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Met Life Auto Sucks!!
Posted by Ronnierdw on 02/26/2009
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- A big truck tire in the road, it damaged my radiator and the car overheated. The head was warped and had to be machined. The claims dept, could not figure how the radiator got damaged. They denied the clam. After trying to reach them, which was impossible, the adjuster never called me back after I left a message everyday. The insurance agent was useless no more than a lump on a log. Because of the adjusters attitude and Lack of knowledge.

I wouldn't ever recommend using this company for any of their services

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Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-02-27:
Was there a police report filed for this accident?
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Rate Increase
Posted by Gbarnes on 10/07/2007
UTAH -- I have had auto insurance through Met Life for over four years now and have never had any accidents. My daughter bumped someone eight months ago and because the damage was nothing more than a scratch both parties decided to go there separate ways. No police report was ever filed, however approximately three weeks ago the couple contacted my daughter informing her to either pay eight hundred dollars for damages or they were going to file a claim, to which they did file a claim and Met Life paid out the eight hundred dollar damage. Which didn't bother me until I got the letter stating the rate increase my policy went from $4300 dollars a year to $5988 a year.

I just don't understand what I'm paying for if an $800 dollar damage can increase my yearly payment $1688 dollars, then I am apparently in the wrong business.
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Posted by Skye on 2007-10-07:
How old is your daughter?? If she's under 25, she's considered an assigned risk, and that category pays big bucks. Police reports are so important, no matter how small the damage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-08:
gbarnes, I must agree with JayD and it is way past time to look for another company. They will all try and screw you because I assume your daughter is under 25? It is the way of things now thanks to GREED! If Met Life had half a brain they would have not paid the other people off because they failed to file a police report in 24 hours. Sorry about your experience but people as a rule are just greedy these days.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-08:
I have been told by a previous insurance agent that if you have a claim under $1,000 and can afford it, pay for the claim out of pocket so your rates don't go. I had really thought that was why were paying insurance in the first place. I remember when my kids were driving age, each time we put one on the policy, our rates literally doubled. Neither of them ever had a ticket or accident either. Luckily they were 5 years apart so they were never on the policy at the same time! We had one rule--drive responsibly and if you get a ticket for a moving violation or have an accident that is your fault--no more driving--as we wouldn't be able to afford it. They took that very seriously. I'm afraid, from what I've heard, fighting the insurance companies is a losing battle. Good luck, gbarnes.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-10-08:
Holy ****! $4300!?! That makes my $450 a year not sound too bad at all...
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Problem free Insurance company
Posted by Shella100 on 03/10/2010
I have has auto insurance with Met Life for 15+ years and have never had a major complaint. I have moved several times and changed out cars. No problems whatsoever. Simply call and drop a car and add a new one...as often as you like. I've had claims and they paid promptly. When calling customer service, they are friendly and very helpful.

My only complaints are that they tend to increase the rates regularly. When I questioned them they said that it was going up all over the state but I couldn't prove/disprove it. Also, when my boyfriend and I split up (we were on the same auto policy) I had to PROVE he had insurance somewhere else before they would let me drop him. His car, no problem. But him, I had to have proof for. (What if he didn't have a car??) Anyway, luckily for me, it was an amicable split and I was able to get the proof. But then this was 10 years ago so they may have changed how they handle that situation.

Over all I have loved being a Met Life customer. I would recommend to anyone that they contact them to get a quote.
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Posted by Crowds on 12/23/2007
I was rear ended in November. No one was injured and my car had a scratch on the bumper and their car had a small dent on their grating. Because of the way the person acted I decided to inform my insurance Met Life about the accident. I told my insurance company I was not filing a claim.

In December I received a premium adjustment which raised my premium three (3) times the amount it had been. They were charging me a surcharge for the accident. The accident that wasn't my fault, no claim filed.

I will be changing insurance companies.

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Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-12-24:
Have you talked to them about this? It could be a simple mistake. I have been in accidents that were not my fault and my rates have never gone up.
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