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Std - Short Term Disability
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I was in a car accident on 12/24/06. I had injured my back and neck and was out of work a month following the accident. I was informed by Metlife that my condition was not serious enough for me to be out of work even though my 2 doctors had taken me out off work. I was unable to sit for more than 10 minutes at a time without being in severe pain,and I work in a call center and am required to sit for 8-9 hours per day. I went back to work in 01/07 and was in and out of work until April since I was seeking physical therapy 5 times a week. I went out of work full time 04/13/2007- 07/30/07. My doctor had filled out all the paperwork stating that I was disabled from this time and I am unable to sit since it was making my condition worse. I was then informed by Metlife that entire leave from work was declined and I was then terminated from my job.

I have not been able to get any money from Metlife for any of my leave. And then since Metlife declined my leave,I am unable get unemployment since my employer stated I was on an unexcused leave.So I am at the point where I am going to forclose on my home and me and my son will be homeless.
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Skye on 09/15/2007:
I feel your pain, I know what you are going through physically. Why didn't the automobile insurance pay you lost wages?? When we had our accident, my doctor put me on leave, and my insurance company paid my lost wages. Not my full salary, but a pretty decent amount. I would look into getting a lawyer, to handle this stuff for you. You don't need anymore aggravation then you already have been through.
Anonymous on 09/15/2007:
I second the advice by Skye, you need an attorney.
moneybags on 09/15/2007:
Contact your state Insurance Commissioner and file a formal complaint. And if your doctors told you "no work" did you give an excuse IN WRITING to your employer. Laws vary, but your firing may be illegal. Check with an attorney who works on contingency.
Nohandle on 09/15/2007:
Jguring, you stated this was a Short Term Disability when you simply needed some assistance until you could return to your job at your usual occupation. It unfortunately seems those who work for a living, and need some temporary assistance, can't get it. Do take the advice of Syke and seconded by PassingBy and contact an attorney. I hate the thought of you losing your home due to no income and inability to earn any at present. In the meantime, contact your State Unemployment Office for some assistance.
Anonymous on 09/15/2007:
Jguring, I can't add anything else to what the others said but to to it as quick as you can and I wish you the best.
jgruning on 09/15/2007:
Thanks Everyone.. I have contaced an attorney.. and been working with them for months..and it's one of those big companies that you always see advertised as the "touch attorney" and unemployed keeps declining my unemployment since my employer terminated me since I was on an unapproved leave.I have all the documents showing I was on full time leave due to my injuries,but Metlife didn't think my injuries were serious enough.
Starlord on 09/16/2007:
I would get another insurance company. I was seriously injured on the job in 1992, and have been disabled ever since. I had to fight the Social Security Administration for three years to get my disability benefits, and my case was enough that the admin law judge at the final stage of appeal agreed that I was indeed unable to work. I know what you are going through, and hope you are able to get this resolved.
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