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Go With Mac And Save Yourself A Ton Of Stress And Money!!!
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Purchased new desktop with Vista 64 bit (only OS available these days). It will cost me upwards of $800+ to upgrade my other software and hardware for compatibility issues. This new desktop (4 weeks old now) has been crashing/locking up since day one while on internet explorer or ms office 2003 pro.

I have another pc running Vista 32 bit but it crashes regularly too.

I have a net book with XP that had to be reloaded but, because it is a netbook, it did not come with an option to create a recovery disk nor did it come with a recovery disk (it has no cd/DVD drive). Now I am trying to reload it using an actual, legal, authentic ms XP cd (that is not loaded on any other machine and I own it). It will not work with the legal, actual, authentic ms XP product key. Called ms customer support and they are telling me that the netbook manufacturer would have to send me a new disk. The netbook manufacturer wants to charge me $39 + s & h for that cd.

Ms is taking Advantage of the consumer. I am buying the products and adhering to the letter of the law and Microsoft just keeps finding another way to screw me. I have previously registered this product key in my name on the same machine but they don't care.

Bill gates may be giving millions to charities every year but the way I see it, he is stealing from the consumer and giving the consumers money to those charities in his name. Bill gates and all ms executives should be ashamed of themselves. How do they sleep at night? I have lost several hundred dollars in the last month because I could not deliver work promised on time. I am not going to cheat my customers... If you cannot honor you promises and commitments to your customers, you should not make them pay. Hey bill, that is what you call "good customer service"!

Oh by the way, I am sending this complaint on my new Macbook pro!! The netbook is going in the garbage, I have loaded linux on the 1 year old desktop and the 1 month old desktop is going back to the store. I want nothing else to do with Microsoft.

This Macbook is sweet. The software for mac's tend to be less expensive and work great. Oh, wait, that is because Microsoft did not manufacture those software programs.

Hp, Acer, Asus, Sony, Fujitsu, Dell, Gateway, E-machines... Take notice. This hits your bottom line just as much!!! Should you be putting your reputation on the line for Microsoft?? I won't anymore!

Sleep tight bill.

About me... I am have had training on and have built hundreds of pc's.
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Anonymous on 08/18/2009:
MRM on 08/19/2009:
Down with the Mac!
MRM on 08/19/2009:
I find it hard to understand that if you have built hundreds of computers, why are you having trouble with Windows? I have never had trouble with Windows.
jktshff1 on 08/19/2009:
I've got a ThinkPad with xp and a HP Laptop with 32 & 64 bit Vista and have no problems with either.
I use Mozilla Firefox rather than IE
Anonymous on 08/19/2009:
Less stress, maybe, maybe not. Less money, absolutely not. And if you think that 64-bit Vista is the only operating system available, it would explain a lot of issues you are having. Get some professional help correcting your PC issues.
bcd on 08/19/2009:
As a Macintosh owner and Apple stock holder I say thanks and welcome to the club.
MICHCOLLINS on 08/20/2009:
The Mac is awesome. I have built many computers from the ground up and yes I do and even A+ techs have trouble with PC's. I find it hard to understand that any of you Windows fans can sit there and say you don't have any trouble with Windows. Maybe if you guys were working for Windows, everyone would love Wndows. As for the cost, I spent $50 more on the Macbook Pro than I would have spent on a Windows laptop (a good one, not a $300 version). I then spent $49 on VM Fusion (and after rebates, only $9) loaded my old copy of Windows XP and all my Windows software and I am very pleased. Mac runs Windows better than any PC I have had. SO.... for an additional $59 I am running a Mac and a Windows platform system with all my existing software. The sad thing is that some of the extra software I have purchased for Windows PC, I would never have had to buy with the Mac.

BTW, I do realize that you can still pruchase a 32 bit version of Windows but most stores only have 64 bit on laptops. In order to utilize the extra RAM on Windows (which is needed) you have to go with the 64 bit. With Mac, I can upgrade the RAM and don't have to worry about the "bit" software. Only 2 gigs of RAM on a Mac is much better than the 4 gigs of RAM on a PC.

Believe me, people have told me for years that I should get a Mac for my work (graphics and video) and I fought it. I owe those Mac lovers an apology for not listening.

Sorry if my factual statements have offended anyone... these are just my experiences and opinions. You are entitled to yours as well. If your Windows system does not give you problems, congratulations, if it does, try a Mac. If Windows wants to keep the loyalty, they need to offer better support and fewer "major" changes in their OS which requires other software upgrades.

Happy computing!
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Misdirecting the market place
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Both my wife and my self went to Best Buy and received advice and direction on computer purchases, We were instructed to ad Vista as an operating system. We were told even though we wanted XP which we were told was about to be unsupported! So we got the systems with Vista. Now, were being told that Microsoft will discontinue to support Vista starting in July 2011.

You might think two multi-billion dollars companies might have some business practices that included lying, misrepresentations to get a few $$$$$$ makes me SICK.
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azRider on 06/08/2011:
Well XP is pretty old. Vista sort of like XP and still a supported product by Microsoft. so maybe, based on your needs, the sales person pointed you to Vista. for the record operating systems get replaced and updated all the time. Apple is famous for this, you buy a Apple product and the next year the new version is out. if the system does what you need and your happy with it, don't worry about it. there are hundreds of thousands of support people still supporting Windows ME, XP, Vista, 7 and so on. your not going to have a problem supporting any thing you need. now if it was CP/M you'd have an issue.
MRM on 06/08/2011:
Best Buy shouldn't be carrying Vista computers. Best Buy should be currently selling Windows 7 computers.
Anonymous on 06/08/2011:
I have no idea why they would be selling an outdated OS. I know the netbooks had XP but now even they have windows 7 installed.

jktshff1 on 06/08/2011:
Seems as if Best Buy misdirected you.
localgod on 06/09/2011:
Microsoft turns their O/S's about every 2 to 3 years which is a good life in the software biz. Their support is great and I'm not sure why the poster wanted XP when the system has had a reputation as being flaky and antiquated. Vista support will continue, but at a cost. That is still acceptable considering the short warranties on current operating systems. Did the poster expect free support for life?
MauiAl49 on 07/19/2011:
Only support for Vista service pack 1 is ending, support for Vista SP2 will continue until April 2012 and extended support will continue until 2017. Considering that Microsoft stopped licensing XP totally by October of 2010 I don't see how you could be buying a new computer at this time with it installed. Even if you could it would be rather out dated by now.
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Beware of Vista
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I am certainly not a tech head or even a whiz on computers but I do use it for my work and to surf the internet for relevant information that I need. I have to say that two months after purchasing my Vista program some serious glitches started to appear and since then more problems have been occurring. The first problem is what everyone complains about is the speed or more so the lack of it. It takes for ever to load a page up. The next is that programs stop responding all together for no apparent reason and that is very frustrating. But the biggest problem is that Microsoft is not there to support. It's the first step to failure, no matter how big a company can be, if it ignores its clients it will quickly diminish in the eyes of the consumer and that long journey that it made to get to the top will be a far shorter journey on the way down as the weight of discontent propels it to it, s downfall.

There are alternate programs around that are not as flashy but at least they work.
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Mario The Great on 03/17/2009:
Let's start by saying that I agree. Vista is a memory hog. I have Vista Ultimate on all of my computer and they all run flawlessly. If you have anything less than 3 GIGABYTES, you are in for a surprise. Vista, as well as every other Microsoft program uses at least double of what the basic minimums they post. Personally, I love VISTA ULTIMATE. I can't wait to try Windows 7 or 70 or whatever. Go Microsoft!!!
Anonymous on 03/17/2009:
I love my XP.
jktshff1 on 03/18/2009:
I do like XP, but on my personal laptop, I have the Vista Ultimate. I like it. I think people are purchasing computers on price and not getting enough memory on the front end. Then again, the manufacturers should be addressing the problem also.
Anonymous on 03/18/2009:
Vista sucks. My new laptop is a gazillion times more powerful than my old one, 4GBs, and half as fast. Pictures take forever to load and the Internet is constantly freezing. The sound on mine is clicking, too. I like some of the Vista features, but for the most part, it's not an improvement on XP.
madconsumer on 03/18/2009:
vista is different, yes, vista is a resource hog, yes. chage is good. any system running vista must meet a certain requirement, it is not for every machine.
Alain on 03/18/2009:
Still sticking with XP. Eventually we'll have to get some new machines. At that point, I'll being doing a lot of research. Making sure the machine can work with the operating system will be a big part of that.
Anonymous on 03/18/2009:
I have Windows 7 Beta running on a PC at work. It's vastly superior to Vista. Less of a memory hog. Zero problems with any task.
jktshff1 on 03/18/2009:
I think Vista was a stopgap between xp & 7
kind of like me was between 98 & xp
Anonymous on 03/18/2009:
Mario is right, Vista with enough RAM runs pretty well. I blame the PC manufacturers who are making machines with a single gig of memory, then loading Vista on them.
Anonymous on 03/18/2009:
I Echo Ken. I have Vista on my home PC. It took a little while to get used to but it isn't bad. The main problem is the speed because I chose the wrong size memory. I should have educated myself on my purchase before I handed over the cash.
Mario The Great on 03/20/2009:
Just a quick follow up to those who care - If you're Vista is 32 bit, you'll never be able to use more than 3GB of Ram - the 62 bit version allows for 4GB + . Thought you might want to know.
GenuineNerd on 03/21/2009:
Maybe consider Linux. I have an Asus EEE netbook that is Linux-equipped. This is mainly a backup or travel system for me...and the way Asus set the Linux up on this machine, it works almost like Windows, and is very fast. Faster than my Windows XP tower. Only drawback with Linux...some Windows programs or software won't work properly, or at all...but there are many Linux equivalents of popular Windows apps and games. And Linux is rarely affected by viruses, spyware, and malware (my Linux machine does come with an antivirus program, though.) Once you get used to Linux, you won't go back to Windows.
Scarsuna on 05/06/2009:
Vista is no good whatsoever, but Windows 7 seems to have learned from its failures.

I still like Linux better for anything but gaming.
madconsumer on 05/06/2009:
windows 7??

is there even such a thing?
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No Free Support For Known Problems
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My nearly two year old Windows Vista laptop experiences the blue screen of death on startup. Won't even work in safe mode long enough to do anything. Fault module and exception errors are identified, but Microsoft wants 60 bucks to provide any specific information as to how to repair. By now it should be front page news... fixes are available all over the net, but drilling down to your exact problem is a daunting task. Microsoft should provide all they know about these problems for customers without charging.

How many time does one have to pay for a program that actually works? My next computer will absolutely NOT run any version of windows.
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madconsumer on 01/23/2009:
there can be many reasons a computer blue screens, not always a os issue. have you tried to roll back your system?

often times the blue screen is a conflict in the os and other software. sometimes from not enough memory or over loaded system.
Anonymous on 01/23/2009:
Or very commonly from a bad memory chip. If you have multiple chips of RAM, try swapping them out one by one and see if you can make the problem go away. In spite of what you think, BSOD problems are not common with Vista, I'd be more suspicious of a hardware error.
dan gordon on 01/23/2009:
I just called Microsoft this week and a tech guy spent over one hour with me to help out on a software issue. He even called me back in one hr to see if things had downloaded corretly. My experience could not have been more different.
Starlord on 01/24/2009:
We just found out because fo a call from our computer tech, DO NOT DOWNLOAD SERVICE PACK 3. Over 250,000 PCs have the same problem we had to take our PC into the shop for, and it is a Microsoft problem. The tech called Microsoft and got the info on the superglitch straight from Microsoft.
MRM on 01/24/2009:
Starlord, I have installed SP3 on 5 different machines at home and it runs without any problems.
Exactly, what problems did you encounter when SP3 is installed on the PCs.
old fart on 01/24/2009:
Sp3 downloaded on machines with an AMD processor is a real killer..
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Vista-Microsoft Customer non-service
Posted by on
KIHEI, HAWAII -- I was downloading music from our old computer (XP) to our new one with Vista (no choice unless you go with a Dell Inspiron). Anyway I could not find the way to covert the audio format from Mp3 to Audio CDs as there was on XP. I called customer service, never got to speak to anyone, because the computer is under warranty and I should contact HP, which is stupid because my ? was regarding the software. After an hour and a half of reading through their problems site on the net, I found out it can't convert the songs, you have to buy another program to be able to do what you could in XP for free.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/29/2008:
Download iTunes from It is free, and it will burn audio CDs from mp3 files.
Soaring Consumer on 12/05/2008:
Microsoft also removed useful functionality from many other things in Vista. Take Sound Recorder for example, they removed everything except the Start/Stop button. Hence I switched many of my computers back to XP.
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I Hate Vista
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SYDNEY, MASSACHUSETTS -- I can't believe how useless Vista is. Every update stuffs up and now with latest update when you ask for a new folder it sends the folder to n in an alphabetical sense before you even type in the name. What is this crap that is supposed to be better than the previous operating system. I think with all the compatibility problems with existing software and consistent stuff ups Bill Gates & Microsoft are a pack of blood sucking leaches who provide nothing for the consumer and everything for their bloodsucking shareholders. Guess what we all don't invest with Microsoft but we use your fuc&&n product everyday.

Fix it you bloodsuckers because you have a responsibility to your consumers as well as your shareholders. Vista is a disgrace.
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User Replies:
MRM on 02/14/2008:
Even after I applied service pack 1 (final version) to Vista, I am still not satisfied with its performance.
Anonymous on 02/14/2008:
Not to defend M$, but we forget that XP had more problems in its early days.
Mario The Great on 02/14/2008:
Old system: AMD Athlon 3000+, EIDE HD, 1 GB DDR Ram, Vista Ultimate - Awesome system, super slow

New system: Intel Dual Core 1.8, SATA HD, 2GB DDR2 Ram, Vista Ultimate - Awesome system, super fast

I've tested Vista Ultimate on systems that varied from 512MB of DDR to 4GB of DDR2. If you're not running AT LEAST 2GB of DDR2, the slowdown of your computer is noticeable. The dual core processor also kicks a$$. One thing I have noticed is that in the last 4 days, there have been Microsoft updates every day. Apple's OS is 10x better than Vista, but most people can't afford the basic Mac at $1,200. It's all about RAM. If your motherboard can take 2GB, go for it. If not, I'd hate to go back to XP, but it's faster if you have less than 2GB.
MRM on 02/14/2008:
Mario The Great, perhaps I need to use the new hardware technology to run Vista. For example, in my current system I'm still using the old DDR. I should be upgrading my motherboard with DDR2 to run Vista.
GothicSmurf on 02/14/2008:
Do you hate vista, click yes to continue. *clicks yes* Do you hate vista, click yes to continue. *clicks yes*Do you hate vista, click yes to continue. *clicks yes*Do you hate vista, click yes to continue. *clicks yes*
miketech on 02/14/2008:
I'm not a Vista fan. I had the beta of Xp and loved it from day one. Vista seems so awkward to get around. It has some neat features but I'd like something fast and easy to navigate.
Mainly I use pclinuxos for office apps, web surfing and checking Email. it's fast and wroks great on an older computer.
Anonymous on 02/14/2008:
We got an email from MS this week that the Vista Service Pack is ready to go. I am not a Vista fan either but the service pack will quiet a lot of the issues people are having with Vista. We ran a beta copy of it, a number of the networking issues have been corrected and stuff like that. Bad news is on weaker systems it's still a dog on a hot summer day.
Mario The Great on 02/14/2008:
That was funny Gothic.

MRM - Old computer + cost of upgrades = $435 or more

Cost of new computer with 2GB DDR2 = $329+

Why not buy a new one, upgrade it for minimal cost and then give away or sell the old one?
MRM on 02/14/2008:
Yes, I will upgrade the system but I will keep the old system for guests to use in the house.
Anonymous on 02/14/2008:
I hate vista, I'm with you!

I hate Microsoft Corporation when they come out with new stuff because it always takes a year or two to get the bugs out, just in time to come out with something new.
MRM on 02/14/2008:
Maybe I shall skip Vista and wait for "Windows 7" which will be due in 2010. Its only 2 years away till the new OS comes out. I hear that will be good. In the meantime, I will be using my trusty XP as it gets my work done in a flash.
Mario The Great on 02/14/2008:
By the way MRM or anyone else for that matter, if your computer is running slow, you may have tons of background programs running. Computers purchased from retailers come preloaded with crap from the get go. Here's how to get rid of it. (Applies to any MS system)

Step 1 - Go to the control panel and uninstall any unwanted programs

Step 2 - Go to RUN and type in MSCONFIG

Step 3 - Click on the STARTUP tab

Step 4 - Look at what's checked and what's not. Click off anything or any program that you don't recognize or don't want in your memory (I.e., Quicktime, Windows Defender, Adobe, Snapfish, etc.) I've never purchased any type of Virus program as I never download anything I'm not familiar with. Thus the need for Windows Defender (A SUPER memory hog) is unwarranted. If you click on DISABLE ALL, no programs will be loaded into memory. This is a great way to start. If you have any problems, just go back to MSCONFIG and click on a program that isn't respondind properly.

Step 5 - After you're done with that, click on the SERVICES tab and then click on HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES.

Step 6 - Click off anything you don't want running in memory (I.e., Google Updater Service, Yahoo Messenger, HP Health Check, etc.) Keep the ones that may affect you. (If you use a webcam, keep Logitech or whatever.) If it says audio, keep it. Otherwise, click it off and then finally

step 7 - Restart your computer. A box will pop up saying that a system configuration utility, blah, blah, blah. Click on the DON'T SHOW THIS MESSAGE AGAIN and then you're done. Restart the computer again and see if your startup isn't at least 20% faster.

MRM on 02/14/2008:
Mario, I have already tried all of the above as I have been re-installing Vista for the umpteenth time for testing purposes. Verdict: Vista SP1 RTM isn't ready for prime time yet, at least not for me
CrazyRedHead on 02/14/2008:
Mario,I voted you as most helpful. You are right, it takes a lot of memory to run Vista, along with all of the other programs, properly. I am looking into a computer with 3gb of memory that is upgradeable to 8. I know that this is probably more than I need, but I want to be safe. I have talked to many people that builds computer and they all say the same thing, memory, memory, memory. Also XP will lose support in the next few years.
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My Vista Experience
Posted by on
I was perfectly happy with my XP laptop. But at five years and beyond, it was slowing me down. I decided to upgrade to a new laptop a few months ago, and bought a Vaio laptop with a Vista OS on it.

I am not a tech junkey, but as an engineer and having used MS products from the days of MS DOS, I am quite familiar with the Windows OS. I also work in a network environement that uses Mac servers, and I do use Mac OS quite often. I cannot comment on every technical aspects of Vista, but as an end user utilizing a small number of available functions, I can tell you what Vista doesn't do for me.

1. My XP Home had no problem networking with the Mac network at my office. Vista Premium makes it very difficult to network into a Mac environment. Most "fixes" available by googling recommend upgrading. Why pay extra $100 just to network? It actually took tweaking a registry to get my Vista networking without an upgrade.

2. What about the tens of thousands of pre-2003 pocket PC's? Vista does not allow my pocket PC to synchronize with Outlook 2007. With my XP, synchronizing the two devices was seamless. One of the reasons that I bought a PC (even though I had access to a new Apple computer in the office) was because I could not synchronize my iPaq with Entougage (another MS product) without going through some intermediate steps. I could understand a MS product not connecting with Mac. But Vista not recognizing MS Windows CE?!????!!! I am definitely not buying another Windows mobile device. My next PDA is going to be using Palm OS.

3. I see no discernable advantage (visual or otherwise) of using Vista. It actually feels slower than my XP machine, especially when it's starting up. I do not find the graphical interface any better (if you want good graphical interface, get a Mac). If I ran an XP on my current Intel Core Duo machine instead of Vista, I could imagine it being incredibly fast.

So for the XP to Vista upgrade (including a faster hardware), I lost out on ease of networking, and connectivity with my PDA, but did not gain any speed or graphical/user interface advantage. Yes, about the Sidebar...I have no use for it and have it turned off because it just clutters up my desktop. If Sony or MS were to offer an XP OS as a replacement, I would gladly take it.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/12/2007:
I have heard several comments just like yours. It appears that Vista is a substandard product. I hope they still sell XP for when it's time to replace my computer.
Thanks for the information.
bigboxworker on 10/12/2007:
XP is so much better and Macs or the best. Vista is just horrible, so many compatibility problems, and everything is compeltely redesigned, but quite poorly. I find that every time I use Vista, I spend more time figuring out how to get stuff down than doing stuff. I'm so much more productive with my mac.
steve101 on 10/13/2007:
When my XP computer died 4 months ago I bought a Vista computer. It was initially one of the worst experiences I ever had with a PC. My printer, trackball, camera and MIDI keyboard was not compatible even with the Vista drivers from the manufacturers. Plus at that time Zone Alarm, AVG, and most Anti-spyware programs were not compatible. I had to buy a new printer, mouse,camera and keyboard,. Oh, and I had to add another 1G of memory because Vista is a memory hog. All of this doubled the price of my new computer. After all this Vista is a slower OS. Wait till you see all the updates that MS sends to your "secure" Vista OS. Stay with XP if you can..
Sparticus on 10/13/2007:
I opted for XP Pro on my new laptop I bought a few months back. Lenovo offered XP at the same price as Vista... since I was happy with XP, and I knew all my software and peripherals worked fine with XP... why upgrade to something with so many problems...
DigitalCommando on 10/13/2007:
JayD, your "no problem experience" is because that you are not a "power user" but in fact a simpleton who powered up the machine, uses only the software it came with, and has no clue about the system limitations or what it's vulnerabilities are. You have no concept of system migration issues related to server based XP to Vista transitions, and you probably just got lucky that your upgrade went as smooth as it did because that your XP machine probably had no changes on it from it's original out of the box condition. (Playing solitaire and spewing your anti-consumer diarrhea on this site doesn't qualify as a system change). Virtually all IT managers (that are smart) have postponed migration to Vista and home users by the thousands are having numerous issues that are well documented. NOBODY is recommending switching to Vista. Once again, you align yourself with the wrong side of an issue, an act which you to seem to relish in.
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Why would anyone give money to Microsoft after Vista
Posted by on
After what Microsloth did to us with Vista, why would anyone throw more cash their way? This company has been doing it to consumers for years and the not unlike Evita, the money keeps rolling in. I will never understand. Can we spell Apple?
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/20/2009:
Microsft can nickel and dime you to death because they are the king of the world.
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
You can always try designing your own operating system, if you're sick of Microsoft. Good luck.
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
I don't have any problems with my Microsoft stuff. Maybe if you explained in your complaint what you are really complaining about, I would care a little.
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
Ummmmm, Apple has maybe 5% of the market while MS has what over 85% of all the desk top operating systems? MS must be doing something right or it would be the other way around. And to think Apple had the market first. No one except people that work for or have stock in MS love them, but until somebody builds a better mousetrap they are the best game in town.

By the way, 7 is light years better than Vista.
Mrs. V on 10/20/2009:
I use Mirosoft because I like to play more than 5 games.
PepperElf on 10/20/2009:
well I've heard that windows 7 isn't much better than vista.
they have some really nice pricy ads for it though.

but as for "percentage of the market" I look at it as cars..
OK so there's probably more Kias on the road than there are rolls royces... doesn't mean that RR doesn't know what it's doing. ;-)

as for designing your own OS - that's what all the linux/unix people do.

You know I am thinking of putting OpenSolaris on my pc laptop. The download was less than 700MB. I think it would be interesting.

Besides I'm going to have to turn a lump of a computer into a Linux server in my computer class anyway.
Critical_level2 on 10/20/2009:
I have been playing with WIndows 7 since the beta version. I haven't had any real issues with it. It is not glitchy at all like VIsta.
Plus it is not a resource hog that Vista is. The backwards XP compatibility is very nice and works well. It has been as stable as my XP machines. I replaced Vista on my one PC with Win 7 and it runs sooo much better now.

To the OP, Read the reviews on it before bashing it, WIn 7 is actually quite good.
Anonymous on 10/21/2009:
I installed Windows 7 last night. Although I was never unhappy with Vista, I find big improvements in speed and usability with W7.
Anonymous on 10/21/2009:
Yes I can spell "Apple." That doesn't mean I'm going to buy it. I have Vista and I love it. I have a Microsoft Xbox 360 and I love it. I am also looking forward to Windows 7. Sorry, but I did not find this review to be helpful.
PepperElf on 10/21/2009:
Though, from what I've read online... it's recommended you purchase a new computer for 7 instead of upgrading a vista. something about issues with the file structure.

eh. who knows. I've only had one true hard "crash" with my mac... somehow I corrupted my hard drive. However, I had the presence of mind to save all of my data and and web browser settings BEFORE I reformatted.

so the only thing I really lost was my firefox bookmarks...but only because I forgot to save them.

but that's not bad. I've had to reformat my hdd once in 2.5 years due to a crash?
wel twice technically, but the first time was entirely my fault cos I was screwing around with the permissions and f'ed something up. and even then I didn't lose anything cos I still had all my data available on an external
Anonymous on 10/21/2009:
7 has an interesting install Pep...when you start the process it asks you if you want to upgrade or do a new installation, just like previous versions did. I had already backed up my data and was more than willing to start with a blank disk, so I chose the latter. What it does is install a new operating system, but doesn't erase anything on the disk. Had I known, I could have saved a lot of backing up.

It installed really easily, and was about an hour start to finish, and so far it works great. The only problem I am having is getting my iTunes library active again, and ironically, that's an Apple issue, not Microsoft.
PepperElf on 10/21/2009:
well never consider a backup a total waste of time
when I had my HDD issues on the mac laptop I thought I'd have to back up my data, so I saved everything I needed (save for firefox history/bookmarks grumble) to an external drive.

turned out reinstalling Snow Leopard doesn't change the files...

however the hours I spend on saving the files were not wasted cos I ended up needing them anyway when I had to do a total reformat. ;-)
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They Don't Care About You
Posted by on
Was on the phone for over 2 hours, given several different numbers that brought me to the same lame customer service dept. that asked me the same questions over and over. Never received the help I was looking for. Then asked to pay a shipping and handling fee for a defective product that I already paid for. What a bunch of jerks. I HATE MICROSOFT! Just bought a Mac. WOW, love it.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/11/2008:
Welcome to the brighter side of life, O' escapee of the great Gatesean nightmare. Since I went Mac...I spend more time producing than re-booting.
Anonymous on 12/11/2008:
My son bought a Mac and also likes it better. When my computers give out, I will be a convert too.
madconsumer on 12/12/2008:
so what was the issue? you never did explain anything except you dis-like microsoft.

tnchuck100 on 12/12/2008:
madconsumer, following the logic you used in a previous review when no specifics were given: What difference does it make to you what happened as long as the OP is not happy?
MRM on 12/12/2008:
If the OP explains what was wrong with Vista, us M3C Kings, will be able to resolve the issue. So, what was the issue that you have been having with Vista?
Anonymous on 12/12/2008:
Mad? What was the issue? Well gee, the OP was bounced around on the phone for over two hours. What difference does it matter what the core problem was? The complaint is against Microsoft corporation. If you cannot tell it was a customer service issue then maybe you should not have commented.
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Has Anyone Else Had Problems Adjusting To Vista?
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I have found Microsoft's new operating system to be problematic at best. I took a class on office XP not to long ago and it seems as if with this new OS my skills are now obsolete. Is Microsoft just trying to make more money on tutorials and classes? It feels like kind of a waste of time and money to me?

Hopefully the next few upgrades won't deviate too much from this software so that we'll all have a time to adjust to it.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/19/2008:
The first service pack for Vista is expected soon. Supposedly it will fix numerous problems. We tend to forget that when XP was first released it had problems as well.
Anonymous on 01/19/2008:
Are your issues with Vista, or with Office 2007? I found the new 'look and feel; of Office 2007 a little disconcerting at first, but I have come to like it a lot. On a machine with enough RAM, and UAC turned off, Vista hums along just fine, at least in my world it does.
Principissa on 01/19/2008:
XP had a lot of issues until service pack 2 came out. When that came out it was smooth sailing.
DebtorBasher on 01/19/2008:
Superbowl should be along...he always has great advice on computer/software problems.
Anonymous on 01/19/2008:
Hey DB thanks, Msumonica send me an IM with what's problematic. We have dozens of help desk documents on Vista maybe one or more can help you out. If your having OS problems as said the service pack due next month will patch a lot of the networking and other bugs with Vista.
DebtorBasher on 01/19/2008:
Superbowl to the rescue once again!
jktshff1 on 01/20/2008:
got to wait at least on sp2 or sp3. gives them time to get the bugs out of the bug fix.
rodent on 02/02/2008:
Vista sucks I went back to XP
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