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Ebay discrimination
Posted by on
WINONA, MINNESOTA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I'm a seller on Ebay where I have an online store. My complaint is that they have told us that we are allowed to list penis pumps, bullet / massagers / vibrators as long as we do not use the word vibrator in the title or description. There are other items from clothing, to massage oils, massage lotions, lubes, condoms, etc etc etc that we have been told we can list.

This last weekend, they chose to start removing said listings from my account, and other sellers as well. They stated that it was a new policy, which is fine, but, there are certain sellers there that list the same exact listings as I and other sellers are getting removed.

Ebay has a 'report listing' department, where we can send in the listing numbers for said items that are now in violation.
I and other sellers have been doing that, I report hundreds of listings every day since they began shutting down my listings.
Like I said, certain sellers are not getting their listings shut down, while the rest of us are getting them all shut down. I have reported certain listings 3 times, to no availe.

My view is that is discrimination. I keep contacting them asking why they won't remove said listings, even though I have reported them up to 3 times. They keep sending back a canned response stating that they are aware of said listings, but we need to report them. They keep refusing to answer me as to why they will not shut down the reported listings that have been reported up to 3 times.

As far as penis pumps, they state to me this morning ( Tuesday ) that penis pumps are allowed in the general area, so I ask again why they shut them down, tonight I get another response stating that they are not allowed in the general area. I ask then, why have they not shut down said sellers that are getting preferential treatment, and I get back again, report it.
They just don't understand that I have reported said listings up to 3 times already.

Also, they state that these are all new policies, and they are in the written 'rules' that us as sellers are s'pose to read, when we list said items.
As of this afternoon, those rules are not in their policies, their policies state that massagers / bullets etc are allowed, as long as we do not list them as vibrators.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I'm not sure, I know theres got to be something that can be done with this company, since they change their rules for one seller, and have different rules for another.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
tander on 09/20/2006:
Penis Pumps?..*LMAO* Is there really such a thing?
angelnorma on 09/20/2006:
"Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident". Sounds like you are advertising with that last line. You should be advertising on an Adult site, not Ebay!!!
Mad Eye Moody on 09/20/2006:
Ponie on 09/20/2006:
Wasn't your 'complaint' under the nic vapor14yc enough? Do we got to read this junk twice? Sheesh!
Anonymous on 09/20/2006:
Yeah, I really don't buy into this.
Anonymous on 09/27/2006:
No offense, but I'm glad eBay's taking it off. And I hope in your vengeful fury, you stop others from doing it, too.
nomokats on 12/24/2006:
Next time can you be more specific, I want seller names!!! This is not eBay. Ebay makes everybody so stupid and paranoid. "said sellers" I hate that chit.
malignantpoodle on 11/24/2007:
First, if you're going to compose correspondence to an attorney general's office, you might be taken a bit more seriously if you use correct spelling and grammar.

Second, it is not really discrimination in the legal sense. FYI, discrimination isn't illegal unless the discrimination is on the basis of race, religion, national origin, creed, disability, or gender. So, if you can show how the only people allowed to sell their sex toys are Christians or blacks or something, forget about your big discrimination allegation.

What's even more funny is that you state that you don't know what you want from the office of the attorney general. I'm sure your letter is enjoying its new home in a landfill somewhere.
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