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No Service and No Return w/ attitude
Posted by Qdobadood on 01/07/2010
APOPKA, FLORIDA -- I just had one of the worst experiences in my life with a company. Purchased a Samsung Code yesterday on the everything included plan. Got home and tried to use it all evening and had basically no service when I was in the house. I work 50% of the time out of home which requires a lot of phone time. I was really looking forward to a plan that was cheaper than my Verizon plan. Unfortunately when I went today to return the phone, I was met with attitude by the sales representative at Metro Now in Apopka, Florida. I did not get a "sorry about that" or anything. Instead I received a basically nasty attitude regarding the notice on the box stating that the phone cannot be returned if it is used for more than 1 hour. The woman representative was basically telling me to go away and I rightfully I began to get angry with her and told her that if you don't take it back I will just dispute the charge with my credit card company since I was never told about a 1 hour talk time. Then she pulled up the time log and told me that I had used the phone for 22 hours. The time log I guess just displays data time as well since I wasn't able to make much more than an hour of calls and I had the phone less than 24 hours. The woman continued to tell me that they would not do anything and became very enraged when I told another customer in the store not to use Metro PCS(at this point I was steaming). I am glad that I learned my lesson to never use Metro PCS again and since I have around 200 employees, they will also hear about this. I am more than willing to pay more money as long as I receive good service and not a lot of fine print. My family and I spend over $500 a month on phones but I guess a $300 phone is not worth my business in the future.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-07:
Well, they can't control where you live, and my husband has no signal inside Lowes where he works. Did you try the phone anywhere else but your home? No cell phone is going to have reception in every single place you use it.

All carriers have black out spots.
Posted by qdobadood on 2010-01-08:
Agreed and since I use my phone for half of my work out of my home than I have to get service that is not in a black out spot. Verizon and Tmobile was not a black out in my neighborhood. Thankfully, Metro PCS contacted me yesterday and has agreed to take the phone back.
Posted by ksmom on 2010-01-08:
Sorry it didn't work for you and really glad you were able to return the phone. When there's a problem and the company makes it right, it's encouraging.
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Dropped Calls
Posted by Jennor81 on 11/18/2008
NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- Well I have had my new cell phone from metroPCS for like 2 months now- I paid a little over $200 just for the phone- And the phone is great- Its nice- has a great camera and lots of neat little add ons. Now I did get the first month free and free activation like they promised- And I pay exactly how much they advertise my plan for minus the few extras I added on myself.

The only problem I have with metroPCS- is they are liars about how good of a quality service they provide. The constant dropping of the calls is way worse then anything when it comes to a cell phone. Especially when you are on a business call or on the line with someone who you will not be able to reach back. Sad part is- I did not know all of this till after having service with them for over a month. Yes I could easily switch services to another company but when dropping $200 on a phone one is not to eager to do so.

In the end I would definitely recommend paying more per month to Verizon or T-mobile instead of trying to be cheap with going with another service such as metroPCS. And as far as customer service goes. I've only had the best experiences with those people.

I have no fall ups there- Now another thing I have noticed too is the delay in using the instant messengers on there or even texts too. I texted someone one day and then they don't get it till the next day- thats not quality service- thats disgust. All in all.

Pay the pretty penny for better quality service, so you won't end up like me, screwed over by dropped calls and a want to break your phone in half kind of temper.
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Posted by arnold on 2012-11-05:
metro is the worst company to deal with. nothing but dropped calls and lousy customer service. I would highly recommend to stay away from metro pcs.
Posted by Annie on 2013-09-13:
I have been with metropcs for quite a few years and have had problems but....this one is quite serious...I moved to a nice apt concrete and steel for my comfort, safety and for my health. Now..I will be talking to a business person and it says "CALL LOST." I am told because I am in this building...Having a phone is crucial for me for I have Myasthenia Gravis and sometimes get very sick...I am ready to look at other phones!!
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Metro PCS lie to rip off consumers
Posted by Fightback07 on 08/30/2007
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I went to Metro PCS in trust of getting wireless services for my daughter and myself. (Wireless Toys was the authorized dealer to sell MetroPCS). I had paid over $390.00 for two phones. They swore that the phones were brand new and that they would never never sell a used phone. I had problems with my phone first phone, it did not work properly. I took it in and they gave me another one. Of course, they took it in the back and came out with a box(pretending that it is a new phone, right out of the box). I had to get three replacements and they told me that they were new. Also, my daughter is having problems with her phone also. They lied and told me that her phone was new. I want every one that is with Metro PCS to note, (Are you receiving a new phone or a doozie. Yes, we need to start a class action lawsuit...

Hey, everybody join in and send your complaints to Consumer Protection and the Attorney General's office. Complaints to the Attorney General will show that we are not angry and stupid unsatisfied customer with invalid complaints: There is a pattern Here!!!!

Get Action, contact the AG and expose these Deceptive Trade Practice Act Violations....
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Posted by petepeters on 2007-10-22:
Something like that happened to me too with a low end phone I purchased from MetroPCS. The phone that I purchased had names and numbers in the directory and usage time on the life timer . The service wasn't good for me so after a few months and wound up giving the phone to a friend . It appears that they resell a new the phones that people buy, try and return . This is a bad practice and I hope that they are prosectuted for this .

Anyone buying a "new" MetroPcs phone should check it or have it checked before the 30 day return perion is up .
Posted by JV1286 on 2008-05-30:
It would appear that your problem is with Wireless Toyz not Metro PCS. They sold you the phone, they are only an authorized Dealer of Metro Pcs. If they are selling used phones as new thats a problem to be taken up with Wireless Toyz! Furthermore, if you get a replacement phone from Metro Pcs stores there is a chance they are re-conditioned phones which is completely within the bounds of the warranty agreement.
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Total Frustration in Trying to Pay My Bill on Time
Posted by Micheletarshis on 02/15/2014
SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO -- On the date that this bill was due, I spent 45 minutes online, on the phone and calling the company in an attempt to pay my bill. None of the attempts, according to the company, were successful. The following day I again attempted to pay my bill by both going on line and attempting to pay on the phone. At this point I was informed that I had made my maximum attempts to PAY MY BILL and that I would need to wait 24 hours before I could ATTEMPT TO PAY MY BILL AGAIN!!

In the meantime after being delinquent 1 day because of the company's incompetence, my phone was turned off. In checking my bank balance it became painfully clear that the 40.00 phone bill was removed from my account 6 times!
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Really Bad Service
Posted by Payne1j on 01/14/2014
SEBRING, FLORIDA -- I just spent $200.00 on a new phone on the GSM side of Metro and it is terrible.No 4g at all, spotty 3g and often only 2g service.

No one at Metro seems to care, just the same tired scripts read. I attempted to get the unlock code for my phone so I could move it to Net10 or Straight Talk and was told the phone must be active for 90 days to be unlocked.

The service is awful, the customer service sucks, the so-called CSRs don't speak English.When I asked this last time for a supervisor I got told I had to leave a callback number, the supervisor was "not available at this time".

switching from CDMA to GSM was the biggest mistake I have ever made, and T-Mobile has really bad service here.
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Dirty Seats!
Posted by Terranceg.007 on 11/19/2013
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Too many times I got on the Damn Metro bus and some fool has his feet in the damn seat ! One situation was the fool had his feet in the seat not caring about anybody ( not his neighbor, not his neighborhood, not his community, not his city, not his state, not his country, not his continent, not his world) , nor the public property ! Then a sexy lady ( that looked good -as-she-wanted-to-look ! ) walks down the isle of the Metro Bus and the fool with dusty boots on moves his damn feet and that bountifully blessed woman sat all that down in all that dirt with her beautiful dress on ! " Damn ! "

The very next time a fool puts his feet in the seat he should be locked up or just put completely off the Metro Bus ! Somebody please tell the drivers to put those fools off the Metro Bus !
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-20:
Another reason why I have never set foot on public transport.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-11-20:
Bus drivers are busy driving the bus. They can't (and shouldn't) be dividing their attention between the road ahead of them and policing the inconsiderate people on board.
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Where's My Rebate??
Posted by Beachbound1230 on 07/19/2013
SEMINOLE, FLORIDA -- Back in March 2013, I went to Metro PCS to buy my son a new Galaxy phone. (I have been a faithful customer for years) The store owner assured me I would be getting a $70 dollar rebate, one $50 dollar Metro card and another card for $20. She even filled the information out for me and said "just put a stamp on it and mail it"

In June I went to the store to pay my bill and asked about the rebate. This very lazy guy looked in my account and said "you have to wait till June is over, these take time".

So now it's July 17th; bill is due, I go in to Seminole Mall to pay and yet again, a completely different girl is sitting there. I paid my bill and asked about the rebate. She said there have been a lot of people having problems with their rebates and gave me a # to call cause she had no clue on how to solve problems!!

I'm at home on the phone with the happiest guy in the world who would do everything he possibly could to give the best customer service possible....he transferred be to the Rebate Dept.!! Now this Dude took all of maybe 5 minutes to look in my account and notify me that the rebate is invalid because this was an upgrade. ** I want my $70 rebate!!!** This is a lot of money to me and I never would have purchased the phone in the first place!

Why O Why does the right hand not know what the left is doing?!! And Why O Why is Metro PCS so full of AMERICAN GREED??
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-19:
If upgrades don't qualify then you aren't entitled to one.
Posted by Susan on 2013-07-19:
Did you personally read the terms and conditions of the rebate before making the purchase? Unfortunately some store owners put an immediate profit above customer retention and will tell you whatever will make you spend money. It is the consumer's responsibility to read and understand the terms of the agreement.
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The Worst
Posted by Hg262 on 07/08/2013
Every month I have to get my phone reconnected when they can't remember my auto pay credit card.

I am tired of their income patience. I guess you get what you pay for.
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Paid My Bill yesterday Now My phone's Off?
Posted by Bold_jit on 06/12/2013
My phone bill is normally due on the 11th of every month, today is 6/12/13. I paid my bill yesterday and my phone was activated until today at about 12 noon. So thIs isn't making much sense to me at all
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Bait & Switch Advertising
Posted by Chelknight on 05/21/2013
May "Promo"
DALLAS, TEXAS -- After being one of their original customers in the Tampa Bay Area (back from 2004), I decided to get myself a 4G LTE phone when I saw it advertised for $49 In-store only.

I figured that I could afford that and give my husband my LG Optimus M+. When I drove to the St. Petersburg, Florida Corporate store on 22nd Avenue North, I had to wait 5 minutes (which is...in itself...a miracle compared to the normal 1 hour wait...of course, it was at 10:30am), I walked up to the counter and stated that I wanted to get the LG Motion that was advertised for $49 on the website. The customer service representative stated that it was only for NEW customers and that the phone would cost me $168, PLUS a $15 upgrade fee, PLUS another $15 to transfer my phone to my husband's number.

REALLY? After all of the THOUSANDS of dollars that I have spent on continuous service and cellular phones for almost TEN YEARS, they want to charge me $198 (not including taxes) for a phone they are advertising for $49? BULLSH*T.

I'm sorry, but their motto is "Wireless for All"...then why am I being singled out because I'm an existing customer? Also, after going back to their website and looking at the promotional offer, you have to click through to THREE SCREENS BEFORE you get to the terms and conditions (which is white lettering on a light gray background) that state "new activation only on a new line of service". In addition, if you have a pop-up blocker, you won't even see the Terms and Conditions. Seriously...how many people are going to take the time to click through 3 screens to see if they "qualify" for the promotion? NOT most normal people!

I contacted their customer service department with my complaint, only to be put on hold for 15 minutes and 38 seconds...waiting for a "supervisor". I contacted the MetroPCS Corporate office in Tampa, FL and had to leave a message for their "Customer Escalation Department", for which I received a telephone call back. The guy on the other end asked me the problem, when I stated to him how difficult it was to locate the terms and conditions, plus the time it took me to drive and wait at their Corporate store, only to walk out empty handed, plus telling him that the $49 4G LTE phone is what I could afford...not the $198 that I was quoted in the store. His response was "I can't do anything about the phone price, but I can waive the $15 upgrade fee as a one time courtesy." REALLY? You can't do anything about the phone price? Yet, you can sell the phone at $49 to new customers...not to someone who has already spent approximately $15,000 on Metro PCS products and services since 2004. I am appalled and definitely do NOT feel like a "valued" customer. "Wireless for All"...unless you are already a customer!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-05-21:
It's not bait and switch when it's in their TOS...regardless whether you have to advance through three screens to get to them.

I know many companies use the white lettering on light background...MANY of them does that. I just got into the habit of holding my mouse key down and scroll the page...that way, the page is dark blue and the lettering will be white and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Some sites even uses white lettering on white...that is a flag for me to not deal with that company...what else are they 'trying' to hide from us?
Posted by FoDaddy on 2013-05-21:
A lot of cell phone service providers and cable companies advertise their best deals for new customers only. I think it's an insult to their existing customers. But I understand why they do it. Upgrade fees grind my gears as well.
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