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You Always Get ***** At The Drive Thru
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I came across a complaint filed by a disgruntled consumer of Midway Nissan On Bell rd in Phoenix, Arizona. Well Here are several bad experiences I have had at not only Midway Nissan but also Midway Chevrolet. I am not going to lie I don't have the best credit in the world and when I present to any dealership I am always very up front about it. The last experience I had was that I had applied online as before, the first time in 2007 it was Midway Chevy, it was a rainy night, they assured me they could get me in a new 2008 Chevy cobalt, even after I explained on the phone to salesperson I had less than perfect credit, I was assured that would not be a problem.

I get to the dealership, the person I was supposed to meet was some sort of none existent person on their lot so someone else pitched in to help, of course like I said it was raining, they ran my credit and said I would need a cosigner to qualify for any loan on their lot, I said wait a minu8te you ran my credit before I got here and everything was OK, what changed? Of course no answer, I basically told them to get bent and went to earhnhardts two weeks later and bought an 2005 Nissan Sentra that nobody had to cosign for me. Second story about 2 months ago, I decided I wanted to try to trade out my current vehicle for a newer vehicle. I again did the internet application for financing, and of course the first call I get is from Midway Nissan, the gentleman on the phone assured me he could get me into a 2008 Nissan Sentra and trade me completely out my 2003 Nissan Altima, I told him I have been to their dealership before and been basically given the run around, I told him I was not going to come there and waist my time if they could get me the car and deal I wanted, he assured me again that he could make the deal work (the 2003 Nissan Altima was also bought at Earnhardts where I have never had a problem) I get to the dealership, they look at my car, ask me for the approx payoff and go through there little dance that they do, next thing I know I have a manager and two salesman telling they can't get me out of my car, they can't get me financed and they have a credit repair program they signing people up for.

I was extremely pissed off to say the least, it took every ounce of my being to not want to knock the guy on his ass after waisting my time. Credit repair, I told he could take it and stuff it, if I wanted to fix my credit it would be through some fly by night credit repair agency..... I would do it the old fashioned American way and file bankruptcy. The way state of the Nation is in, I don't feel people need to deal without being victimized~!!!

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MSCANTBEWRONG on 05/18/2009:
That must be frustrating. Baiting you in with promises that your credit is good enough to get you into the car you want then changing the rules once you get there.
unsatisfied customer of sales scams on 05/19/2009:
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True to form, the MIDWAY family of dealerships dissapoints again.
After 12-15 hours of our time over repeated vists to the dealership, we came to a specific agreement on price, interest rate and finance terms. The finance manager, Steve Vines absloutely insisted that he had run the deal by every bank possible and that the rate was the best available in the country country, period. The car being purchased, was a certified used Infniti vehicle, which according to the company's own printed materials, qualifies for new car financing, which of course, he said he was unable to procure. Despite this we agreed to purchase the car, did all the paperwork, which specified price and terms to the penny, left a deposit check and left the dealership. We were asked to return 2 days later to pick the vehicle up, and spent several hours having some stereo equipment removed from the vehicle we were trading in. Upon our arrival at the dealership to pick the vehicle up. We were told that the interest rate had INCREASED, and the payment would be $50.00 MORE PER MONTH over the term of the loan. We objected and the dealership sent out a "manager" to explain what a favor they were doing us and how the value of our trade and the prevailing rates required this change.. We objected again, as did the sales person assisting us, saying that this was a signed, final deal, approved by both the delaership's finance manager and sales manager when we left. I complained to the floor manager who said they could not get the rates promised because the THE DEAL HAD NEVER BEEN SUBMITTED TO APPROVAL BY BANKS!!! I asked how this could be since we had been assured that the deal had been run by EVERY finance company avalaible and was the best they could get after "aggressively working to get you best deal out there" - my question , point blank - to him, was, "ARE YOU LYING NOW - OR WERE THE EMPLOYEES OF YOUR DEALERSHIP, INCLUDING THE MANAGERS LYING THE DAY I LEFT A DEPOSIT AND SIGNED THIS DEAL?"

Of course, as always, they didn't have a ANY answer - refused to consummate the deal as promised, and gave me back my deposit check after I asked for it 6 TIMES.

This is a classic car dealer scam, and borders on criminal fraud. The dealer offerred no solution, compromises or aleternates, just a higher payment at a higher rate than promised. I'm left with my old car and a bag full of stereo equipment. I'm also filing complaints with the BBB, Nissan Motors North America, and the Arizona Autombile Dealer's Association.
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Anonymous on 03/15/2005:
Rates can change in a day, but I don't think that is what happened here. When the dealer asked you to come back in 2 days tells me that they were unsure on whether or not they could get the loan approved for whatever reason. Where the dealer made a mistake was quoting an exact rate "to the penny" when there were variables the dealer was unaware of. There is no law requiring you to use financing arranged by the dealer so try your own bank or credit union.
Mala on 03/18/2005:
You should consider yourself lucky that they took the car back and returned your deposit. I went to Fletcher Jones, negotiated a 3 year lease for a NEW car at $800/mo, & requested a specific built-in equipment. They delivered the car1 without the purchased equipment and put 5yr lease instead of 3 on a contract. After giving me a runaround for a week, they said that manufacturer stopped making this equipment. I wanted to return the car1, but they would not take it back. After about a week I noticed that none of the paperwork (including lease and registration) matched the VIN# of car1. I called to complain, then the MGR started threatening me. The dealer said they made a mistake by putting a wrong VIN# on the contract. They wanted me to sign a substitution of collateral to substitute the vin# of car1. I paid to have the car1 flatbedded back to the dealer and asked for my money back. This was October 2001. As of that time I had no car. The same month, dealer filed with DMV certified paperwork stating that the car2 on contract & registration was erroneousely put in my name and I never took delivery or possession of it and unregistered car2. At the same time dealer sent the lease contract of car2 to finance co MBCC (Mercedes Benz Credit Corp) who funded the car2. Now FJMC has the car1+ my deposit, car2 and money for car2 funded by MBCC. I started getting billing for car2 from MBCC. I called them to let them know this is an error. They ignored me and continued billing. Then I hired a lawyer for 3 months who wrote to FJMC and MBCC that I had no car1, no contract for car1, no car2 and no valid/consummated contract for car2. They ignored that. I obtained certified copies of paperwork from DMV Sacramento which the dealer filed for car2 and mailed with my letter to MBCC. They ignored that. I was harassed by MBCC collections, received numerous letters & billings, then in February 2002 I received a demand letter from MBCC for $60,000 for car2 or they were going to reposess the car2. I just opened an escrow on a house when I received that demand. the lender ran my credit report which was very good. In March 2002, the lender ran another credit report and informed me that late payments showed up for car2, which lowered drastically my credit scores. I put my loan on hold, while trying to clear the lates, which I thought MBCC put erroneousely on my credit. I wrote several more letters, stating I had no cars and pleaded with them to correct the lates. They ignored me. In March 2002 I received a notice from MBCC they were going to reposess car2. I wrote more letters, stating this is a big error, to please correct. In April 2002 a repossession of $60,000 showed up on my credit report for car2. Immediately afterwards, I received a notice of repossession for car1. Still, all my letters and phone calls were ignored. Now, the lender rejects my loan and I loose the property. I never received billing for car1, but In July 2002 I received a deficiency letter for car1, stating it was reposessed and MBCC demanded from me $17,200 deficiency. I called MBCC and asked how they could have a deficiency, when I don't even have a contract for car1. MBCC said they had a contract for car1. When I asked them to fax it to me to see, they refused (they probably forged my signature). In September 2002, a repossession of $17,200 showed up on my credit report for car1. Now I have 2 reposessions. I filed a lawsuit in October 2002 against FJMC and MBCC. 5 months after FJMC sold car2 as NEW to another consumer, MBCC filed a deficiency judgment lawsuit for car2, asking for $17,200. Now I have two deficiency judgments, two reposessions, no cars and no contract. I have been harassed, lost many hours from my work, lost money, could not buy anything on credit, and aggravated my heart condition and my health. During the lawsuit we discovered the following: Car1: warranty started 5 months prior to my going to FJMC. As per manufacturer, the warranty starts when the car is first sold, which means someone bought it 5 months prior to October 2001, but they "sold" it to me as NEW. The way the dealer sells "Used" car as "new" is slick so they do not get in trouble with DMV. When dealer writes up the contract for a New car (which is actually used) they put the VIN# of an identical new car from their lot on the paperwork (if they ever get caught by DMV they would not get in trouble). Dealer counts on consumer not comparing the VIN# from delivered car to the VIN# on contract. When consumer later discovers the mismatch, then the dealer states " Oh! we made an error, but we can correct it by you signing a substitution of collateral". When consumer signs approval to substitute the VIN numbers, the dealer makes a change on all paperwork. This way they can tell DMV that the consumer requestd the change. Car1 (after I returned it) sat on dealer's lot for 9 months, then they supposedly "auctioned it". They sold it as a "Used" car1 to another consumer to whom they explained the reason the car1 was used, because it was a "Dealer Demo". I also learned that the window sticker given to me for car1 was cut and pasted by the dealer and the information on it was false. I also noticed someone made 5 monthly payments in my name for car1. This is why I did not get any monthly billings for car1. Suspecting FJMC forged my signature on paperwork for car1, then made 5 payments. When payments stopped, I received repossession and deficiency judgment. They probably also received the funding from MBCC for car1. The reason they were making the payments was to keep the MBCC money.
CAR2: was new & never reposessed (I was given false repossession notice). It sat on dealers lot for 17 months, then they sold it as "NEW" car2 as 1st time sold to a consumer, who obtained financing through B of A. (FJMC still has the money from MBCC, which they never returned). Now FJMC has a surplus money for a full car price. They just sold the car2 twice as NEW. Instead of MBCC asking FJMC to return the money back for car2 (erroneousely put in my name), MBCC put $60,000 repossession on my credit trying to extort money from me, so they can divide the surplus with the dealer. MBCC knew all along that I had no car and no contract, but they intentionally ruined my credit. I was forced and threateded into settlement in August 2004, when my credit was finally cleaned. My attorney put my settlement money into his account and will not give me the money due me. Now I have to sue my attorney. This is 4 years of hell. When you deal with big dealership and big finance co, it is impossible to obtain justice. Everybody is bought out.
Dealer never returned my deposit.
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Unskilled Service Center
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PHOENIX -- Purchased a new 2008 350z in Feb 2009, in May 2009 purchased an OEM Nissan 350z rear spoiler for the vehicle $403.00 dollars from the dealership (Midway Nissa) in May 2009 had Midway Nissan install the rear spoiler on the car, received the car with substantial bowing of the spoiler in the center of it. I then took the car back to Midway Nissan to remedy and after much haggling and response from Midway that "this is the best it will get" received the car back with a still bowing in the center rear spoiler. I believe that I have done what I was supposed to do, bought a Nissan car, bought an OEM Nissan spoiler, has a geniune Nissan dealership install, but Midway did not live up to their end of the bargin. I have since taken the car to a 350z speciality shop that after laughing and documenting Midways piss poor installation job will be installing an after market spoiler to cover up Midways mistakes in the coming weeks. I have offered Midway several opputunities to remedy without avail:
1. The first return to fix the botched installation, no luck was told "this is a good as it gets"
2. Dispute the charges with my CC company, Midway disputed and recharged.
3. Files a complaint with Nissan USA consumer affairs. Midways Nissan does not provide an acceptable level of service and needs to be held accountable.

Untimatley Midway Nissan Cost me:
403$ for OEM Spoiler
166$ for a botched installation job
1065$ for a good shop to repair the damage done by Midway Nissan
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