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Completely frustrated
Posted by on
I am completely disgusted with Microsoft and their Zune product. I purchased a Zune 120gb only to have it quit after 7 months. Microsoft sent me a replacement only to have the same problem right out of the box. I have spent hours with tech support and customer service, all to no avail. I do not want to be sent a replacement of a product with obvious design flaws over and over again. When will the cycle end? I was told a refund is "out of the question". I am now left with a $250.00 paperweight that makes me ill every time I think about it.
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Bill Gates Is A Disgrace To The American Dream
Posted by on
GEORGIA -- I am shocked at how many complaints I have seen & read here, but I know some of the reasons. This man that made most of his wealth off good hearted hard working Americans, is not happy being one of the richest men in the world. His company will gouge every penny they can out of you and then send all the jobs, out sourced, to India the Philippines and anywhere else he can get cheap labor. If you need help with his product, you can not understand or communicate with the people you have to talk with. He gives millions to schools, art and other such entities, buying s reputation that is all bull dung. If he cared, he would let the American people have the job's he out sources. I thought he was a good man, but after using his product and buying his software, I now know the TRUE BILL GATES. I do hope he can have a better life because of all the Americans he is screwing.

I guess he needs another 100 room house, 20 more expensive cars, or what ever floats his boat. We would just like to have a job to try to live a poorer life than he.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 03/02/2009:
um, so what is your complaint? other than the fact bill gates has made tons of money off of a computer operating system.
dan gordon on 03/02/2009:
I live in Seattle and Microsoft hires 50000 people in Seattle and the US. There are many other small software companies in the US that are in business to supposrt Microsoft. The Gates Foundation is here which employs hundreds or thoasands of people. When I worked in Textile mfctg I never could figure out the southern states just loving their Walmarts but watching the local mill go bankrupt with no other jobs on the horizon. There are much more villanous people than bill Gates.
Anonymous on 03/02/2009:
Bill Gates is only the third richest man in the world. The second richest man is in Mexico and the richest man is Warren Buffett. Why not complain about him?
Anonymous on 03/02/2009:
Of course if you overlook the BILLIONS of dollars he has given to charitable foundations, well then yeah, he's a skunk!
Anonymous on 03/02/2009:
Bill Gates made most of his money by screwing IBM when he bought DOS. He paid most of his early employees not only in cash but stock as well. All of them are millionaires. When you need help go to and find the answer.
Nohandle on 03/02/2009:
Bill Gates is a disgrace to the American Dream and you hope he can have a better life because of all the Americans he is screwing? A lot of venom there. Bill Gates doesn't owe anyone a job. You best be worried more about where your taxpayer dollars are going.
Anonymous on 10/04/2009:
As for outsourcing jobs to other country's blame your government for that.
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Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 V2
Posted by on
The version that I own is designed for right handed folks. I have yet to experience any issues with the device. The receiver for this mouse plugs into any USB port. The receiver looks just like a USB drive. Beats the older style that sat on the desktop with a cord that was hooked to the computer.

The wheel and every button on the mouse is configurable. I've left everything but the two thumb buttons with their default settings.

If you're in the market for a wireless mouse, you might want to consider this model. Try it out first at the local electronics or office store. The key consideration for a mouse is how it feels in your hand.
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Anonymous on 02/27/2009:
I also use a wireless mouse. The only thing I would add for someone looking for a new mouse is to look for the ones that have a cradle that you rest the mouse in when not using it. The cradle recharges the mouse and you never get into one of those ugly situations where your batteries give up the ghost, and someone forgot to charge up new ones.
BokiBean on 02/27/2009:
Nice! If they'd make that in a track ball, I'd be there.
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My Zune Helped Me Recover Lost Files On My Laptop
Posted by on
I purchased a 30GB Zune in 2006 before deploying to Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, my laptop crashed (that is another review) and the geniuses with the online support team had me to do a complete restore on the laptop saying that it would not effect music, photos, videos, etc. Needless to say, I lost it all! One phone call to Microsoft and the lady was able to help me recover all of my media via the files on my Zune.

Others may have had complaints but my first experience with the Zune Help Desk was definitely a good one.

Thanks a lot to the people at Zune.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 12/31/2008:
great review.

very helpful.
FarfalleAlfredo on 01/01/2009:
I bought 2 Zunes last year, one for me and one for my son. Mine is still working great, same as out of the box. My son had an issue with the power after doing an update. I called Zune, she walked me through a couple troubleshooting steps, then sent me a box to send the Zune back for replacement. We had the replacement within a week and it's been great ever since.

My son's iPod lasted a week.
Ju_ju_Bee on 02/01/2009:
lesson here: Restore=death to everything
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Visual Inadequacies In Office 2007
Posted by on
WASHINGTON -- Office 2007 changes the menu bar by deleting all but a tiny portion of it and putting actions in category tabs. That would be OK, if they would allow power users to add their own menu bars and buttons. Some I have designed and use all the time are: foreign character insert, format hanging indent, changing case, and font color. None of these can be accessed with one button click in the new ribbon. And, if you enlarge the new category tabs to readable size, you lose half your screen.

I e-mailed Microsoft and was referred to their Accessibility Advocate, who sympathized she wished her eyes would just work. My eyes are 20-20 with glasses, it is the program that doesn't work, not with laptop screens.

Microsoft suggested I turn on the Narrator to read me the screens and wear earphones when in public. Not an adequate solution.

Office is moving closer to the Apple/Mac idea of making system changes difficult if not impossible and instead making the screen intuitive if less functional. If I wanted a "here's what we're selling, take it or leave it" instead of buying something I could tweak to my own preferences, I would have purchased a Mac in the first place.

Microsoft captured the PC market because they allowed users to modify their environment and build their own shortcuts. Now they are doing the opposite and finding more and more ways to restrict the user to only what Microsoft wants them to do. Where is CP/M when you need it?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/23/2008:
Some of this has to do with all the "bundling" they do now with products. Count on more of this type of product release. In the end all MS software will have the same type of menu's regardless of the product.
DigitalCommando on 08/24/2008:
Try to replace Office 2007. It's totally free and isn't a resource hog or security risk like Office 07.
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125% Price Differential Between US And Canada
Posted by on
When trying to order the MS Office 2007 Standard Upgrade online, I was continually booted out. I finally realized that Canadians cannot order the upgrade. When I tried going to the site, the price for the Standard package was 35% higher in Canada than the US. Combine this with the fact that I can only order the entire package, not just the upgrade, I realized that I am paying a whopping 125% more for what I want than if I lived 100 miles south!

This is outrageous given the fact that our currencies have been at or near par for several years. And there are no extra duties or taxes, since this is covered under NAFTA.

MS is just trying to gouge the Canadian consumer and I am furious!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/01/2008:
What about going to a local store to purchase the upgrade?
dan gordon on 07/01/2008:
I'm Cdn and live in Seattle. Could it be the govt regulates pricing. There is much more price control in Canada than the US and Cdn tends to do some protectionist policies that work against Cdn consumers. I wouldn't be so quick to condemn Microsoft.
GeromeGiraffe on 07/01/2008:
I appreciate your advice. Unfortunately, the store prices are the same. Also, there are no tariffs or other special taxes or duties on imported software, due to NAFTA. That's to ensure that both the US and Canada have an equal opportunity to sell to one another without being penalized. I've since spoken to the people at MS and they admit there is a 'problem'. No kidding!
HyderKat on 08/23/2008:
Consider yourself lucky you didn't get it if you want to use it on a laptop. I just posted a blog about 2007. And I live 90 min. ferry ride south of Canada and know the dollar exchange is NOT that different. There is no excuse for Microsoft to gouge people either in price fixing or in not warning that Office 2007 is not usable on small laptops unless you turn on the Narrator and have it read you the menu bar (their suggestion). And, once you buy it, they won't give you a refund either.
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Outlook's Missing Features
Posted by on
REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- It boggles my mind that the designers of this program would miss some CRITICAL features. Here's a list of features that even the most unskilled computer user would have thought of.

1) An easy, effective way of backing up and transferring Outlook data (contact and calendar information). Even their online explanation for how to find their stupid .pst file is wrong. Telling you to go and find a file the is "hidden" by default. How dumb can you get.

How easy to have a file command that for data backup that asks you what you want to back up and where you want to put it. Then, when you make that information available to a second or new computer, the computer finds it and asks if you want to add that data to the new Outlook.

And they say they do excellent consumer testing.

2) Printing envelops. Another dumb system. It allows you to select your contact file, but then it automatically select all of your contacts and makes you go through one at a time to eliminate the ones you don't want. Either that, or make up a file for every situation. Again, how easy to have a "select all" toggle. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Additionally, it doesn't allow you to save your envelop settings and they have to be redone after every single printing. Don't they realize that you might want to address envelops differently from typing letters. Again, how easy have have a "Save Settings" button in the envelop area.

The Outlook designers should be given their "pink slips" immediately.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/11/2008:
Have you checked to see if those features are in the 2007 release? If not send them a suggestion, they have been known to pay cash awards if suggestions are used.

With a few clicks you can change the settings to show hidden files then just use the back up fuuction that comes with the OS. Not a great answer but it works.
jktshff1 on 01/11/2008:
and how long have you been using outlook?
madconsumer on 01/11/2008:
I use outlook daily, and do backups. I do not find it so difficult.

if anything, use windows backup utility and or a stand alone backup program.
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Phony e-mail and who do you report it to?
Posted on

I just got this and it is so fake who couldn't see through it. But because of another review on here the other day I tried this time to report it to MS what a joke. So I thought I would put it on here so everyone else could look out for it.


Finally today, we announce the winners of the MICROSOFT MEGA JACKPOT LOTTO WINNINGS PROGRAMS held Jan. 2007. Your company or your personal e-mail address, attached to winning number 23-76-06-54-42-100, With serial number 648489, consequently won in the 1st lottery category.

You have been approved of lump sums pay out of US$1,000,000,00 Dollars in cash Credited to file REF NO: MSW/56B-672pH/L and winning number 23-76-06-54-42-100. Selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection machine (TOPAZ) from a database of over 1,000,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world.

The online draws was conducted by a random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of 29,031 E-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet. No ticket were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy. This is to encourage our prominent Microsoft Internet Explorer users all over the world, and for the Continues use of E-mail.

Your fund (Certified Cashiers Cheque) has been insured with your REF NO: MSW/56C-672GH/L and winning number 23-76-06-54-42-100. To claim your winning prize, you must first contact the claims department by email for Processing and remittance of your prize to you.

Name: Mr.Patrick Donkor.

Do email the above email address all at once. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and winning numbers in all correspondences with your claims officer. You are to keep all lotto information away from the general public especially your ticket number and ballot number. (This is important as a case of double claims will not be entertained)


Dr. Phillip George
Online Co-ordinator

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User Replies:
MRM on 02/07/2007:
Thanks for the warning, Lidman!
Nohandle on 02/07/2007:
Lid you saw right thought it. I'm a Premium Member of MSN. Congratulations to me. Call 800-494-2962 and they will take care of it. The number will probably change by tomorrow so dial right now.
Anonymous on 02/07/2007:
I never believe that I've won anything via email, regardless of who it seems to be from. There are so many scams nowadays, it's incredible.
Nohandle on 02/07/2007:
If that doesn't work email me the message and I'll contact them.
Anonymous on 02/07/2007:
Thanks Nohandle I will try it and email you same anyway. Between the both of us maybe we will get through.
Nohandle on 02/07/2007:
OK Lid, my newest best friend Alfred from Malina, Philippines, told me to ask anyone to forward abusive emails on to and they would handle it. They, in fact, were aware of this particular email. He also said calls could be made to 866-582-0050.
Anonymous on 02/07/2007:
Thanks Nohandle my friend..
MRM on 02/07/2007:
Theres a sweepstake going on at The winner will receive a free copy of Windows Vista. I hope I win this sweepstake so that I could have a genuine copy of Vista instead of a pirated copy.
Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
Go to and forward the email there.
Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
Thanks Ken I will do that one too. I hate these kinds of e mail.
tander on 02/08/2007:
I read a lot of these scams, I wrote about one from PayPal that should be posting on here shortly.
Hugh_Jorgen on 02/08/2007:
I was going to report this too, but I've been quite busy helping a former leader's family get their money out of an African country. I don't want to brag, but once I get my 35% of the $60m fortune I plan to buy each of the M3C regulars a shiny new star.
Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
Hugh how noble of you but are these the African people that have been posting on here? Well either way I wish you the best of luck with that and I will be looking for my new star.
Ponie on 02/08/2007:
Yeah, I got the same email. I just put it in my Trash. tander, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from PayPal which I forwarded to wherever they say we should send them. Since I have no choice but to work with PayPal on some of the surveys I complete, I watch that account closely. I absolutely *hate* to give out financial information online. If I initiate it, that's one thing, but even when I get legitimate emails on my surveys, I'm very careful about it.
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Windows Update ruined my computer.
Posted by on
CHICHESTER -- Many years ago I noticed that the updates that were being downloaded and installed despite them being disabled were causing multiple problems, they were definitely genuine updates and from the official service (not fakes made by hackers etc...) The genuine updates that were downloaded completely blocked all access to my system! One moment it was working fine, fast efficient and a good clean system with no viruses spyware or anything! Then what should happen but 'Updates have been installed sucsefully these settings will take place once the system is restarted.'

After having all updates disabled because they were slowing down my system and causing new versions of programs with more features and all that (good but a shame they are slower than the previous versions) to be installed and making problems with programs that have worked for years! I noticed that all I was gaining out of the updates were updated drivers that didn't seem to make much difference to anything, so I completely disabled updates...

Thinking nothing of it at the time I just restarted my system and at the next log on what do I get? A LOAD OF ERROR MESSAGES! "Windows could not start because a problem is preventing windows from checking the License for the system." Oh thanks a lot! So I go to fix the problem by entering Safe Mode and finding the problem, surprise!?! It was a Windows Hot"Fix", key word being 'Fix' here, so I uninstall this program with the second option as 'add/remove programs' was not accessible at the time. I restart the system as usuall no luck, retry with 'last good known configuration' no luck.

I launch system restore and here we go, will it work? NO! GOD! This is getting ridiculous, eventually I used the System recovery DVD and got the system running again with my files 'Backed Up'. Well things worked like they said, despite a few lost settings, everything fine relaxed. Go to open one of the backed up files 'FILE FAILED TO OPEN, THIS FILE IS CORRUPT' :@:@:@:@:@ REALLY ANGRY NOW, TWO YEARS OF WORK DOWN THE DRAIN AND ALL THANKS TO WINDOWS UPDATE, THANKS A LOT.

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User Replies:
Sparticus on 12/03/2006:
I always keep those damn auto-updates turned off! Microsoft has broken more on my machine than they fix over the years. Folks say you are risking security problems if you don't stay up-to-date, but most the time the updates themselves introduce more new security holes while fixing old holes. With the added risk of whatever software they break.
Anonymous on 12/04/2006:
Spart; I do the same thing and I think Micosoft and the rest are now the hackers. Every time I say no they do it anyway. Seems there is nothing we can do about it?
Anonymous on 12/04/2006:
Not to defned Microsoft, but tens of millions (if not hundreds) of computers get these updates with no negative effects. You get messages about corrupt files. I would be more suspicious of a bad disk then I would be of Microsoft in this particular issue.
PLM1973 on 12/04/2006:
I too have had problems with Windows updates, but a few years ago I adopted the following policy (and since then have had no problems):

1. Turn off automatic updates. Only update it yourself, manually about once every 2 to 3 weeks.

2. When doing updates, ONLY do the critical updates and never do the optional ones. The optional ones are often drivers and those are best downloaded from the website of the manufacturer of the device itself.

3. Never install updates that aren't at least a few weeks old. Microsoft programmers are human too and some updates are bound to have bugs in them. But if you wait a few weeks, odds are they'll have them ironed out by then.

Good luck!
Total Prat on 12/04/2006:
Thank you for your posts! I have followed many of your opinions myself for a while, I just cannot understand how these got intalled without me even noticing, even the service was disabled in MSCONFIG.exe.
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MSN Email Support
Posted by on
I have an MSN Premium Email Account. I also direct a nonprofit organization. The organization's Web site uses forms for visitors to contact us. The form results are forwarded to our MSN account. Unless, that is, if the visitor is an MSN or Hotmail user.

For almost 2 weeks I have tried to get MSN technical support to address the fact that we do not get submissions from their users. I've spent over 600 minutes on the phone with these people, only to have them repeat previous resolution efforts to no avail. They always end up telling me someone will call or email me, and no one ever does. So, I call back, and we start at square one again.

'Do you have your email filter set to high?''Do you have the domain blocked?' No and No. 'Well, set your forwarding to another 'non-MSN' account, and see if that works. Because it's probably the way you have the form set up.' I have, and yes, it does work. My form is set up just fine. Your server is blocking my email, MSN. '...Let us call you back on that.'

I have found a total of 2 articles on this from people with the same issue. I've also found a few links to the MS Knowledgebase and Forum, but the content is no longer there. It's been removed for some reason. As with their technical support, no one has any answers. Or, maybe they just don't want to admit it's they're problem. Sure, I could use another email address, but I'm paying for this one. Besides, why should I have to? Why can't they just FIX IT?

I spent over 107 minutes on the phone with technical support again today. I had emailed them with all the information a week ago, and again they asked me to try using another 'non-hotmail' email address. They have EVERYTHING in writing regarding what has been done. When I call Remond, WA., to their corporate office, they give me a FAX number of the VP for MSN Email. So, I have to take another hour and compose a FAX.

Don't be like me. Save yourself the money, time and frustration of being treated like you have no memory and won't recall being asked the same thing over and over when you have trouble. Look for another ISP.
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 07/05/2006:
Switch to Google's gmail. It is free and probably offers more features than you get with your premium hotmail. Let me know if you need an invite.
miketech on 07/05/2006:
Why not use the simple pop email you could set up with your domain. Then you would have more control over the Email account and settings.
dawgmom on 07/05/2006:
Mike: Convenience more than anything, I think. That, and I guess moving everything and taking the time to figure it all out at this point. We've had the MSN for about 5 years and I guess have outgrown it, finally. I started the organization and pretty much do all the 'heavy lifting.' [Web site design, newsletter, updates and pretty much everything else]. I'm self-taught, so it takes me a while, too. But you're right, I need to cut the cord with MSN.
Anonymous on 07/05/2006:
Rebute to Sparticus: gmail keeps your deleted mail forever, be wary. Try a better email account like
Sparticus on 07/06/2006:
Good point Mrs M. I don't mind gmail since most e-mails (non-encrypted) are logged on servers/routers all over the world anyway. But for folks doing business, they may be best to find another solution. I may check out your reco. Thanks.
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