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Complaint for Miranda Windows and Doors
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TORONTO -- Miranda Windows and Doors installed windows in my house. I arrived and they did not have drop cloths on the deck or stairs. They had garbage on the deck, all the old windows were piled up on the deck - and after they left, they didn't clean the deck. I spent $1000 to build the deck only 3 weeks ago!! They left scratches and marks all over the deck!

They did NOT clean up the job site. They left screws, broken pieces of glass, window pieces and aluminum all over the driveway.

They illegally entered into my house!!! They didn't call me to get permission and they let my indoor cat get outside! My cat wasn't in the house when I got home - she was lost for 4 hours in the rain!

The owner, Tony Miranda, apologized but said that I should have put a drop cloth down! He was insensitive and rude and didn't care about anything since he already had his money. I'd NEVER recommend this company.
Company Response 11/27/2008:
The consumer review is completely false!

A) Miranda Windows & Doors Inc.™ always uses drop sheets through out the house. (each of our crews have 20 heavy duty drop sheets)

B) At the time this customer arrived the job was completed on the inside,

C) The old windows were already loaded up on the pick up truck,

D) Any markings of which this customer states were on the deck were already there, she has no evidence that the work crew may have damaged the deck, furthermore this customer currently was undergoing renovations.

E) Our installers seriously clean up the complete areas of which they work in, especially due to safety,

F) "They illegally entered into my house!!!" This installation date was booked weeks in advance with a reminder call the night before, furthermore the customers (yes we were 2 crews and installing her neighbors windows too) next door had the key to unlock the front door and allowed us into the house,

G) No where in the signed contract between the customer and Miranda Windows & Doors Inc.™ did it state for the work crew to "cat sit" Pet sitting is not the responsibility of Miranda Windows & Doors Inc.™ Nor was it ever mentioned the customer had cats in any of the rooms of which the work crew would keep the door closed if asked.

I Tony E. Miranda president of Miranda Windows & Doors Inc.™ would never be insensitive and rude, I have and do treat all with DIGNITY and with the utmost RESPECT.

On behalf of Miranda Windows & Doors Inc.™ and my staff, we continue to be Ontario's Genuine Company for Windows & Doors.

Visit us @ http://www.mirandawindows.com
toll free: 1-866-MIRANDA (647-2632)

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User Replies:
Doc J on 06/29/2006:
Glad you got your kitty back! Experiences like yours occur because the installers are bottom of the barrel...to cut expenses for the company. I'm not sure how strong your complaint is that they "illegally entered" your house. If the work was done right, with respect for your property, and without jeopardizing your cat...I think the "illegal" entry issue would not have raised its head. Thanks for warning us about this company.
lmiranda on 09/19/2006:
I will disagree with that. I have had Miranda Windows & Doors do the windows in my home 1 year ago. Tony and his crew were respectful at all times. They left my home as clean as when they got there and they had used cloths in all the areas that they worked in. It was sad that your cat was lost but you should have taken better precautions to keep your cat safe since there would be open areas around your house. Their installation and products are exceptional! Your story is unfortunate but I definitely would and have recommended them to many people.
BellTech on 05/10/2009:
I will also have to disagree with this attack against Mr Miranda and his company Miranda Windows & Doors. Being a Bell Canada Technician, I have been to many houses where I couldn't help but notice their beautiful and unique window/door work. Many times when I comment on the quality of work & beauty they tell me with pride that it was done by "Miranda Windows & Doors".
Not once have I come across a complaint or unpleasant experience with the quality of work performed by Mr Miranda and his crew. I cannot comment on whether or not this persons complaint and bad experience are true or just a personal attack but please take it with a grain of salt and notice the date of the entry. 2006! If there is any truth to it I am sure we can consider it a personnel problem or trouble that has since been rectified.
Now in 2009, Miranda Windows and Doors seem to be offering a quality, professional and unique service to their customers who are rewarded by a first class job and treated like all customers should, with RESPECT.
garincha on 12/01/2009:
The contractors comments seem very defensive not once did he acknowledge your problem, denial, denial denial. It is like he has done this before I would not hire them either thanks for the warning.
Cindy on 02/27/2012:
I have to disagree. I do not think that the contractor seemed defensive, just to the point! I have not had windows done by this company, as I live in a condo, but I have had many family members who have had work done by them and I have not heard a single complaint from them, only praise on the work that was done at their house. Unfortunately you can't please everyone no matter how hard you try but I only wish them much success and when I'm ready to buy a house and get my windows and doors replaced I will be calling Miranda Windows and Doors.
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