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Overpriced and Dishonest
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I recently took my 2005 Chevy Avalanche in for a hub assembly replacement and they wanted to charge me 516 dollars for the repair. They wanted 120 for the part and the rest of the remaining balance for labor. After hearing this I decided to buy the part myself and do the laborious on my own which would have been a painless task had I had the right tools for the swap out. I ended up taking it to Encinas, literally two building down and it ended up costing me 70 dollars for the part, which I bought myself and took to Encinas and they swapped out the parts, in less than an hour and for 70 bucks.

I am so pleased with the choice I made to take it to Encinas. Now tell me how Midas would have justified that job for 516 dollars. Midas is a very dishonest company and will scam you if they can. Whatever you might need done to your vehicle, take it to Encinas. They will get you all fixed up honestly and at a great price.

Personal Property Taken From Glove Box!!
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Rating: 1/51

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA -- I went to have my vehicle serviced at Midas on 01/10/12. The manager on duty told me it would cost $50, but cash only. I had to run and get cash and came back. He met me in the parking lot and told me to give him the cash before his supervisor sees him, and put the cash into his shirt pocket. I then left, thinking wow.. That was strange.
When I arrived home, I noticed my GPS Device was missing from the glove box, which is always kept there and never taken out. I use it daily for work purposes.

I immediately returned and confronted the same manager about my GPS. He proceeded to call the police for me. While the officer checked the building for the GPS, the manager rushed outside to return the $50 to me. I told him I wasn't here for that, that I just wanted my property back. He insisted I take it back, and so I did. The officer did a walk-through of the shop, but found nothing. I filled out a police report and have not heard anything about anything until today, which was my 6th time calling along with 3 separate emails.

I was told by a female that "They are not taking responsibility." Why not?? I have all the documents from the get-go. I put on the report that I was not pressing charges. Was that a mistake? I didn't think it would go this far. I am being treated like the criminal, not the victim. No one from the company ever called me to inform me of anything. Here it is a month later with no GPS, no updates on anything and now I'm being told they aren't taking responsibility. What can I do??

Midas Price Gouging
By -

FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY -- This is one way of warning people about a company (MIDAS), I had to have a alternator replace on my car today and I went to Midas, they had to get one from Advance auto parts and they told me it would be $413.26, well I told them to go ahead, I had to have a car. My oldest grand daughter came and picked me up, she threw a fit. She said alternators were not that high and she called Advance to see how much they charged Midas for the part, get this, Midas only paid 119.95 for the part. When I went to pay the bill the labor was only $39.98 the part cost was $329.95 supply charge (whatever that was) was $22.20 tax was $21.13. I told the tech guy that I was letting anyone that would listen about their business. If you can help it I wouldn't go to Midas unless you got money to give away.

Their Oil Change Killed my Engine
By -

ENFIELD, CONNECTICUT -- I got my Oil Change on 5/19/2010 at MIDAS, the Enfield location. Then on 5/20 morning when I'm driving to work, the engine stops working the car stops on the Highway I91-N. I tow the car and take it to Firestone. They say that there is not Oil Filter, oil leaked and locked the motor and now the motor needs to be replaced.

I spoke to the owner of the store - Jack Mandro. He refused to take any responsibility and started swearing. I have the bill which clearly states that the Oil Filter was replaced.

I didn't even drive the car for over 40 miles since the oil change and my motor died.

Fraud: Midas Mesa AZ Michael Jasko 480-830-5240
By -

MESA, ARIZONA -- My wife got a coupon for free oil change from Midas. We live in Mesa so she went to Michael Jasko (Midas) on 2964 East Main Street, 85213.

She called saying we needed new tires (we didn't, but I hadn't looked at them in a while, so talked to owner). Owner (Michael Jasko) assured me they were dangerous (a lie). I assumed tires would be about $400 for 4 new tires, installed as I'd seen various advertisements. He said $500, because they were special tires. I reluctantly agreed but only after getting him to confirm verbally there would be no other charges.

He proceeded to upsell my wife on everything after we hung up. Nitro fill (an utter waste), road warranty (another waste, covered by insurance already), and he tacked on $193 in labor. Again, he confirmed there were absolutely no other charges on the phone when we spoke. So when I spoke to my wife I told her go ahead and do what he is suggesting...

He of course suggested every thing possible to upsell an additional $300 on top of the already fraudulent order of new tires on a FREE oil change coupon.

I attempted to work things out, assuming that it was a mistake on my wife's part. He didn't tell her anything about additional charges until the work was done and he brought a final bill. What could be done? he can put a lien on the vehicle. We just paid and left as my infant was already waiting a few hours and I knew he could make this horrible.

Bottom line: He lied directly to me, refused to return my calls and emails (until I threatened BBB complaint). I also tried to work out a trade deal with him for the $300, because I thought maybe my wife had simply not heard him say there would be extra charges. He dodged me for 2 months of phone calls and emails, never returning my calls and telling me he was busy when I called. I was polite until my last email to him when I explained what I would do if he didn't refund the $300 he ripped us off for.

I would suggest you go to a mechanic you can trust. One that I've found and trust is: College Automotive (480) 655-7699. They repaired my neon and helped me to decide if I needed to fix things or wait until its worse. I totally felt like they were on my side and trying to help me get the best deal, while still being safe. If you want honest service, stay away from MIDAS!

Midas Will Screw Over Its Most Loyal Customers With No Remorse
By -

NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT -- Midas will screw you over with no remorse. With the price of life in this harsh and unforgiving economy this particular business place is taking advantage of its most loyal customers. Anyway this is my story I brought my truck to Midas in New London to check a noise from the front wheels, it turned out it was a broken spring they charged me over $900. I took the car to work and the noise was back, on my way back from work everything started to fall apart, screws and nuts were being dropped on the road and smoke stared coming out of my passenger side wheel, my hudcap melted and fell off, the stirring wheel kept locking on me and I could barely brake. Somehow in the grace of God I managed to make it to town between putting the gear on neutral going downhill and releasing the gas to slow down. I drove the truck straight to the Midas shop and the next day dropped by to state my case. They decided that they would not fix my truck and that I would have to pay another $900. After two days of going back and forth with these people I finally got a hold of their general manager Carlos Cortinas and he decided that even though the problems seem related they were not the same. He finally concluded that he would do the work with a discounted labor but I would still have to pay for the parts. I called AutoZone I went online and also called Ford Parts and their prices were less than half the prices Midas is asking me for the new parts. The general public should be informed not to go to Midas because they will scam you and screw you over with no shame ! My friend's neighbor, one of Midas' previous technician admitted that they always double their parts prices!

Tampered With My Vehicle
By -

RANDOLPH, NEW JERSEY -- Dropped off my vehicle at the Midas in Randolph, NJ to have it aligned. Went back to pick it up and said that additional work needed to be done including replacement of the wheel bearing to the tune of $1200. Midas person even showed me where the problem was. He said that the car was not safe to drive until the work was done. Was very skeptical. Took the car home and noticed the car was shakier than before. Had another mechanic check it and said that the wheel axle nut was retracted and loosened making the wheel unstable and unsafe to drive.

Can't believe that Midas would go to extra lengths of tampering with my car just to make $$$. These people can not be trusted.

Midas Business Model
By -

After reading these experiences, I felt compelled to add my own insights. I've been a ASE certified mechanic for most of my adult life, from Arizona to Alaska to Spain. I also spent a few months working at a Midas. While there are some excellent techs employed at Midas there are also a lot of kids, 19 to 23 or so, who make 11-15 dollars an hour. We had one who test drove a customer's Porsche and spun it sideways into a snow bank. The shop paid to fix it, but the car was uncrashed when brought in.

Midas specializes in undercar, brakes and suspension, because it is more lucrative than engine or transmission diagnostics. Brake work in shops is viewed as gravy--quick, easy money. Therefore, Midas can hire guys without a lot of experience and still make profits. A chain has a monthly goal ($) and towards the end of the month the pressure to meet that goal extends from corporate office to franchise owner to foreman to mechanic. Guys are told they must increase the amount they're billing each month or face a pay cut. Calipers are the easiest thing to add to a ticket, and rarely need replacing.

Another scam is the GM brake hardware kits--a set of rubber dust boots and o-rings for the brake caliper bolts. Midas pays around 2.00 for these and lists them at 24.99. Those lifetime brake pads? Be ready to have your rotors resurfaced every time you go in for your free replacements--that's about 80$ a visit, plus after 3-4 visits your rotors will be too thin and have to be replaced. Don't want to do that? You'll get your brake pads in a box. While there are some fine techs at Midas, the business model is flawed, focusing on the ledger line. It is not a business run by competent automotive professionals, but by corporate penny pinchers. Find a honest, independent and competent shop and stick with them through thick and thin.

Every shop and mechanic makes mistakes, but what I saw in Midas leads me to question their honesty and motives and that is not a dynamic that should exist with any repair shop.

Midas Causes Engine Damage But Denies All Responsibility
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- At the end of June 2008 I took my Mitsibushi Mirage 2000 into a local Midas shop in Tulsa, OK for a repair concerning fluid or water leaking into my driver and passenger side floors. Upon picking the vehicle up I was given an invoice that stated they had unplugged an a/c drainage line. One week later the engine overheated and burned up due to the radiator cap being left off.

To make a long story short, I complained to them in person, to the Better Business Bureau, hired an attorney and took them to small claims court. The new engine cost around $3400.00. All this to no avail. They lied, lied, and lied some more about their negligence in this matter. Their insurance company and the Midas corporation have a policy of never paying for any damages they cause, especially in a case where it is your word against their word, circumstantial. The judge in the case was a conservative corporate supporter and of course ruled in their favor due to my attorney not preparing a thorough enough case and to the judge's bias toward the female consumer. The court system is totally corrupt. I will now tell you what you should do to Win a case against Midas. First of all, hire a really good attorney who does his homework. Secondly, line up every expert witness you can.

Written statements are not admissible, and most evidence, even photographs needs to be explained by an expert witness, not a lay person or yourself. The expert witnesses should include consumers who have had similar complaints, ex Midas employees, mechanical engineers, auto mechanic experts, and any mechanic who was involved in repairing the damages they caused. Know that the judge and the system will try to side with the corporation and as a plaintiff you have to prove their negligence.

They don't have to do anything but come and lie about the entire repair job and if you can't prove they're lying, the judge will rule in their favor. To find expert witnesses one might run ads in the newspaper or internet asking for help. One might search court records to find out who else has filed complaints against them and seek those people out as possible witnesses. Yes, one could end up having to pay someone's travel expenses, etc. to be your witness, but this is how the system works. It will cost a lot of money to beat them and this is what they depend on the most.

They are aware that it is hard to prove negligence, even if you have a receipt proving you were at their shop, because they will lie and say the damage was caused by some other factor, by some other entity, even by you. In my case, they took the stance that they never even opened my hood, therefore, they didn't take the radiator cap off. Believe me, they had this statement rehearsed from the very beginning. It is a tactic used, and they got away with it. Midas will deny all responsibility unless you have a witness that saw them do it, or a video recording.

My advice to anyone who goes to any mechanic is this...do not leave your car with them and vacate the premises. Watch what they do every minute, every second that they have your vehicle. If possible video record the entire event. Always check under your hood for problems, like the radiator cap being off, before you leave their parking lot. If you do go to court, research the subject matter thoroughly and have a witness to back up every theory and evidence you present. If you don't have an expert witness to explain and verify what you say, the judge will draw his own conclusions however he pleases. Just know that the court system is not your friend, nor is the judge, and that the legal system is set up to protect the guilty at all costs.

Please contact me if you ever need a consumer witness to testify against Midas. I will be happy, happy, happy to testify against these lying, thieving, corporate criminals.

Free Check Engine Light Diagnostic
By -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- Midas has an ad that plays on the radio station I listen to every morning, stating they offer a free check engine light diagnostic test. The ad states "if your check engine light comes on, don't wait...take it to Midas for a free check engine light diagnostic..."

So one day my car's engine light comes on and of course I call up Midas to set up an appointment. I specifically say I am interested in making an appointment for the free engine light diagnostic test. The guy answering the phone puts me on hold and then another guy gets on the phone to set up the appointment date and time.

I get to Midas on our pre-arranged scheduled time and start filling out the paperwork. The guy behind the counter states the diagnostic test costs $105. I told him "No, I wanted the free engine light diagnostic test that you advertise on the radio". Stated, "We don't have such an advertisement. You must be mistaken with another company. Midas doesn't advertise anything like that."

I argue with him again that it WAS a Midas advertisement and that this was the reason I called Midas up first...because THEY were the ones that advertise on my radio station. He then stated I was welcome to take my car and go find another place to have the engine diagnostic done, but that I wouldn't find anywhere else that would do it for free so I might as well just have it done there.

I decided to go ahead and have the diagnostic test done there, because I knew he was right. I would have to pay for the test anywhere else I went, and the fact that I had my ride waiting for me outside while I left my car, I felt pressured into agreeing to the $105 fee.

Once I was back home however, I looked up the Midas online customer service email and explained the situation. I asked that I be reimbursed for the $105 fee when the ad clearly stated it was free. I waited a week and got no response. I emailed again, and still no response. It has been months since this ordeal happened. Funny thing is Midas is STILL advertising the same thing on the radio station. I hear it almost daily! I wish I had a way to record the advertisement and even attempted to get in touch with the radio station, but just couldn't find anyone who could help me out.

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