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Misty Electronics
PO Box 807
Flanders, NJ 07836
862-251-4837 (ph)
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Phone Described as NEW, Broke After 5 Weeks.
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Rating: 1/51

FLANDERS, NEW JERSEY -- Ordered a supposed new Motorola Droid 4. The phone failed after 5 weeks of use. The phone was NOT new as advertised - a piece of Junk. Steve's last email to me read as follows: "I agree with you. I don't think you should shop on eBay. You should not shop in any store that sells items with warranties, because you believe warranties are meaningless, and you believe that even though the warranty says 30 days, in your world 30 days means three months.

So I agree, you should not shop online. You should only buy from stores where there are signs posted with warranties, and then ignore those warranties and return things months after the warranty has expired. In many cases they will take it back from you, just to make you go away. In any case, let's not email each other any longer. I will not respond, even though I said I would not last time and did. I ask you please to not message me back.

But here's the thing, I can tell you that for sure you will email me back. You are the type of person who thinks they are always right, and the rules don't apply to you. You don't have the self control to not message me back, I guarantee it. So though I've asked you not to message me back, we both know you will. And when you do, I'll delete it without reading it, and just chuckle to myself that I knew I was right."

Here, clearly is a reseller that is clearly lacking in Basic Customer Service. An electronics reseller who believes his products should last no longer than 30 days clearly is a blight to his community. He clearly mistakes facts and IMHO, he should be avoided at all costs.

False advertising faulty products
By -

FLANDERS, NEW JERSEY -- Misty Electronics, Mistyelectronics, Steveco llc- eBay seller and on-line merchant advertises phones as "new in box". I purchased a T-mobile sidekick advertised as new. I received a very used phone that did not charge. Don't be taken in by quick and polite responses to problems- they just drag you on until you give up. Second phone came and was also used. Requested a refund and then was told the phone was out of warranty. Offered $30 refund for a $90 phone. Promised to send a "new" phone. Third phone still had someone else's text messages, voice mail etc. with a privacy lock. It even had a "refurbished" sticker inside so the phone was probably 3rd time around sale or possibly even stolen. Fraudulent advertising. I have filed formal complaints with New Jersey Better Business Bureau and Ebay.

E-bay seller sells bad product
By -

NEW JERSEY -- After dropping my cell phone in the toilet, I needed a new phone. I decided to get on eBay and look for another phone. I found one exactly like the one I ruined. I carefully read the customer reviews (which were mostly good), and ordered a "like new" phone from them. I received it after about a week and took it directly down to Alltel to have it activated. The guy at Alltel fooled around with it for several minutes with a confused look on his face, and then asked me where I got the phone. I said on eBay. He replies "I hope you didn't pay much for it, because I can't activate it. Every time I push the #7 key, the phone resets itself."
So, I contact Misty Electronics. They tell me to send the phone back (at MY expense) and they will send me another one. So, I wait another 2 weeks for the second phone to arrive. I go get it activated, and it doesn't work either!! Also, it looks like someone's dog chewed on it! My husband had to take it apart and fix it (the antenna was not making connection). We also exchanged parts with my old phone so this one now looks better. I didn't want to send another phone back and wait another 2 weeks since I don't have a home phone. Don't buy anything from Misty Electronics, they sell junk!!!

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