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Do Not Buy From This Inept Company!
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I am pretty laid back, however my $1.92 HDMI cable and dealing with Mo. noprice is not worth it. I bought a new Pioneer Blu ray player, read that Monoprice was cheap and great cables. I contacted their tech dept. and told them the model and what size I was looking for. They suggested two different cables, so I ordered one. It finally arrived and nothing worked no matter what I tried. Went back on-line to chat with tech support and was given two more, and different from the first two HDMI cables. Told the same tech support lady that she suggested two in the beginnning and I ordered the one she suggested. Well, it did not work and she blamed me for incorrectly ordering the wrong item. Bad choice of words there, as I ordered what she suggested!

In short, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE MORONS. Their specifications are incorrect, as I read this HDMI Cable was high speed and 1080p, however the player would not recognize the cable at all. Also, the specs states that its capibility is only 480i. Go Figure!
This company is terrible and I would not waste your time.

Monoprice customer support
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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA -- Monoprice has great cables but be very careful with their electronics and customer service. I purchased a complete system of components to switch and deliver hdmi to two TV's in my home. It worked quite well for a few months with only a few annoying sync issues. Over the past several weeks the sync issues have made the remote TV unusable.
Tech support were great and two separate staff told me that the updated wall mounted cat5/6 to hdmi adapters would fix the problem. The first tech support even went so far to generate a rma for me to send in the dead warranted items. Customer service later stopped the rma process and told me I could repurchase with free shipping (but the item is not in-stock). Not exactly a good warranty solution. I spoke with another tech who offered a refund for the defective items and then I could repurchase. Customer service once again has changed this to instore credit. What ever happened to advance replacement with a hold on a credit card?
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