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how can you charge me?
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MANISTIQUE, MICHIGAN -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I would like to know how it is possible to charge my parents 65,000$ when the court took temporary custody of me when I was sent away for negative behavior to different institutions!

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I think that if the courts are going to take temporary custody until I am out of the system then they should have to pay for it! I could understand that if they didn't take custody then we would have to pay but they were the ones who took custody so they should have to pay!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2001-12-04:
Think about that next time you want to exhibit your "negative" behavior. That is how the state works.
Anonymous on 2002-01-17:
You're right. Your parents shouldn't have to pay for your behavior and neither should the system (system=taxpayers). YOU SHOULD! As a taxpayer I'm sick of paying for people who don't control themselves.
Anonymous on 2002-02-07:
Come back when you figure out all about "accountability" and "personal responsibility" you brain-dead loser.
Anonymous on 2002-02-07:
YOU should have to pay for YOUR OWN BEHAVIOR!!! Why should your parents have to pay because you decided to be a moron?
Anonymous on 2002-02-08:
Oh, so NOW you care about your parents since you've caused them to incur $65,000 in fees? Should have thought about them when you were displaying your "negative behavior". You didn't care enough about them to act properly then; why now?
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