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What to do with a situation at the MGM Grand....
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NEVADA -- We recently stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas where we had booked a suite. On the morning of Day 3, I stepped out of bed (barefoot of course) onto a condom on the floor. The only thing I can think of is that this condom had been in our bed for 2 nights and had worked it's way to the floor - it was definitely not ours!! Actually can't remember the last time that my husband and I had one in our possession - probably more than 30 years!!

Housekeeping came immediately as well as security and dealt with 'it'. The hotel security had me write a statement, they took pictures, etc. Our rooms could not be compted as we had paid through a travel agency so to this point we've paid full price for our vacation. Now I'm dealing with their team of risk management people and so far they've offered a complementary return trip to their hotel. We are not Vegas travellers and had only been there for a wedding - we have no interest in returning. I've been to the doctor for one set of Hep and HIV tests (but really I'm not worried as the doctor tells me that I shouldn't loose sleep over this - the skin is very tough and I had no lesions on my foot).

My question is to all: Do we need legal counsel? What compensation should we ask for from the MGM? I have no idea what to do here..........
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