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This Stuff Is Junk! Do Not Install in Your Home!
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Rating: 1/51

ATWATER, OHIO -- We are experiencing the same problems everyone else is experiencing with this flooring. We installed $6000.00 of Mohawk engineered flooring, choosing it over other brands because of its claim of durability and warranty. Within 1 year, the finish on the floor is pimpling up and continues to grow everywhere, even under the rugs I have placed on the floor.

The company that sold the flooring to us arranged for an independent Mohawk adjuster to view the flooring. After listening to his health issues for almost an hour, we received the same report as everyone else -- moisture damage. Interesting how everyone is getting the same explanation!!! Mohawk has a problem with this flooring and does not want to address it!!! DO NOT BUY!!!

Company Response 02/23/2016:

Hi Patty, I'm Laura with Mohawk Flooring, and I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with your floors. Please let us know your contact info and some claim details on the following form, and we'll be able to follow up with you: . I apologize again, Patty! Take care-- Laura

Mohawk Engineered Flooring Dented by Dropping Teaspoon - Mohawk Denies Our Request for Help.
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Rating: 1/51

CALHOUN, GEORGIA -- We installed $8,000 worth of Mohawk engineered flooring. It looked beautiful for about 3 days. I dropped a teaspoon and the handle of the teaspoon dented the flooring. Since then, we have had horrible scratching all over it from negligible things. We had real hardwood in our previous house and NEVER had scratching on it like we have on this mess. We went through the appropriate process to file a claim that this engineered hardwood is too soft. Mohawk denied our request as well as our appeal. We would've been pleased if they had even split the difference with us. Save yourself a lot of trouble and do not use Mohawk flooring. Poor product...poor service!

Company Response 12/04/2015:

Hello Jan, I'm Laura from Mohawk. I'm so sorry to read about your experience with your hardwood floors. If you could share a few specifics on the following form, we can look up your claim and follow up with you: . I apologize again, Jan. Take care-- Laura

Mohawk Engineered Hardwood
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Rating: 3/51

MARIETTA, OHIO -- We recently did a house remodel and had 1200 sq ft of Mohawk Engineered hardwood (Hickory Shadow) installed. The wood had 5 days acclimation time. When the installers began laying the floor there were several boards with bubbles under the wood. After installation more bubbles appeared, boards cracked and splintered. The flooring scratches easily.

We called the retailer who filed a complaint. Mohawk sent an "Independent Inspector". The report blamed lack of proper acclimation time and improper installation. The installer was reputable and experienced. We have had the floor installed less than 6 months and it continues to splinter and bubble. I spend a great deal of time weekly coloring the splintered areas with a Minwax wood stain pen. The quality of this product is very poor. I was told by the retailer that this particular flooring is extremely durable and resistant to scratches. I strongly suggest to anyone considering this product to look for a different product made by a different company.

Company Response 10/15/2015:

Hi there, I'm Laura with Mohawk. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with your hardwoods. If you will provide us with some info at the following form, we'll be able to look up your claim and follow up with you: . I'm so sorry again. Take care-- Laura

Carpet Wear and Falling Apart
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- I financed thru Lowe's to have new "Lucky Star" carpet installed by the mfg. Mohawk Flooring. After just 2 years we started seeing wear spots, so I covered them up with rugs so they would not get any worse. At the 3rd year, it was getting so bad I no longer had enough rugs to cover all the wear spots. I tried dealing with Mohawk Flooring, but they said my carpet was not warranted because I did not pay for a professional carpet cleaner to come to my house every 3 to 6 months to clean my carpet.

I purchased my own carpet cleaner and have maintained my carpet myself. We do not even walk on the carpet with shoes on. My carpet is now 4 years old and I just finished vacuuming it, as I do on a very regular basis. About 10 pieces of the carpet came up. Why???? I realize that I cannot get any satisfaction from Mohawk Carpet, as they have already refused to even look at it. I feel strongly about warning everyone else about this carpet and this company so they are not in the same position as I.

Company Response 09/18/2015:

Hi Valerie, I'm Laura with Mohawk, and I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with your carpet. If you would like to provide a little information at the following page, our Consumer Affairs team will contact you:
Thank you for this feedback, and I apologize again! Take care,

Terrible Smell and Medical Symptoms, Watery Eyes
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Rating: 1/51

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- On 7/1/16 we had Mohawk carpet & padding installed in 2 large bedrooms and carpet. I won't even complain about the service as my complaints about that are the same as others... Not keeping appointment, etc... My chief complaint is the persistent chemical smell of our bedroom carpets! My eyes continue to water almost a month after installation. It cannot be healthy!!! Has anyone else had this problem??? I can't stand to be in the room!

Company Response 08/01/2016:

Hello, I'm Laura with Mohawk Flooring. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with your carpet. First off you may want to speak with the company who installed the carpet or with your retailer. You can also send us your contact info and some product info at the following URL, and we can follow up with you:
Please note that neither industry testing nor independent testing has found any harmful emissions from carpet. The latex used to lock carpet tufts in place can sometimes create what is called a "new carpet smell," but this will dissipate given ventilation and time. Still, I apologize for your experience. Take care-- Laura

Mohawk Tribute Laminate Floor Is Junk
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- Bought Mohawk Tribute laminate flooring in March 2015. In October the floor started lifting by the corners and peeling. Mohawk sent an inspector out to inspect it. A month later received a letter back saying the floor had moisture and impact damage!! I don't know where moisture came from or impact. It seems Mohawk is blaming moisture on every complaint. I did my whole downstairs, 48 cartons!! Mohawk does not stand by their suppose lifetime warranty. Now I'm stuck with my whole floor lifting and peeling away. DO NOT BUY MOHAWK LAMINATE FLOORING!!! IT IS JUNK!!!

Company Response 02/24/2016:

Hi there, I'm Laura from Mohawk Flooring--I'm really sorry to read about your experience! Would you provide us with some info at the following URL, so that we can contact you? . I'm very sorry again! Take care-- Laura

Hardwood Floor Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- I had a new hardwood floor installed in February 2014. It has cracked and bubbled. I had the installer come out to put in a claim. Mohawk declined it. A $4,000 floor should last more than 1.5 years. What a waste of money!

Company Response 09/27/2015:

I'm Laura from Mohawk--I'm really sorry for your experience with your hardwoods. If you'd like to provide some info at the following site, we can review your previous claim and contact you. I apologize again. Take care. Laura

Mohawk Carpet and Lowe's Do Not Stand Behind Their Carpet Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

This Carpet is the worst!!! We had just bought our first home and put in $4000.00 worth of Mohawk Carpet. We were told at Lowe's that this is really good carpet. It looked nice there and felt nice as well. Their sign said it was tough enough for kids, which was good because we have two boys and it was pet friendly which we have a dog. It was also supposed to not show stains which we wanted! Lowe's sold us on this Carpet.

We had it installed about 1 month after we moved in our house on October 13th 2011. So November we had our new carpet and it seemed really nice. It was around March when we realized we was getting a bald spot right in the middle of our living room. All the carpet strains kept coming out. We contacted Lowe's immediately and they filed a claim with the company.

The company sent out an independent inspector to look at it and write a report. The company denied our claim stating it was related to our carpet cleaner and our dog. We had a name brand carpet cleaner, Bissell and our dog never messed with the carpet. It ended up that Lowe's paid for part of our carpet and the company ended up paying for the rest after Lowe's kept on them for a good while.

So we had the new carpet installed which was the same kind of carpet. This was probably around May that it was installed. Within 1 month we began to see our seams coming apart. So I called the installers and they came to fix them, however it ended up being the carpet coming apart from the bottom of the carpet, the matting I guess. So we filed yet another claim. Once again the company has denied our claim. Lowe's said there is nothing else they can do and that they will give us a discount off of new flooring if we wish.

I am now stuck with crappy carpet from a company that does not stand behind their warranty!! My carpet looks dirty and worn only after a few months and it's all coming apart. I paid $4000.00 for this and it lasted less than one year!! I have two kids and do not have money to replace $4000.00 worth of flooring after a year. This company is horrible and I wish I would of never bought their carpet! I am a mother just trying to provide a nice home for my children and companies like Mohawk doesn't care! Don't buy this Carpet!!!

Mohawk Tile Daltile
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have been complaining about my tile since the day the I bought the home from the builder. The builder ignored my complaint because it was not on my 30-day list and I missed my walkthrough because my job sent me out of town and they would not reschedule it. After two years of frustration someone tipped me off and told me the local supplier was Heritage carpet and Tile. After fighting with them forever they finally came to the house and said the lead that is coming up from the floor is dirt.

I was outraged I had just had the tile professional cleaned by K C Tile and Kenny told me that what was coming up from the floor was not dirt. I called ** office who is supposed to be the VP of Mohawk. I sent up water samples and reports and they swooped it under the rug. After another year of living this nightmare I contacted ** the regional vice president of the company. He send out an inspector out here who references turned out to be false.

I called every one of floor eyes inspections references and they were all false regarding his education. He was told to take them off his website or there would be legal action taken. I reported this to ** who is the head of the claims at Mohawk was told by this inspector that my floor was dirty... It was cleaned again two days before the inspection was done. I hit the roof. I have sent them pictures, the socks that showed that even bleach does not remove the tar when washed and again they denied my claim.

I then took a video of my floor being cleaned and after it dried took a brand new clean pair of socks and walk on the floor, took off the sock and they were black. I called ** the President of Mohawk... That's the Guy at the top whom makes over a million dollars a year... By the way if anyone wants the direct phone numbers to any of these corporate executive please feel free to ask.

I sent ** the socks and he sent them to his legal department that hired an inspector that lives four hours away, gee I wonder why when there are 35 in the surrounding area of my home. But I have hired a laboratory specialist and another inspector and a water specialist to be here with a local news crew, the board of health and a camera team. I am done playing games... Now I am hearing this tile was made in CHINA. My family comes first and god help this company if there is a toxic substance coming from this tile.

Defective Mohawk Flooring: An Installer's Nightmare!
By -

In August 2009, I purchased 1000 sq-ft of Mohawk's Mirador Porcelain Tile because I was impressed by the demo tile, but it proved to be a huge mistake for the following reasons. #1: No "Made in China" label or country of origin disclosure on demo tile or website. Several stores told me that this product was made in the USA by Mohawk. But to my horror, it was delivered in plain bundles labeled "Made in China."

It's beginning to appear that Mohawk buys this tile from China, sticks a Mohawk label on the demo tiles, and routinely fails to disclose the country of origin. Shame on Mohawk for deceiving customers! It also appears that "Shaw Tile Company" sells an alarmingly similar tile to Mohawk's Mirador line. So there's nothing Mohawk or USA about it.

Problem #2: Mohawk's inferior tile steeply drives up installation costs and significantly delays completion times. Installation was a nightmare: bowed tile with pinholes and chipped/broken corners along with a single edge that tends to be much sharper than the rest, enough to slice the installer's finger. Even after the most conscientious and costly installation, the defects are still blatantly obvious and the protruding lips are unavoidable.

Problem #3: Mohawk Customer Service is unconcerned and unresponsive. It's been over seven weeks since my initial complaint but still no action from Mohawk, not even a call back. My unfinished project appears to be indefinitely delayed and costs continue to rise.

My initial complaint was to the store and an unresponsive Mohawk field representative who asked me to leave him some tile at the store to examine, but never showed up to look at it. He expressed that he was confident that Mohawk's tile was within tolerance and told me to continue with installation. After numerous calls, the Mohawk rep finally looked at the tile, and from my understanding, his company agrees that the tile is defective, but is not prepared to act on my claim. Mohawk Industries tells me to keep waiting for an answer from the store.

It has been over 7 weeks since I sent them evidence of the defects, and Mohawk has yet to provide me with a viable solution, let alone a call back to let me know the status of my claim. When I called the Mohawk Claims Department, the Mohawk rep told me that she only communicates with retailers about complaints and not customers. Easy for Mohawk!

I've visited the store countless times but Mohawk doesn't appear to be doing anything with my claim. The store has called Mohawk numerous times but they just keep getting the run-around. Thus, from my experience, it's fair to conclude that Mohawk Industries has awful customer service, inferior tile, and does not stand behind its products. Buyer beware!

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