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Wait! Do Not Use This Company They're Nightmare
By -

Metro Offers quite an attractive plan especially if you are getting it for teenagers. Unlimited everything and a small bill that can't go up right?? Sounds too good to be true, Well IT IS!! The very first day I got 2 phones, a family plan for my son and daughter. Both phones were active and you get a free month when you sign up and pay full price for each new phone. Which are really pretty cheaply made also! Anyway the next morning a text came in saying you owe $100.00 and the phones are off. So I call them, which in itself is an act of God to get a live person. Once you do, you should have just talked to the machine because they are clueless and useless.

The man was rude telling me to pay my bill even though I explained I just got the phone the day before, he would just repeat I think you should just pay your bill. So I go to the store where I got them to ask why I paid all that money for phones and now they are telling me to pay again the next day. Do you think he had a clue?? NO and I spent hours at that store where he was on the phone with the main office trying to get the numbers back on. In the end they could only restore one number and it was closing time.

So next day off to the store I go again now really annoyed! After another hour or so of trying to put the other line on, it still wasn't happening so they decide to give me another phone with another phone number saying the other number wouldn't go back on and they have no idea why. OK so I am happy I have 2 working phones now, and all is well. Until the end of the month of course that the phones go off again! Once again I go into the main branch now and ask why is this off, I paid & they are off. I was also fuming as all the time I have wasted on what should have been very simple. They then told me I had 3 phone lines and only paid 2.

So needless to say by the time I got through with all that happened to me with these people just 28 days ago and another hour later they finally figure out they screwed up and turned me on and told me they cleared out the bad number that they could never get back on and all was well. The very next month my sons phone dies. Not damage just won't work. So yet again we go to the store.

They look at the phone say it's a defect and gave us a new one! I was thinking wow this time was easy, ya right think again! Instead of programming the new phone to my sons number they programmed the new phone to my daughters number so now No one has a phone again because my daughter had her phone with her and it was now off and my son had no phone because the new one had my daughter's number to it. Another 2 days of HELL before they get this fixed and each kid has a phone. They give me a credit for a partial month for the trouble.

Everything is smooth for 2 more months I was so happy thought it was over and rocky start was all. Then My daughter hated the phone because so many lost calls and poor reception in so many places. So when her boyfriend got her a phone on his plan (Verizon) which is what I have myself, she asked me to turn off the Metro phone for her. So I think easy, well I hoped.

But as usual, true to the way they have been up thus far they couldn't do this right either. They turned off all phones, including my son's. I went through 1000 phone calls only to hear I had 3 phone lines again. I was about to throw the phone out the window at this point. A manager I demanded to speak to did finally get it all sorted out and the correct number back on. They have all given me a different new price to pay each month so I do need to still visit the store to find out the correct one. The bottom line is, The phones have been off as much as on and I am paying for this.

The customer service is so unorganized, and has no idea what they are doing. The stores are not much better. Next month I assume a whole new issue will come about. I have Verizon and the contacts and the money is well worth it not to deal with this type of service. One more problem and I will just get a family plan and monitor my sons minutes with Verizon. I hope this company gets someone to train and organize them because it's just horrible. The stress and the rudeness and outright clueless people running this company and dealing with customers will never stay afloat this way. I actually dread each month when it's time to pay the bill.

I did figure out through all this If when you call the 888 number on the main website and the recording comes on, tell it you haven't signed up for MetroPcs yet and when it asks what you want to do, say something else at the end of her list, the recording will then say OK and ask you what you need to talk about say phone lines and it will just transfer you to a live person! However you may have a better conversation talking to the recording or the wall then a customer service rep!

Management Tactics and Incompetence
By -

CALIFORNIA -- We have worked as a contractor for MetroPCS in the Southern California market for over a year. Compared to other carriers, they are the most incompetent and disorganized group we have seen so far. Their upper management expects the contractors to absorb all costs for Metro's lack of thorough planning and organization. Job information is always incorrect and/or incomplete and the responsibility falls on the contractor to ultimately obtain accurate information for the scope of work. Of course, this is long after the bid process and after our costs are committed.

They threaten to kick us off the approved contractors list, even if we submit legitimate change orders for extra work not on the original bid walk or due to changes from their lack of preparation. The Project Managers are so stressed out and overworked that they are abusive, unprofessional, and afraid to approach their superiors to discuss any changes or problems with their sites. Their incompetence and denial of changes has cost us significantly.

To say we've been jerked around is putting it mildly. They should just get out of our way and let us work. We end up doing their job anyway. We can't complain to higher ups - we're just whining as far as they're concerned. We're expected to absorb $5-15K on some jobs and not complain. As long as the work gets done, they couldn't care less.

We've been promised change order approvals and after the work is done, they're denied. If we stop work to get something in writing or a PO adjusted for extra work, we're threatened. They'll commit in writing to approve changes and after the work is done, deny them. We simply can't believe anything we're told (or stated in writing) and they don't care as long as the "turn-on" date is met. The saddest part is, with a little planning from Metro, most of the changes could be avoided or addressed more affordably up front.

First quarter of 2007, without notice, they arbitrarily decided to change billing milestones for payment. We did not find out about this change until we inquired about several overdue invoices. In the meantime, they held up and delayed all current invoices - most for over 4 months and some for over 5 months! We were assured that because we "rode out" the transition of this new billing cycle that there would be plenty of work as they culled through their contractors to weed out the bad ones. Well, here we are in First Quarter of 2008 and now we find out their genius of a Manager has incorporated a program that randomly selects contractors and job walks.

After all this turmoil of the last year, we have to wait until a roll of the dice to see if we get any work and in what locations. This is ridiculously inefficient when the logistics of this business, especially in Southern California and with the cost of gas, are critical for execution. We have worked throughout Southern California for over 25 years and have a great reputation for being professional, honest, and responsible. We have the references to prove it. We're not saying we never make mistakes, but we own up to them and take responsibility for them. Metro never makes mistakes - they just point the finger and make everyone else responsible.

Needless to say, our relationship with Metro is short-lived because we cannot continue to work for them and hold up our ideals as a reputable contractor. Based on our experience as a vendor, we wouldn't subscribe to their service if it were free. Our only hope is that someone in corporate (they would not return our call to discuss this) reads this post and realizes that the group running Southern California is suffering from a cranial anal inversion. They may appear to be running efficiently, but there are plenty of skeletons and broken businesses resulting from their tactics.

After 25 years in this business, we can promise this is no way to build business partnerships or advocates for their cellular service. In a business where market share and customer service is everything, they might want to treat folks with a little more respect. Just ask Sprint.

A Life In Danger... No Humans Located
By -

My daughter was badly beaten by her husband and in another state. Her cell phone through MetroPCS was due on the 5th and had been turned off for non-payment. She requested I pay the bill so she could make the calls necessary to enter a woman's center in her home state. I agreed to do so. I called the 888 number given to me and tried in vain to get agent or operator assistance since I was not sure their recorded voice could comprehend that I was using my credit card to pay for my daughter's bill. I later found that the recorded voice was by far the most intelligent and most human person I would deal with at MetroPCS.

The recorded voice told me that my daughter owed a little over $51.00. I heard that twice and wrote it down twice. I then went ahead and paid the bill without any confirmation that even though my daughter's name is not on my credit card, the payment would still be accepted, because I could not get a live person and of course that is not a question the recorded voice was familiar with. The recorded voice then told me to allow two hours for service to be reinstated. My daughter tried to use her phone all night without the benefit of knowing that I had paid her bill.

The following morning she was able to borrow a phone to report she was OK and ask why I had not had her service reinstated. The police were searching for her husband to arrest him, they had not located him, and a "friend" cautioned her that he had purchased a gun and meant to carry out his threat to kill she and her family. I gave my daughter the confirmation number and Metro told her that the payment was $10.00 short. I agreed to pay it, no questions asked. I attempted to do so and was told that I had "exceeded my limit for attempted payments" and I could not pay the $10.00 allegedly owed.

I spent over two hours on the telephone being told by "Matrix" that they could not do anything about it but I could go into a MetroPCS in person and pay the bill. There is not a Metro PCS company within a 100 miles of where I live, and although I described the dilemma to them, explained and plead to no avail that my daughter's life was in danger and I was willing to pay the bill they told me to call Metro who had "blocked" the account. Another hour on the telephone with Metro who stated it was not them but Matrix who blocked the account and they could do nothing about it.

My suggestion that they call Matrix to tell them it was OK to take the $10.00 payment, was met with the claim they could not call out! I contacted a MetroPCS in Sacramento who claimed there was no way they could take my credit card over the telephone. In any event I was told to wait until 10:00 p.m. that night and I could then make a payment. No one could explain why such a system would exist but if you read the other complaints filed about Metro it makes sense.

If they give you wrong information and you are unable to pay your bill in full, they will charge you the same amount without having to provide the service because the service does not start when you pay. It starts from when you last paid even though you pay a month in advance. I was in tears. I begged them to call my credit card company, to verify my card was legitimate for a lousy $10.00. I told them I could not even contact my daughter to let her know why her phone did not go back on, to see if she was safe. They (all) ignored my pleas, and claimed there was nothing they could do. They claimed no one was in charge.

At 10:00 p.m. I called to make sure my credit card payment would be correctly applied this time. I waited on hold for 20 minutes. I explained the whole story to the woman who said what state are you in? I told her and she indicated she could not find my account. I told her because my daughter is in Texas. She told me she had to transfer me to Texas. When she asked "Can I help you with anything else this evening?" I said, “Yes, this is urgent, do I have to wait on hold again?

Her response was to say thank-you and put me on hold. After another 25 minutes of waiting, I hung up, called the 888 number again and made a $10.00 payment on my daughter's account. Thankfully, when I called her, she answered the telephone and she was safe, but also upset with Metro. I told many of them that if something happened to my daughter I hoped they could sleep at night. One woman said, “Why would you blame us for your daughter getting hurt?” Most of the staff was rude, they all claimed an inability to do anything and an unwillingness to try.

The woman in Sacramento said if she had entered the credit card and it did not go through she would have to pay the $10.00 herself. She could not answer about why she could not call my bank to verify the payment was good. I offered to send her a copy of the credit card by facsimile, a copy of my driver's license, a copy of my passport, have my bank call her. I was desperate and no one wanted to help. I suggest that no one ask MetroPCS or their staff to display humanness if there is another September 11th... Maybe they will loan the world their little recorded voice...

Business Ethics
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Rating: 1/51

N WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Earlier this month, I drove my (legally blind) brother to the PCS Metro store on Bridge St, in N Weymouth, MA. His mission was to pay his monthly bill, and to buy himself a new phone. While he was being waited on by **, I browsed around. He paid his bill with cash, and paid $93 for a phone, which he put on his credit card. ** gave him two receipts, and we left.

On 11/14 his phone service was turned off. He returned to the store and was told that the service was shut off for non-payment. He told them he had a receipt for the payment. When he showed us his receipts, he had the credit card receipt and a duplicate credit card receipt for the phone. Nothing for the cash payment. When asked, ** said no payment was ever made. I don't think he realized that I watched it happen.

The manager says he must not have made a payment because the cash drawer was fine that day. Again I watched him make the payment, but that makes no difference. I am not surprised the cash draw balanced, I am sure the cash never saw the inside of the drawer. We called the corporate number. They didn't even pretend to be interested, and told us that it was between us and the franchisee, they wouldn't help.

The store further declined to take the phone back, which he couldn't use because he had no service. What happened to his $40 payment? You can draw your own conclusions, bearing in mind that ** took great pains to give a blind man two receipts for two transactions, but not for two separate transactions. There isn't anything more we can do about this, I am willing to let Karma take its course. It just makes it a little better to let you know what kind of company PCS Metro is and what type of people they employ. And to **, I hope you can sleep at night. Season's Greetings to all.

Ripoff... Plain and Simple
By -

I paid for 2 phones to get the unlimited text and talk. I could have never expected the results I got. The person that sold the phone gave me a Spanish only agreement. I don't know Spanish. Unlimited means that when I went back to NY on vacation that I had to buy roaming minutes because there was no MetroPCS signal. I asked when I got the phones if they would work in upstate NY and they said that the phones would work with no explanation about paying for minutes at all.

This company offers a coupon for a free hands free earpiece/mic. It states to go to any store and they will give me the earpiece. Store representative told me that I had to go to the corporate store to get it. I keep getting LA01 message that states the call could not go through, try again. The calls don't always ring the phone and come in as missed. Sometimes I don't find this out until hours later. Voicemail shows up on the phone as missed in addition.

I called customer service and got sorry and nothing else. Called again to complaint about the store visit because customer service refuses to help me, stating that the store will support the phone. The store says to call customer support. Customer service representative was more than difficult to understand and kept confusing above issues with the phone. She said take the phone into the store. The supervisor I spoke with denied that error messages, delayed and missed calls were a network issue and said that the store would replace the phone because these are not network related. Pretty much the same as the previous representative.

I spoke with a supposedly higher supervisor and was told the same thing, go to the store. All the other issues were handled with "I apologize for the inconvenience" or just sorry. He also stated that the stores just sell the phones and the customer support is only there for network issues, which I had plenty of, all of course which he denied. I went to the store as directed where I purchased the phones for the third time and they told me there was nothing they could do.

I will follow up at the corporate store that is 3 cities away. I am now shopping for a new carrier. It is unthinkable that this company is allowed to do business. There are other issues that are too many to list, these are just a few of the larger ones I have encountered. So now I am shopping for a new carrier. Stay away from this company.

No Service and No Return W/ Attitude
By -

APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I just had one of the worst experiences in my life with a company. Purchased a Samsung Code yesterday on the everything included plan. Got home and tried to use it all evening and had basically no service when I was in the house. I work 50% of the time out of home which requires a lot of phone time. I was really looking forward to a plan that was cheaper than my Verizon plan. Unfortunately when I went today to return the phone, I was met with attitude by the sales representative at Metro Now in Apopka, Florida.

I did not get a "sorry about that" or anything. Instead I received a basically nasty attitude regarding the notice on the box stating that the phone cannot be returned if it is used for more than 1 hour. The woman representative was basically telling me to go away and I rightfully I began to get angry with her and told her that if you don't take it back I will just dispute the charge with my credit card company since I was never told about a 1 hour talk time. Then she pulled up the time log and told me that I had used the phone for 22 hours. The time log I guess just displays data time as well since I wasn't able to make much more than an hour of calls and I had the phone less than 24 hours.

The woman continued to tell me that they would not do anything and became very enraged when I told another customer in the store not to use Metro PCS (at this point I was steaming). I am glad that I learned my lesson to never use Metro PCS again and since I have around 200 employees, they will also hear about this. I am more than willing to pay more money as long as I receive good service and not a lot of fine print. My family and I spend over $500 a month on phones but I guess a $300 phone is not worth my business in the future.

A Positive Review for a Change.
By -

First thing is first. I am NOT a representative of MetroPCS, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way, shape or form. In May 2009 I was laid off from my job and am to this day living off my severance. In order to consolidate bills, I did away with my home phone and moved from Verizon to MetroPCS. I was very happy with Verizon, but because of the cost, plus the need to carry an additional data plan on top of my normal plans due to my phone, I decided to give MetroPCS a try.

I purchased the BlackBerry 8330 and ported my Verizon number over to MetroPCS. The $50 for the Blackberry plan with MetroPCS (which INCLUDES data) is less than my plain jane minutes on Verizon, and then Verizon charged me an additional $30 a month for data. Thus far (it's been a month) I've had NO dropped calls, no call quality issues, no missed calls. Signal strength is better in all areas than with my Verizon HTC Touch Pro, especially inside my house! On Verizon I would lose calls in 2 of the rooms of my house simply by walking into them.

Data speeds are only 1X, which is not full EVDO speed, but still is zippy enough for me to surf the web and read emails without any delays. I am also able to chat on Yahoo/MSN/AOL messengers with no delays. The only issue I had when I first ported over was that text messages from outside MetroPCS would still be pointed to my old Verizon phone, which of course was no longer active! I could send to anyone but unless they were on MetroPCS I would not receive a reply. This issue was cleared up in less than a week.

At this point after having had them for just shy of a month I am confident enough in their service to shut off my home phone and just have my MetroPCS phone as my sole number. I want to point out just because there are complaints out there doesn't mean that there are not happy customers. I am VERY happy with MetroPCS, as is my sister who decided to switch to them after I had positive things to say. My mother now has been considering switching from AT&T as well after having used my sister's phone and mine a few times when she couldn't get enough signal to get a call to go through.

Dropped Calls
By -

NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- Well I have had my new cell phone from MetroPCS for like 2 months now. I paid a little over $200 just for the phone and the phone is great. Its nice, has a great camera and lots of neat little add-ons. Now I did get the first month free and free activation like they promised. And I pay exactly how much they advertise my plan for minus the few extras I added on myself.

The only problem I have with MetroPCS is they are liars about how good of a quality service they provide. The constant dropping of the calls is way worse than anything when it comes to a cell phone. Especially when you are on a business call or on the line with someone who you will not be able to reach back. Sad part is I did not know all of this till after having service with them for over a month. Yes I could easily switch services to another company but when dropping $200 on a phone one is not to eager to do so.

In the end I would definitely recommend paying more per month to Verizon or T-mobile instead of trying to be cheap with going with another service such as MetroPCS. And as far as customer service goes. I've only had the best experiences with those people.

I have no fall ups there. Now another thing I have noticed too is the delay in using the instant messengers on there or even texts too. I texted someone one day and then they don't get it till the next day - that's not quality service, that's disgust. All in all. Pay the pretty penny for better quality service, so you won't end up like me, screwed over by dropped calls and a want to break your phone in half kind of temper.

By -

FLORIDA -- MetroPCS is the leader in unlimited, HA. I am a insider to Metro, having owned a store, I have had a firsthand look into the ways that Metro screws the consumer. You will not save money if you travel out of area, you are on Travel Talk on Verizon and Alltel's network and will be charged up to .75 cents per min in which you pay before you leave the area.

So you kind of guess how much you will use your phone, and once you put the money on your account (prepay) it stays and you can't get it back, or have it put towards your monthly bill. Instead you are told to buy ringtones with the cash or hold it on your account till you travel again. I know firsthand that most folks put 100.000+ on their account to Travel Talk. Add that to your monthly bill of 62.00 plus the 3.00 bill pay fee and you will be out 165.00 on that month you needed to travel.

Your first month is not free, you buy a phone ranging in price from 99.00-300.00 no free phones. Let's say that you paid 99.00 for your phone and the salesperson sold you the e45 plan, you pick no other features, your monthly total will be around 58.00 plus a 3.00 bill pay fee, so you're around 61.00 or so, you got your phone on the 1st of the month so that means you prepay on the first of the next month YOU PAY AHEAD OF TIME, sounds like "no BIGGIE" right? WRONG!!

If your phone is disconnected for more than 30 days you have to pay for 2 months of service before you can have service again, that first month is not free and let me tell you... that sucks for most folks who cannot afford the Travel Talk, they think they will save money by just not paying the bill and paying for the service that they will use when they return.

There is still a lot of ways to get screwed by this company. But that old clock has done caught up with me and I got to go. I will post the rest at a later date but I will leave you with this fact. MetroPCS customers pay on an average 1,100 to 1,400 per year per line. MetroPCS in no less expensive than T-Mobile or Alltel Metro just makes the money on everyday slip ups, trips and falls of the consumer. I know that I tore the spelling up in a hurry.

HUAWEIM735 Review
By -

CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I was in a predicament, when having not been told or offered insurance on my fun little ZTE Agent phone, that I would have to replace it for another since that model was discontinued. So, I purchased a HUAWEIM735! That was on 11/5/11.

Within DAYS (4) I started having problems w/ the phone and I took it back to the store near me, only to be told all stores are independently owned - I had to go to the place I purchased it. So I did!! The phone was totally SCREWED up, they gave me another one, (White - not my choice - All they had), Feeling Relieved that ALL was Well... WRONG!!! I've been back to both stores continually 12-16 times getting it REFIXED! I THOUGHT- (wishful Thinking!) the problem Was RESOLVED! NOPE! I asked them to give me another, warranty-wise, Oh no, They said it had past warranty. My phone is Crap! It drops calls, freezes up, won't send pics and more. I HAVE HAD IT!!!

They need to HONOR the WARRANTY OF A DEFECTIVE PC OF JUNK - Mind you that I have been PAYING FOR THE WHOLE TIME < and getting Nothing but LAME EXCUSES and more and more AGGRAVATION than is to be expected by any NORMAL Customer. Own up - Man up - Give me a new phone that I can actually use!!! How about that Metro??? It's Called good customer service!!! Maybe you need to take a good old-fashioned Course in 'Customer Service ETIQUETTE', and perhaps even throw it into the training process over there at Metro headquarters!!!

Refreshing is what it would be... to PAY for a Service, and ACTUALLY GET That service. I for one will return my phone today, get another, and if it so much as Rings wrong, or deletes one thing... I WILL DEMAND MY $ BACK< FOR ALL OF IT'S EQUIPMENT, and switch to YET ANOTHER CO., that perhaps Guarantees its Products!!! Very Truly Yours, TMH, Dissatisfied Customer!

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