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Destroyed My Computer
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Rating: 1/51
REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- I sent a letter to Microsoft regarding the problem their techs had created, but to no avail. I followed up with a letter to the Better Business Bureau, and again, Microsoft did not respond. The following is a summary of my complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

I contacted Microsoft Tech Dept over a minor software malfunction on April 25, 2014. Four different techs worked on my computer at different times, for at least 50 hours via the internet. Each time a tech worked on my computer the problems got worse.At this point my computer is useless. I wrote to the Microsoft headquarters on May 28, 2014. They were not even courteous enough to respond to my request for help. The end result is that I had to buy a new computer because:

1. Bills and other financial transactions are done via computer

2. My part time employment requires a computer

and being without a computer for an extended period of time had become a hardship. My now useless computer worked fine aside from a minor glitch. I could have continued to use it that way. I had no idea that the Microsoft Techs would turn a minor annoyance into a major disaster. Had I known I would have just left everything the way it was. I would have had a working computer and would not have had to buy a new one....Documentation of work with TECHS and my letter to Microsoft is available if needed.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

After 50+ hours online with Microsoft Techs, and now a useless computer, I had no choice but to purchase a new computer. The computer cost: $429.99 + 34.83 Tax = $464.82 A sum I feel is a fair settlement. Microsoft can have my old, useless computer and the Windows 7 discs which they sent. Those discs would not have had to be sent if the Techs had not destroyed my computer.
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Payment Information Cannot Be Removed.
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Rating: 1/51
REDMOND, NORTH CAROLINA -- I would give the payment process no stars if I could. There are several reasons which I will now state.

-First off, the main reason I am so dissatisfied is once you put any card information on your Microsoft account it is on there for the rest of all eternity. You do not have the option of removing it by any means on your own, so now your bank account information is online. Now I have had problems with having my card saved online like this before, so maybe it makes me more angry than most, but the fact that there is not even an option to take the information off makes me highly dissatisfied.

-The second reason I am upset about this is I called Microsoft because I needed to buy a charger for my surface, so knowing that I could not remove my husbands card from the account I did not want to add mine to make the purchase. So I called and explained to a Microsoft support person that I needed to make a purchase on the account with my card but I would only do so if they agreed to remove my card information directly after the purchase was complete. They agreed to remove my card and reassured me that removing it would not be a problem. So I hesitantly added my card information on the account and made the purchase. All went well and I received the conformation number. The on the phone with the same person I told her to please remove my card from the account because the purchase had gone through and I did not want my information to be on the account. Well, while I was waiting for her to remove it I went back to the payment information page on my profile just to make sure that it was actually removed.

Twenty minutes later she tells me that she is having problems removing my card from the account and has to get her superior to help her finally remove it. She gets him and they both try to remove it, and GUESS WHAT!? THEY COULD NOT REMOVE IT! So now all they do is apologize and tell me my card is on there indefinitely. Wonderful, just what I didn't want to happen.
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Breech of Security for Hotmail Accounts, Microsoft Allows Hackers to Keep Control
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Rating: 1/51
In a 3 month period, I have talked with "support" 8 times. 7 times they have sent me off to links that don't work, forms to fill out, web pages temporarily down and 7 rejections from the "Team" because there's not enough of MY information left on the Hotmail account to prove it's me.

Microsoft boosts about being #1 in customer security, but who's security are they protecting in this situation? Mine or the hacker that has MY account?

The hacker attached itself to my account, sent out spam and my account was locked. I started through the reset process and noticed that the reset link was being sent to the hacker as well. I called Microsoft... asked that the hacker be removed from my account before sending me the reset link.
Microsoft said they couldn't remove it until I got control of my account. So Microsoft sent the reset link to both of us... and the hacker got there first.

Microsoft failed in protecting my security by NOT removing the address I requested before sending out the link for my reset.

This is what gets me... I don't think a hacker would call "support" repeatedly for help, go through numerous steps to retrieve the account, wait for a reply... find it rejected because MY information isn't valid, told to reapply, and do it.

I have had this account for 15 years or more... all my personal information is in there.. personal folders, bank, credit cards, business, etc. So far Microsoft has refused to gain me access to my account, or close the account down.

All my personal and security information has been changed because Microsoft sent the hacker my reset link. I can no longer prove the account belongs to me, but they"ll protect the hacker's security and continue to let it control my account and all my personal information in it.. Where's the customer security for me here?

I've been told to just start another account and use that one... what? A hacker has control of MY original account, MY personal information... and that's Microsofts solution?

I need to speak with someone that can push the buttons to fix this, someone that can dig deep into my account history and find the information I've provided on the forms... it's in there somewhere. Is there anyone with Microsoft that can do this? All the "techs" I've talked with so far have been limited in their abilities.

I've also been told that there is no real support for free Hotmail accounts... I want to know why.
Hackers breech our accounts, take them over, gain access to all our personal information... has the power to abuse it... and there's no real support from Microsoft?

Microsoft has heard many similar situations to the one I'm in, and they can't give us control of our accounts, or close them down?

This is a security breech issue and how Microsoft handles it.

I need REAL help from Microsoft

Not My Favorite Experience
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ZUNEVILLE, TEXAS -- I purchased a Zune Originals with 120Gb drive and additional docking station/Charger and Auto connect cables less than a year ago. During the time I used it I had to reset many times because the unit would not turn on/boot up.

Last week as it sat in the docking station I noticed a big "Error 5" message, so once again tried to reboot, but this time to no avail. Went on-line and followed all their suggested fix methods and finally ended up filling out the return form and printing the UPS shipping label. Also decided to extend the warranty while I was at it because I have not been feeling particularly trustful of this product.

Well my custom ordered Zune with special artist graphics arrived at the repair facility followed by a message from the facility...

"This e-mail is regarding the repair order currently open for your Zune
Originals device.

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace the Zune you have sent in because those devices are no longer manufactured in this color.

In order to resolve this issue for you as quickly as possible we would like to offer you the choice of either having the device replaced with a 16GB Black untattooed Zune HD device, or a full refund for the original cost of the Zune Original. Please note that a refund can only be returned back onto the payment card used to complete the purchase.

Please respond directly to this email without changing the subject line with your preference, and we will provide you with that solution. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

My response...
"I spent over 300.00 to get a 120 GB Zune with dock station charger and just ordered an extended warranty for another year for 59.00 and your telling me you can't repair a product that is less than a year old? What happens with my recently purchased extended warranty?

At least I should be getting a Zune 32 and I'm betting I'll have to buy new dock station and auto cables because none of my Zune 120 accessories will work with this new device ...correct?"

Their response...(now look carefully...)
"Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, your 120GB device is unrepairable and needs to be replaced. Your warranty would automatically carry over to your new replacement device. We apologize, but 120GB Zune Originals devices have been discontinued. As an alternative, we would be able to offer you a black 80GB Zune Originals replacement device, customized as you originally ordered. This unit would be compatible with your docking station but unfortunately, an HD device would require a different docking station."

*** didn't the first message they sent say ... can't replace unit in this color? (pretty sure it did.) Now it's "120GB Zune Originals devices have been discontinued".

Wow!!!! A product less than a year old and there are no parts on earth to repair it? !!!

my response... (and yes there's some attitude..) "Un-freakin believable... I guess I don't really have to explain how disappointed I am with the Zune product at this point.....

Send the Zune HD 16 GB as replacement, but I am not happy. Really this is not a good deal for me as an alternative to Microsoft/Zune business failings.

How ridiculous that a less than one year old device can't be repaired... What? you used up all the 120gb drives in the world?

Make sure my joke of an extended warranty covers my new Zune, ha ha as I see what good that will probably do me.

Thanks, really thanks."

Their response...
"Thank you for your response. A black 16GB HD device will be manufactured this week and will ship out to you next week."

*** Wow .. their going to "Manufacture" one this week, these things must be hard to get...

My response...
"Omg, Hope ya didn't have to open the factory just to manufacture one little 16GB Zune for me."

OK, I have vented (and I'm sure iPod owners are saying yea yea quit complaining get an iPod ...) point being, I am not at all happy with this product or the service or the deal. Just wanted others to know what possibly to expect from Zune ownership!

Another Business That Doesn't Know How To Do Business
Posted by on
I've been using Microsoft products since 1987. I've never bought a product myself, but the products were supplied by my employers. I'm seriously considering not using MS products at all. They tend to cost me time (which is money). I don't know how much time I've lost over the years, but it's got to be on the order of months.

I don't know why Microsoft can't produce a product that works and doesn't crash. In the beginning when I would call about crashing problems, they would tell me to delete all other programs on my computer. I just loved that attitude. Now, they don't come out tell you that. My last encounter with a tech started out pleasantly. She gave me some things to do, which helped, but didn't solve the problems. Office crashes on a regular basis and usually just before auto back-up, so I lose the maximum amount of time and work.

I frequently work on large documents, which Office doesn't handle well. The auto backups are particularly frustrating. Everything grinds to a halt. I suppose I could keep typing, but I tend to do a lot of in process editing. Essentially, every time Office does an auto back-up, I sit there staring at the screen for 30 seconds. This a terribly inefficient way to work. All too often, I've got an idea I'm trying to express and have just gotten on a inspirational roll, when Office starts to back up. As a result, I usually lose my train of thought.

I think Microsoft has lost sight of the forest while getting too caught up in the trees. They get so caught up in trying to address the details of programs that they lose sight of the end-user and of the coordinated "whole" of what their programs should be. It's not just office, it's everything they produce.

These problems with programs are evidence of a dysfunctional company. Like many, if not most, businesses in this country, Microsoft has lost sight of how to "do business." Part of this problem has to do with what Robert Bly (poet laureate) referred to as "sibling society" or a society of adolescents. Look at what characterizes adolescence. Kids don't want to take responsibility. In fact, they will squirm and wiggle their ways out of responsibility for their actions. Kids are exploring the limits of what they can get away with. Kids are establishing their "egos" in ways that are often destructive, but are at least childish. Fundamentally, adolescents are focused on themselves and what they can get out of situations, not on others (such as customers). -- Now, go back and insert "Microsoft" or any other business for "adolescent."

Microsoft even has the audacity to ask for money to give you help when their products don't work! They even have gone so far as to not provide a way to contact their corporate headquarters on their website. At least, I never found it. I googled MS headquarters and that's how I got to this site. And, this site's email finder didn't find one either. So, they will charge you for help, and keep customers from complaining. (How many other companies do the same thing?)

In these bad economic times, this is one company that should not be rescued. In fact, the whole economic mess we're in at the is moment due to the adolescent nature of CEOs and the general mentality of corporate America.

Grow up Microsoft... or go out of business.
Zune Defective Screen
Posted by on
Zune Cracked LCD Screen Microsoft Customer support is terrible. Don't buy a ZUNE!

Purchased a 30 GB Zune 06/17/07, on 07/28/07 the LCD screen failed. No damage to the cover but the inner LCD screen is a rainbow spider web. 07/30/07 at 10:29 AM MST I contacted Microsoft Zune Customer Support speaking with Ken, I was told that he has seen this problem before when the LCD has failed at no fault of the consumer, but Microsoft still refused to warranty the product. Stating the warranty only covers the hard drive or software. I did not damage the unit, this a manufacturing defect in the LCD, regardless the screen is not covered and would not be repaired. I was told that despite a 1 year Microsoft parts and labor warranty and a two year supplemental warranty I have no recourse and, as I understood, am essentially out of luck. This is not acceptable when spending $229.94 (plus a $17.88 extended service plan) and having the item fail within 45 days, then being told sorry, but that's not our problem, you’re on your own. Microsoft will do nothing to solve the problem. Ken referred me to to register the complaint, which I did.

07/30/07 at 11:23 AM MST I Contacted and spoke with Shiela, ID # 207392. I was told the supplemental warranty does not take effect until the manufacturer warranty expires and they could not help me. She referred me back to Microsoft, but Microsoft will not honor the warranty.
07/30/07 at 2:30 PM I went back to Wal-Mart where customer service was unable to return the device due to a 15 day return policy on electronic devices of this nature.

As of 7/31/07 at 11:26 AM I have sent two e-mails to the with no response to my complaint. I think they are just going to try to ignore me and hope I go away. The Zune seems to be so poorly manufactured that the inner LCD will fail under common use and Microsoft customer support is so poor that they will do anything to avoid fixing a known problem.

As of 08/01/07 at 10:24 PM MST I have had no response to my written complaints to I have done a web search and found this to be a very common problem. A few people were able to get it repaired, only to have the screen fail again within a couple of weeks. I have included some web site addresses related to this issue;
The following are some organizations I intend to contact after giving Microsoft Customer Support another opportunity to correct the problem; Department of Consumer Affairs Better Business Bureau
Utah Attorney General Office
Utah Department of Commerce (1-877-FTC-HELP)
Federal Trade Commission

08/01/07 at 11:15 PM MST I sent the above text to, hoping to get their attention.

08/02/07 at 10:39 AM MST I contacted Zune Customer Support by phone, speaking with Service Representative Shilpa (Employee # 325263) and Customer Service Manager Don (Employee # 325041) both flatly refused to accept any responsibility for the damaged LCD screen. Both claim the specific part is not covered under warranty because they define it as “physical damage” despite the part being an internal component of the device. Shilpa claimed there was a specific clause in the warranty that defined this part but was unable to produce the language in the manual and refused to find and e-mail the text of the clause to me. I was again referred to and given a reference # of 1040930900. Both the representative and manager dismissed my complaint and identical complaints of others as disgruntled customers who didn’t get their way. Microsoft is fully aware there is a problem with this component of the device, and simply refuse to do anything about it. I was also told they would not repair it under any circumstances, there were not any authorized service centers to either take or send the device to, referred me to some generic electronics repair store, which in turn would void any “warranty” that would still apply, because of an unauthorized opening of the case of the device. I have sent multiple comments to the Zune customer feedback site with no response to my complaint.

08/02/07 2:30 PM MST I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. At 3:15 PM MST I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs, receiving a notice the complaint would be added to the database.

If you already have a Zune, I hope you don't have this problem. If you already have the same problem the Better Business Bureau and Department of Consumer Affairs needs to hear about it.

Microsoft Scammers on the Rise
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51

This is an informative post about a scam that is going on, recently scammers have access to Microsoft software and are using it to access personal information on users computer. The scammers will pose as Microsoft technical support and will contact you through a remote dial up computer, this enables them to hide the number they are calling from. The scammer will say your computer is infected and will try and con you into giving your bank account info to pay for the Microsoft software to remove the virus on your computer.
Microsoft will never contact their customers through the phone your computer will send a alert, than you can call technical support for Microsoft. This scam is on the rise as well as ring once and call back scam. This scam involves someone calling and if you miss the call and you call that number back, you could be calling back a adult service and being billed for it. Look out for callers that have private or blocked or numbers that you do not recognize as frequent callers.
As well as the scam that involves employment and Western Union scams. Scammers are on the rise as well as mortgage and rental property scams. Always ask questions and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.
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Microsoft Is A Fraud All The Way
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Rating: 1/51
WASHINGTON -- Recently purchased a computer with windows 8. Worst operating system I have ever encountered. I HAVE 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE AT THIS. Also Microsoft does not allow you to make negative comments or file a complaint with the AG in their state. I will not be surprised if some glitch appears as I am typing this. Windows 8 sucks. It changes settings, when I go back to whatever I was doing, things have changed. Cannot close a page I am using. Cannot go back to the window I came from. cannot report anything negative or my computer goes on a blink.
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Support That Can Kill a Company
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Rating: 1/51
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Microsoft support experience

My client was diligently using his email - the one which the email address had been in use for 4 years - when it said 'reconfiguring email'. Next, it started asking for a password.

This is when my call came in - One of our sales reps emails stopped working! Trying all the passwords I had done not resolve the outlook connect issue and web login would not work either. The password reset said the account did not exist. Trying to set up a new account with the email address said the address already existed. He can't do his work! Emergency call to Microsoft. No, we can't really help you, you have to go through a form based service call. Fine. Created the message, sent it. Finally, later in the day, received a email telling me the forum message was responded to. Logged on and read the following :

Oh come on! Responded that we needed to get the email address released and were even willing to lose past history. No response. Nothing.

I guess this is the new face for Microsoft support. If you think that relying on a email address for any business use is safe, think again.

Days later - still nothing. Month later. Still nothing.
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Product key is genuine but blocked.
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Rating: 1/51
N/A, CALIFORNIA -- I just bought a year old computer from my granddaughter who re-loaded her disc's in order to erase other things she had. Now I get the message 'enter product key' every time I use the office word to open a document. When I entered the product key it isn't recognized and the help desk said the key is blocked because it was used before. Why is it that Microsoft blocks the key when it is used a second time. The option I have been given is I can re-purchase it for $199.00 or have a tech re-install it for $99. This is just plain BS, but, here I sit with a computer that is unable to open documents (part of my work, by the way) unless I re-purchase software that came with the computer. Any ideas??
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