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The Worst Processing of Orders and Returns; the Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
RANDOLF, MASSACHUSETTS -- 1. I placed an order for 3 pairs of pants on 7/17/12. What I received was one pair of pants - and not the once that I ordered. When I called customer service (herein referred to as CS), I was told that the items that I had ordered were not in stock, so they "replaced" it with a pair of pants that they did have in my size. Have you ever heard of such a thing?! I returned the pants, requesting a full refund and no return shipping charges. After multiple calls to CS, I finally was given a credit, less $5 shipping. I've called CS to try to get my $5 back, but they are not helpful at all.

2. I called several times to find out if the pants that I was looking for were in stock, to try to avoid the pitfall noted above. after calling every week for one month, they were finally in stock. I placed an order for 6 pairs of pants (3 bootcut and 3 slim leg) - all in the same size. The order that I received was 50% incorrect. They sent 3 pants in one size and 3 pants in another size. I returned the pants. When I hadn't received a credit, I called to speak to a CS supervisor (at this point, I was pretty frustrated) and told her of my concern that orders were not being processed properly, the sup told me that she would have to listen to the recorded call when I placed the order and insinuated that I was lying! When I told her this, she promptly disconnected my call! I called again and spoke to another supervisor, who confirmed that that my return had been received by their warehouse and that he would "look into expediting" the credit to my account. To date, no credit has been posted. Emails to CS have been ignored. I returned the 3 pairs of pants that were the wrong size (Metrostyle's error) as well as another pair of pants that were actually accurately processed as part of my order, but just didn't fit right. I expect a credit for the 4 pairs of pants, 50% refund of my shipping for the items that were sent in error ($16.99 shipping for the entire order) and no return shipping charges. This is absolutely the WORST online experience I have EVER had - and I buy ALL of my clothes online. Horrible customer service, horrible processing of orders!
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Ignoring my e-mails/formal letter for request of refund
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For years I have been shopping at Chadwick's, which is also owned my the same company that owns Metrostyle. On March 25th I placed an order for 3 items; 2 tops and a pair of pants. On March 31st I called to check on the order and they told me they are transitioning to a new computer system and could not see if it shipped or not. They advised me to order it all again. So I called to see if they saw the order and they said I have 2 orders and they will cancel the one I had just placed on the 31st. Well, in April I got BOTH orders. I sent the 2nd one back at my expense because I did not want to make another call and talk to someone who did not know what they are doing. They credited the first order which was a lower amount and took off $6.00 for shipping! I e-mailed them to let them know the wrong order was credited and that they still owe me $30.48. No response. So I sent a letter over a week ago explaining what happened and a copy of my receipt. STILL no response. At this point I am at a loss of what to do next except keep hounding them for my additional refund. In this day and age there is no excuse for months on end to transition to a new system and to be so unresponsive. I may have to write to the president of the company. It's too bad because I really like their clothes. FRUSTRATING!
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User Replies:
prince-caesar on 05/26/2011:
I would dispute the charge with your CC company or bank
Fran on 06/06/2011:
Had the same exact problem. Just got off the phone with Metrostyle customer service and spoke to Michelle again in the collections dept. I actually disputed my charge with my credit card company hence Metrostyle put me in collections and had me talk exclusive with a ruthless person named Michelle. She was really p***sd off that I disputed the charge with my bank because the bank will immediately give you the $ bank and file a grievance with Metrostyle. Metrostyle will have to give up the money and then put you in collections. Then send Michelle after you to collect the $. That's how they operate.

Oh and the customer service is so not helpful. They couldn't find my initial order either and told me to resubmit my order and both times never sent a confirmation e-mail. Tried calling customer service after seeing the duplicate charge and couldn't reach anyone. Said their computers were down.

I would call Michelle and see what she can due to refund the return shipping. 800-288-6033. Next time get them to activate the return shipping label to get a free return if the item is duplicated. Good luck. I'm still out of $15 and had 2 stressful phone calls with Michelle.
Fran on 06/06/2011:
Had the same exact problem. I am now out of $16. Just move on from it because if you dispute then Michelle in collections/refund dept will get upset. They will put you in collections for the $30 even though they are at fault.
Long time customer of Metrostyle and Lerner but not anyomore.
Fran on 06/06/2011:
Not sure why my comments are not showing? I guess all 3 will show tomorrow.
retribution on 11/29/2011:
IT'S A REAL STEAL ALLRIGHT!! I purchased items in August' sent half the order back (worth approx.$70.) a few days later. Early Nov I called re no exchanges received yet....been calling almost every day
Cher on 12/04/2011:
I have been waiting on $130 credit to my acct since June. Have made several calls, and sent emails with no response. I finally called and was put on hold for over 45 minutes but when I spoke with a supervisor I have been told that Metrostyle has filed BANKRUPTCY.BEWARE!!! They are still selling merchandise, but you will not receive credits for returns or errors. BEWARE
Erika on 12/09/2011:
I pressed "1" like I wanted to order something to see if I could get answers from the sales side. According to them they can't see any previously ordered items, they can only take new orders. The only semi- helpful info I got was to call around 10:30 pm est in order to reach someone in customer service without the long wait time. After talking to customer service my October 14, 2011 order had back ordered items scheduled to be deliver on November 22, 2011 were now showing that I ordered them on November 22 (O_o). No one could tell me when they were going to be delivered. Their customer service is worthless!!!!!! This is crazy!!!!!!
Nancy on 12/21/2011:
Had a similar concern with a partial shipment and then numerous times with the run around about "we can't see the order," "we are changing our computer systems," and numerous other lies. I had the same problem at the same time with Chadwick's. Either place I could not get through to anyone in customer service who would give me a straight answer, if I could get to them AT ALL. The items at both places that I was waiting on were part of a buy 2 get them for a lesser price deal, plus I had used special rate coupons. After dealing with this nonsense from August through last week I simply cancelled both my Metrostyle and Chadwick's credit cards so as not to incur any further charges with no merchandise in sight. I'm sorry to see them go, but they both have certainly gone from reputible companies to ones I would never want to deal with again. I'll find somewhere else to spend my money.
jae on 01/04/2012:
having the same problem. I am out of $34.00
rvhunter on 02/24/2012:
I'm out nearly $400.00!!!!! I sent several items that didn't work for me. Back in the spring of 2011 I returned a large package of items that did not work for me. The package was one of Metrostyle's large mailing bags it was securely packaged with strong packing tape and the return label was securely affixed. I have tried to contact
Metrostyle numerous times for nearly a year. I finally got one response from one of their reps stating that they are changing there system and my credit would be received by the end of November 2011. Nope still nothing when I try to contact them through their site it won't work. When I click submit it just erases everything I tried to send. When I use the e-mail address they give on there sight it comes back as "non-deliverable". I have sent them messages via USPS and copies of my statement with the items that were returned still no response. I wonder if it is even a valid postal addresss. I have since paid off my credit card paying for these items that are not even in my possession! I am very frustrated and will no longer trust this company.
Jonita on 02/04/2013:
I warn all Friends and Family about Metrostyle...
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