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GOESSEL, KANSAS -- I was getting letters from M.O.R.E INC that I can make thousands of dollars weekly or at least monthly because they made over 100 million dollars in life of their company and I let myself be fooled by their false promises. I paid them almost $10.000.00 over the 15 months period and get back only about $300.

When I contacted them they force me to accept which I did not accepted return of $1622 only, they closed my accounts and they said they are protected by Law because they didn't promise to make any money for their customers and they don't have to pay me anything back and that they make me a favor giving me anything
back. They are arrogant and unconcern about who they hurt as far as they make money for their company. They should be investigated and stopped before they lunch new campaign with new scam for making money. They play big guru's in money making field but they make money only for themselves, hurting many people financially. I don't think that this is American way to let those scammers operate and hurt people especially senior citizens then please investigate them and put stop to their practices.

Stay as far away from MORE inc as you can, because you will be scammed too, they have a way to get you with their false promises that you will make money, but they only the ones who keep the money and you never will see more than $20-$36 and they will keep your thousands of dollars for nothing at all.

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