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Product key is genuine but blocked.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
N/A, CALIFORNIA -- I just bought a year old computer from my granddaughter who re-loaded her disc's in order to erase other things she had. Now I get the message 'enter product key' every time I use the office word to open a document. When I entered the product key it isn't recognized and the help desk said the key is blocked because it was used before. Why is it that Microsoft blocks the key when it is used a second time. The option I have been given is I can re-purchase it for $199.00 or have a tech re-install it for $99. This is just plain BS, but, here I sit with a computer that is unable to open documents (part of my work, by the way) unless I re-purchase software that came with the computer. Any ideas??
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Suzy on 08/08/2012:
Open Office writer software does about the same thing as Microsoft's word and is a free download. I use it instead and am happy with its performance and don't have to pay anything to anyone even upon reinstalling after restoring computer.
Kris10 on 08/08/2012:
I use Open Office too. It works like a charm. When you say you were given the option to buy the software again or have a tech reinstall it, was that by microsoft because if you explain what happened to them, they should give you another key for it or reactivate the key you have. I don't see why they wouldn't.
Whiteduck on 08/08/2012:
I've had good luck explaining to MS what I'm trying to do (reinstall of op sys) and having then come through for me, but like the others have said, go with Open Office. Saves you a world of MS grief.
DebtorBasher on 08/08/2012:
I agree with Suzy and Kris, I've used Open Office and it's not much different than Microsoft's Word.
trmn8r on 08/08/2012:
Microsoft customer service is very good for products that you legitimately own. If your granddaughter was the original owner of the software, they should be able to resolve this for you as you have the original disks.

My first choice would be to call back, and after that asking on a Microsoft help forum. Saying that the key is blocked because it was used before doesn't explain why it can't be reinstalled. Seems to me Microsoft has an online registration system, and when you install the software it goes online and says someone is using the copy. Perhaps the previous install needs to be "unregistered" after you prove you (granddaughter) is the user currently registered.

You are confronted with a technical problem that has a resolution or better explanation. Good luck.
madconsumer on 08/08/2012:
any time a change is made in ownership, microsoft considers this a valid reason for a new license. which in fact is true.
Darrell27 on 08/08/2012:
I had the same problem with my own computer. It's only about a year old but after about 6 months my windows key said it had expired. I was forced to re-install Windows.What a pain that was.
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The worst computer experience ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FLORENCE, OREGON -- After 20+ years, my MSN account was accidentally cancelled. I got no renewal notice, no forewarning. I turned on my computer this morning to get my emails and got a notice that my MSN is no longer valid. I've been on the phone for well over 3 hours waiting for assistance. Once I thought a support person was connecting with me but the line hung up instead after over an hour of being on hold. This company has gotten way to big for their britches. They are NOT user-friendly, not helpful, transfer me to 3-4 different people for the same kind of problem - with no success or help ever received. Their rates go up and their customer service keeps going down. All of their support it seems are Indian and do NOT speak English well at all. They don't understand me and I can't understand them. We are supposed to pay more each renewal period for better service and it just keeps getting worse and worse. After being with MSN for 20 years, I am so totally fed up and disgusted with all facets of their big-government. They are useless, they've gotten to be a monopoly who could cared less about their customers. Whoever is thinking about hooking up with MSN... save yourself money, grief and much frustration and do NOT sign up with MSN.
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ok4now on 07/02/2012:
Sorry to hear about your problem with MSN email. I also have one of my email accounts with them. Keep in mind that this is FREE so don't expect outstanding customer service. I suggest that you try G-Mail which is also free. This is by far the best free email you can get. It is much better than MSN. Check it out.
No M$ for me! on 07/02/2012:
I bailed out of MSN and Hotmail and the rest of Mi¢ro$ofts online stuff years ago. Go with gmail, it's free, the storage is huge and it's so much eashier to use.
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No longer in Database
Posted by on
I have been using Microsoft products for years. I have on several occasions thought about changing to Mac but have always been able to fix or get a solution for the error or problem.

Today is a final straw, see I've had msn messenger for years and about a week ago I was no longer able to lgin as it said my WindowsLive ID did not exist. I posted on the technical site and a moderator sad he couldn't find my ID. I wrote back and offered logs to show my account did exist and another moderator wrote back saying they checked my account like the previous moderator did and it did not exist and didn't matter if I had logs or not I'm just out of luck.

This just goes to show that NONE of the Corporations really care about us the individual and all their concerned about is selling the product and dropping you when support is needed. This is really bad when you go to the tech site and it list they have the problem your stating saying only a small percentage will experience this.

People beware Microsoft can't even keep a simple database or records on its users so they can use the services that have been purchased...and yes I know messenger is a part of the program..but I paid for Windows Vista.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 09/07/2011:
If you use the Outlook Connector with Outlook in the future you won't lose your data. The messages are kept local after you download them. This is a big problem with hosted services that you have no local back ups for. If they go down or lose you, you're pretty much SOL.

Microsoft does have copies of your stuff on back-ups if you can twist their arm to look it up and restore your data.
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Vulnerability in the ActiveX Control for the Snapshot Viewer
Posted on
ActiveX Control VulnerabilityVulnerability in the ActiveX Control for the Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access Could Allow Remote Code Execution.

Microsoft is investigating active, targeted attacks leveraging a potential vulnerability in the ActiveX control for the Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by constructing a specially crafted Web page. When a user views the Web page, the vulnerability could allow remote code execution. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the logged-on user.

The ActiveX control for the Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access enables you to view an Access report snapshot without having the standard or run-time versions of Microsoft Office Access. The vulnerability only affects the ActiveX control for the Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Office Access 2000, Microsoft Office Access 2002, and Microsoft Office Access 2003.

The ActiveX control is shipped with all supported versions of Microsoft Office Access except for Microsoft Office Access 2007. The ActiveX control is also shipped with the standalone Snapshot Viewer.

Mitigating Factors

• In a Web-based attack scenario, an attacker could host a Web site that contains a Web page that is used to exploit this vulnerability. In addition, compromised Web sites and Web sites that accept or host user-provided content could contain specially crafted content that could exploit this vulnerability. An attacker would have to convince users to visit the Web site, typically by getting them to click a link in an e-mail or Instant Messenger message that takes users to the attacker's Web site.

• An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the local user. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights.

• By default, Internet Explorer on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 runs in a restricted mode that is known as Enhanced Security Configuration. This mode sets the security level for the Internet zone to High. This is a mitigating factor for Web sites that you have not added to the Internet Explorer Trusted sites zone.

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User Replies:
Ponie on 07/07/2008:
Superbowl, I'm giving you a VH rating simply because all your posts make so darned much sense and you're always so helpful. But--I haven't the least idea what you're talking about. Can you tell how computer illiterate I am? :)
Anonymous on 07/07/2008:
Ponie, just be very careful about allowing any ActiveX Controls until Microsoft gets this new bug sorted out. It may have no effect on you or your web use but just be cautious about any ActiveX install requests for a while.

ps) And thank you!
chris513 on 07/07/2008:
super, this is a really good review.
Ponie on 07/07/2008:
Superbowl, your post reminded me to check something. I replaced my computer last Sept. On the old one, I used the 'POW' popup blocker, which had something or other to do with ActiveX Controls. I downloaded POW to my new computer, but it never worked properly--if at all. Learned how to allow/not allow popups through the blocker on IE and never thought further of it. Just went through my control panel and saw it was still installed! Got rid of it. I can't give you a second VH vote, can I? :)
MRM on 07/07/2008:
I am not a user of Microsoft Access so this security threat doesn't apply to me;)
Anonymous on 07/07/2008:
great informative Super!

steve101 on 07/07/2008:
The solution is Firefox.
Anonymous on 07/07/2008:
Steve101, Firefox uses ActiveX also. But you're right about using Firefox, in fact I like Opera myself. IE is just to fat with to many bugs anymore. Firefox and Opera run a much leaner application without all the fluff and junk code.
MRM on 07/07/2008:
I, for one, am a satisfied user of IE7. I have tried FireFox and it doesn't load some websites correctly.
Anonymous on 07/07/2008:
Good review, Super. I got to Echo MRM, though..I have zero issues with IE7, therefore it is my program of preference.
Sparticus on 07/07/2008:
I'm a Firefox guy. I just upgraded to 3.0. It runs pretty good. The only feature I don't like is the new "url history" bar. It is a bit awkward and not as easy to read as the previous versions.

But for security, you can't beat it. Hackers target IE due to its mass distribution (and because it is Microsoft). So I stick with Firefox for now.

If I was a Mac guy I would probably use Safari or Firefox.
DigitalCommando on 07/07/2008:
Good post Super. Most people don't realize that when they are on their computer, they are almost always running at administrator level which gives you full access to do anything on the computer. Running at admin level is not only unnecessary, but dangerous as super has described above because it allows the invader to assume full admin status as well. You can cruise the internet on a limited user account with no problems unless you try to download a program, as it usually will not allow remote software installation (which means the invader won't be able to either) and that's a good thing. If you do decide to disable activeX controls on your system, be aware that you won't be able to see anymore of DB's youtubes! OF, I'm not going to tell you how to do that!
DebtorBasher on 07/07/2008:
Grrrrrrrrrrrr....I'm going back to Pen and Paper and my World Encyclopedias!

Thanks for the info, where's your next star? It's long overdue!
Anonymous on 07/07/2008:
Thanks everyone, it's a war out there. The last thing you need is some Internet hacker running loose on your PC. If you don't know the site that is trying to install an ActiveX Control on your PC don't let them. We all need ActiveX as DC pointed out just to get web sites to work right. But that does not mean we have to let down our guard.

I don't accept third party cookies either. That's another simple security setting that can help you avoid possible problems from adware and malware sites.
DigitalCommando on 07/07/2008:
**ALERT** Microsoft KBA 93654 states: Due to our inability to stave off the far more intelligent hacker community, who has kicked our azz at every turn, we have developed a new anti-hacker implementation via the use of power input remediation. Use the following 2 steps: 1.) remove the power cord from your computer. 2.) Leave the cord unplugged. Thank You.
Anonymous on 07/07/2008:
Hacker war over, hackers won. Bill Gates retires in frustration.
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My Conclusion Is That MS Is a Monopoly of Software Industry
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Always a fan of MS office even the when I had windows Vista on my laptop which supported older version of ms office. I really don't like being forced to purchase office every year. I think it is sh#%.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 10/30/2013:
You can always try Open Office for free. And it's reasonable IMHO for software companies to stop support for obsolete software after a certain number years. I have Win7 on my work computer and we still use Office 2003, MS is stopping enterprise support for office 2003 next year, I don't have a problem with it, as its 10/11 year old software. You have to call it quits at some point. Furthermore you don't have purchase office every year. Even if you have Win7 or Win 8 you can still basically any version of Office made in the last decade or so.

I'm really not sure what you complaint is, as you say you don't like being forced to purchase office every year, but there's no reason you would have to do that.
olie on 10/30/2013:
Google docs!
Linda on 11/01/2013:
You aren't required to buy Office every year. Not sure what you are talking about there. I still use Office 2003 and it runs just fine, thank you very much. I may upgrade this year, but I haven't had to buy it every year. Perhaps you are referring to a different programme or you are simply mistaken.
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Outlook 2010, Don't Buy It, It Won't Stay Up It Starts and Stops
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
This is the worst mail program ever, it is frustrating program ever, it stops and starts and I keep having to repair the setting, This is real crap, not worth the price
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User Replies:
Alain on 01/01/2013:
Thanks for the review.
madconsumer on 01/01/2013:
did you report this to microsoft to see if there is a glitch or bug in their programming? what OS are you running?
Soaring Consumer on 01/01/2013:
There is a free email client called Mozilla Thunderbird that might suit your needs. You can get it here:
trmn8r on 01/01/2013:
Microsoft has pretty good support, and pretty good products (minus Internet Explorer). Did you call and attempt to get help?

The kind of instability that you are experiencing is doubtfully typical - it would have been fixed by now or lots of complaints would be out there. Good luck.
CUontheFlipSide on 01/01/2013:
I work with Outlook (and Office) 2010 every day on many machines. It has been rock solid and requires no user support. You might want to look at your own particular machine for a possible hardware or software failure.

If you are not a business user, you can get Windows Live Mail for free, and it's also a very good email program.
fast327 on 01/01/2013:
Outlook for me is stable and never has any issues.
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Windows 8 Pro Key Will Not Work
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I purchased Win 8 three weeks ago it worked OK. Thur night I tried to reset it then I had problems it would not accept the key code. Today I spent two hours on the phone with techs that couldn't speak reasonable English. I lost $40.00 plus two hours. Then he tried to tell me I had a bad copy of Win 8, after two hours on the phone I lost it.

Went back to Win 7 Pro. I'm done with their techs from India. Hire American Microsoft.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/08/2012:
I heard win 8 sucks, I'll stick with win 7 for now.
ok4now on 12/08/2012:
Microsoft finally got it right with Windows 7 and I'm very happy with it. I have absolutely no interest in Windows 8 and a new set of problems. Remember Murphy's Law, "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
MRM on 12/08/2012:
That was a sign from above... Don't use Windows 8 as it is terrible!
sabletaz on 12/08/2012:
I'm also staying with my Windows7.
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Game hearts
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
MICHIGAN -- Your game ! hearts cheats after 4000 games and a 52% win, I have found your game to be in error many times!
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User Replies:
frak on 06/25/2012:
Rather than programming your own game, as suggested above, or ignoring the problem because it is a free program, maybe a more productive step would be to send your feedback directly to Microsoft. Here is a link I found elsewhere:

In fact, here is the link to the overall page where the above link was posted by an MS Rep. This page was specifically about problems with MS Hearts; though they are not specifically the one you mentioned, it could be a starting point for you to do a little research out there:

If you do a Google search for something like "problems with microsoft hearts," you will find all kinds of links about issues others have.

Maybe there is a solution or workaround or something out there that can help you. Good luck!
Papa Joe on 03/14/2014:
I'm at 3,530 games played with a win percentage of 57.45. Anxious to get over 4,000 games played to see if your theory is correct.
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Hearts Game
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SUEZ, EGYPT -- I am an American living in Egypt. I enjoy playing the game of Hearts in my spare time. I am very competitive with myself. I become very frustrated when the computer assigns points to me and causes me to lose the game.

Just a game, yes. However, the game should run properly.

I know Microsoft takes pride its games. Please look into this problem. I would hate to lose playing the game of hearts. It is quite entertaining when it operates correctly.
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User Replies:
MRM on 05/25/2012:
Have you tried to update the game?
Kris10 on 05/25/2012:
can you describe what happens when it assigns points to you? What kind of points you took during the hand and what the other players took?
lexophiliac on 05/25/2012:
When it comes to hearts, no one likes to lose. Contact their support team.
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Microsoft Mistake
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- I purchased the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 priced @ $149.99. The product says there are 3 PC licenses; HOWEVER, I loaded the product on two laptops and one desktop and the desktop says this copy of windows is not genuine. I am livid and disappointed with the unfulfilled promise from a major corporation. I don't know how to install a product which isn't genuine and now each time I log on the desktop it asks if I want to install windows. I wish Microsoft would send another disc to my home as this one if obviously defective.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/04/2012:
Have you contacted them about this?
bcd on 03/04/2012:
This does not appear to be related to your recent purchase. Microsoft Office is a set of four applications. Microsoft Windows is the operating system. It appears as though you need to reinstall the operating system from a valid source disc.
MRM on 03/04/2012:
Question to the author of this review: did you recently have your computer repaired? A pirate copy of Windows might have been installed on your computer. You'll need to purchase an authentic copy of Windows.
Old Timer on 03/04/2012:
As stated above, you are dealing with two issues that have become a combo issue. It sounds like the OS got screwed up with the Office install? You may have to reinstall the OS, then try another install of Office. If you have a bad copy of the OS then you will not get a valid Office install.

Microsoft will probably use their standard answer when things go bad, format and reinstall. They can seldom fix anything so they tell everyone to format and reinstall.

Oh', and get ready to speak with "Peggy" with a heavy Indian accent. Microsoft outsources a lot of these issues.
FoDaddy19 on 03/04/2012:
I don't think your issue is with Office. It sounds like there's a problem with the Windows activation. With Win7 it doesn't take much to make it question the legitimacy of your Windows install. Something as simple as adding a video card or even removing a piece of hardware will sometimes trigger it. it's happened to me several times, twice in the last year in fact. ( I was an early adopter of the new (at the time) Sandy Bridge hotness and got caught up with the Cougar Point recall). When I called Microsoft, I didn't even have to talk to "Mike" in Calcutta or anything. The whole process where they simply give you a new product key took less than 10 minutes via the automated system.

I don't think your Office disc is defective. But something may have caused a glitch when you installed it. I don't foresee this being a difficult fix though. I'm pretty sure all you have to do is call Microsoft and they'll set it straight.
trmn8r on 03/04/2012:
In the past when I contacted Microsoft, I got good customer service. Since Windows and Office are both Microsoft products, they may be able to get to the bottom of this. Then again, the previous reply makes me wonder if the customer service has gone downhill.
Kahula35 on 03/05/2012:
This happened because when you installed Office on your desktop the program also installed a copy of Windows Genuine Advantage. This is Microsoft's tool to protect against piracy. What this software does is determine if your operating system (OS) or version of Windows is a legitimate version that was paid for properly. When you register the product key with Microsoft it also checks your OS.

The message you are getting is because Windows itself, not Office, is not a legitimate copy. This can happen in many ways and could reasonably be a mistake. The best solution is to call microsoft directly and they can walk you through a fix.

However there are also reasons this can be happening in which Microsoft will not help.

1. You recently had work done on a computer that involved a system restore, new hard drive installation or something of that sort. Sometimes private computer repair shops will resort to pirated versions of Windows to save costs on their end. Sad but true.

2. You purchased the computer from a private/3rd party computer source. Again this is not your fault but happens a lot. Private computer shops will build PC's for customers and again use bogus codes to unlock the OS so they can save on licensing fees.

Working in the tech field you will find this a lot with customers. Sometimes I have to refuse working on a computer that has an illegitimate version of Windows on it.

It's most definitely not your copy of Office and as I recall I believe you can still use Office on that computer but the message will keep popping up. The best bet is to call microsoft and see if they can walk you through it. If not you may need to purchase a valid copy of Windows and re-install it so this stops. Or just buy a new computer.
clutzycook on 03/05/2012:
If the OS is legit, the OP should have a copy of the OS from when they bought the computer. Unless it's what Kahula said and the copy was never legit to begin with.
Kahula35 on 03/05/2012:
If the computer didn't ship with any OS disks and paperwork then the actual Windows product key will be on a sticker pasted right on the PC itself. If there is no sticker on the machine then it's a good bet that the OS was installed by a 3rd party or the machine was built privately.

If this was a retail machine then calling Microsoft will resolve the issue. Sometimes older Codes get flagged even when legit and a couple minutes on the phone will clear it up. However if it's a 3rd party/private machine then you will probably need to provide proof of purchase of the Operating System which may be impossible.

Either way the Product Key attached to the OP's version of Windows is being flagged as illegitimate.
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