thus-far (it's been a month) I've had NO dropped calls, no call quality issues, no missed calls. Signal strength is better in all areas than with my Verizon HTC Touch Pro, especially inside my house! On Verizon I would lose calls in 2 of the rooms of my house simply by walking into them.

Data speeds are only 1X, which is not full EVDO speed, but still is zippy enough for me to surf the web and read emails without any delays. I am also able to chat on Yahoo/MSN/AOL messengers with no delays.

The only issue I had when I first ported over was that text messages from outside MetroPCS would still be pointed to my old Verizon phone, which of course was no longer active! I could send to anyone but unless they were on MetroPCS I would not receive a reply. This issue was cleared up in less than a week.

At this point after having had them for just shy of a month I am confident enough in their service to shut off my home phone and just have my MetroPCS phone as my sole number.

I want to point out just because there are complaints out there doesn't mean that there are not happy customers. I am VERY happy with MetroPCS, as is my sister who decided to switch to them after I had positive things to say. My mother now has been considering switching from AT&T as well after having used my sister's phone and mine a few times when she couldn't get enough signal to get a call to go through.

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Worst Customer Service In the World
Posted by on
I got a family plan where I was told I would be paying $90 a month for the two phones. At their office after the representative set up my phones. She looked to tell me what my bill next month would be. She told me it would be $157. She said, oh “That can’t be right” and she tried to figure out how to fix it. I had already been in the store for over 2 hours setting up the phones, since she was having a hard time setting up the phone and was having a hard time, she told me she will resolve it with a supervisor when one becomes available. That was on Saturday, she said she I should check the balance on my phone on Monday and it should be corrected.

Well, as you can imagine, on Monday the balance was still 157. I called Metro PCS about 16 different days for the entire month, spending sometimes as much as 2 hours trying to get the problem resolved. They would put me on hold and then the call would drop. I would call back and beg the clerks not to put me on hold because the call would drop, they would promise me it won’t, then they would put me on hold and of course the call would drop. That was also the month where they had just started service to NY, and I would call explain my situation to someone and they would say to me, sorry I cannot pull up NY records, I have to transfer you to someone who can help you, and then of course in transferring me the call would drop. This went on for the entire month until my payment day came, I still had not gotten the problem resolved, had not paid so they cut off my service. I had to end up paying them the $157.

They eventually made some adjustment to my account the following month for $29, but not for the $67 that they overcharged me. Being totally disgusted with them, I decided I would go back to a contract (mind you, I did not have a contract with Sprint when I left to go to Metro PCS). I got a new phone from AT&T on the 27th, and contacted Metro PCS about when my bill was due. They said since my bill cycle is on the 28th, I have until the 30th of the month to make my payment. On the morning of the 28th, I called AT&T to port my number from Metro PCS to AT&T. AT&T told me they couldn’t because I had an inactive number with MetroPCS. They had cut my service off on the 28th, because I had not paid by then (even though the day earlier one of their reps had told me I had until the 30th to make the payment). I ended up having to pay them for the new month on the 28th. (just so I could get my number ported to ATT). A few hours later my service was transferred to AT&T. MetroPCS told me they could not reimburse me for the month. So they got another month of payment from me without any service.

I had left one line on MetroPCS and to this date my brother who uses the line has not been able to receive text messages. I have called MetroPCS several times, but they still have not been able to rectify the problem. I am now looking to transfer the 2nd line to AT&T. They are a waste of time.

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Wait! Do Not Use This Company They're Nightmare
Posted by on
Metro Offers quite an attractive plan especially if you are getting it for teenagers. Unlimited everything and a small bill that can't go up right?? Sounds to good to be true, Well IT IS!! The very first day I got 2 phones, a family plan for my son and daughter. Both phones were active and you get a free month when you sign up and pay full price for each new phone. Which are really pretty cheaply made also! Anyway the next morning a text came in saying you owe $100.00 and the phones are off. So I call them, which in itself is an act of God to get a live person. Once you do, you should have just talked to the machine because they are clueless and useless. The man was rude telling me to pay my bill even though I explained I just got the phone the day before, he would just repeat I think you should just pay your bill. So I go to the store where I got them to ask why I paid all that money for phones and now they are telling me to pay again the next day. Do you think he had a clue?? NO and I spent hours at that store where he was on the phone with the main office trying to get the numbers back on. In the end the could only restore one number and it was closing time. So next day off to the store I go again now really annoyed! After another hour or so of trying to put the other line on, it still wasn't happening so they decide to give me another phone with another phone number saying the other number wouldn't go back on and they have no idea why.

OK so I am happy I have 2 working phones now, and all is well. Until the end of the month of coarse that the phones go off again! Once again I go into the main branch now and ask why is this off, I paid & they are off I was also fuming as all the time I have wasted on what should have been very simple. They then told me I had 3 phone lines and only paid 2. So needless to say by the time I got through with all that happened to me with these people just 28 days ago and another hour later they finally figure out they screwed up and turned me on and told me they cleared out the bad number that they could never get back on and all was well. The very next month my sons phone dies. Not damage just won't work. So yet again we go to the store.

They look at the phone say its a defect and gave us a new one! I was thinking wow this time was easy, ya right think again! Instead of programing the new phone to my sons number they programmed the new phone to my daughters number so now No one has a phone again because my daughter had her phone with her and it was now off and my son had no phone because the new one had my daughter's number to it. Another 2 days of HELL before they get this fixed and each kid has a phone, they give me a credit for a partial month for the trouble. Everything is smooth for 2 more months I was so happy thought it was over and rocky start was all.Then My daughter hated the phone because so many lost calls and poor reception in so many places. So when her boyfriend got her a phone on his plan (Verizon) which is what I have myself, she asked me to turn off the Metro phone for her. So I think easy, well I hoped.

But as usual, true to the way they have been up thus far they couldn't do this right either. They turned off all phones, including my son's. I went through 1000 phone calls only to hear I had 3 phone lines again. I was about to throw the phone out the window at this point. A manager I demanded to speak to did finally get it all sorted out and the correct number back on. They have all given me a different new price to pay each month so I do need to still visit the store to find out the correct one. The bottom line is, The phones have been off as much as on and I am paying for this. The customer service is so unorganized, and has no idea what they are doing. The stores are not much better. Next month I assume a whole new issue will come about. I have Verizon and the contacts and the money is well worth it not to deal with this type of service. One more problem and I will just get a family plan and monitor my sons minutes with Verizon. I hope this company gets someone to train and organize them because its just horrible. The stress and the rudeness and out right clueless people running this company and dealing with customers will never stay a float this way. I actually dred each month when its time to pay the bill.

I did figure out through all this If when you call the 888 number on the main web site and the recording comes on, tell it you haven't signed up for MetroPcs yet and when it asks what you want to do, say something else at the end of her list, the recording will then say OK and ask you what you need to talk about say phone lines and it will just transfer you to a live person! However you may have a better conversation talking to the recording or the wall then a customer service rep!
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disgusted in Lakeland on 06/03/2009: husband has Metro right now, and he also got a bill when he was supposed to have the first month free. But what you have gone through is just not worth it at all, and I think I would take them to court to get ALL my money back if it were to have happened to me.
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Dropped Calls
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NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- Well I have had my new cell phone from metroPCS for like 2 months now- I paid a little over $200 just for the phone- And the phone is great- Its nice- has a great camera and lots of neat little add ons. Now I did get the first month free and free activation like they promised- And I pay exactly how much they advertise my plan for minus the few extras I added on myself.

The only problem I have with metroPCS- is they are liars about how good of a quality service they provide. The constant dropping of the calls is way worse than anything when it comes to a cell phone. Especially when you are on a business call or on the line with someone who you will not be able to reach back. Sad part is- I did not know all of this till after having service with them for over a month. Yes I could easily switch services to another company but when dropping $200 on a phone one is not to eager to do so.

In the end I would definitely recommend paying more per month to Verizon or T-mobile instead of trying to be cheap with going with another service such as metroPCS. And as far as customer service goes. I've only had the best experiences with those people.

I have no fall ups there- Now another thing I have noticed too is the delay in using the instant messengers on there or even texts too. I texted someone one day and then they don't get it till the next day- that's not quality service- that's disgust. All in all.

Pay the pretty penny for better quality service, so you won't end up like me, screwed over by dropped calls and a want to break your phone in half kind of temper.
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arnold on 11/05/2012:
metro is the worst company to deal with. nothing but dropped calls and lousy customer service. I would highly recommend to stay away from metro pcs.
Annie on 09/13/2013:
I have been with MetroPCS for quite a few years and have had problems but....this one is quite serious...I moved to a nice apt concrete and steel for my comfort, safety and for my health. Now..I will be talking to a business person and it says "CALL LOST." I am told because I am in this building...Having a phone is crucial for me for I have Myasthenia Gravis and sometimes get very sick...I am ready to look at other phones!!
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