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Fraud Airline
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I was recently on 12/28/09 a passenger on Mexicana Airlines flight MX1692 from Buenos Aires - Mexico City then transfer to MX 908 to Los Angeles.

My luggage was initially lost when I arrived in Los Angeles at my final destination. I filed a claim immediately for the lost luggage with Mexicana Airlines. My flight arrived on 12/28 at 10:30pm and I was informed my luggage did not make the flight and would be returned on the next flight that same night. The following day on 12/29 I still did not receive any phone calls about my lost luggage as of 11am, so I called and after at least 10 times calling throughout the day I finally received my luggage at 9:00pm on 12/29. I inspected the luggage to find that it had been severely tampered with and many of my personal items were missing including several of my credit cards. I called my credit card companies and discovered during my transfer in Mexico city, someone stole my personal items and my credit card, tried to use over $10000. Because that my credit cards were never out of my possession before taking this flight, it is clear that Mexicana Airlines staff is directly responsible for this fraudulent activity and deliberately held my bags to tamper with my personal belongings. I tried to file a complaint with Mexicana airlines but discovered that the ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM IS INOPERABLE. This further leads me to believe that Mexicana does not provide any means at all for actually filing complaints. I strongly believe that this airline is unlawfuly operating its baggage screening process and there is significant concern for a security breach for all passengers of this airline.

I normally never likes to write reviews. But I wanted to take my time to let other passengers to know NOT TO TAKE MEXICANA AIRLINE because all the troubles is SO NOT WORTH IT!!!! Even now, I am stilling calling and trying to find out my personal item.
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Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
It could have been the customs agents in Mexico. Credit cards in your luggage, huh?!
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
OP, I am working on a theory that airlines deliberately hire baggage handlers who are thieves. Why would baggage handlers work for minimum wage out on a freezing cold tarmac operating baggage carts, unless they are allowed by the airline to steal from bags? They keep one or two bags from every flight, then at their leisure go through the bags and then hey presto, the bags appear in the baggage claim area. In this way the airline gets the job done paying next to nothing in wages, the baggage handlers are happy, and the passengers must also be very happy since they swallow their losses without complaining.
let me see? on 01/01/2010:
Wait you are joking right? Your credit card company knew some personal items were stolen from your luggage? They have a camera in one of the credit cards? And if you had your credit cards were in your possession before you got to Mexico why would you put them in your luggage as you flew back? I worked for a credit card company and I cannot tell you how many times someone went on vacation overspent and then said someone stole their cards.
Ponie on 01/01/2010:
'...airlines deliberately hire baggage handlers who are thieves.' You're kidding, right? From where did you get the information that baggage handlers work at minimum wage? I don't believe your 'theory' makes any sense.
Anonymous on 01/01/2010:
Ponie, me thinks someone needs attention thus floats such flamebaiting "theories."
Clearly this clown doesn't know most ramp workers are unionized and not working at minimum wage. Further if you go by his "theory" you'd have over 30k bags a day missing from the top five carriers. Insulting to the overwhelming majority of employees that provide honest customer service.

Anonymous on 01/01/2010:
Am I reading correctly that the OP packed his credit cards in his luggage? Has anyone, ever, really done that? Too bizarre to be true. Sorry.
Anonymous on 01/01/2010:
I am normally looking everywhere to give the person posting a complaint the benefit of the doubt. Granted if the luggage had not been lost this would not have happened but the responsibility for credit cards belongs with the cardholder. They should have never been put in luggage that will be checked in and out of your possession.
Ben There on 01/01/2010:
U.S. Customs most likely opened your bag on arrival as this is normal procedure when a bag arrives into the country on a different flight than owner. They could have taken your stuff as well. Like most people I would never check my credit card.

I am not even going to comment on James' theory because it is completely ludicrous. I am starting to think he tried to get hired by an airline and they wouldn't have him.
PepperElf on 01/01/2010:
well at least the credit cards you can have canceled and reissued with new numbers
Anonymous on 01/02/2010:
It seems to me that one or two posters here know nothing about airlines although they talk as though they do. A study a few years ago, I think by Murphy and Brinkley, showed that most baggage handlers and janitors work for minimum wage. In any event if that is the only point of attack on my theory, it only fortifies my position that airlines have deliberately set up a situation where their employees steal from passengers bags. It would be within the power of airlines to set up security cameras at ramps and carousels to record what happens. When a passenger complains that his bag did not arrive, the entire process from the time the check in agent takes it to when it is displayed at the arrival airport would be on record to see if one of their employees secreted the bag somewhere or whether perhaps a fellow passenger took it up and walked away with it. The fact that airlines don't want to do this, only confirms suspicions that airlines know of the thefts that are going on and refuse to discourage it. Yes Ben There, wise conclusion. I tried to get a job as a baggage handler. I wanted to do a little pilfering myself and was turned down. Now that you are on to me, I better not say anything more on this.
Ponie on 01/02/2010:
'It seems to me that one or two posters here know nothing about airlines although they talk as though they do.' Not so, James! Whenever there is a complaint about airlines, travel agencies, hotel reservations, customs, etc., I hope to see responses by the 'one or two posters' you reference. Their explanations not only display common sense, they also provide backup for many of them. BTW, where's your backup that baggage handlers work at minimum wage? I somehow thought they were unionized, but wouldn't swear to it because I'm not in the industry. It's too bad the facetious statement about your being declined for employment at an airline was lost on you and went completely over your head.
Bottom line: Who puts their credit cards in checked luggage? I mean---really?
Anonymous on 01/02/2010:
Ponie, what garbage are you talking that anyone backed up anything they said? Where is the back up for the assertion that baggage handlers do not work for minimum wage? On the contrary I quoted a report which I am aware was sent to all major airlines in the U.S. An airline who hired me to do something for them sent me a copy of it which I should have somewhere. Did you even Google the report to see if you can find it? If you have contacts in any airline's human resources department you should be able to get it. Consultants have suggested to airlines to place security cameras to follow the trail of baggage. Security cameras with an internet connection have become dirt cheap. Why haven't they done it?
Anonymous on 01/02/2010:
Actually James, you didn't do much quoting:

"A study a few years ago"
"I think by Murphy and Brinkley"

Where's the beef?
Anonymous on 01/02/2010:
Ken I didn't do "much" quoting? No one else did ANY quoting. Just Google "Murphy Brinkley minimum wage" and you should find it.
Anonymous on 01/02/2010:
I thought I wouldn't fee this troll but he left himself wide open....
Google: International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers + Ramp Agent, you'll find some articles talk about wages,contract negotiations, etc and they aren't minimum wages. Even if they were, who cares? You imply everyone working for minimum wages is somehow a thief. How insulting to those that are just doing what they can to survive.
What consultants and security reports for them. I happen to be an insider so I can verify it. Airlines are tenants of the airport, security is the airports domain. Employee baggage theft is such a tiny number and as I've said previously you insult those that do the job honestly.

Ponie on 01/02/2010:
James, are you aware that there's good and bad in *any* industry/situation? I don't know what you do for a living, but I wouldn't be surprised if some cranks were among your peers--as well as mine. You might check to see what one of the posters does/did in 'spare' time.
There's no need for backup in any of the statements made by them. They stand on their own merit.
'Where is the back up for the assertion that baggage handlers do not work for minimum wage?' You were the first to make a contrary statement so where is your backup that they DO?
No, thanks, I don't care to Google anything. You supply the link and I might--I might--look at it. Just be sure, please, that it isn't only one and from a blog that anyone can do--even me.
Why haven't you addressed the fact that the poster left credit cards in checked luggage? I think it's very important to the complaint.
Anonymous on 01/02/2010:
There are cranks everywhere, on this site too and I am am seeing plain dimwits here. Ponie you said the posters back up what they say and when I pointed out that I was the only one to provide the name of a report, you now say that they don't need to back up what they say. VF if you didn't even know of the Murphy report, then I don't know what kind of insider you are. I am not at liberty to give the names of consultants who gave what reports and to whom and I have said as much as I am at liberty to say. I called the name of the Murphy report because I know that it was published freely to airlines who wanted it, and yet from the inside, you never even saw it. What part of the inside you are, I can only guess. To say that all minimum wage workers are dishonest came from you not me. What you quoted applied to one airline. I said there is a report that says that most baggage handlers work for minimum wage. You counter that by providing a report of negotiations by a union with one airline? Are you making sense even to yourself?

Ponie, what do you want me to say about credit cards in checked luggage? It was foolish. Satisfied?
Ponie on 01/02/2010:
OK, Jimmy. You can have the last word(s) even though they've been so convoluted a good GPS unit couldn't follow them! Happy New Year!
Anonymous on 01/02/2010:
Thanks Ponie, love you too
Ponie on 01/02/2010:
jktshff1 on 01/02/2010:
James, the only thing popped up when googled was on Example Essays "The raise is targeted at baggage handlers and janitors, many of who are paid minimum wage (Murphy and Brinkley)". Not a report at all. No date at all.
A link to the report would be helpful.
There is no other documentation that I could find.
dtizzle on 01/08/2010:
Guys, don't be so naive. Baggage handlers DO steal people's items out of luggage. It happens. In my situation, it wasn't baggage that was stolen, but an item my sister left on an airplane. We had a layover in Mexico City a week ago, sister left her pink cell phone on the plane. We were the last ones on the airplane, in the last row. We go back to the plane 20 min. later to try to check, they had just disconnected the gate. The ladies say "go to lost and found". We had a customer service guy call lost and found, first they say they think they have it, seconds later (oh, we don't have it) (STOLEN). WEek later we have another layover in Mexico, I check the status to see if they found it. Nope. Clearly, Mexicana Airlines people who check the plane steal these items. Funny, after we left lost and found, I see an airport employee walking around with a camera that looked like he just received. He was taking random pictures around the airport. Must be great stealing valuable items from passengers!
Ben There on 01/08/2010:
dtizzle, I am assuming that your sister left her phone in the seatback pocket since there are not many other places to leave them. Seat back pockets do not get searched or cleaned between every flight, so how do you know the next passenger in the seat did not find and keep it? Also, just because you see an airline employee holding a camera you assume that he had taken it from another passenger? Mexican people own cameras too.
ekoschaap on 03/09/2010:
I have heard more people having problems with Mexicana. But from what I know is you can take carry on luggage up to 22 lbs and take it with you in the cabin. Additionally you can take a personal item such as a laptop. The 22 lbs for a luggage back is way enough for important items such as credit cards, passport, cameras. The check in luggage only needs to be clothes or other non important items. I really don't understand why a person would ever put his or her credit cards in check in luggage that can easily be lost ? I always keep important items close to me when I travel.
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Mexicana Airline... The Worst Ever!
Posted by on
I purchased airline tickets through Mexicana to travel to Mexico from the U.S. I paid $600 total. Due to personal reasons I was unable to travel on scheduled date so I called them to cancel. I asked the representative if I needed some kind of code or confirmation number so they can find me in the system and she said my name was enough to find me in the system. I was told my credit was good for one year. Two months before the expiration of my credit I called Mexicana to reschedule. The representative was very rude, sarcastic, and when I asked her for help she replied by telling me that I should be smarter and get more information before calling, when I asked to speak to her supervisor she put me on hold forever!!! I called 4 different times and they all gave me attitude and was treated in a very unprofessional manner. I gave them my name, and all necessary info and they told me that it was still not enough to find me in the system???

How do they stay in business??? The 5th time I called, after being on hold for 30+ minutes, literally, the rep told me that she had found the flight but there was lots of people that where on that flight with the same last name. Does this make sense to anyone??? She put me on hold for another 5 minutes and after she answered laughing and gave me all the info I needed, I felt relieved. As I wondered why she was laughing she concluded with saying that my credit had expired 2 days ago. She hung up on me when I asked to speak to her supervisor. I'm currently fighting for my money back from them through the Los Angeles county consumer's dept.

Please avoid Mexicana airlines, when I traveled to Mexico I read magazine, newspaper articles that described horrible customer service through Mexicana airlines. People from Mexico also told be bad stories about them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/28/2008:
For security reasons, airlines cannot just look you up by name. The rep who told you that was wrong. Every airline gives you a confirmation code when you book a ticket. They can also look you up by your ticket number. And most airlines have a certain time period that they keep you in their system before your ticket gets purged. It is always a year from the date you BOOKED the ticket, not your flight date. Did you call a year from the date you booked your ticket? If you exceeded that date you may have been purged from their system.
PMSNBC on 04/28/2008:
Mexico is a third world what you get third world service. U.S. airlines are on their way (if not already) to be like Mexicana Airlines. I think it started to change when they stated calling stewardess flight attendants.
maribel1986 on 05/04/2008: Mexico is a THIRD world country???? Then what is America considered, my dear?
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Mexicana Airlines is the worst airline
Posted by on
On August 28, 2010 at I was scheduled for my return flight from Cancun Mexico to Los Angeles USA at 4:30pm. I arrived at the airport in Cancun Mexico at 12:30pm and was told by a Mexicana employee at the counter all Mexicana flights after 12pm noon had been canceled. I was given paper instructions on how to proceed to request for a reimbursement and was advised to seek another airline for transportation as all Mexicana flights had been canceled and I would not be able to fly back through Mexicana. No other information was given except to proceed to a different airline as soon as possible and purchase an airline ticket to return to my destination.

I was basically left stranded at the airport in Cancun without a return flight. I stood in line for over 2 hours at the AeroMexico sales counter to request to purchase a ticket to return back home to Los Angeles. I was told all flights were full due to many Mexicana passengers whom flights were also canceled and had no choice but to fly through other airlines, including AeroMexico. I was told by the AeroMexico agent there was only one flight with a few available seats scheduled to fly to Los Angeles on that day. The flight had two stops scheduled, one in Mexico City and the second stop in Guadalajara then it would proceed to Los Angeles. I was left with no other choice but to purchase a ticket for that flight as it was the only available flight to Los Angeles on Saturday, August 28, 2010. Total out of pocket expense $643.38
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bargod on 09/22/2010:
Stranded in Cancun, that doesn't sound so bad. Seriously though that sounds like an awful ordeal. Did Mex airlines ever say why they canceled the flight? Hope you get reimbursed.
azspots on 09/22/2010:
They went bankrupt I believe....stuck in Cancun doesn't sound bad at all ;) Glad you got home
CaptainSpaulding on 09/23/2010:
I challenge your assertion that Mexicana Airlines is the worst airline... that distinction belongs to American Airlines!
momsey on 09/23/2010:
That is awful. I've been in the Cancun airport. Not somewhere you want to be stranded.

azspots is correct - they went bankrupt and stopped flying. Interestingly, they are one of the world's oldest airlines. I had no idea.
anaijes on 09/23/2010:
Mexicana Airlines filed for bankruptcy in the US and Mexico. They are only willing to reimburse customers for the flights they canceled but couldn't care less about the passengers they left stranded and are not willing to reimburse for their out of pocket expense to return back home. They could have notified those customers in advance instead of waiting to the last minute to cancel and leaving people stranded, especially in a foreign country. They should have also stopped booking flights if they were filing bankruptcy. I hope a class action lawsuit arises from this. Its just simply wrong to do this to their customers and they shouldn't get away with it.
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Best Airline I've ever traveled on
Posted by on
I've seen several complaints on this site about Mexicana Airlines and have no idea what these people are talking about. I've been traveling frequently since I was about 2 years old and have a lot of experience with many different airlines. This has been the best and most consistent airline I've ever had the pleasure to travel with. They have the best service, the best food, and the friendliest employees. People who don't fly often freak out and don't know how flights really are. If you were to travel and experience other airlines, then you'd realize how great Mexican really is. I've never had a bad or even a mediocre experience with them, but I've certainly had horrible experience with other airlines. People need to relax and learn how to travel without getting crazy. A flight is for transportation, not luxury. If you want luxury shell out the $5000 for first class.
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Ben There on 09/13/2010:
I hate to break it to you, but Mexicana has suspended operations due to financial issues. They were a nice airline, and I liked that they gave AAdvantage miles.
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Mexicana Airline Is Bankrupt And Screwing Current Customers Over
Posted by on
Mexicana Airlines is a rip off scam of a company. After experiencing their horrible and deceitful customer service first hand, I can honestly say that it is no wonder that they are in bankruptcy.

A warning to people who are currently booked with these fraudsters, this airline is shut down and no longer running any flights. They lie to you about having resources for booking you on other airlines, but they don't have anything.

They do have a 90 to 120 day refund policy which is great because you might see your money back just in time for the NEXT vacation.

Don't let these idiots keep your money. Contact you credit card or debit card provider and request a charge back. Provide them proof of the lack of service and hopefully you will see your money back in your account within two weeks.

Mexicana is trying to keep a hold of whatever money they can at this point and possibly not ever pay you back by protection of the bankruptcy system.

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User Replies:
idontthinkso on 08/29/2010:
Good info!
Ben There on 08/29/2010:
Mexicana is not a rip off scam of a company... They are just a company that is going out of business. No scam involved - just not enough money to pay the bills... Many people are losing their livelihoods. Same thing happened to so many other airlines and passengers.

It is a good idea to file a charge back ASAP though.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
If a company is going out of business and collects money from customers while knowing it is not going to be able to deliver the service being paid for, that in my view is a fraud and a scam.
Ben There on 08/30/2010:
True, Jury, but that is not what Mexicana did. In fact, when their financial situation got worse a few weeks ago they stopped selling new tickets while they looked for new owners or financing. They flew for almost a month for those passengers who already had tickets, but were not selling new tickets in case this very thing happened. Unfortunately this model was non sustainable forever and they did not get the needed finances.
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Worst flight ever
Posted by on
Concerning our returning flight from Mazatlan through Mexico City to Miami on Feb 14 2010. This flight was the worst flying experience ever. I commented to my wife that I didn't like the pilot’s actions even as we taxied on the ground to the flight line in Mexico City. As we lifted out of Mexico City the plane banked hard left and right to the extreme, more than I've ever experienced in all the flying I’ve experienced. Most of the rest of the flight was uneventful until we with no warning began a rapid decent. Everyone in the plane had fear in their eyes; we all looked at each other as the plane kept descending at an alarming speed and rate. The attendants with their food carts were struggling to keep them from sliding down the aisles. There were no lights visible outside the cabin to really get a reference on how fast or what angle we were flying at, but it was long and scary with no announcements. Finally the seat belt sign dinged and light indicating the pilot was if not in control, at least conscious. We finally landed uneventfully and as we exited the plane the cockpit was locked, the flight personnel obviously didn't want customer feedback upon their exiting the plane. Was it pilot error, did they over shoot Miami? Was it an avoidance maneuver? Did this act actually save the lives of all the passengers? We'll never know, but Mexicana is on my List to stay away from. "Don't drink the water or fly their airlines." On a nicer note, their food is excellent. Perhaps they should be in the catering business.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 03/09/2010:
I would imagine in both cases (takeoff and landing) the pilot in command was simply following the directions they received from air traffic control.
Ben There on 03/09/2010:
I agree with Hugh. Pilots don't make up their own moves - they are done as requested by the ATC, especially near busy airports like Mexico City and Miami.
PepperElf on 03/09/2010:
"and as we exited the plane the cockpit was locked"

and do you think ANY airline is going to let you into the cockpit to chew the pilots out?

Anonymous on 03/09/2010:
Since 9/11 all airlines instruct the pilots to lock the cockpit.
Anonymous on 03/09/2010:
Ask to fly the plane yourself next time.
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Worst Terrible Customer Service Ever
Posted by on
MEXICO CITY -- In February my aunt and I went to my parents 50th wedding anniversary to the south most part of Mexico. On the way back we had a connecting flight in Mexico city. As the flight landed we where detained on the landing strip for 50 minutes and therefore we where late boarding the next flight, granted my aunt is on a wheel chair. As I approached the ticket counter to check-in I was told too bad you are 9 minutes late, there is another flight tomorrow morning at 6 am and you BETTER be on time... As I inquire about lodging was told in a sarcastic tone there are PLENTY of hotels where you can stay it depends what you can afford... I can go ON an ON.

PLEASE PLEASE avoid ANY dealings with a 3rd world airlines such as Mexicana... Crappy service and terrible customer service...
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User Replies:
bargod on 04/09/2008:
But you saved a few dollars right? why do people always book with these low cost carriers just to save a couple bucks and then are shocked when everything goes bad?
Ponie on 04/09/2008:
Did they at least supply you with a bag of drugs to help you pass the time? :)
OSOTE on 04/23/2008:
thanxx a million for the comments ... by the way Mexicana by no MEANS is a LOW cost carrier the service is cheap but the air fares are not ...
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