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Game hearts
Posted by Tincandad on 06/25/2012
Your game ! hearts cheats after 4000 games and a 52% win, I have found your game to be in error many times!
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Posted by frak on 2012-06-25:
Rather then programming your own game, as suggested above, or ignoring the problem because it is a free program, maybe a more productive step would be to send your feedback directly to Microsoft. Here is a link I found elsewhere:


In fact, here is the link to the overall page where the above link was posted by an MS Rep. This page was specifically about problems with MS Hearts; though they are not specifically the one you mentioned, it could be a starting point for you to do a little research out there:


If you do a Google search for something like "problems with microsoft hearts," you will find all kinds of links about issues others have.

Maybe there is a solution or workaround or something out there that can help you. Good luck!
Posted by Papa Joe on 2014-03-14:
I'm at 3,530 games played with a win percentage of 57.45. Anxious to get over 4,000 games played to see if your theory is correct.
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Hearts Game
Posted by Josieschmidt64 on 05/25/2012
SUEZ, EGYPT -- I am an American living in Egypt. I enjoy playing the game of Hearts in my spare time. I am very competitive with myself. I become very frustrated when the computer assigns points to me and causes me to lose the game.

Just a game, yes. However, the game should run properly.

I know Microsoft takes pride its games. Please look into this problem. I would hate to lose playing the game of hearts. It is quite entertaining when it operates correctly.
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Posted by MRM on 2012-05-25:
Have you tried to update the game?
Posted by Kris10 on 2012-05-25:
can you describe what happens when it assigns points to you? What kind of points you took during the hand and what the other players took?
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-05-25:
When it comes to hearts, no one likes to lose. Contact their support team.

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Microsoft Mistake
Posted by Valpth0928 on 03/04/2012
REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- I purchased the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 priced @ $149.99. The product says there are 3 PC licenses; HOWEVER, I loaded the product on two laptops and one desktop and the desktop says this copy of windows is not genuine. I am livid and disappointed with the unfulfilled promise from a major corporation. I don't know how to install a product which isn't genuine and now each time I log on the desktop it asks if I want to install windows. I wish Microsoft would send another disc to my home as this one if obviously defective.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-04:
Have you contacted them about this?
Posted by bcd on 2012-03-04:
This does not appear to be related to your recent purchase. Microsoft Office is a set of four applications. Microsoft Windows is the operating system. It appears as though you need to reinstall the operating system from a valid source disc.
Posted by MRM on 2012-03-04:
Question to the author of this review: did you recently have your computer repaired? A pirate copy of Windows might have been installed on your computer. You'll need to purchase an authentic copy of Windows.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-03-04:
As stated above, you are dealing with two issues that have become a combo issue. It sounds like the OS got screwed up with the Office install? You may have to reinstall the OS, then try another install of Office. If you have a bad copy of the OS then you will not get a valid Office install.

Microsoft will probably use their standard answer when things go bad, format and reinstall. They can seldom fix anything so they tell everyone to format and reinstall.

Oh', and get ready to speak with "Peggy" with a heavy Indian accent. Microsoft outsources a lot of these issues.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-03-04:
I don't think your issue is with Office. It sounds like there's a problem with the Windows activation. With Win7 it doesn't take much to make it question the legitimacy of your Windows install. Something as simple as adding a video card or even removing a piece of hardware will sometimes trigger it. it's happened to me several times, twice in the last year in fact. ( I was an early adopter of the new (at the time) Sandy Bridge hotness and got caught up with the Cougar Point recall). When I called Microsoft, I didn't even have to talk to "Mike" in Calcutta or anything. The whole process where they simply give you a new product key took less than 10 minutes via the automated system.

I don't think your Office disc is defective. But something may have caused a glitch when you installed it. I don't foresee this being a difficult fix though. I'm pretty sure all you have to do is call Microsoft and they'll set it straight.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-04:
In the past when I contacted Microsoft, I got good customer service. Since Windows and Office are both Microsoft products, they may be able to get to the bottom of this. Then again, the previous reply makes me wonder if the customer service has gone downhill.
Posted by Kahula35 on 2012-03-05:
This happened because when you installed Office on your desktop the program also installed a copy of Windows Genuine Advantage. This is Microsoft's tool to protect against piracy. What this software does is determine if your operating system (OS) or version of Windows is a legitimate version that was paid for properly. When you register the product key with Microsoft it also checks your OS.

The message you are getting is because Windows itself, not Office, is not a legitimate copy. This can happen in many ways and could reasonably be a mistake. The best solution is to call microsoft directly and they can walk you through a fix.

However there are also reasons this can be happening in which Microsoft will not help.

1. You recently had work done on a computer that involved a system restore, new hard drive installation or something of that sort. Sometimes private computer repair shops will resort to pirated versions of Windows to save costs on their end. Sad but true.

2. You purchased the computer from a private/3rd party computer source. Again this is not your fault but happens a lot. Private computer shops will build PC's for customers and again use bogus codes to unlock the OS so they can save on licensing fees.

Working in the tech field you will find this a lot with customers. Sometimes I have to refuse working on a computer that has an illegitimate version of Windows on it.

It's most definitely not your copy of Office and as I recall I believe you can still use Office on that computer but the message will keep popping up. The best bet is to call microsoft and see if they can walk you through it. If not you may need to purchase a valid copy of Windows and re-install it so this stops. Or just buy a new computer.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-03-05:
If the OS is legit, the OP should have a copy of the OS from when they bought the computer. Unless it's what Kahula said and the copy was never legit to begin with.
Posted by Kahula35 on 2012-03-05:
If the computer didn't ship with any OS disks and paperwork then the actual Windows product key will be on a sticker pasted right on the PC itself. If there is no sticker on the machine then it's a good bet that the OS was installed by a 3rd party or the machine was built privately.

If this was a retail machine then calling Microsoft will resolve the issue. Sometimes older Codes get flagged even when legit and a couple minutes on the phone will clear it up. However if it's a 3rd party/private machine then you will probably need to provide proof of purchase of the Operating System which may be impossible.

Either way the Product Key attached to the OP's version of Windows is being flagged as illegitimate.
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No longer in Database
Posted by Lt.gunter on 09/07/2011
I have been using Microsoft products for years. I have on several occasions thought about changing to Mac but have always been able to fix or get a solution for the error or problem.

Today is a final straw, see I've had msn messenger for years and about a week ago I was no longer able to lgin as it said my WindowsLive ID did not exist. I posted on the technical site and a moderator sad he couldn't find my ID. I wrote back and offered logs to show my account did exist and another moderator wrote back saying they checked my account like the previous moderator did and it did not exist and didn't matter if I had logs or not I'm just out of luck.

This just goes to show that NONE of the Corporations really care about us the individual and all their concerned about is selling the product and dropping you when support is needed. This is really bad when you go to the tech site and it list they are have the problem your stating saying only a small percentage will experience this.

People beware Microsoft can't even keep a simple database or records on its users so they can use the services that have been purchased...and yes I know messenger is a part of the program..but I paid for Windows Vista.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2011-09-07:
If you use the Outlook Connector with Outlook in the future you won't lose your data. The messages are kept local after you download them. This is a big problem with hosted services that you have no local back ups for. If they go down or lose you, you're pretty much SOL.

Microsoft does have copies of your stuff on back-ups if you can twist their arm to look it up and restore your data.
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I recieved an e-mail that has asked me to verify my username, password, date of birth and country of origin. Is this legit?
Posted by Dianeasoar on 12/09/2010
If this is not legit I can forward the e-mail>
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Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-12-09:
Not legit. Do not respond to the email.

Read this link for some helpful info on 'phishing emails".

Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-12-09:
delete it
Posted by Skye on 2010-12-09:
Forward it to Microsoft, then delete, as the other members posted.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-09:
This happened via an unsolicited email? Why would Microsoft ever send such a thing. Sounds phishy.

The only verification I ever went through was registering a software product. That didn't happen via email.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-12-09:
Thanks for the warning for others. Did your email message have that little butterfly? I've never been asked for any information and I yearly renew my subscription for a membership since I am familiar with their email format and enjoy it. Report the message immediately to Microsoft. All you have to do is copy it and pass on to them. They will take care of that critter in a minute. I don't see the helpful option right now but this is indeed helpful.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-12-10:
Usually, forward the suspicious email to spoof@companyname without opening it. They have the ability to take care of the phishing attempt.
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Office 2010
Posted by Elaine1965 on 10/22/2010
I bought a Toshiba Laptop had Microsoft office 2010 put on it. It has a mind of its own. I can be typing and the page disappears. Then it will jump to another line. I had my neighbor check and she found the same thing.
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Posted by MRM on 2010-10-22:
If you touch the touchpad on the laptop, the cursor will jump.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-10-22:
I agree with MRM, try a disable the touchpad and attach a USB mouse
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Completely frustrated
Posted by Hogmaw on 02/20/2010
I am completely disgusted with Microsoft and their Zune product. I purchased a Zune 120gb only to have it quit after 7 months. Microsoft sent me a replacement only to have the same problem right out of the box. I have spent hours with tech support and customer service, all to no avail. I do not want to be sent a replacement of a product with obvious design flaws over and over again. When will the cycle end? I was told a refund is "out of the question". I am now left with a $250.00 paperweight that makes me ill every time I think about it.
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Not My Favorite Experience
Posted by Jazzin on 01/20/2010
ZUNEVILLE, TEXAS -- I purchased a Zune Originals with 120Gb drive and additional docking station/Charger and Auto connect cables less then a year ago. During the time I used it I had to reset many times because the unit would not turn on/boot up.

Last week as it sat in the docking station I noticed a big "Error 5" message, so once again tried to reboot, but this time to no avail. Went on-line and followed all their suggested fix methods and finally ended up filling out the return form and printing the UPS shipping label. Also decided to extend the warranty while I was at it because I have not been feeling particularly trustful of this product.

Well my custom ordered Zune with special artist graphics arrived at the repair facility followed by a message from the facility...

"This e-mail is regarding the repair order currently open for your Zune
Originals device.

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace the Zune you have sent in because those devices are no longer manufactured in this color.

In order to resolve this issue for you as quickly as possible we would like to offer you the choice of either having the device replaced with a 16GB Black untattooed Zune HD device, or a full refund for the original cost of the Zune Original. Please note that a refund can only be returned back onto the payment card used to complete the purchase.

Please respond directly to this email without changing the subject line with your preference, and we will provide you with that solution. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

My response...
"I spent over 300.00 to get a 120 GB Zune with dock station charger and just ordered an extended warranty for another year for 59.00 and your telling me you can't repair a product that is less then a year old? What happens with my recently purchased extended warranty?

At least I should be getting a Zune 32 and I'm betting I'll have to buy new dock station and auto cables because none of my Zune 120 accessories will work with this new device ...correct?"

Their response...(now look carefully...)
"Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, your 120GB device is unrepairable and needs to be replaced. Your warranty would automatically carry over to your new replacement device. We apologize, but 120GB Zune Originals devices have been discontinued. As an alternative, we would be able to offer you a black 80GB Zune Originals replacement device, customized as you originally ordered. This unit would be compatible with your docking station but unfortunately, an HD device would require a different docking station."

*** didn't the first message they sent say ... can't replace unit in this color? (pretty sure it did.) Now it's "120GB Zune Originals devices have been discontinued".

Wow!!!! A product less then a year old and there are no parts on earth to repair it? !!!

my response... (and yes there's some attitude..) "Un-freakin believable... I guess I don't really have to explain how disappointed I am with the Zune product at this point.....

Send the Zune HD 16 GB as replacement, but I am not happy. Really this is not a good deal for me as an alternative to Microsoft/Zune business failings.

How ridiculous that a less then one year old device can't be repaired... What? you used up all the 120gb drives in the world?

Make sure my joke of an extended warranty covers my new Zune, ha ha as I see what good that will probably do me.

Thanks, really thanks."

Their response...
"Thank you for your response. A black 16GB HD device will be manufactured this week and will ship out to you next week."

*** Wow .. their going to "Manufacture" one this week, these things must be hard to get...

My response...
"Omg, Hope ya didn't have to open the factory just to manufacture one little 16GB Zune for me."

Ok, I have vented (and I'm sure iPod owners are saying yea yea quit complaining get an iPod ...) point being, I am not at all happy with this product or the service or the deal. Just wanted others to know what possibly to expect from Zune ownership!

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Posted by globalsearch on 2010-01-20:
Two words: Sony Walkman
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-20:
You were offered a refund. Things go nonstock pretty quickly these days. YOU chose to upgrade with the docking station and jumped the gun on the expended warranty before you knew it could not be fixed. You are entitled to nothing but refund or replacement of the unit they have that is comparable to what you bought. After your last smart email, I would have left you stuck with it.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-01-21:
I can see how you would be a little irritated, but Lady is right. They offered a refund, and being a sarcastic little jerk got you...what exactly? You can effectively complain without resorting to teenage hysterics.
Posted by Jazzin on 2010-01-21:
(Hummmm, did not realize my use of sarcasm would bring out such judgemental comments. I guess a kind tactfullness would have done me better when dealing with a Multi billion dollar corporation and their "Outsourced" representatives handling service, then they could have sent me a Fisher-P "speak and say" and I would have been thrilled.) See I just love sarcasm!

Really if you can so positively judge a persons character from a single review of a service complaint... your special.

The intent of my complaint review was in no way to bring out the critics of my method, but to let other users of the product know that similiar hurdles have been met by another.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
Jazzin, I thought that your review was very good and witty as well. (VH)
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Dell and Microsoft software
Posted by Juan Jose on 09/10/2009
Dell, in 12/03/2005 send my computer Dell Dimension 5150 with Microsoft Office 2003 software installed but without any disk or licence key for reinstallation if needed.

Because a trojan virus, on September 2, 2009 I reinstalled the XP operating system with disks sent by Dell to me. In this reinstallation everithing is erased. I lost Microsoft Office 2003. Dell can't provide me the disk or the licence key to reinstall Office 2003.

Can anybody in Microsoft help me?. My computer can't do almost nothing.
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Posted by MRM on 2009-09-10:
Computer King here...

Go to torrent website and download a copy of Office 2003. And while you're there, download a copy of Windows 7 which is the best OS to date!
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-10:
Actually if your comp can support it I like Office 2007 better. MRMs way is illegal, and just the way I like it lol
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-09-10:
unless you own the rights to office 2003, and you download a lincense, that is stealing and very illegal. many torrent sites no longer allow any microsoft products.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-09-10:
Get Office 2007 Blue Version from usenet.
Posted by TGT101 on 2009-09-11:
Go to http://www.openoffice.org/ and download openoffice. It's free, it's legal, and it works with Microsoft files.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-11:
TGT awesome answer.

Free is always awesome. Very very very awesome.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-02:
You need to contact Dell. There should have been a seperate CD that came with it with just Microsoft Office on it like mine did.
Posted by Juan Jose on 2009-10-10:
Thank you for your recommendations. The problem has been solved. I found two disks of my Microsoft office 2003. I apologize to Dell consumer service. They sent the software to me five years ago.
Juan Jose
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Executive Offices
Posted by EHMD on 04/01/2009
Does anyone have an e-mail address for Microsoft Corporation Executive Offices to get help with Tech Support?
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