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Dealing with MetLife? Watch Your Back
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DAYTON, OHIO -- MetLife canceled the fire insurance coverage on my deceased father's house in Columbus, Ohio with no advance notice of any kind. My father was the named insured on the subject policy. His house was the property covered by the policy. His automobile insurance was provided by the same company under the same policy. In December 2009, the policy was renewed from February 3, 2010 to February 3, 2011. My father died on December 20, 2010. The house has been vacant ever since. Because of the change in status of the house, I wrote a letter to MetLife on January 15, 2011. In that letter, I requested that the automobile insurance policy be canceled, effective immediately. It continued: "Homeowners Policy - The house is now owned by my father's estate and is listed for sale with a realtor. The insurance coverages related to the house should remain in effect without interruption. The rating and premium probably need to be recalculated, since the house is not occupied and the discount related to the automobile insurance is no longer applicable. * * * If there is any problem complying with these instructions, please contact me." In response to my letter, I received an automobile insurance declarations page dated January 26, 2011 from MetLife indicating that the auto policy had been canceled pursuant to my request, effective January 15, 2011. It identifies the named insured as "Estate of (my father's name)." This demonstrates unequivocally that the company had received my January 15th letter. I also received a notice of policy change dated January 12, 2011 from MetLife which indicated changes had been made to the mailing address and the address of the home on the homeowner's policy. I received this notice because I had directed that my father's mail be forwarded to me. I called MetLife's policy service telephone number on Friday morning, February 4, 2011 at approximately 9:45 A.M. Eastern time. The unfortunate woman who drew the short straw of fielding my call told me that the homeowner's policy had been canceled the previous day - February 3, 2011. In response to my direct question, she said that there was no coverage on my father's house as of the moment of our conversation. I received no notice in any form - written, telephonic, e-mail - of the impending cancellation of the homeowner's policy. My January 15th letter provided MetLife with all of my contact information. They knew how to use my mailing address for notices directed to my father's estate, as evidenced by the notice of cancellation of the auto policy. Even if a notice of cancellation had been mailed to my father's prior address, it would have been forwarded to me. The policy was canceled without advance notice. From the information available on the Ohio Department of Insurance website, I understand that this is a violation of applicable Ohio law or regulation.
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Anonymous on 02/05/2011:
Everybody has it in for the Irish. While you're watching your back, they'll stick it to you from the front.
MJGoldfarb on 02/05/2011:
Sorry for your loss. Would it be possible for you to sit down with a local agent to discuss the problem? Face to face may be better than a voice on the phone.
Anonymous on 02/05/2011:
It's the luck of the Irish. We get it coming and going. God love the Irish, cuz nobody else does.
Nohandle on 02/05/2011:
Some insurance companies will not provide homeowner's coverage for an unoccupied home. I've heard of individuals who have asked another just to live at the home until it could be sold. This might depend on the particular state.

I might be wrong but I believe notifying a company of a change of address for billing purposes shouldn't matter. Many children handle their parent's finances for them. I honestly wonder if being notified the home was unoccupied caused them to drop the coverage?

Sorry for the loss of your Dad. Your information is helpful in the event this happens to another.
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Lies and discrimination Met Life Home Loans aka First Horizons
Posted by on
IRVING, TEXAS -- I was given a Modifaction in August of 2009. I was paying as the contract said without any issues. In May of 2010 I sent in my May mortgage payment and it was returned on a Saturday by U.S. P.S. So on that following Monday I call them and ask why it was returned. At that time they said my home has gone into foreclosure status and it was to be sold in 3 days. Met Life Home Loans had never called, sent mail, or tried to make any other type of contact with me for this. I called a Lawyer that does this type of work and $1800 later I am getting the run around and lies from Met Life. Met Life says they will not give me a Modifaction again. Reasons for this is because I do not make enough? I have gotten a pay raise since August of 2009 and nothing major has changed. I am thinking that it is because I declared Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and it was discharged in April of 2010. Tell me it was not a conincedence that it all happened this fast. They are trying to say I am tons of months in the rears but I have done as they have asked. I have proof of payments that I have made and the checks that Met Life has sent back. According to my Modifaction papers I should not be here. Yes, I had missed some payments and what they wanted as a re payment plan was insane. Today, I have been browsing the internet and saw that Met Life Home Loans does not do Modifactions, my loan is a Fannie Mae and by Government law I see they are supposed to do so. I did not make payments for a while because that Met Life was trying to figure out what they could do for payment amount with this first Modifaction. I am at this point, about ready to loose my home due to this. Is there anywhere can I turn to make a formal complaint?
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saj80 on 09/13/2010:
There is no government law that says modifications are mandatory, only guidelines as to who is eligible and under what circumstances. If you have a bankrupty, that may affect your ability to get a modification, but it may be based more on your debt/income than anything else. The government-sponsored modification program has turned into another federal boondoggle, with less than 5% of applicants getting accepted. I don't have any advice for you, other than it may be time to look for somewhere else to live.
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Be wary of Metlife
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Through our employer, we set up an annuity contract with Metlife. We noticed that after two pay periods Metlife still had zero in our accounts. After calling the company, they said no money had been sent to them because they had no record of it. They blamed the payroll department for not sending them the money. When two months had passed, the payroll department had the cancelled checks that Metlife had deposited, however, we still had zero balance because they said they still hadn't received any money. We contacted the Attorney General for our state. They investigated and somehow Metlife was able to find the money in about four days. I would advise anyone to stay away from Metlife. However, if you're currently involved with this company and have problems, contact the Attorney General for your state and file a complaint. If they get enough of these, they will either have to become an honest company or go out of business.
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Alain on 08/30/2010:
Isn't it amazing how they found the money after your Attorney General stepped in.
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What Happened
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PO BOX 48020 DAYTON, OHIO -- I had my auto insurance with. Met-life for many years and all seemed well. Up to this point I was very happy with the company and no complaints. I was contacted by Met-life that if I was to insure my home with them I would save money on my auto insurance so I switched from nationwide to Met-life.

They came out took pictures of our home and then gave us home insurance. almost One year later I find myself being canceled the reason according to the representative that called me was that there were weeds and brush near the house and that I could not park cars behind my house and that I had to send pictures to them showing this was repaired or fixed, this I did. I was contacted again by Met-life via phone by a representative that told me that it wasn't good enough and that I once again was told to remove my cars from behind the house and cut more brush. Well we live on a farm and I have 14 acres of weeds at times when we were not farming.

It seemed to me like no matter what I would do it was not going to be enough and the representative didn't help at all when I asked exactly what I needed to do to retain my home insurance. Nothing but confusion and nothing I could work with to fix the problem as the representative didn't seem to know what was going on other than cut more weeds and remove the cars from behind the house. Now I find myself not being able to get insurance because I was cancelled...its been 30 years since I had an insurance claim but that don't seem to be of any value if you have weeds on your property and park two cars behind your home.
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Venice09 on 08/27/2010:
Were the cars and weeds in the original pictures?
Weedwhacked on 08/27/2010:
Typical insurance company!
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Met Life Dental Insurance
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My husband has been paying for his dental insurance that was offered by Met Life.
He had a partial, but the ONLY anchor tooth, #16 had to be extracted due to severe decay and perio pocketing. His dentist's suggestion and only treament plan at this point was to place two implants with a pontic in the middle, hence a bridge.

Met Life refused the claim. Their consults said that there was an alternative to replace his teeth, a partial, even though an anchor tooth did not exist and was impossiable. After talking with a customer service representative that knew nothing upon admission, about dentistry said they would not cover it because too many teeth were missing.
So, I then asked if they would pay for one implant to replace the anchor tooth and a new partial. The answer was no. Too many teeth were missing.. So their answer to a satisfactory replacement of teeth was to do nothing. I would not ever recommended anyone using this company as you will pay through the nose and get everything denied, denied, denied..... We are now in the process of changing insurance companies because of their smart idea of no teeth being the answer to his dental problems, and suck his meals through a straw... Met Life is going to be reported to the OPM and that's something they don't want to hear, but we are going to pursue this, even though we are dropping them.
R A Butler
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Skye on 10/12/2009:
Dental insurance never covers dental implants. EVER. It's still considered a cosmetic procedure. You will not find any dental insurance policy that will ever ever cover dental implants.

You want implants, you have to pay for them out of your own pocket.
spiderman2 on 10/13/2009:

You can have insurance that covers implants, but most basic plans do not. You would have to have the Cadillac of insurance plans and then there are tons of exclusions. I have an implant because that I never had an adult tooth to take the place of my baby tooth (which finally fell out several years ago and no, the tooth fairy does not come when you are an adult.) I had to pay for the implant even though this was no fault of my own and the dentist recommended an implant over a bridge due to my age. Did I wish insurance paid for it .... sure did, but it simply wasn't covered under the policy we have in place.
mjbearit on 07/20/2010:
Just found out today that Metlife has decided that my money is more important than my health. Cracked a wisdom tooth and it was cheaper and more desirable in the long run to have it removed rather than crowned. A cracked tooth can continue to crack even if crowned. I didn't expect full payment, I knew I would owe something, but they paid $170 of the entire thing. The standard xray will not show that particular type of crack so they had to do a panoramic to find the crack. Oh, Metlife doesn't pay that. They had to give me antibiotics so I would not get an infection (hello...this is 19th century knowledge) they don't pay that. I received general anesthesia, they wouldn't even pay for the local! I've had this insurance non-stop for 12 years. The first time I actually need them, they decide to pay $170.00? All the money I have paid them over the years I could have saved and still had money left over. I will be dropping them at the next enrollment period and I'll just pay cash for my dental. I will definitely come out ahead! Bloodsucking b@st@rds!
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METLIFE The worse dental insurance,scam & lies.
Posted by on
The company that I have worked for many years change insurance plans last year, So we had cigna ppo dental, and they contracted this Metlife scam. You get pre approved for what the doctor in the own list tells you to do and this Metlife scam decide later they don't approve and you get stuck with the bill, they don't pay the doctors, don't care about it period. Even the doctor took time to write a letter to this terrible company of why he arrive at his opinion with the consult of another doctor of there list about my case and they concluded I needed a implant my fixed bridge was fractured. No other thing could be done. Everything was well until the notice came in the mail, METLIFE dental had their own private consultans doctors and they decided that a removable partial denture "prosthesis" is the same us your own tooth. OHH and they have reviews, none do any good. just a waste of time, They do what they want, pay what they want. PEOPLE BE AWARE, PRAY your company does not hire this ripoff liars scum so called insurance. YOU are not covered not safe. run far away and pray it does not come to your place of life and work. There job is to deny payment even if is wrong. Check the web. They have done this to many, many others. This could happen to you too if you don't talk about it.
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Soaring Consumer on 06/30/2009:
Contact your state's insurance commissioner.
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MetLife Dental IS A Scam
Posted by on
All I can say is if MetLife is offered as a dental plan for you I would look somewhere else. After signing up for dental insurance with my employer I was notified that they had changed providers, MetLife would now handle all claims but be assured it is exactly like the old provider. B. S. in capitals. They have refused all payments for the very same procedures and the same dentists I had before with the other provider. I spent 3 months fighting MetLife before they finally coughed up 25% of the bill when my old provider paid 50% with no problems. The insurance agent claims I am covered but MetLife doesn't see it that way. They look for every excuse to void a claim and then take months to pay if you fight them. I am at the point where I have filed complaints with my employer and I am in the process of filling a complaint with the state. It is exactly because of insurance companies like MetLife that we are now dealing with Obamacare. For peace of mind AVOID this Insurance at all cost.
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FlShopper on 03/20/2010:
What kind of claims are they refusing to pay? We've had MetLife for over 2 years and haven't had any problems. My kids and I get our two free cleanings per year, no issues at al. My husband has had to have some dental work done (root canal, extraction). He did meet the cap last year and we owe the oral surgeon some $$, but that cap was spelled out in our benefits summary so it's not like they took us by surprise.
MaggieMcT on 03/20/2010:
I've had MetLife dental for years, no problems at all.
Dave 10-11-12 on 10/11/2012:
I have had repeated problems with Metlife. They denied crown lengthing on my son which was necessary for the othodontic procedure. His gum tissue interfered with the ability to effectily apply the braces. I had no idea that they would deny the claim and after arguing, they cited that crowns are only applicable if you were over 16. I argued he wasn't getting crowns, and that it was for orthodontia. I might as well have been talking to the wall. I had to pay $1,200 out of my pocket. No ability to appeal a decision by a third party either. So you have no choice but to accept whatever they say.
gary on 07/19/2013:
I have federal met life dental. I am 60 and had a molar pulled. They paid. I had a bridge put in. They paid for a prosthesis which cost less than half what a bridge cost. They are supposed to pay 50% for bridges, not make you put in false teeth. I call it unethical to say you cover a procedure when they don't. Same with implants. Any chance they really cover that? I want to keep my teeth as permanent as possible, they want to pay shareholders more and the CEO $45,000,000 a year. Those of you who have never had a problem, will.
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Watch out
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- I have had the most unpleasant experience dealing with Metlife. I had an auto accident while going to school out of state. Since then they refused to renew my insurance when it came due, though initially telling me I could renew. Regarding the accident- now they want the entire settlement for any medical costs incurred, which they were under the terms of the contract to pay anyway. I am not sure what I was paying for, since I could have done everything out of pocket and been further ahead then paying for this insurance. To say they have been unhelpful is an understatement. They don't disclose on their website that they want reimbursement for medical expenses- their advertising says they will cover medical costs. It is shady and underhanded.
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spiderman2 on 06/07/2007:
MOre details? Who caused the accident, you or someone else? How much damage was done? Who paid the medical bills? You, your health insurance or another person's auto coverage?
grandma005 on 06/07/2007:
Almost all auto insurance company require for to repay them if you collect money from the other person's insurance. Only if the accident was your fault do you not have to pay. Insurance company do not like paying out money for medical expenses. They either will raise your rates or cancel your policy. Your regular health insurance does not want to pay either. In most cases they will deny paying for auto accidents. You have to get a form from your insurance saying that you were not covered for medical insurance. Even then they probably will not pay. It is a catch 22-nobody wants to pay. That's the way insurance company are.
Dedicated Reader on 06/07/2007:
I'm not sure, but it's sounds like you may be referring to a subrogation agreement. That's a state insurance regulation that you get your bills paid, but you don't get to profit off the claim.

Simply put, if your car is hit by another car and you go to the hospital and are charged $1000 by the hospital to treat your injuries, you can't get $1000 from your insurance and another $1000 from the insurance the other driver had.

All states have this as part of their insurance regulations. Imagine how many fake accidents there would be if you could collect on the same accident from two different insurances! All of our insurance premiums would be a lot more expensive than they are now.

If there's a liability limit, say the other driver had coverage with a maximum limit of $500. Then, your own coverage would cover up to the limit you had paid for, in this case an additional $500 to pay for the outstanding amount due from the hospital. You don't get to received the $500 dollars from the other insurance company and then $1000 from your own.

Did you receive any money from the other insurance company? If so, they have reported that to your insurance company and your insurance already knows how much you have received or what was paid out on your behalf to the hospital. If your insurance also paid out money on your behalf, you are required by law to reimburse them.

If you haven't reimbursed them, then that's the reason why they won't renew your insurance -- you owe them money. And since most states require car owners/drivers to have some kind of minimum insurance coverage, you may find yourself unable to drive because no insurance company will cover you.

Your medical bills were paid -- and that's all your insurance company promised to do. They didn't promise to let you drive up insurance costs for all the rest of us.
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Met Life Auto Unprofessional
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I was hit over two months ago rear ended at a red light. The man who hit me never talked with his insurance agent at Met Life. They told me if they couldn't talk with him, they would deny my claim. They said they tried calling him, writing him etc...after almost two months I found him myself on MySpace and told him to call please! He practically laughed at me the man who hit me. I did tell Met Life and they finally after that length in time called a investigator out to his home. He admitted to hitting me.

NOW Met Life still hasn't paid, going now on three months. They say in law we should be able to get damages done to our cars etc...well I am still waiting.

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User Replies:
GothicSmurf on 08/19/2007:
Sometimes these things take time. It sucks that you have to wait that long, but if the other person isn't willing to participate (at fault or not) it takes much longer to get things done. It's not Met's fault the guy wasn't returning their calls.
motheroldasdirt on 08/20/2007:
I agree with you GothicSmurf as fas as the other person not willing. Although it shouldn't be my job to find him, if he's not answering the phone or letters. He is Met Life client. It is their responsibility to get it cleared up. If not, people could just hit people and never report it and the innocent would have to pay for their medical and auto damages, even if they couldn't afford it. To me this is like a hit and run. Met life should find their client quickly, they have investigators to do that job. Its part of insurance and what we all pay for.
jktshff1 on 08/20/2007:
Was this accident reported to the police?
motheroldasdirt on 08/20/2007:
No and that was our biggest mistake. No one seem to be hurt, and we shared all the information. We didn't think we needed a police report. So that's why it took so long. My car was actually the one first stopped at the red..there was another girl behind me, she was shoved into my car. She did end up feeling pain after the accident. Next time and always make a police report.
jktshff1 on 08/21/2007:
live and learn, sorry
motheroldasdirt on 08/22/2007:
Thank all of you for your comments! It was a tough time waiting and dealing with this accident. I have learned so many things from it. Mainly to always make a police report. I must say now I have been paid the check for my car repairs and I am now waiting for the check from missed time from work. So it did have a happy ending, but it was very difficult waiting and wondering. Thank you GothicSmurf and also jktshff1 , I appreicate what you shared.
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Long Term Insurance
Posted by on
I have been employed and paying premiums for long term disability coverage for years now. I had spinal surgery about a month ago and cannot get any info on my policy. It took my HR dept 2 weeks just to find the contact number for the company. When I call they told me that they are not able to send me a copy of my policy or the policy provisions and that I need to get that from my HR dept. Took me 5 tries at customer service just to get that type of an answer. this company is terrible with customer service.

I believe I am in for a Rip-Off. Stay clear of these people.
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User Replies:
SAJ on 07/16/2007:
Your HR department should be helping you. I would pressure HR more, and not worry about contacting Met Life unless HR fails to get you the information you need.
runaway on 07/16/2007:
SAJ is correct- your HR should be giving you this info and assisting you, that's what they're paid for.
Anyway on 07/17/2007:
Thanks SAG and runaway. That's the route I am taking.
Ponie on 07/17/2007:
Anyway, I hope your problem is resolved to your satisfaction quickly.

I was in the industry for a while (not MetLife) so may I ass/u/me this is an employer sponsored plan? If so, they are correct in being unable to send you a copy of your policy of its provisions. MetLife has a 'master policy,' and your employer has a copy. If you've been 'paying premiums for years now,' the policy and its provisions may number into hundreds of pages. When you enrolled, you were issued a certificate along with a number of brochures outlining your coverage. Whenever changes/additions/deletions to the polcy were made, you were sent this information. Even something so simple as a change of personnel handling certain segments of the policy or a new telephone number.

I would hope you kept this information in a master file. You then have something to which you can refer and find the answers to your questions.
Anyway on 07/18/2007:
I am pursuing info from my employer at this point. Howerer, I have never received any plan liturature from my employer and they seem to not have any on hand either. It's easy to point the fingers but I really just want to get the info.
Thank you for your 3 cents.

Ponie on 07/23/2007:
In this case, I would say your employer is definitely dropping the ball! I don't feel it was MetLife's goof. Didn't you receive at least an identification card when you signed up? Make sure they also back up everything in writing. Keep on their back like a wet shirt. Good luck!
David Hathaway on 07/06/2014:
Met Life is "one of those insurance companies" that has a culture of overcharging and denying claims. They know what they can get away with and they get away with it very well. Suggest you look elsewhere for your insurance. Same deal with their annuities. They are a bad deal as well. Just a heads up.
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