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Xbox Live Scam
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
I recently bought a new Xbox-360 w/ Kinect for our family. After buying a 2nd cordless controller, games, etc...gaming gurus will agree that this is no chump change.

My son educated me on the versatility of the unit, i.e. live gaming with others on-line, Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, and a host of other really cool facets. The only requirement is an Xbox Live card. It's basically a prepaid card that allows you to access all the aforementioned features and many more.

We are a family of four. We all took turns creating our individual user accounts, and then entered the 25-digit pin from the Live card. Imagine our chagrin when we found out that it only covers one user, and not the entire gaming unit. You would think that a card activates the unit as a whole, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

My complaint isn't in false advertising or fine print, since I later found out that there are family packs available on the Live cards. Microsoft is in fact being upfront and honest, but it still doesn't "feel right". I have since read numerous complaints on various forums about the general disdain for this tactic. JMHO, but I think that there shouldn't be anything that charges for each individual account user profile on the system.

I found myself in the dilemma of classifying this as an informative or a complaint. I chose the latter because it just doesn't sit well with me as a consumer. Whether it's right or wrong, or regardless if I had known about it beforehand, it still just doesn't seem right.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/14/2012:
It just seems like another way to bleed a little more money out of the consumer. But the game and all its bells and whistles ROCKS!
MDSasquatch on 03/14/2012:
I love my PS3 and have deep admiration for my WII; we have an X-Box, but hardly ever use it because of the nickel and diming.
Anonymous on 03/14/2012:
I don't understand why this is titled a scam when you state you later found out that Xbox sells family packs.

I imagine they do it this way because not every household would want the the entire unit to be have Xbox live which could then expose young children to interactions with strangers. I might be wrong. I have an Xbox but I don't play it, and don't let my daughter have a Live account. For that very reason.
MRM on 03/14/2012:
I don't own a gaming console since I have short attention span to finish the game. Look at the PC games I've played, I just played the first few levels and never play the game again.
Anonymous on 03/14/2012:
Justcuz> Actually, your account isn't always live. You have to sign-in to the live mode. In addition, you can also have a normal profile without making it a live account...if that makes any!

Racket would have been more appropriate than scam. Good call.
Kris10 on 03/14/2012:
Did you call Microsoft to see if they would credit that money to a family account? If they get enough complaints about this, they might change it. Meanwhile, I'd call and ask if they could do that for you.
Tezrien on 03/14/2012:
Just be glad your son hasn't ventured into the world of Massive Multiplayer Online games such as World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic. If the Xbox Live business model surprised you and doesn't "feel right", imagine how you would feel buying the game for $50 and paying $15 a month to continue to play it.
Anonymous on 03/14/2012:
Yes, that kind of makes sense...I think!

XBox Racket. I like it
Anonymous on 03/14/2012:
Only time I play Xbox Live is when they have the free trials. Other wise I just play the regular campaign.

I haven't played my old school 360 in a year or so.
madconsumer on 03/14/2012:
I would try to see if MS will upgrade your single card to a family card for free.
Alain on 03/15/2012:
Good review, J4A. Madconsumer & Kris have some good ideas there!
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Too Big to Care
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Wow. Dealing with Microsoft on an Xbox repair is about as much fun as plucking nose hair. My first Xbox failed after 3 years and would cost too much to fix. Being loaded down with expensive Xbox games, I pretty much had to get a new one. Bought it from Amazon on October 23rd of 2012.

December of 2012 and my Xbox heeded the Mayan calendar and ended its world. Not even 3 months old.

Researched on the web and found it's a fairly common problem with the power supply being a POS and it would have to be replaced. Sounds simple, right? Hardly...

The only recourse offered by Microsoft was to send the Xbox to Laredo, TX (where it evidently runs across the border to Mexico) so they can fix it. Instructions specified NOT to send the power supply or any other accessories. I knew if I did send that in I would get back an Xbox that possibly now works, but has no power supply. So I followed instructions.

4 weeks later I get it back. With the neat little note inside that says they didn't do anything to it because it wasn't broken. A little fact here.. I had put a note in the box saying that it was the power supply and I would need that replaced. I assume this was thrown away without even being looked at.

So, 5 days ago, I actually got a kid on the phone from Microsoft support. He agreed that I have been jacked around for weeks on this and a little customer service might be in order. He said he would TRY and get them to drop ship me a new power supply without me sending in the old one. Admittedly, he did say TRY when I called him on it.

Today I get email from them pretty much telling me their policy is not to do nice things for anybody and if I wanted this POS fixed that I had to send in the old one first. They then told me that they were doing me a giant favor and including a return shipping label so it wouldn't cost me to ship. While that is somewhat helpful, it doesn't address any of horrible customer service issues they've handed me up to now. This guy even had the audacity to imply that I should be going through Amazon to get this fixed? Really?

Do yourself a favor. Get a PS3. I have no idea if Sony is any better, but they darn sure couldn't be any worse.

Last Microsoft product I will ever buy.

UPDATE: Got an email from MS today saying they were sending me a new power supply and that it "would ship within 10 days". I have already used their truly magnanimous offer of a free shipping label and sent the old one in, but they couldn't have known that just yet (I only sent it about 20 minutes before I got the email). We shall see...
Resolution Update 01/24/2013:
MS finally came through with the power supply after 6 weeks of me already knowing that I needed one. Works as is supposed to for now.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 01/16/2013:
My husband's 360 augured in over the summer. Since he didn't have a huge collection of games (he mostly plays the PS3), we just let it be. So 6 months later it's still sitting on my living room floor in about 4 or 5 pieces from his attempt to repair it, lol.
At Your Service on 01/17/2013:
Exactly Why I wouldn't give up Your Atari.
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Long on promise short on delivery (literally)
Posted by on
After purchasing a XBOX 360 ( the newer S version) I started having problems with the power brick losing power and displaying a red light ( according to the folks at the retailer the internal breaker was going off). Needless to say the retailer didn't have any to swap out and recommended that I contact Microsoft. I did so and the support representative informed me that I would have to send in the brick so they can send me a new one. I was hesitant, seeing that I had only been using this unit for less than a month, but I was ready to to do so. Right before getting off the phone I inquired about some options that would minimize my downtime, I was told that they could send me a new brick and a box as well in order to ship the old one back ( hey I figured I just shelled out some money to get the console it didn't make sense that I pay more to get it fixed...kind of like going in for a warranty repair on your vehicle and them charging you money to drive it to the dealership...but I digress)

Being satisfied with my encounter I resigned myself to waiting... Well five business days go by and still nothing. Thinking to myself that the ice storm we had may have slowed down the shipment I waited another day or two. Well then I followed up via the website (ref# 1148933177 in case you're curious) and promptly received a call that they were still waiting for my power brick. Thinking to myself that I could call and they could look up my transcript from the previous support representative and get all this cleared up in a juf. Well I couldn't be further from what was to happen, the first representative decided to not only put me on hold X3 ( politely I may add) then he begins to spout policy like it was canonical scripture. I informed him that I was aware of the return process in place but I was also informed of there ability to replace the broken item as well ( which I was promised).

Not being satisfied with the answer I informed him that this is not a personal attack but I wanted to escalate this issue to his manager. I was informed that he was in a meeting and would return my call within the next 2-4 hours. Well surprisingly enough a gentleman named "Micheal" who was alleging to be a manager basically told me that that is the process in which they do things. When pressed about the sending power bricks to users I was told that as of January they no longer did such things ( convenient huh...that's what I told him.) He then proceeded to tell me that he could investigate by reviewing the transcript, "if they are available" it but it would take longer and I might as well just send it in... In other words "tuff $H*T". At this point it was no longer about getting what was promised to me it was about customer service. Hey I don't live in a glass house I have been involved with Tech support and been around a lot of call centers so my initial expectations were low. But this was a true slap in the face and I feel I owe it to all the people out there to realize that no matter how they spin the idea of having great support the only thing they are interested in is the all mighty dollar ( no surprise there huh?). So I told Micheal that rather than sending one in I was going to purchase another unit ( I know that's what they want me to do...but I have too much invested in games ...for now at least ) and asked him to escalate it further. We'll see if they will bother calling. Unit then I have a few hours to burn, Google to use and I can cut and paste this.) caveat emptor...
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User Replies:
Whiteduck on 01/16/2013:
Sounds like my same exact story. Right down to being promised one thing by the initial tech and being told just the opposite when the work had to be done.

I can add to my story that MS sent me an email today (after I had already boxed and shipped the brick this morning) that they are sending me a new one. And it will ship within 10 days... (not that it would arrive, but that they MIGHT find time to ship it to me within that time frame).

All this was after a major melt down on my part when on the phone with these guys. Called them everything but a nice guy when they started to tell me that sometimes they just "guess" when deciding if your Xbox is still covered by warranty. At this point, that was the stupidest possible thing you could have said to me...

I love your "canonical scripture" line. After all, these anti-customer policies are handed down by higher powers and NO ONE can change them...
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Complete and total lack of customer service
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- This whole ordeal started at the end of March, I located on a forum that I visit an Xbox 360 for sale with the red rings of death. I understood that there was a chance that the sticker would be removed and Microsoft would be unwilling to repair it, but I looked into it and the warranty had never been voided and everything was good. I received my 360 from the person that I purchased it from, and all seemed to be well. I called Microsoft's Xbox Repair line the moment that I received the console, I spoke with a gentlemen there and was informed that despite that I had bought it second-hand everything would be alright and the console could be repaired no problem. I was overjoyed, my purchase of $65 seemed to be a godsend. After that, I received the box to ship the console back to Microsoft and sent it away immediately. The service center received the console on April 5th, again, everything seemed to be flowing smoothly. I noticed something weird when on Apr 10th, I received an email from the service center saying that I had never sent the console, I doublechecked the UPS tracking number from the box and saw that it did indeed arrive and wondered what was going on. I checked their website, and found the status had not been updated; I was concerned, no information had changed and everything seemed like it didn't happen and so I called their service department.

The first time that I called Microsoft, they told me that they had indeed received the Xbox and it was under repairs. Feeling elated, I dismissed it as just technowizardry not working the way in which it was supposed to and went along. I waited until 4/18 to call again, not having heard anything back from Microsoft and not seeing the website ever updating was cause for concern. I spoke with a representative there, whom this time could not find any information about the console. I gave him my reference #, and nothing had ever been updated in the system despite what the first agent had told me. I started to get a bit upset at this point, things were starting to get kind of sketchy. The agent ended the conversation by telling me that he knew nothing about anything that was going on, and they would have to contact the actual service center. The agent then informed me that there would be a 3-5 business day wait until the service center replied and then they would know more. I asked the agent why there would be such a long wait to which he gave the eloquent answer of, "I don't know." He seriously said, "I don't know." I pushed further, to which his only response was that he honestly had no idea how the system worked. After speaking to a supervisor and receiving the exact same answer, I was frustrated. It appeared that in some strange twist of feline quantum mechanics, I had been sold Schrodinger's Xbox.

I called the service center again on 4/23, figuring that would be plenty of time for them to locate the console and figure out what's going on. The agent whom I spoke with that day was kind enough, she never gave me an answer of I don't know but instead was never even able to locate the order in the system. I gave her the repair number, which she could not find and I gave her the UPS tracking number (which as of right now, still works). The order was again escalated to the repair center and I was told that it would be taken care of. She informed me that I was likely to receive my console this week and nothing would be wrong, they had just not yet determined whether to send me a new console or repair the old one. Again, Microsoft lead me to believe that everything was okay. During this entire time, I had made no mystery of the fact that the console was purchased second hand.

Yesterday, on 5/02, I had not received my console. I had received no word from Microsoft, and no contact. Again, I contacted the repair center. I spoke with a gentlemen there, and was informed that they had again received no information as to the whereabouts of the console. He informed me that it had been "esclated to the highest level" and that a supervisor would be calling me within the next 24 hours. Despite being angry, I agreed that this would be okay. 24 hours later, I had received no call. I called them. I originally spoke with an agent at the center with the pseudonym of Louise, he found that the service center had finally responded but escalated the call to a supervisor. The supervisor, Jose, proceeded to inform me that the Service center was now requesting a proof of purchase from me and if they did not receive it they would be returning the console unrepaired. I was livid. I had made no secret that the console was purchased second hand, being so far as to be outright about it at the first call. I told Jose about what his original agent had told me, but he remained unpersuaded, I would be shafted and given a broken console in return. It took this department 28 days from the date of reception to go so far as to merely request a proof of purchase, I offered them the proof of purchase of secondhand but obviously, they would not accept this. I asked to speak to Jose's supervisor and was told that despite that they were indeed there, they did not accept calls and I would not be allowed to speak with them. I asked Jose if there was anybody else whom I could contact for an alternate opinion who would be above him, and was told that my only option was to call the service center again and hope to speak to another supervisor. I asked Jose for a list of information regarding the console and was denied. Jose made absolutely no effort to help, their entire company strung me around with absolutely no help. It took me 28 days just to get an answer from them.

28 days of being told that everything was okay, being told that repairs were underway. Because of this call center's approach, and their assurance that it was indeed being repaired, I went ahead and purchased games and accessories for the console none of which I will be able to use. As of right now, everything that I have purchased for the console is a total loss.
Microsoft's complete lack of customer service is a flagrant disregard for the responsibility which they hold as a large corporation. As for me, their products will not be being recommended to anyone.

Thanks for reading,

Nelson Jay Smith
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/04/2008:
You might think about removing your name from your post. This sounds like a Microsoft Gone Wrong problem. My advice would be to start a letter bomb campaign to Microsoft corporate. The dullards at the level your at don't seem to know their left from their right. Good luck!

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Attn: Customer Service
Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer
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Failure to provide extended warranty.
Posted by on
THE COLONY, TEXAS -- I purchased an XBOX 360 on Sept. 1st, 2007. On or around November 25th, I contacted XBOX to let them know that it was not working and they agreed to fix it. The turn around time was excellent and that is not my complaint. I thought my mfr warranty was up in 90 days but it was actually up on March 3rd per the XBOX customer service rep. When we received the repaired console back(in Dec.) it was still not working so we called again. We were told to call back in 3 to 4 hours because their computers were down which was fine even though this is Microsoft. So when we called back we were told that the cable we needed would not be here for 6-8 weeks(looking at Feb) which was a very big problem considering that this machine broke only after two months and now we were told we would have to wait another month to month and a half for a part. My son would have a system that worked less than half the time we had it. My husband took issue with this and somehow they were able to get us a cable in a week so why they said 6-8 is beyond me. I told my husband to verify with this tech if our warranty was really March 3rd and he re-confirmed this. He told us not to mail the $49.90 until then because we would be wasting money if we did it sooner. I was prepared to mail it in December when I talked to him.
Here is where I have a problem. I wrote the check and mailed it first thing in the morning on February 27th. It was picked up at 9AM that morning. This would allow 6 days 5 of which were business days to get from Texas to Washington.
Yesterday (April 24th) I get my check back telling me that they can't process it because the warranty was up. When I called and talked to Customer Service they told me that it probably didn't get there until March 3rd or later. I told them that first of all, they need to pay attention to the post marking and second of all, they can't deny me based on an assumption on their part. My next question to her was why did this letter dated April 21st, post marked April 22nd land in my mailbox on April 24th. I asked to talk to her supervisor. The supervisor told me the same thing... the letter "probably" didn't get their until too late. I asked her how could she argue a couple of days that may or may not have happened when it was the Microsoft people who told me to wait the additional 3 months and she also didn't know what to say to me when I told her that I received their letter in 2 days but they are trying to tell me that they couldn't get mine in 6 days. Then when I asked to talk to her boss she told me that I couldn't talk to anyone else and that the warranty group made the decision so I asked for the warranty groups phone number. She said she wasn't allowed to give it out so I asked to be transferred and she said that they didn't have a phone number, only an address. I then hung up on her. This is unacceptable. I have all of my reference numbers including the one for this call and if they really do record messages they can look it up and confirm that this is all accurate. I will never buy another MS gaming product again and I should never have strayed away from Playstation. My son used his Playstation from the age of 11 until 16 with no problems at all and he was very rough with it. Xbox can't even last 2 months, barely played, never moved from it's position, and only touched by a 16 year old, no children.
I'm also really sick of having to talk to someone in another country who I can't hardly understand whenever I have to call most companies about anything.
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Do Not Buy An Xbox360 Ps3 Is The Way To Go
Posted by on
I got an Xbox360 on 1-30-07. It only worked for about 4 months then the three red lights happened. I sent it in got it back without the games. I downloaded two of them then it stop reading the games. I did not want to send it in once more because it took them four weeks to get it back to me. After getting tired of trying to get it to work disc after disc new game after new game I called back. They had told me the first time when the red light problem happen that I had a three year warranty on the Xbox. When I get on the phone with them they tell me that it only applies to the red light problem and they will only fix it for $99.00 When they should have fixed the problem the first time and now the Xbox360 is only $200.00. What kind of crap is this? I also talked to john a supervisor at Xbox and he hung up on me like I was not going to be pissed off after spending $437.13.

Ps3 is the way to go I might be know body and I always let things go not this time I also talk to shane a representative who was known help then another sup named ken who was known help so if I want my $437.13 Xbox360 to be fixed it will cost me $99.00 When now they are all ready $200.00 So I can pay another $100.00 And get a new one or give them 99.00 Xbox 360 is a pice of crap do not buy on PS3 is the way to go how many people have been fby the Xbox 360.
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User Replies:
KCRovert on 04/07/2009:
Wow....that last paragraph is one heck of a messy run-on sentence. You state that Microsoft should have fixed an unknown (or non-existent) problem when they corrected the "red ring of death" issue. How exactly are they supposed to fix a problem they don't know about, or based on your post seems to have not existed when you sent it in for the "red ring" error??

And yes, you could buy a 360 for $200, but it would not be comparable to the one you purchased for $ would have no internal memory to allow you to download games through Xbox that is an invalid comparison.

And as for PS3 being better than 360, do some online research....the market would seemed to contradict your assumption. When you look at many games sold for both platforms, 360 has killed PS3. But it's a personal decision.
Anonymous on 04/07/2009:
What grinds my gears about the X-Box 360 is that initially Microsoft intentionally and with prior knowledge shipped many defective Xbox 360's to market with the thought it was cheaper to warranty repair than to tighten up quality control and do 100% inspections on manufacturing runs that produced unacceptable defect rates in order to get to market on schedule. That's just bad mojo.

Microsoft has corrected some of the manufacturing problems but since they didn't issue a recall one can still purchase off the shelf new 360s that are the product of their quality junked "get it to market fast" manufacturing process. If you must buy a 360 then I'd highly recommend only buying the elite model which are all a product of microsofts revamped manufacture & supplier processes.

Good Review!
Soaring Consumer on 04/07/2009:
I think the issue is that while fixing one problem, they created another and are refusing to fix it without payment.

Microsoft should take responsibility and fix this free of charge.

I suggest that you contact Microsoft's Corporate office, at 425-882-8080, and see what they can do for you.
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Why Do We Only Have Ours Last 10-11 Months?
Posted by on
ILLINOIS -- This is the third Christmas that I will have to either ship back and pay for repairs or go out and start over and buy another new one and get a replacement warranty on it. Does Bill Gates think that if they make a product that lasts two or three years perhaps they will go broke? I feel a game system should last longer than a year. Here I have gifts wrapped for my son (games) just like last Christmas and again our Xbox broke tonight.

This is a teenager not a younger child. He is not abusive to it. I am furious about this and Xbox doesn't seem to care.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 12/13/2008:
is it over used?
Principissa on 12/13/2008:
Mad, we use ours maybe once or twice a week for a few hours each time, and it's been sent out for repair 5 times in the 2 years we've owned it.
Anonymous on 12/13/2008:
[admin snip - user-directed comment not necessary] The OP has stated it is used by a teenager and not abused. There has been an obvious problem with the XBox 360 for a while now. Who can define what "overuse" is? It's a video game. It is intended to be used and the OP is well within their rights to expect the game to perform.
Anonymous on 12/13/2008:
I agree John. Something so expensive should be made to last a lot longer--with few or no problems. Princi--That's not a very good track record and really backs up the poster's complaint. I rest my case, lol.
GenuineNerd on 12/14/2008:
I heard that the Xbox 360 sometimes has overheating problems; some companies make add-on cooling fans for them. If your Xbox is repaired or replaced, you may want to look into buying this cooling fan, which snaps on the back of the console.
Principissa on 12/14/2008:
GN, we have one, didn't help. Even got the one MS itself put out. It's actually certain games causing it to do this. Halo3 especially.
Sparticus on 12/14/2008:
I have the original Xbox. Never had any problems with it. But I have heard the 360 model is plagued with issues. Sounds like then skimped on the quality control for the new version.
Anonymous on 12/14/2008:
My original comment was snipped, but it was directed at the person two posts above my original comment. Who cares how often it was used so why push it back on the OP? That is what is what the device is for.
madconsumer on 12/14/2008:
john you back at it??

when will you give it a rest?

besides, it was a legitimate question.
losinsusan on 12/14/2008:
Oh he uses it everyday for sure! He is heavily into it on weekends mostly. But again it is meant to be played. There is nothing stating it can only be used one hour a day etc. If that was the case then they have to say so. We don't even use it as a DVD player either which will shorten the life span even further. Rather than give microsoft the money to yet repair it again and take a month to do that. We went to Best Buy, bought a new one and took out a two year replacement warranty on it for only 30.00. That seemed like a great deal to me since when it breaks again next winter, we can walk in and they just hand me a new one and at that time we can again purchase the warranty again on it. I felt it seemed like a good protection on it. I only pray that doing that is as easy as Best Buy claims it will be! I won't dare look up if anyone had trouble doing that.
Anonymous on 12/14/2008:
Yes I am back at it and I will keep at it. It was not a legitimate question. It does not matter how often it is used, if it used appropriately and not abused. Something you pay that much money for should work longer than 11 months. Microsoft knows there is a problem that is why they keep replacing the units. Not a hard concept to grasp if you choose to use common sense.

losinsusan, I hope that your next machine lasts longer. You paid good money for a machine and for the games that go with it. You have every right to expect that it will work for longer than 11 months.
Principissa on 12/14/2008:
I agree with John. As long as the console is being used properly and they aren't using it as a door stop or a coaster, it should last longer than 11 months. I have a PS2 upstairs that we got when it first came out, haven't had a single issue with it. And I can honestly say that me or my son play it almost every day.

You do not drop close to 500.00 bucks (199.99 now) on something to have it break after normal play.
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Hardware And Customer Support
Posted by on
INKSTER, MICHIGAN -- The Xbox 360 is the greatest manufacturing failure since the Edsel. I bought a 360 in June and had to replace it in September. When the piece of crap broke down again in November, I simply returned it for a new one and traded it to Gamestop for a Playstation 3.

All the while, I was treated with disrespect and incompetence when dealing with Microsoft customer service. I bought 1600 live points, tried to activate them, and was informed that the points had already been used. I called customer service and, after being put on hold several times for 30 minutes (the last time with the phone hanging up on me,) I was finally told to "go &%$# myself" by the service staff.

It's too bad, really. I enjoyed the games and Xbox live experience, but your historic failures in quality control and customer service training have solidified my lifelong allegiance to Sony and Nintendo. Oh, and go $%$$ yourself, too.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
I think we are not hearing the whole story, here.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
A spoof, perhaps. Or this person has a vivid imagination. Raise of hands--How many of you have called a business and had them say this? Come on now--fess up.
Ponie on 12/05/2008:
Not me!
old fart on 12/05/2008:
I've said it TO businesses...
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
Well, OF, that is an entirely different scenario!
cherpep on 12/05/2008:
Every day, diane. I fill my car up with gas, pay the attendant, he says it as I walk away. I pick up my coffee, and I hear it in Arabic. As I drop my child off at school, the principal shouts it across the parking lot. People really want me to be satisfied.
Principissa on 12/05/2008:
LOL cherpep!!

You know, I've never heard anyone say something bad like that unless they were provoked. Something tells me this isn't the whole story.

Trust me, I've had my fair share of calls to customer service for my husband's 360, four times to be exact, and I've never been told to do that. Maybe I got the wrong reps?
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
I heard a little different version of this while I was buggy ramming Asian women at Costco this morning. You kind of get used to it.
I'm glad to have discovered this new game, but some guy still holds the distance record of 3 feet over in San Fran.
I just can't get them to fly that far.
Principissa on 12/05/2008:
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
when my xbox360 broke down twice (three red lights of death) the customer service was great....It was a gift,and I didn't have the receipt(lol),they looked everything up by the serial number and found that the unit was manufactured a month before I received it....

The person on the phone was super nice,and knew how to take care of the problem
Principissa on 12/05/2008:
TW we had the same experience with them. The second time we had to send it out, they lost hubby's 360, sent us a new one and gave us 1600 live points. I've never been cursed at by the reps. Ours too was red ring of death, we think from halo 3, every time we play it we get rrod.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
Your not alone I got the red rings as well. I sent it back they sent me a refurbished peace of shat. that keeps freezing when I’m playing games. that's what happens when you try to beat the other guys at launch without testing.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
I just got that Shaun White Snowboarding game....its OK,not what I was expecting.....I still play the hell out of Brothers in Arms Hells Highway.....good game.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
Hey Train is shaun white that ginger that snowboards.
Principissa on 12/05/2008:
I got him Fable 2 and the new Prince of Persia for presents. He's been playing the crap out of Bioshock and UT.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
ginger? If you're referring to long red hair..yes that's him...

The tricks are fun...there's avalanches and junk.. you can throw snowballs at people....
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
fable 2 is good...I was married in the game,and started hitting on other village women in front of the wife.....she divorced me and took the

Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
Meh I skip on the sport games. Gears of war, Fable 2, call of duty. my kind of stuff
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
I,m playing fable two now I got my girl a ring I,m trying to get cash to buy a house so I can get laid already. shes being a tough cookie all picky about the houses.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
I need to get the new COD....Far Cry 2 looks pretty good too.

My buddy has "Mirrors Edge" that game is too cool
Principissa on 12/05/2008:

Hubby goes to gamespot dot com and gets reviews on games from them. Or watch xplay. They're usually spot on on those reviews.

I want to get that new raving rabids game for Wii, but you have to have one of those Wii fits to play with your butt.
Principissa on 12/05/2008:
I saw the previews for Far Cry 2, I want that game for me. I'm playing Assassins Creed right now. It's a pretty good game so far. Hubby beat it already.

Strange as this sounds there's a new Naruto game for 360 that I want to check out and I'm fuming mad that Little Big Planet is only for PS3.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
you have a choice of protected sex or unprotected sex....but you must have a condom for protected....

My fable character is growing horns because I rob houses and businesses....
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
Assassins creed is a good game....the graphics are awesome.....a little repetative,but good....

Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
I have just about jacked everyone in bowerstone. and I,m still short to buy a house so I been playing poker most of the day to get some cash.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
I made some decent cash bartending,and doing blacksmith jobs......I like selling people into
Principissa on 12/05/2008:
My dude was evil in the first game. I couldn't stand being called chicken chaser so I just killed anyone who said it.

You're right about the graphics on that game, they are wicked. I should have it beat by Sunday.
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
Skate is a great game as well.....

Skate 2 comes out soon....

Way better than the Tony Hawk skateboard games IMO
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
One of those bandits started beating on my woman the other day. Dang cowards
Anonymous on 12/05/2008:
Is your woman Chinese wally?
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XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter DIED Within 6 Months
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I purchased an two XBOX 360s plus the two $100 XBOX 360 Wireless Adapters. Within 6 months one Wireless Adapter died (and this has been verified by trial and error by simply attaching a working adapter and by trying the bad adapter on another machine.) Microsoft only claims a 90-day warranty. This little adapter was $100!!! And within months it just died. Now considering the game console wars I would think Microsoft would simply exchange my defetive product for a new one...well they won't...nor will the retail store I purchased it from. I understand warranties but when a $100 little adapter dies within months that is total cr*p!!! I also have two XBOX Live accounts that I pay for to play online and now cannot do that unless I go out and spend ANOTHER $100 for a new adapter. This is a horrible policy...I think 12-months should be a better warranty period. This makes me wonder about whether or not to continue with Microsoft or switch over to Sony Playstation 3. If anyone has had bad experiences with the XBOX 360 (or the accessories) please speak up in this forum. My issue is primarily with the QUALITY of a product that dies within months and secondarily the warranty period being so short. I have purchased two original XBOX consoles and replaced both with XBOX 360 consoles (plus a total of four wireless adapters, tons of games, xbox live accounts and this is the support I get when I have one little defective product (they tell a heavy supported of their platform to blow off.) Playstation 3 comes with wireless built-in plus a high-definition format DVD drive internal (both of which XBOX 360 does not ship without of the box.) Or I could get a Wii next time around...gee thanks Microsoft you have now really pissed off a former heavy supporter of you and the probem could have been solved very simply by exchanging the adapter.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/20/2007:
If the adapter has any lights showing you might want to try some troubleshooting as posted by Microsoft. I use a Linksys Gaming Adapter and it works beautifully. It's also cheaper.
adzidek on 02/20/2007:
FYI any brand-new factory-sealed piece of electronics equipment sold in North America has a mandatory minimum 12-month manufacturer warranty period against defects. 90 days, on the other hand, sounds like a refurbished/open box warranty. Did you buy this item refurb? If not, contact the FCC. The equipment has an FCC ID on the back of it. Microsoft is legally obligated to repair the device if it is defective, within 1 year of the date of sale. You will need the original receipt. If you bought it open box/refurbished, you're out of luck past 90 days.
Anonymous on 02/20/2007:
Adzidek, where you did find the info on a mandatory minimum warranty on electronics? I searched the FCC web pages and elsewhere and found no reference to it. Seriously I would like to know because it would be useful knowledge that would help people.
Hugh_Jorgen on 02/21/2007:
Adzidek - sorry, but the FCC ID just insures that the device has been tested and meets FCC emission requirements. There is no federal requirement of a 12 month warranty on electronics.
techer on 05/11/2009:
These adapters can be repaired now p/m me and I will send you a link to there website.
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Disgusting Fraudsters
Posted by on
On the 23rd December 2008 my bank account details were hacked into through the Xbox 360. Microsoft are just not interested, they wouldn't even speak to the police officer involved in the case. I am now many pounds out of pocket.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
This is interesting. Can you expand a little and tell us how the fraud was perpetrated?
KCRovert on 02/18/2009:
I agree with Ken, I too would like additional information. We have a 360, but I don't know how someone could get our bank account info, since there is nothing strored on the 360.
DigitalCommando on 02/18/2009:
Maybe there is something to this guy's claim. According to Panda Security, an antivirus software company:
Panda Software: Xbox 360 May Be Target For Trojans, Viruses
>> From
Panda Software said that over the last several days, it has tracked a trio of Trojans that aimed to reduce Sony's PSP (PlayStation Portable) and the Nintendo DS game consoles into expensive bricks. In order for the malicious codes detected so far to reach one of these consoles, users would have to voluntarily run applications from unauthorized sources.

Xbox 360 is much more Internet-centric than other consoles," argued Patrick Hinojosa, the chief technology officer of Panda, in an interview. "It has a lot more online capabilities, and because of that I think that malicious code will be more prevalent than on other systems."
While he doesn't see a risk in the Xbox 360-Windows XP Media Center connection -- the two devices don't share a similar operating system -- Hinojosa expects that hackers will post code online disguised, for instance, as a game crack. "It may not happen in the immediate future, but I think it's a potential danger," he said.
In part, the fact that xBox has a Microsoft nameplate will draw attackers. "There's a certain segment of people who just don't like Microsoft, and the numbers in the black hat [hacker] community are even greater."
Soaring Consumer on 02/18/2009:
I am thinking that the OP probably used his bank account information to buy something through XBox Live.

I suggest you go to a branch of your bank and notify them of the fraud. If they have the transaction records you can contact the companies that charged you to get the charges removed and possibly get information about the person that used the information. Withdraw the rest of your money out of the attacked account and put it into a new account, and have them close the old account in the process.
Mtn453 on 02/18/2009:
SOunds like you need to secure your netowrk a little better
bounty on 09/07/2009:
xbox is nothing but junk they don't last long I think they need to pull all the xbox junk off market game and all they are a rip off cheap maid
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