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Mohawk environment laminate floors warp in a normal home
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- We also installed Mohawk laminate flooring in our brand new kitchen and family room area. We specifically asked the dealer if this floor could be used in such an area purposed for with the obvious high traffic as well as cooking, dishwashing, etc. Within a couple of months the floor planks started to curl up at the edges - first in the cooking area, then in the family room area. We contacted Mohawk and after much persistence on our they sent an inspector who "determined" that this problem was caused by surface humidity.

We have had no floods or any major water spill except the normal sprinkling when doing the dishes or using the water dispenser on the fridge... and these were routinely wiped up quickly. We cleaned the floor with a dry mop and spray - never mopping with lots of water. The same area had a similar floor for 10 years and we never had any problems. It was only replaced because we tore down a wall and moved cabinets in the kitchen, leaving a hole in the floor.

This previous floor was your generic Home Depot brand, and was good enough to be reinstalled in a different room.
It is absurd that a floor appropriate for kitchens can't stand the normal humidity that exists in such an area.
What do we do? Any recourse?

Mohawk Tile Daltile
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have been complaining about my tile since the day the I bought the home from the builder The builder ignored my complaint because it was not on my 30 day list and I missed my walk through because my job sent me out of town and they would not reschedule it. After two years of frustration someone tipped me off and told me the local supplier was Heritage carpet and Tile. After fighting with them forever they finally came to the house and said the lead that is coming up from the floor is dirt..I was outraged I had just had the tile professional cleaned by K C Tile and Kenny told me that what was coming up from the floor was not dirt. I called [snip] office who is supposed to be the VP of Mohawk. I sent up water samples and reports and they swooped it under the rug. After another year of living this nightmare I contacted [snip] the regional vise president of the company. He send out an inspector out here who references turned out to be false. I called every one of floor eyes inspections references and they were all false regarding his education. He was told to take them off his website or there would be legal action taken. I reported this to [snip] who is the head of the claims at Mohawk was told by this inspector that my floor was was cleaned again two days before the inspection was done. I hit the roof. I have sent them pictures, the socks that showed that even bleach does not remove the tar when washed and again they denied my claim.

I then took a video of my floor being cleaned and after it dried took a brand new clean pair of socks and walk on the floor took of the sock and they were black. I called [snip] the President of Mohawk...that's the Guy at the top whom makes over a million dollars a year...By the way if anyone wants the direct phone numbers to any of these corporate executive please feel free to ask. I sent [snip] the socks and he sent them to his legal department that hired an inspector that lives four hours away, gee I wonder why when there are 35 in the surrounding area of my home. But I have hired a laboratory specialist and another inspector and a water specialist to be here with a local news crew, the board of health and a camera team. I am done playing games....

Now I am hearing this tile was made in CHINA. My family comes first and god help this company if there is a toxic substance coming from this tile

Mohawk Doesn't Care
By -

NEW MEXICO -- We built a new home recently and used Mohawk for all of our flooring; tile, carpet and hard wood. We have a concrete slab and ordered/purchased a floating hard wood floor. Our contractor told us that because of the slab and shifting/settling of the ground a floating floor would allow the floor to "give" and not gap or break should the slab move. I don't if it was installed correctly or not. Right now (over 3 months since we complained) our flooring is still not right. Our installer came by to look at it after we noticed that the floor was very wavy - high spots that you could actually see move up and down when you stepped on them - and when it started to separate between planks. They tried to fix it by ripping up some of the flooring and "pushing it together" with big straps. Obviously that did not work. They called Mohawk back in the middle of April to get them involved with the problem. Mohawk had to send out an "independent inspector" before anything could be done. It took almost 4 weeks to get an inspector and then he didn't turn in his report for over 1 week after that. Of course Mohawk pays this "independent" inspector and found they were not at fault and it was the installers problem. I tried to talk to customer service and they said they could not speak with me, they only speak to the distributors/resellers. I asked to speak to someone who COULD speak with me and I was told that no one ever speaks directly to the customer, it's their policy! I guess I should have known - Mohawk got it's money from the distributor/installer and the installer got our money and now we're left with part of our floor torn up and no idea if it will ever be fixed. A lot of finger pointing going on and Mohawk DOES NOT CARE if the customer is happy or not. I hope everyone who reads this will seriously consider NOT USING MOHAWK for any of your flooring needs. According to the independent inspector Mohawk will let anyone sell their product as long they pay them. Oh... and our floor gets smudges on it too and dog Drool is super hard to get up!

Mohawk Engineered Hardwood
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Rating: 3/51

MARIETTA, OHIO -- We recently did a house remodel and had 1200 sq ft of Mohawk Engineered hardwood (Hickory Shadow) installed. The wood had 5 days acclimation time. When the installers began laying the floor there were several boards with bubbles under the wood. After installation more bubbles appeared, boards cracked and splintered. The flooring scratches easily.

We called the retailer who filed a complaint. Mohawk sent an "Independent Inspector". The report blamed lack of proper acclimation time and improper installation. The installer was reputable and experienced. We have had the floor installed less than 6 months and it continues to splinter and bubble. I spend a great deal of time weekly coloring the splintered areas with a Minwax wood stain pen. The quality of this product is very poor. I was told by the retailer that this particular flooring is extremely durable and resistant to scratches. I strongly suggest to anyone considering this product to look for a different product made by a different company.

Company Response 10/15/2015:

Hi there, I'm Laura with Mohawk. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with your hardwoods. If you will provide us with some info at the following form, we'll be able to look up your claim and follow up with you: . I'm so sorry again. Take care-- Laura

Carpet Wear and Falling Apart
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- I financed thru Lowe's to have new "Lucky Star" carpet installed by the mfg. Mohawk Flooring. After just 2 years we started seeing wear spots, so I covered them up with rugs so they would not get any worse. At the 3rd year, it was getting so bad I no longer had enough rugs to cover all the wear spots. I tried dealing with Mohawk Flooring, but they said my carpet was not warranted because I did not pay for a professional carpet cleaner to come to my house every 3 to 6 months to clean my carpet.

I purchased my own carpet cleaner and have maintained my carpet myself. We do not even walk on the carpet with shoes on. My carpet is now 4 years old and I just finished vacuuming it, as I do on a very regular basis. About 10 pieces of the carpet came up. Why???? I realize that I cannot get any satisfaction from Mohawk Carpet, as they have already refused to even look at it. I feel strongly about warning everyone else about this carpet and this company so they are not in the same position as I.

Company Response 09/18/2015:

Hi Valerie, I'm Laura with Mohawk, and I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with your carpet. If you would like to provide a little information at the following page, our Consumer Affairs team will contact you:
Thank you for this feedback, and I apologize again! Take care,

Installation Nightmare
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Rating: 2/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Quality of this Mohawk flooring is total junk. I professionally install many forms or flooring, and this is some of the worst. The first thing I encountered was replacing the fridge, it left huge roller indentations on new floor. I thought well "you big dummy that's too much weight" but I've done that before with other laminates. Then put carpet under another heavy item to move it, and it also scratched the floor.

Now after replacing two huge areas I'm treating this stuff like glass, turns out glass is less fragile. I dropped a small piece of wood from like 8 to 10 inches from the floor and it dented it. Bottom line do not buy or install this product. It will not hold up if you are homeowner, and cost you time and money if you are the installer. I felt bad for my customer, 14 grand just in material & it's crap.

Company Response 07/16/2014:


I'm Jordan from Mohawk Flooring, and I'm so sorry to hear about these flooring issues. Do you know if your customer has contacted Mohawk's Consumer Affairs team yet? If not, here is a form that he or she can fill out online. Once Mohawk receives it, they will contact your customer right away. Again, I apologize for the issues your customer is experiencing.

Do Not Buy Mohawk Wood Floors.
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Rating: 1/51

CHESTERLAND, OHIO -- We built new home. Upgrade of wood flooring red oak 10 by Mohawk.

  1. Flooring looks nothing like the samples.
  2. Within a couple of weeks of installation the flooring started bubbling, twisting and the finish was coming off.

We contacted builder... The builder brought out Mohawk representative who said "It was our home environment and our basement must have flooded." Our basement is bone dry and never flooded. The flooring is horrible. The builder has replaced our wood floor at his own cost. I hope this builder goes after Mohawk. DO NOT PURCHASE MOHAWK. They do not stand behind their product and they produce a terrible product.

MoHawk Carpet
By -

VIRGINIA -- We had our MoHawk installed in Sept. 2010. We have contacted Lowe's (where the carpet was purchased) in Pocomoke MD, about our carpet shedding and balling up. They sent a representative by and took samples and sent them to MoHawk. The reply was it wasn't anything wrong with the carpet. They said they tested it and it was normal. Like the other complaint on here-our carpet looked like it it years old. When it is vacuumed it still doesn't look it it is vacuumed. This is over most of our house. My vacuum bags has to be replaced every other time I vacuum. Also the beater head has to be taken apart and cleaned - as the threads from the carpet get all wound around it.

We are so disappointed with this carpet and there seems like there isn't anything we can have done about it. Just got to live with it I suppose. There is one thing - I would not recommend MoHawk to anyone and they will know my reason also.

Flooring not to be lived on/with
By -

Why aren't there Lemon Laws for manufacturers??? Why is a company allowed to continue manufacturing a product that has known flaws. Money, money is why. No respect for the consumer. When we moved into a older home we had the kitchen completely redone, new appliances, cabinets and flooring. Unfortunately and unknows to us for some period of time our dishwasher had been leaking and in time saturated the area under the floor. The floor buckeled badly. Upon further investigation I was informed that the floor should not be gotten wet. Now my question to Mohawk is. Why isn't it clearly marked in and on your product that it is not adviseable to use in areas that may become wet. i.e. product not to be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and the like.

When I spoke with a Mohawk representative he was not even interested in taking my name, address or anything else. His response was that they were not responsible and did not intend to be helpful in any way.

I live in Waynesboro and have noted that the Mohawk plant here has gone out of business. They stated the reason was the economy. So why don't they take the stand that if the economy is bad then WE have to get better to survive. No their way is to screw as many customers as possible and when things get down enough grab their bags and baggage and run.

Thanks Mohawk but no Thanks. Never again.

Dog Urine Causes Mohawk Carpet To Delaminate
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- Recently we noticed carpet fibers on the floor and checking further I noticed carpet fibers coming out in the seams. When I pulled on the carpet it completely came lose from the backing. A representative from Dalton Georgia where we purchased the carpet came out and said " Your carpet is delaminating. I will call the mill. The mill sent out an inspector that was like Bill Nye the science guy. The mill informed us that the inspector found dog urine in the seam. That's why the carpet was coming apart.

The inspector did not check all the seams and since when does dog urine cause your carpet to fall apart. I don't remember the salesman telling us not to let our dog pee on the carpet or it would fall apart. They will not honor our warranty.

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