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Business Ethics
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Rating: 1/51

N WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Earlier this month, I drove my (legally blind) brother to the PCS Metro store on Bridge St, in N Weymouth, MA. His mission was to pay his monthly bill, and to buy himself a new phone. While he was being waited on by **, I browsed around. He paid his bill with cash, and paid $93 for a phone, which he put on his credit card. ** gave him two receipts, and we left.

On 11/14 his phone service was turned off. He returned to the store and was told that the service was shut off for non-payment. He told them he had a receipt for the payment. When he showed us his receipts, he had the credit card receipt and a duplicate credit card receipt for the phone. Nothing for the cash payment. When asked, ** said no payment was ever made. I don't think he realized that I watched it happen.

The manager says he must not have made a payment because the cash drawer was fine that day. Again I watched him make the payment, but that makes no difference. I am not surprised the cash draw balanced, I am sure the cash never saw the inside of the drawer. We called the corporate number. They didn't even pretend to be interested, and told us that it was between us and the franchisee, they wouldn't help.

The store further declined to take the phone back, which he couldn't use because he had no service. What happened to his $40 payment? You can draw your own conclusions, bearing in mind that ** took great pains to give a blind man two receipts for two transactions, but not for two separate transactions. There isn't anything more we can do about this, I am willing to let Karma take its course. It just makes it a little better to let you know what kind of company PCS Metro is and what type of people they employ. And to **, I hope you can sleep at night. Season's Greetings to all.

Ripoff... Plain and Simple
By -

I paid for 2 phones to get the unlimited text and talk. I could have never expected the results I got. The person that sold the phone gave me a Spanish only agreement. I don't know Spanish. Unlimited means that when I went back to NY on vacation that I had to buy roaming minutes because there was no MetroPCS signal. I asked when I got the phones if they would work in upstate NY and they said that the phones would work with no explanation about paying for minutes at all.

This company offers a coupon for a free hands free earpiece/mic. It states to go to any store and they will give me the earpiece. Store representative told me that I had to go to the corporate store to get it. I keep getting LA01 message that states the call could not go through, try again. The calls don't always ring the phone and come in as missed. Sometimes I don't find this out until hours later. Voicemail shows up on the phone as missed in addition.

I called customer service and got sorry and nothing else. Called again to complaint about the store visit because customer service refuses to help me, stating that the store will support the phone. The store says to call customer support. Customer service representative was more than difficult to understand and kept confusing above issues with the phone. She said take the phone into the store. The supervisor I spoke with denied that error messages, delayed and missed calls were a network issue and said that the store would replace the phone because these are not network related. Pretty much the same as the previous representative.

I spoke with a supposedly higher supervisor and was told the same thing, go to the store. All the other issues were handled with "I apologize for the inconvenience" or just sorry. He also stated that the stores just sell the phones and the customer support is only there for network issues, which I had plenty of, all of course which he denied. I went to the store as directed where I purchased the phones for the third time and they told me there was nothing they could do.

I will follow up at the corporate store that is 3 cities away. I am now shopping for a new carrier. It is unthinkable that this company is allowed to do business. There are other issues that are too many to list, these are just a few of the larger ones I have encountered. So now I am shopping for a new carrier. Stay away from this company.

No Service and No Return W/ Attitude
By -

APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I just had one of the worst experiences in my life with a company. Purchased a Samsung Code yesterday on the everything included plan. Got home and tried to use it all evening and had basically no service when I was in the house. I work 50% of the time out of home which requires a lot of phone time. I was really looking forward to a plan that was cheaper than my Verizon plan. Unfortunately when I went today to return the phone, I was met with attitude by the sales representative at Metro Now in Apopka, Florida.

I did not get a "sorry about that" or anything. Instead I received a basically nasty attitude regarding the notice on the box stating that the phone cannot be returned if it is used for more than 1 hour. The woman representative was basically telling me to go away and I rightfully I began to get angry with her and told her that if you don't take it back I will just dispute the charge with my credit card company since I was never told about a 1 hour talk time. Then she pulled up the time log and told me that I had used the phone for 22 hours. The time log I guess just displays data time as well since I wasn't able to make much more than an hour of calls and I had the phone less than 24 hours.

The woman continued to tell me that they would not do anything and became very enraged when I told another customer in the store not to use Metro PCS (at this point I was steaming). I am glad that I learned my lesson to never use Metro PCS again and since I have around 200 employees, they will also hear about this. I am more than willing to pay more money as long as I receive good service and not a lot of fine print. My family and I spend over $500 a month on phones but I guess a $300 phone is not worth my business in the future.

A Positive Review for a Change.
By -

First thing is first. I am NOT a representative of MetroPCS, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way, shape or form. In May 2009 I was laid off from my job and am to this day living off my severance. In order to consolidate bills, I did away with my home phone and moved from Verizon to MetroPCS. I was very happy with Verizon, but because of the cost, plus the need to carry an additional data plan on top of my normal plans due to my phone, I decided to give MetroPCS a try.

I purchased the BlackBerry 8330 and ported my Verizon number over to MetroPCS. The $50 for the Blackberry plan with MetroPCS (which INCLUDES data) is less than my plain jane minutes on Verizon, and then Verizon charged me an additional $30 a month for data. Thus far (it's been a month) I've had NO dropped calls, no call quality issues, no missed calls. Signal strength is better in all areas than with my Verizon HTC Touch Pro, especially inside my house! On Verizon I would lose calls in 2 of the rooms of my house simply by walking into them.

Data speeds are only 1X, which is not full EVDO speed, but still is zippy enough for me to surf the web and read emails without any delays. I am also able to chat on Yahoo/MSN/AOL messengers with no delays. The only issue I had when I first ported over was that text messages from outside MetroPCS would still be pointed to my old Verizon phone, which of course was no longer active! I could send to anyone but unless they were on MetroPCS I would not receive a reply. This issue was cleared up in less than a week.

At this point after having had them for just shy of a month I am confident enough in their service to shut off my home phone and just have my MetroPCS phone as my sole number. I want to point out just because there are complaints out there doesn't mean that there are not happy customers. I am VERY happy with MetroPCS, as is my sister who decided to switch to them after I had positive things to say. My mother now has been considering switching from AT&T as well after having used my sister's phone and mine a few times when she couldn't get enough signal to get a call to go through.

Dropped Calls
By -

NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- Well I have had my new cell phone from MetroPCS for like 2 months now. I paid a little over $200 just for the phone and the phone is great. Its nice, has a great camera and lots of neat little add-ons. Now I did get the first month free and free activation like they promised. And I pay exactly how much they advertise my plan for minus the few extras I added on myself.

The only problem I have with MetroPCS is they are liars about how good of a quality service they provide. The constant dropping of the calls is way worse than anything when it comes to a cell phone. Especially when you are on a business call or on the line with someone who you will not be able to reach back. Sad part is I did not know all of this till after having service with them for over a month. Yes I could easily switch services to another company but when dropping $200 on a phone one is not to eager to do so.

In the end I would definitely recommend paying more per month to Verizon or T-mobile instead of trying to be cheap with going with another service such as MetroPCS. And as far as customer service goes. I've only had the best experiences with those people.

I have no fall ups there. Now another thing I have noticed too is the delay in using the instant messengers on there or even texts too. I texted someone one day and then they don't get it till the next day - that's not quality service, that's disgust. All in all. Pay the pretty penny for better quality service, so you won't end up like me, screwed over by dropped calls and a want to break your phone in half kind of temper.

By -

FLORIDA -- MetroPCS is the leader in unlimited, HA. I am a insider to Metro, having owned a store, I have had a firsthand look into the ways that Metro screws the consumer. You will not save money if you travel out of area, you are on Travel Talk on Verizon and Alltel's network and will be charged up to .75 cents per min in which you pay before you leave the area.

So you kind of guess how much you will use your phone, and once you put the money on your account (prepay) it stays and you can't get it back, or have it put towards your monthly bill. Instead you are told to buy ringtones with the cash or hold it on your account till you travel again. I know firsthand that most folks put 100.000+ on their account to Travel Talk. Add that to your monthly bill of 62.00 plus the 3.00 bill pay fee and you will be out 165.00 on that month you needed to travel.

Your first month is not free, you buy a phone ranging in price from 99.00-300.00 no free phones. Let's say that you paid 99.00 for your phone and the salesperson sold you the e45 plan, you pick no other features, your monthly total will be around 58.00 plus a 3.00 bill pay fee, so you're around 61.00 or so, you got your phone on the 1st of the month so that means you prepay on the first of the next month YOU PAY AHEAD OF TIME, sounds like "no BIGGIE" right? WRONG!!

If your phone is disconnected for more than 30 days you have to pay for 2 months of service before you can have service again, that first month is not free and let me tell you... that sucks for most folks who cannot afford the Travel Talk, they think they will save money by just not paying the bill and paying for the service that they will use when they return.

There is still a lot of ways to get screwed by this company. But that old clock has done caught up with me and I got to go. I will post the rest at a later date but I will leave you with this fact. MetroPCS customers pay on an average 1,100 to 1,400 per year per line. MetroPCS in no less expensive than T-Mobile or Alltel Metro just makes the money on everyday slip ups, trips and falls of the consumer. I know that I tore the spelling up in a hurry.

HUAWEIM735 Review
By -

CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I was in a predicament, when having not been told or offered insurance on my fun little ZTE Agent phone, that I would have to replace it for another since that model was discontinued. So, I purchased a HUAWEIM735! That was on 11/5/11.

Within DAYS (4) I started having problems w/ the phone and I took it back to the store near me, only to be told all stores are independently owned - I had to go to the place I purchased it. So I did!! The phone was totally SCREWED up, they gave me another one, (White - not my choice - All they had), Feeling Relieved that ALL was Well... WRONG!!! I've been back to both stores continually 12-16 times getting it REFIXED! I THOUGHT- (wishful Thinking!) the problem Was RESOLVED! NOPE! I asked them to give me another, warranty-wise, Oh no, They said it had past warranty. My phone is Crap! It drops calls, freezes up, won't send pics and more. I HAVE HAD IT!!!

They need to HONOR the WARRANTY OF A DEFECTIVE PC OF JUNK - Mind you that I have been PAYING FOR THE WHOLE TIME < and getting Nothing but LAME EXCUSES and more and more AGGRAVATION than is to be expected by any NORMAL Customer. Own up - Man up - Give me a new phone that I can actually use!!! How about that Metro??? It's Called good customer service!!! Maybe you need to take a good old-fashioned Course in 'Customer Service ETIQUETTE', and perhaps even throw it into the training process over there at Metro headquarters!!!

Refreshing is what it would be... to PAY for a Service, and ACTUALLY GET That service. I for one will return my phone today, get another, and if it so much as Rings wrong, or deletes one thing... I WILL DEMAND MY $ BACK< FOR ALL OF IT'S EQUIPMENT, and switch to YET ANOTHER CO., that perhaps Guarantees its Products!!! Very Truly Yours, TMH, Dissatisfied Customer!

They Can't Be Trusted and US Servicemen or Women Beware
By -

FLORIDA -- As I promised the gentlemen at MetroPCS, I just want the whole world to know that Metro does not care about our service people while away on deployment. My son has had his Metro phone for over 1 year. I won't waste time talking about the dropped calls etc. I just want to share my bad experiences with them and their customer service. Because of previous experiences of not being able to use your cell while away on deployments; my son went to a Metro office talk with a person who promised that Metro had a suspension service where you would only had to pay a small fee and you could keep your same phone number while away.

So he purchased his phone. When preparing to leave, this time he went to make the arrangements for this deployment, he was told no such policy. He contacted me and asked me to follow-up because he had to leave, so I did. I first tried to contact a live person by phone, terrible mistake, when I finally got a person, I asked to speak with a Supervisor/Manager. The person put me on hold and after about 45-60 minutes of waiting no one picked up, I went on to bed.

The next day after work I went to their store in my area; there I had to wait another 45 minutes for someone to call my name. The answer I got there was "If you want to keep your same phone number while you are away, you must pay your same phone bill amount every month even if you will not be using it, even if you have official documentation that you will be/are away."

I come home and try to call and talk with a supervisor/manager again; this time I had read on a complaint site how to get through by pressing the # key for 4 times and 1, soon they will let you speak to a person. I finally got someone and had to hold again for a few minutes still; When Mr. ** talks to me, he tells regardless of what was told, they do not, will not, cannot provide a service policy to let my son keep his number while he is away.

I remind you we did not want the service for free and the time length of deployment would only be for 6-8 months not 1,2, or 3 years. Now if you don't pay your bill, they stop your phone from working anytime and for long as they want. But not for a service person in another country defending this one. That's my story.

Customer Service
By -

UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA -- On December 8, 2010 I purchased a Kyocera Torino cell phone and plan for $75.00 for my son. In the third week of my having the phone, he tried to place a call and when answered the person on the other end could not hear him and the person on the other end could not hear my son. Immediately I sent my son to the store where I had purchased the phone and the customer service representative said he would have a new phone ordered and would let us know when the phone came in.

Well within one week of each other, two phones came to the store and both phones had the same defect. I called Metro PCS to find out if I could get another phone and I was told by a manager that I needed to go to a corporate store and they would be able to help me. When I went to the corporate store, I was told that I had two options. One they could order the same phone. I explained to the manager that two of the same phones had been ordered and they both had the same defect.

The second option he gave me was that I could purchase a new phone. He said the cheapest phone they had was for $60.00. I asked him why would I give you an additional $60.00 for a phone when I already purchased a phone for $75.00 that went bad in three weeks. The manager kept repeating the same Metro PCS policy to me about only being able to replace the phone I had with the same one. So I shut the plan off and I am out of $75.00 because I couldn't get my money back because, of course, I had missed the seven day return policy.

You know, just because this company offers a cheaper rate than other cell phone carriers, their customer service should still be up to par. I can't believe how rigid they are with their policies when they could obviously see I was having a problem with one of their products and had the nerve to suggest I give them additional money for another phone when I had already purchased one that stopped working in three weeks.

Metro Nightmare
By -

FULLERTON -- To future customers do not get this service. They are horrible. Their customers service is horrible. They don't care what you have to say. They charge you $2.99 over the counter in the store or online or to use their kiosk to pay a bill. It's called a convenience fee, convenience to whom surely not to me. Their one flat fee isn't really one flat fee. My bill is 50 bucks plus an 8 dollar electronics tax or some other IDK.

And on top of it I recently used their kiosk to pay a bill and they didn't have a out of order sign so I used it. When it was doing the transaction before it could complete it said it couldn't process the transaction so I was like "okay that's fine." It's done that before but it's never actually took my money... yes it took 100 dollars from my account.

When I look the next day it said it was pending so I waited until the following day to see if it would go through. It didn't. I called my bank. They set up a claim to help me get my money back because it did go through on their end and they advised me to call them to see if it did go through cause every other time I called Metro they said my payment wasn't there. So I called told them "what happened?" But of course they didn't understand or didn't care what I said. They kept asking me for a confirmation code (I'm not going to get a confirmation code if it doesn't go through).

Anyway they didn't know what to do so they transferred me around five different times til one person said "show proof and you will be fine by faxing in your bank statement." So I did but they still cut off my phone and now I'm without a phone cause they can't give me the month free even though I showed them I paid it. That's ridiculous. It's not my fault your machine didn't work and they still said they couldn't just give me credit. Ridiculous. I'm so switching to a different comp soon.

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