Moe's Southwest Grill

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Moe's Southwest Grill
200 Glenridge Point Parkway, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30342
404-255-3250 (ph)
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Moes Southwestern Grill - San Marco, Jacksonville Florida *SUCKS*
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Here is a nice letter I sent to Moes about my recent experience. They still haven't responded so I thought I would share my e-mail to them!
### Date of Visit:: 2/15/2008 @ 3:15 PM
Location: San Marco Blvd

I have to say as people know I do mystery shopping for various companies. I haven't done one for Moes but if I did it; this location would have failed big time.

I walked into this Moes location (I was in a rush I have to say since I was working at a downtown event and all together had about 45 minutes left of my break). The Associate who took care of me Said Welcome to Moes and asked what I wanted. He was kind of slow but it didn't big me. I ordered the "HomeWrecker" I asked him for extra Rice; the associate then asked his manager are we allowed giving extra rice; the manager responded sure. Well I added extra Rice, Cheese and went to pay for my order. The cashier told me it was $12 and some change. I told him the homewrecker wasn't $12.xx and I refused to pay it - I thought it was a joke, he then said I had Extra Cheese and rice and I would have to pay additional.

Well he put up a argument with me and then said he is the "NEW MANAGER" and that is what I owed - I told him No; and I would leave; he basically said I can leave. Well I walked out without my food or paying the manager. I was in total disbelief. I never had this problem happen to me in the past at any of your moes location. I've only had one other problem with a moes visit (To the same location as a matter of fact but that was addressed; this happened many years ago however). Why was this manager rude, charged me basically double what it should have been will always bother me.

I am DONE with going to Moes; I really am tired of people like this guy running a Moes Location who have NO Customer service or personality skills. I understand the fact that may be he wouldn't accept my "MOES CARD" because it expired the month prior; Please NOTE The other moes location told me it would be good in 2008..

I think your other locations are outstanding however but because of my recent experience I am in still disbelief.

NOTICE: I DIDN'T ORDER THAT MUCH EXTRA RICE AND CHEESE. I HAVE DONE THIS FOR YEARS AND NEVER ONCE GOT CHARGED. How come the manager was rude and insane? I am standing by what I said

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