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Warranty is great, IF you can get hold of anyone at the company
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NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO -- This complaint is actually about customer service AND their "lifetime" warranty. I will NEVER buy another Moen product again. I originally bought my kitchen faucet because of the Moen name and the "lifetime" warranty. Boy what a mistake. 2 1/2 yrs ago we remodeled our kitchen and bought a Moen model 87770 series kitchen sink faucet in brushed stainless. About a 6 weeks ago the part that holds the sprayer in place broke. I called Moen at their 800 number and got only a recording, wait time was over 1 1/2 I left a message for someone to call me. About 1 1/2 hours later they returned my call and told me they would send out the part. While waiting I actually went into the hospital, had kidney surgery and returned home and STILL no part, so I called again. AGAIN I got this recording and left my number for a call back. This time it took about 3.5 hours for them to call back. I told them the part still had not come and they said it had been on back order and would arrive soon. It came a few days later BUT it was the wrong part, a part number totally different than the part number I gave them. I called again went through the same procedure, leaving my number etc..never a human being here...they called back in about 3 hours again and the gentleman on the phone said he would send out the part needed. I told them since THEY sent out the incorrect part, Moen should send it via express mail. He then told me that would cost me $15 ..I told him that was crazy since THEY were respondsible..and sent the incorrect piece in the first place. He told me he would take care of it and to expect it by Weds at the latest. A week later, on FRIDAY the part still had not come I called again. This time the recording is changed but has the same "due to unusual call volume etc, etc)(must be lots of complaints) and it tells you to now leave a call time and your number but each time I put in a call time, it would tell me "the time you entered is within your wait period (HUH?) please try again" on the 3rd try it says "you have exceeded your limit, good bye!" and hangs up...what in the world is this??? This is NOT customer is a run around...I was furious by now so I wrote an email stating I would go on line and write a complaint for all to see at My3Cents and would NEVER buy a Moen product again. The next day a lady called me to try to pacify me. She really did nothing as the part came that day and although I told her about the recording it still hasn't been changed since I had to AGAIN call Moen today because another PLASTIC part broke. My son went to turn on the kitchen sink and viola (!) the quick link hose (plastic parts) broke and flooded my kitchen (laminate floors)before we could get the water turned off. By this time I was ready to just pay for the my husband went to 7 stores plus plumbing supply stores to find the piece and no one carries MOEN parts!!! They must be ordered. So back to calling Moen and got the same garbage on the phone. I emailed them..but the fact is that their parts are cheap plastic, they easily break, you can't just run to the hardware store to fix them and you can't get hold of anyone when you need them and it doesn't appear that they care. After having very major surgery I do not need Moen to make me feel worse I have no water in the kitchen, water flooded my kitchen laminate flooring, obviously won't get my part for possibly weeks and I am just so upset I could cry.

ALSO, when they sent the first part I complained although it was the incorrect part, it was also different in design. I was told that the parts have changed. I think if a company has a "lifetime" warranty they should be forced to keep the original pieces in stock for 20 yrs. I am afraid that when I finally get these 2 new pieces they will have again changed the design and they will not fit. In that case, I believe Moen should totally replace the faucet. After all this faucet cost me more than $200 and I believe it should last more than 2 1/2 years
Despite Their Lifetime Warranty, Moen Faucets Break And Are Hard To Repair
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Moen faucets come with a lifetime warranty, but they still break and are tedious to repair. Our kitchen faucet broke after five years of moderate use. I called Moen, explained the problem, and the next day two packages arrived each containing three bags of parts along with six sets of instructions. The instructions did not account for all the steps needed to disassemble the faucet and install the new parts. So I had to call Moen three times and each time I had to wait for about an hour to get help. The Moen representative was courteous and laughed when I told him that installing the “cartridge retainer clip” was like brain surgery. He noted that many plumbers also have problems.

After five hours, I completed the job only to find that the hot and cold ports of the lever-controlled valve were reversed. Although a “Moen-certified” plumber could have finished in less time, his bill would have probably been more than what I paid for the faucet.

My lesson: don’t let a product’s “lifetime warranty” persuade you to buy it.
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