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Lamp, Lamp, Lamp, Circuit Board, Lamp, Lamp, Lamp and the next repair is???
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Mitsubishi WD-52525 DLP Projection Television Purchased 12/11/2004 $3,299.99. This letter was received via email from Mitsubishi after we replaced our SIXTH LAMP in the FIVE+ YEARS we have had our television; PLUS the circuit board just over a year ago. The television had a NEW GENUINE MITSUBISHI LAMP placed in it 3 months ago. The lamp light began flicking again and now all the unit does is BUZZ when plugged in, just as it did last year when the circuit board went out.

"We do not have an exact lifetime on how long lamps should last. It was depends on the environment, how long the TV is turned off and on, how long you watch the set, its various issues that can affect the life of a lamp. We also suggest that customer do not purchase lamps from other retailers since we do not know if they are genuine Mitsubishi lamps, or how long they have stored those lamps in their storage and collect dust. I am still waiting for repair invoices, you can fax the lamp invoices but they are not repairs like I've mentioned before. You also mentioned in your last email regarding the TV no longer being made, every year we come out w/ new TV models so we stopped making your TV model over 5 yrs ago."

MY RESPONSE TO MITSUBISHI - Information and the FIVE repair orders were forwarded, as requested, to your email. Please advise as to whether or not the "genuine" Mitsubishi circuit board replaced on July 24, 2009, by the genuine authorized Mitsubishi service center should have gone out in 13 months, along with another (the 6th) "genuine Mitsubishi lamp." In reference to your comments below, how long do you allow your genuine Mitsubishi parts to collect dust? It seems their shelf life is longer than their operating life...

At $229.00 per lamp having to replace 1-2 annually, maybe we should have tried a generic? The lamps are considered a repair when your "genuine Mitsubishi Customer Service Representative" discussed lamp-life of 2+ years with normal usage and replacement prior to our purchasing this celebrated model when I called to ask questions about the lamps, their cost and the expected usage to see if your television was worth our financial investment. The television your celebrated model replaced had incurred less than $500.00 worth of repairs in 21 years... That's what I consider a good television.

Your company will not receive superior references or follow-up purchases in the future, no matter the model, from our household; nor from our son and the company he represents when selling televisions. He has "personal" experience with what has happened in his home to base his selling information when speaking to consumers. Unfortunately, he was so taken by this television when he recommended it to us due to how it was "supposed" to perform. We were sold once reassurances were received from your CSR as mentioned above, and made the investment purchase.

By using the wording "various issues that can affect the life of a lamp," are you insinuating that we did not operate the television according to the instructions in your "Owner's Guide?" It was read, discussed and sits on the shelf in plain sight below the television. This is a household of mature adults spending 3-5 hours or less watching television daily... not a bunch of screaming banshees.

If Mitsubishi does not plan to cover this repair service and warrant it, then please advise so another unit from a different manufacturer (Sony, Samsung) may be obtained during the holiday sales for electronics values we have been researching. We could have almost purchased a new flat screen by now due to all the repairs on your once celebrated DLP model. It has definitely not stood the quality test of time.

NOTE FOR THOSE POSTING ON THIS FORUM: For those of you who have only had to replace 1-2 lamps, think about how we feel after SIX in less than SIX years! SIX Genuine Mitsubishi Lamps - $229.00 each ($1,374.00). Circuit Board Replacement - $468.29. TOTAL: $1,842.29. ORIGINAL COST OF PRODUCT: $3,299.99. DAYS WITHOUT USE OF PRODUCT - 100+.

Defective Televisions Being Sold by Mitsubishi
By -

In January of 2009 I purchased a Mitsubishi 73 inch DLP TV. I paid $3000.00 (three-thousand) dollars for this TV. On July 21 2011 I was watching this TV when I heard a loud pop come from the TV. The screen went dark and a red "LAMP" indicator light came on and stayed on. While researching the possible cause for this malfunction I was surprised to learn that hundreds of other consumers have experienced the same problem with their Mitsubishi TVs.

These TVs are prone to have a lamp/bulb blowout problem. What's worse is that Mitsubishi has known about this problem with their TVs for YEARS and has done absolutely NOTHING to fix their defective TVs. I called the Mitsubishi representative and informed them of my problem and was told that I would have to buy a so-called "replacement" lamp/bulb assembly for one-hundred dollars, because, as this representative said to me, "it's a consumerable problem".

When I asked what the hell did that mean, I was told that this lamp/bulb blowout problem is just like having a light bulb in your house blow out. Well I don't know about you but I have never paid $100 bucks for a light bulb in my life. Now I'm stuck with a TV that I paid all this money for and that's only two years old and won't work. To make matters worse, even if I buy this so-called "replacement" lamp/bulb assembly that won't solve the actual problem because others who have bought this replacement lamp/bulb are complaining that in a few months to a year they also blow out.

This is obviously a design defect and Mitsubishi is knowingly selling defective TVs then charging people money for this temporary fix. I had heard that some of the people who have been scammed by this company are trying to put together a class action lawsuit. If anyone knows anything about this lawsuit I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Mitsubishi loses another customer
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I also bought a Mitsubishi 57" DLP projection TV in Jan 2007. Within 6 months I started having problems. At first the bulb or lamp went out and we were told it should last 2 years. Then we had a cooling issue and at this point the repairman suggested that we buy a 5-year warranty which would cover the replacement of 1 lamp. So we ponied up another $500 for a 5 year warranty - Thank God! We ended up needing another lamp in 11/08 which came from DLP Lamp source.

Best place to purchase these lamps as they warrant them for a year and Mitsubishi only warrants them for 30 days. When DLP Lamp source send the new lamp they included a notice about a cooling fan issue with these TVs causing premature lamp failure. Well I called Mitsubishi and got a very helpful gentleman who proceeded to tell me that they could not test the TV with a working lamp, so I would need to call the next time the lamp burnt out and THEY would send someone out to check it and replace the lamp.

Well I was skeptical and he showed me on their website where the lamp replacement outside of the warranty would be covered. I had to fax him all my repair receipts and my purchase receipt which I did. WELL as I thought they reneged on this. After much arguing and staying on the phone for over 2 hours they finally conceded and sent me a lamp. I have had a Mitsubishi TV for over 30 years but they have now lost a loyal customer because of extremely poor customer service.

I asked for a supervisor several times but they just keep passing you on to another adviser. I have never dealt with such poor customer service. I can only figure that this dept. has been sent overseas and they really don't understand. They just keep repeating the same thing hoping that you will finally go away. No one there cares - this is one company that is not too big to fail. It needs to!

I am spreading the word as fast as I can to prevent someone else from having to go through the nonsense that I have had to deal with. I have already bought another TV. It is a Vizio and the repairman said this is a great TV. Also bought it from Sam's Club and I understand that they don't repair the TV, you get a new one.

Awful Customer Service
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I own a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante LS, which has served me well for close to 10 years. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Mitsubishi service. While driving South on I-77 in Ohio, my car lost all power and would not restart. I was towed to Waikem Mitsubishi in Massillon, OH, where I spent roughly 6 hours waiting for repairs. After 6 hours, I was told that I simply had a bad battery and that it needed replaced, which they did and sent me on my way. 400 miles later, this time in the dark on I-77 in upstate North Carolina, the car lost power again. Driving, albeit briefly, with no headlights or dash lights is scary.

The next day, an Auto Zone correctly diagnosed my problem as an alternator issue, and I had the alternator replaced. The car drove without problems for 3 months until the low battery light warning started again. I had the problem diagnosed again, and it was identified as a cracked battery, causing corrosion and a bad connection. In short, not only did Waikem Mitsubishi's misdiagnosis of the problem nearly get me killed on the highway, they replaced my good battery with a bad one.

I contacted my local Mitsubishi dealership in Charleston, SC, and asked if they would honor a battery's warranty, since it was a Mitsubishi dealership who gave me the faulty battery in the first place. I was told that Charleston Mitsubishi would NOT replace my battery because it wasn't a Mitsubishi brand battery; it didn't have a Mitsubishi sticker on it.

All in all, Mitsubishi Customer Service has provided me with the most scary 45 seconds of my life while I drove in the dark with no lights desperate for the next exit to appear. The cause of this was a misdiagnosis of the car's power problem. They also created more headaches by causing me to have re-replace a battery they sold me, 4 months after getting it. Lastly, they elected not to make it right by fixing the situation because it wasn't "their" battery. While I have liked my car, I would NEVER purchase another Mitsubishi vehicle and will recommend to everyone I know that they don't either. The customer service is terrible.

Bought a New Car
Rating: 5/51

SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY -- The service was excellent and the sales team really worked with me to find and price a car that met my needs and budget. Excellent place.

65" Mitsubishi Diamond Projection TV Is a Throw Away After 6 Years - Anodes Are Obsolete
By -

WEBSTER, NEW YORK -- My husband and I paid $4800.00 for a 65" projection TV from Charlotte Appliance in Rochester, NY. That price included a 5 year warranty and tax. This TV had large repair under the warranty. Now at 6 years old it needs 3 parts totaling $187.00 and the parts are obsolete. Two local TV dealers and Mitsubishi verified that. We are so disappointed that this TV only lasted 6 years, and knowing that the parts are obsolete to fix it is unacceptable.

I feel we purchased a lemon TV and would never buy any Mitsubishi product again because of this. I understand newer TVs are out there but to not back up a TV with parts that is only 6 years old is not even right. Are we a throw away society - so now we just junk this TV? Looking for answers and compensation.

57 Inch DLP TV
By -

I purchased a 57 inch DLP at the end of 2007, and in January 2010 the screen has holes (pin holes) appearing through the picture. I notified the company about the problem and I was told that this TV was not in on the recall list. WHY!!!!! I paid GOOD HARD EARNED MONEY for something I thought was worth it. Mitsubishi needs to do SOMETHING to correct the problem. I will never purchase or recommend to anyone else a Mitsubishi product.

Mitsubishi TV No Good After 5 Years
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I bought this TV 5 years ago because it was advertised as long lasting. I've replaced the bulb once -- no problem. Now the set has died and the repairman tells me that to fix it I must buy an almost $400 part and pay him almost $200 to install the part. This TV is a replacement for the one I bought first that died within 30 days of buying it. That one was replaced by the store from whom I purchased it.

Contact Info
By -

Looked on the website for contact info - bit hard to find but really good in the end.

Quality Is In Question
By -

3rd year to have to replace light bulb. Cost of TV, 3000.00$ plus 250.00$ per year. Unreliable product. Not buying no more Mitsubishi products again. Quality is in question.

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