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Poor Delivery Service
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BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- Papers are either totally wet, incomplete or in inaccessible places to obtain if and when they are delivered. Aparently their new ploicy of drivers, instead of carriers, has resulted in sloppy service. Papers are thrown anywhere, in puddles,and plastic bags are torn thus making papers non readable.
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spiderman2 on 03/15/2007:
Make sure you call their subscription department for a replacement paper. That will get the attention of the delivery person, since they are charged for papers that have to be redelivered. When we had youth carriers in our area the service was 100% better! We finally have an adult driver who double bags the paper when it is wet out.
Ponie on 03/15/2007:
My delivery person (female) even tosses mine onto my patio. She once saw me drinking coffee out there very early (5am) last summer. She also double bags during inclement weather. With luck, maybe you'll get someone like her too. Wet newspaper! Yuck.
grandma005 on 03/15/2007:
Do you know that newspaper carriers have to pay for those bags out of their own pocket. They are not cheap either. Not only that they only get paid about five cents for newspaper they throw, plus they have to pay for the gas themselves to deliver that newspaper. And that does not even mention the wear and tear on their on car, that they have to drive, that they don't get paid for. If you want better service tell your newspapers to pay better. Don't forget to give a tip too, it helps to make up for the lousy pay. Maybe if you gave a tip you would get better service!
Ponie on 03/15/2007:
grandma, I wasn't aware the carriers had to pay for the bags. However, our carriers get mileage payment. It's not the actual mileage a carrier may put on if s/he doesn't follow a pre-determined route. If that route is followed, they won't lose out on mileage payment. The pay isn't too bad either. About 5 years ago a neighbor of mine worked as a sub and at that time they were getting $16/hr.

Even with those figures, I wouldn't want the job of getting up in the middle of the night, having to deal with deadbeat customers, plus the added cost of gasoline, insurance, etc.
Anonymous on 03/15/2007:
I call for a replacement paper over my Vonage telephone.
spiderman2 on 03/15/2007:
Grandma "Maybe if you gave a tip you would get better service!" Maybe if the service was better I would tip! I think you have that backwards. Do you tip big on a restaurant meal where the service was bad and hope for better next time? I don't think so. I pay for home delivery of my paper and I don't think it it too much to ask for to have a paper that you can actually read.
grandma005 on 03/15/2007:
It all depends on where you live. I live in California. Here newspaper people are slaves. If they paid $16.00 a hour, you would have people out the door applying for routes. Yes, subs get paid more. Only because the carriers have to pay the subs out of their on pockets. That is the only way to get the day night off. Usually subs charge more than twice what the regular carrier gets paid. Newspaper routes are the last form of slavery. And yes, carriers who get paid tips give better service, it sad but true. Carriers know which customers give them a tip and which ones don't. My children were carriers for many years. I know what I am talking about. My daughter ruined 3 cars delivering newspapers. The stop and go constantly destroys your transmission. Restaurant meals can be an only one time thing. If you didn't like the service or meal you have the option of never going back. Newspaper carriers do not have that option. They have to deliver your paper 7 days a week. Yes they try not to throw your paper where it gets wet, but sometimes it can't be helped. There are sprinklers that come on long after they leave and sometimes it rains when you did not expect it. I am just saying to contact your carrier and try to work things out. I wished that you could deliver newspapers just for one week, then you would understand what a hard job it is and how much they are under paid.
grandma005 on 03/15/2007:
Ponie-I don't know where you live but here in California carriers do not get paid for mileage either. I once figured out that it actually cost me money for my children to deliver newspapers. The only plus was that it made them better teenagers and responsible adults. All my four children are hard working adults now, with collage degrees. And yes I delivered newspapers right along with them, but of course I did not get paid.
cudlbear on 03/27/2007:
I deliver the papers and I have to pay for the bags, gas, maintence, and I don't get paid for mileage. If I want a day off I have to pay a sub at least $40.00 per day and my route only takes an hour and a half. We work 365 days a year and lets face it look at your thanksgiving paper and tell me my job is easy. Most of us have full time jobs to go with delivering the paper and my customers get mad at me when the press breaks and their paper is late, I have no control over this. Maybe everyone should think about the latest time we can delivery and wonder why your service is crappy. I don't get my papers until about 4:30 and have to be done no later than six and this includes having to bags the paper for ungrateful customers that don't realize that for every 2000 papers delivered it cost me $17.90 for the bags. The good thing is most carriers are independent contractors and we don't have to really place your paper where you want it, what are they going to do fire us, they are always shoprt handed most of the time anyway. Don't get me wrong I try to get it as close to the house as possible but with time constraints we are in a rush. I also double bag my papers on a rainy day because if I get a call for a wet paper it cost me over $3.00 per paper and at that point I would be working for free. On average I make$0.05657 per paper. My goal is not to make tips but to at least insure the paper is delivered to you, Try it yourself for a week and then see if you complain.
Anglynn on 05/02/2007:
I have to pay for everything, the bags, the rubber bands, the collection envelopes, etc. I don't get reimnursed for gas, it sometimes does take a toll on my car...& my body especially in the winter when some customers don't clean the snow & ice away from their homes & expect me to still get that paper inside their door. Many homes I deliver to don't even have a light on, there can be entire streets that are pitch black to where I can't even see going up their steps & a flashlight only does so much. I'm up all night, my papers get here between 4am & 4:30 am & I am out of the driveway just before 5am. I bust my butt & do my route as fast & as best as I can & there's still complaints. The best was when we had a blizzard & I couldn't get out of my driveway & then got stuck 6 or 7 more times around town & a few people out off 100 customers STILL complained of a later paper & wanted a credit to boot! The entire area was shut down but they called complaining. Safety is my main issue, I wish they could put a light on to at least illuminate the front of the home if they want their paper, it's dangerous for me, I already fell in front of someone's home. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my job & I make good pay but it can sometimes be a thankless job from the customers end. We had a Nor Easter with high winds one day & many papers simply nlew away & I had people yelling they didn't get a paper & some who found their paper in a neighbors yard & blamed me, like I can control mother nature. Like someone else stated, I would suggest a tip. These people work hard, they don't sit behind a desk all day, this is old fashioned physical labor. If the paper was wet I'm sure there's a reason for it, lousy quality bags possibly, that's not the carrier's fault, that's the newspaper's fault. Just like when people get their papers late, they have to be delivered to me before I deliver them to others. If my delivery is late then I'm late & it's out of my control, I get a delivery too. I too have to pay a sub if I cannot work. We don't get weekends off, we're there 35 days a yr including ALL holidays, there is no such thing as Christmas Day off or Thanksgiving off, no such thing. I dothis for extra money & when I'm out there delivering it does take time away from my family, however it helps feed & clothe my family. When I get done around 6:30am my next job as a mother starts, there is no relaxing. So next time your paper is slightly late, or wet, or it blows away, just remember your hard working carrier who is out there in the rain, sleet, & snow just to deliver your paper which eventually gets thrown away anyway. Some appreciation sometimes would be nice.
Vikingfan84 on 07/20/2010:
I also was once a carrier for the Morning Call. In all honesty, some people have no respect for the hard work it is for very little pay. Yeah it's nice extra money, but consider you get 0 days off a year. Back about 10 years ago I had 5 paper routes with my mother. We had over 200 papers to deliver on a Sunday. Sundays and holidays are the worst days with having to insert every paper with the ads. Black Friday also was horrible with all those darn ads.

Consider that you paperboy doesn't just deliver to you. Some people are just to greedy and only care about themselves. Why don't some of you actually think about the safety of others when it's snowing/icy out. Clean up for your paperboy. If there's inclement weather, consider most cases the trucks will be late, as will your paperboy due to the late arrival deliver to the paperboy. Double-bagging??? Never did this and never had a problem with wet papers. Maybe they have a new style bag in this era or something.

Tip your carriers for Christmas. Carriers are out there risking their lives during the winter season on icy sloppy roads and driveways. A $5 tip won't hurt, and could go a long way. We take better care of the customers who tip, even if it's $5. Tips make us proud of the work we do.

I have actually just inquired about picking up a paper route or 2 again. I need the extra money, and it can't hurt to wake up a little earlier to make some extra needed cash for bills.

Good luck to all carriers.

And to the customers: Take care of your carriers. The carriers do the best they can in their control.
GenuineNerd on 07/20/2010:
The way newspaper deliveries are handled have changed. Years ago, when I used to deliver the Cleveland Plain Dealer, most newspaper carriers were teenagers, who got up at 5:00 in the morning to pick up their papers, and deliver them right to your doorstep or mailbox. And you spent Friday and Saturday collecting from your customers on a weekly basis. Today, newspapers are delivered primarily by adults, and are thrown from car windows onto porches, driveways, or yards, sometimes in plastic bags-and unprotected from the weather. And customers now pre-pay for their newspaper more door to door collecting.
DMarie on 09/30/2012:
No, not all adult carriers just throw from their car, I guess the one on your roure does. Every carrier and every route is different, There are some routes that are "motor routes" where they throw from the car, and then there are "carrier routes" where they WALK the entire route, and WALK the paper to the door, or WALK the paper around to the back door and so on. Many adult carriers have "carrier routes", the one myth is that they all throw from the car which isn't the case. I used to have a carrier route, I now have a motor route BUT about 25 customers of mine I have to walk it due to special requests, so if you see a carrier throwing from the car they more than likely aren't doing the entire rpoute like that, they may have 10 homes on that particular street that they get the luxury of throwing from the car window, but the next street over they may have to get out for 50 other homes. We are the underappreciated workers of America mainly because we do a job in the middle of the night and no one sees us performing this job. Their newspaper magically appears on their doorstep. At least with postal carriers they are seen in the daylight and people acknowledge their hard work, but we are the workers in the dark of night, we don't get appreciated because no one sees us, psychologically we don't exist. Since we are independent contractors and not employees we are taken advantage of by the newspaper companies-no benefits, rarely a route allowance, no days off, and our papers are frequently brought to us extremely late and they get away with this all the time, late deliveries cost me tips. We also are forced to deliver to the homes of sex offenders, even if they request the paper in a backdoor down a dark alley, we are told they are "paying customers" and we have to do it. We aren't covered by any labor laws or sexual harassment laws as we're not employees. And our pay is more like $14 a DAY certainly not by the hour. If there is a complaint we get charged for that even if the complaint is unfounded, these customers can lie about it just to get af ree paper and the newspaper company goes along with it. I pay for everything and I certainly can't afford to double bag and I'm at the point right now where I almost can't afford to do this job because of how much I pay for the supplies and the complaints and the car maintenance, I blew through 3 sets of brakes in one year already which can be average. I haven't called out yet in the 4 yrs I've been doing this....think about not getting one day off in 4 years, some of these complainers wouldn't be able to get through the first month without a day off and have to be out in blizzards and hurricanes. Many days I left in a snowstorm scared I wouldn't get back home to see my son the weather was that bad, I've bent over backwards for my customers in bad weather only to have them complain that the paper blew away in a hurricane or that their paper was covered in snow during a blizzard and then I'm charged money for that, I can barely buy food now as it is, 3 complaints in one week and that's groceries I can't buy for the week. I almost ran out of gas on a dark wooded road the other morning because I can't afford gas anymore and that's the week where the only tip I got was one single dollar. Some people are very blind and don't realize what it is we do, thinking we all throw papers from our car windows with a hot coffee in one hand and the heat on....NOT. Of course delivery by kids is better, they don't have to work the long hours and aren't allowed to be out in the middle of the night and don't have as many papers to deliver that we do, they aren't worked as hard as the adults. Some carriers are half awake when they go out, tired and driving fatigued and then have to go to work afterwards with zero days off. Some carriers have gotten mugged and I know of one who was murdered in the middle of the night because some of the bad guys think we all carry money for collections, I always carry mace on me for that reason alone.....$14 a day isn't worth it, and then some call to complain that their paper was 5 inches too far from the door....spare me. My husband and I have worked hard all our lives and now my husband is unemployed, the newspapers is our only income and for the first time in our lives we are on food stamps, we won't be able to have heat this Winter...yet I keep delivering and hope to God no one complains because that charge out of my check is one less gallon of gas for me or less money for things for my son. I do what I have to in order to thrive but the silly complaints from customers and the abuse from the newspaper companies are making it difficult to provide exceptional service to everyone. We're not even allowed to have a union. We are the last forms of legal slavery or sweatshops in America and we are forgotten because no one sees us delivering, it's a shame.
Joseph Kopecki on 11/28/2013:
Once again the paper was delivered at the end of the driveway instead of the Morning Call box attached to the house. The reason why I subscribe is because of this convenience so I can open the door in my robe, grab,my paper and enjoy a cup of coffee. I am a long time subscriber but will probably not renew. There also will not be the normal $20.00 holiday tip.
lawrence andreas on 03/03/2014:
it seems our regular paper carrier had an accident. since then (3 weeks) we have been getting our paper around 10-11 AM, but the person is just throwing it on our pavement 120 ft. away. we are both elderly and disabled, so we cannot get to our paper. we need the same service our former carrier gave or this paper is useless to us. Either put it up at door or we will have to discontinue our subscription.
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