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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I went to Morgan Scott Palmer (MSP) because they teach about Job Interviews. I was lacking knowledge in that field and I thought MSP can teach me .These people are supposed to be professionals and supply me with the knowledge which can help me in my life long career.
Me and my wife happily paid $6850 dollars for agreement that we would have appointment 2 times a week and if couldn’t make it on weekdays then the appointment would be on weekend. What was promised was never delivered.
After two months with MSP I realized these people are no help to me what so ever but I continued with the service because I had faith in their company and that I would learn something in the future months. In the meanwhile I had meeting, where I complained about being seen only 2 times a month while our agreement was 2 times a week. Needless to say nothing had changed. Few weeks later I had appointment with MSP at 9am. Something important came up in day before at 8am where I realized I couldn’t make it for my appointment. I asked day earlier if they could move my appointment few hours later to which they haven’t even tried to reschedule, only simply said NO. Then I asked to schedule my next appointment to which I was told it will be in 2 weeks. That day I had talk with my wife only to find out that she have not had appointment in month.
Did we pay 6850 dollars to be treated like this? I have lost all faith in MSP and do not wish to do business with them. I asked for my money back to which they said NO. Morgan Scott Palmer just made $6850 dollars without lifting a finger.

Few weeks later I contacted Better Business Bureau to help me with this matter, to which they have told me they never had a response from MSP. What a professional service.

Now MSP is claiming me and my wife had personal issues, divorce and what ever. What are you talking about??? "his former wife has started back with us as a continuing client". NOOO, my wife has contacted you about giving us our money back!
These people obviously don't even have the common sense, plus are lying. I can't believe I fell for their trap. My wife only wants our money back. There is nothing else to it. We are trying to get our money and Morgan Scott Palmer will do anything to not give us our money back. Now that I have more free time I will make sure every one knows my situation.

MSP, how many customers chose not to do business with you because you are a scam??? See what happens when you scam people?
Company Response 10/30/2008:
This is a client from several years ago and all of his client comment forms were extremely positive. It is correct that he and his wife paid us 6850.00. That was for both of them to retain us for three years of career consulting. That's 3425.00 each. For three years. Without going through his personal file, it was obvious that there were personal issues. Since then, he and his wife have divorced and just last week, his former wife has started back with us as a continuing client. If things were as bad as he has stated why would she come back in the process. We regret that this individual has decided on this course of action but we tried to be fair, as we do with all our clients.
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spiderman2 on 03/11/2007: would pay $6,850 to learn how to interview for a job!
MRM on 03/11/2007:
My thoughts exactly Spiderman...they could have search the web themselves on how to get a job interview absolutely FREE and the the online seacrhes are very helpful and resourceful for the novices.
Sparticus on 03/11/2007:
I never realized there were firms out there making money offering such services. Besides the fact that the price is outrageous, I must agree with MRM... there is TONS of free interview help info available online. Just google "interview help"!
grandma005 on 03/12/2007:
Sounds like a scam to me. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck then it is a scam. I can't imagine anyone who needs a job having the money to pay $6,850 for "interview help". You could go to unemployment office, and they would give you tips for free. In fact they would give you job leads too.
Anonymous on 03/12/2007:
"Morgan Scott Palmer just made $6850 dollars without lifting a finger."

Did you call a laywer?
ms.lucumi on 03/27/2008:
Greetings, everyone!

My husband had an appointment with Bob Hopkins today re: assistance in getting another IT job.

Mr. Hopkins said that he would need at least $4000.00USD to help my husband find another job in his field, which is DB2 (mainframe). This man claimed how almost no company uses Mainframe services anymore; HOWEVER, he could be of use by helping career transitions with the claim of how the same type of job can be 'created' for him. Also, he said how he knew how to bypass Human Resources people who would not look at my husband's resume or anyone else's. The claim was that this Hopkins fellow had 'licensing' to everyone's name and their computer ID's.

Why would someone 'create' a job just because some crook claims he is an executive search manager??? The man is a smooth operator. It is not like the guy who calls you and you can hang up in his face once the $$$ aspect is approached. Hopkins has you in his office so it is easier as most people will not get up and walk out.

Please...oh, not fall for any of the fear this man instills in a person needing to find a job. Another one of his MO's is to make the statement of how he threw people out of his office who came to him "too early" in their job search after a lay-off or termination. Look, my husband has been out of work for less than 2 weeks but it was not "too early" for him to be played with this scam.

My husband felt that this man could be legit due to having an office in a fancy building along with the pricey trappings of most 'successful' offices. Anyone can rent furniture or buy wholesale. A "professional" person putting the 'squeeze' on you via fear tactics is just another version of the old MLM -- multi-level marketing - scams that hit in the 1990's to the mid-2000 years when hard times hit the nation. This is just another form to separate the job seeker from his/her $$$. If you get a call from this man, HANG UP THE PHONE!!!!

binxykat on 04/18/2008:
My husband and I had the exact same problem. Only difference is we were told they were going to help him get a job, as in job placement. they promised he would be employed making a minimum of $75,000 within months. It has now been 2 years and he is working at CVS as an assistant manager making less the $50,000. I am glad you are trying to get the word out on them, perhaps if we can get enough of the people they scammed together we can sue them or something, to get our money back!?
MacAddict on 08/19/2008:
Okay... first off, sorry for a long post... but having dodged being burned by Morgan Scott Palmer myself a few months ago, I just today was queried by my friend and neighbor about these guys because he had interviewed with them after they picked his name up off some career site. I write this in an effort to give another professional view on them, and hopefully help others avoid the fate of the people above. (as I helped my friend avoid shucking out wasted $$)

I am senior level graphic designer/web developer with over 17 years experience in the industry of design, print/prepress, multimedia, web design and development, and recently fell on hard times as so many have. So, I went looking, posting my resume and such on various job sites. As many have been, MSP picked me up off those boards, and had me in for an "interview". After waiting 40 minutes for the guy to come back from some 'lunch break' at 2:30 in the afternoon for our pre-set appointment, we sat down in his office to discuss where I was at. He asked some basic questions, which basically were geared to see how desperate I was, which then turned into all this praise and how I was better than I thought, how others were intimidated by me and this was why I would not get a job on my own, bla bla bla. He never asked to see my portfolio, which I was carrying, nor any of the sites I developed, nor any references. Nothing. He then proceeded along the same schpeal others above received, in that if I could give him 4-6 months and $X,000.00, they would be able to 'coach' me into a $70k+ job, and through their contacts get me that posiiton. After the meeting, I proceeded to look them up on the internet and search for complaints, which led me to this site, which then led me to the BBB and some additional research. What a SHAM!

1st Omen: These complaints found here on

2nd Omen: BBB complaints.

3rd Omen: Look at the quality of their brochures and materials. Look how the name, address, etc. is clearly imprinted in black onto a templated brochure. Heck... mine was even printed noticeably crooked.

4th Omen: (and this is only because I know the industry) In looking at their site, and the underlying code, I found direct reference to, which is nothing short of a COOKIE CUTTER, CARBON COPY of


5th Omen: BBB/online complaints against SAS International as well, incredibly similar to those against MSP.

6th Omen: In looking into the 'web design' firm that did their website, (DataGrape Web Design) the site has NUMEROUS broken links/missing pages, useless 'greek' copy and hasn't been updated since 2006 (the year MSP began, BTW) - clearly something shady going on there.

In dropping these guys like a hot rock on a final phone call, I asked if they were affiliated with any company in Texas, which he replied "no". I then asked how in the world there is a site that is IDENTICAL in every way, shape and form - right down to the underlying code - to this SAS International site, which he could not/would not give an answer to. He fumbled like a running back with a greased pigskin on a final seconds hail mary throw. At that point, I just had to laugh it off.

So from a professional graphic designer's position with 17 years of marketing and design experience, I have worked for some shady characters to develop campaigns of this nature along with their direct mail scams. I can tell you this has to be nothing short of the ultimate scam, and I feel for the people who have fallen prey. So many have fallen on ill times recently, and to have these guys shanking people for their last dollar$ with pie in the sky hopes of a good paying job is CRIMINAL. I understand that you will hear from the complainers before you will the praisers, but I haven't seen one positive write up on these guys.

SO PLEASE.. for the love of all things sacred, avoid these guys like the black plague, and do like others have mentioned - google 'resume advice' or 'interview advice'. There are thousands of resources to help you.
Starbuck on 10/30/2008:
I own this company and would like to make the following comments regarding the postings above. First of all we never promise anything. In fact each client is required to sign our Frequently Asked Questions form prior to becoming a client. We spend upwards of 3 hours with each client prior to them becoming a client. Our fees range from 3500.00 for a one year service, up to 7800.00 for a three year commitment. All of this is explained in detail, upfront. We do not believe our service is for everyone however there are many people who have benefited from our services. We do not ask our clients to go on websites and tell the world about their success but we do have hundreds of testimonials in our offices. Like anything else I would simply encourage people to do their homework and don't rely on people who have never used the service themselves.
Ever gone to a restaurant that was referred by a friend and the experience wasn't that good. Doesn't mean it's a bad restaurant. It just means you didn't like it. And, just for the record, interview help is a very very small part of what we do.
jktshff1 on 10/30/2008:
starbuck..your sales pitch hit the ground before the batter on this one.
ady on 11/10/2008:
before I paid MSP all that money I did hard research about them. No sign of these people. None over the internet nor BBB anywhere. I figured MSP was legit. They stole $6850 from me and god knows how many more who didn't post anything on here!!!!!!!!
mrjobs on 01/26/2009:
Re: MSP Scam:
I am a successful Executive Recruiter with 10 years experience in the Engineering & IT segements. I am aware of Companies such as this, and I do not approve of their methods. As stated in prior post, there are a tremendous amount of resources available via the web and other media. Also, you can contact an individual with my unique skillset. I have never (and will never) requested any upfront money from a Candidate I'ved represented; and for all who have allowed me to present their credentials, I have taken time to talk with them to understand their current situation and the needs and concerns of obtaining new / additional employment opportunities. My reward is when I have completed the task at hand - to have them interviewed & placed in an ideal situation doing what they are qualified to do, where they want to be and for the money they are seeking. We together establish real and obtainable goals and we work as a team. I offer the same level of professionalism and service/support to both my Client Compaines and Candidates. If anyone would like to contact me to discuss how I may assist you in your career tranisition, please feel free to do so.

Jakeman on 01/29/2009:
Starbuck, I believe you've lost control of you people if you believe they are up front about their procedures. I went to 1 interview and was asked for a 2nd interview 2 days later. I asked directly how MSP was compensated and if I was responsible to share the fee, to which I was replied
"In our next meeting all your questions will be answered. As we talked about yesterday MSP is a career management firm that can assist you in making this transition. As a $$$ a year employee, your loss of income is great. $$K per month adds up to $$$K in just three short months. Average time for someone to replace that income is now 8.5 to 10.5 months, which is $$$$$$$$! As you can see, the cost, what ever it maybe, is but a fraction of the cost if we don’t. If you want to take control of your career path I invite you to set a second level meeting and see how MSP can assist you and what it will take."

How insulting this was to not answer my direct question and think I was foolish or desperate enough to fall for this. If this is your company you should be ashamed.
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Scam! I Was One Of The Lucky Ones
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I recently met with an advisor at this company. First, I was contacted by them stating they place only executive level people and my resume came to them from career builders. (I have called Career Builders and notified them of this company tactics) In my meeting, this person explained that there are different levels. I was at level or meeting 1 and by the end of the meeting he would tell me if I qualified to get to level 2. Very skeptical at this point. This person asked me about my last employer which turned out he did not have any knowledge of them. Most of you reading this probably have, IndyMac Bank. IndyMac was taken over by the FDIC this summer that turned out to be the 2nd largest takeover in history. Something certainly a recruiter/career placement company should know. Then I was being asked some very personal information. His questions were, how old am I, am I married or single. I said I was single. Do I have a significant other. I said yes. He asked for his name, occupation, his income, do we live together, own a home together and what are his feelings toward me looking for a job. I refused to answer his questions, citing they were not necessary and I was uncomfortable answering these questions. He said he refuses to work with anyone until he knows everything about them and meets their other half. I again expressed to him that these were highly inappropriate and he asked if I wish to end the meeting. I said yes and left immediately. I guess I won't be getting to that level 2!!!! When I returned home, I did some research on the company and found out what you all are finding out.

That they provide little to nothing but take your money and from the sounds of it a pretty substantial amount from people probably struggling already. Again, I was one of the lucky ones because I left in the middle. I would recommend staying away from this company. I have also contacted a Sr. Executive at BCBS to advise that they are claiming to have placed a manager making 75K/year when he was currently making 60K.
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Beware Job Seekers, Morgan Scott & Palmer Is A Major Scam Company
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My husband went to Morgan Scott & Palmer because they promised to help him find a job making $75,000 or more in a matter of months. They promised to help "tweek" his resume to make it "pop" out for possible employers. They promised to help him find placement, then did NOTHING! They required that he bring me in for an interview as well, they refused to deal with him without "meeting" me first. They made promises that really weren't "too good to be true" and failed to follow through. They said My husband would need to come in twice a week, then refused to schedule the appointments. They called him about networking opportunities, set appointments to take him, then not show up or call and cancel. They charge $6850 for their services, then do provide. They even quit returning phone calls during the first few months. We paid them in 2006 and have not heard from them since 4 months later.

Also a catch in their contract if you find work during the first 5 years after making the amount they promised, you are required to give them an additional payment, whether you find the job with or without them!!

Please BEWARE of this company, they STEAL YOU MONEY, and if you are like us, you need it more than they do.
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User Replies:
Principissa on 04/19/2008:
If your husband was the one seeking employment, why would the need to meet with you? I realize you are under contract with these people, but you may want to try calling the attorney general in your location seeing as though they are not holding up their end of the contract.
Anonymous on 04/19/2008:
Why call the attorney general? Sue them in court for failure to perform.
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