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Bad Business Ethics
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EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA -- I entered into a contract with Mossy Nissan of El Cajon trading in my 1998 Siverado Truck. 3 weeks later, I get a phone call that they are having trouble financing me. Not to worry though, they carry their own contracts and as long as I agree to a higher interest rate that what is listed on my signed contract, I will be financed. After reading my contract, it clearly states I do not have to agree to new terms once the contract is signed. I called back and told them this. 37 days into the contract, I am now forced to make 2 vehicle payments. One on the truck used as trade in since they never paid off the existing loan per the signed paperwork, and one on the new vehicle since per the contract, that payment is due. Further, I get a RUDE phone message stating I needed to make arrangements to bring back the vehicle since they did not want to do business with me. Since I refused to give them more money (as if $7000.00 downpayment was not enough) they don't want my business. They say financing is the problem yet they advertise they carry their own "in house" financing. This was even told to me directly from their finance department. In other words, it's their way or the highway. This is considered unfair and deceptive business. Now I can add attorney fees to this because I just hired a lawyer. After all, a contract is a contract no matter who signs. Dealership or not. They expect me to abide by their contract and I expect the same from them. How many others have been taken advantage of? What a Way to make your customers happy Mossy Nissan. Like most believe, there is such a thing as Karma.
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Anonymous on 12/31/2003:
They all pull this this crap. Good luck to you.
rider on 08/29/2004:
I bought my car last February and I was buy far and away the best experience I have ever had. dealers are notorious for jacking you around and at mossy they gave the all the information up front so I could make a smart purchase without all the typical back and forth bull you get from all the other dealers I have purchased from in the past. I will never purchase another car from anywhere except mossy in el cajon. see Fareez and Jason the sales manager. the general manager was great also, I think his name is Matt Seamark
rider on 09/01/2004:
I understand automobile laws because I've clearly read the entire contract when I purchased my car and in this case you are incorrect, it clearly states on the back of the contract what the terms are. if finacing can't be provided by the dealer you must bring the car back. I would work on correcting my credit history and try again later.
mhs on 10/25/2004:
I have purchased two vehicles from Mossy Nissan, including one with a trade-in. Given more for more trade-in then expected. Would STRONGLY recommend them. No hassle...and EVERYTHING is explained upfront. I would never buy a car or truck from any other dealer.

sunshine619 on 02/13/2008:
Its called an unwind. I've been in cars a long time, but it still sucks. I understand that most consumers have no idea what this is and you are under the assumption that when you leave the dealership, all is good, when this isn't always the case. I'm sorry for you, dealerships should make things like this a little more clear up front. My husband is a manager for the Mossy stores in P.B. and they are usually pretty good.
billingualguy on 06/11/2008:
Mossy did the same thing to me. Deja Vu!! They are horrible and have a monopoly in San Diego. Drive up to Orange County and make a deal there.
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If you sell a new car twice - Is it still new?
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EL CAJON, CALIFORNIA -- I had walked into Mossy Nissan, El Cajon, interested in buying a new Xterra. while looking around the new lot, the salesman encouraged me to look at about a dozen "new / used" Xterras in the other section of the lot.I asked, "where they came from, why only 200 miles or so on them?" He said, Well, people just change their minds and get something else, but that's to your advantage, you will save about $1000.00. I told him, no that I would rather get a new one. I then finally found what I wanted in the new lot, so I decided to buy. I had also traded in my existing vehicle. They had qualified me on the spot (which took approx. 2-hrs). Finally they said "no problem, you're approved. We do our own in house financing". After wading through all the paperwork, I finally drove home in my new Xterra. Approximately 1 1/2 months later, I get a call from Mossy Nissan they said, " We need more money, we made a mistake, we financed you on too low of an interest rate". I explained to them that I had a contract, and that they can not change the contract, it's signed. They kept calling and harassing me, calling every day for the next 3 weeks, to sign a new contract at a higher rate or bring back the vehicle. They threatened to "reposess the vehicle" if I did not do what they said. To avoid credit problems and further harassment to my family, I finally returned the vehicle and retrieved my trade-in. To this day, I still receive special invitations and congratulation cards and oil change cards from Nissan. I guess they think I still own the vehicle. I will never buy another car at lest without obtaining my own financing first. Now I know why they had so many "New / Used" cars in the lot and they were trying so hard to sell them. I am still curious though: What happened to the $1,500.00 rebate from the factory that they received when I purchased the vehicle? Did they keep it? Sure, they passed the savings to me, but I had to return the vehicle.
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Sparticus on 03/03/2005:
Maybe the reason why they had so many "new" cars with low miles is because they have done this before to customers. I wonder if it is some sort of scam where they make more money off selling a car twice? Make sure you tell everyone you know in the area to stay away from them.
scorpiohead on 03/03/2005:
That's crazy. I would also contact the local news media to look into that
Mala on 03/18/2005:
Please read my story, signed "Mala", which I added as my comments to Midway Nissan Phoenix- DECEPTIVE SALES PRACTICE. It will show you how dealers sell car twice as new. You think they got only the $1,500 rebate? That is peanuts. They also got funded by their finance co for full price of car. Now, they keep the car, the $1,500 and full price. Add up this profit. And... they will sell this car again. Compare this to selling your house. Lets say you sold your house to buyer1 for $300,000. The escrow closes, the buyer1 lender funds the loan and you get $300,000. You don't move out, the new buyer does not move in. Month and a half later, you then sell your house to buyer2, who obtains the financing and you get $300,000 again. Now you got $600,000 for your house. Maybe you don't move out again and sell your house to buyer3... and so on. Mala
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Murano Defective Sun Visors. Serious Safety Hazard if you're over 5'8"
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Not too happy with our Nissan Murano at the moment. Have a major safety issue that nearly cost us our lives. Nissan won't address after a half dozen requests.

2007 Nissan Murano (leased vehicle currently under warranty that dealer /Mossy Nissan refuses to repair. Visors are $500 for parts alone not including installation) safety hazard sun visors flop down and completely block vision. Happens constantly or whenever vehicle hits a slight bump on the road. Driver's side is most effected however sometimes (at least once a day) both visors flop down and block visibility completely. Both my wife and I are tall. She's 5'8" and I'm 6'2". NISSAN WAKE UP! ... THIS IS A SERIOUS SAFETY HAZARD! IT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE LIFE-THREATENING.
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Helpful on 07/25/2010:
Venice09 on 07/25/2010:
Yes, I agree. Nissan should fix the visors with velcro since the vehicle is under warranty.

I have owned many cars, and the visors have never flopped down. There is obviously something wrong with these and they should be fixed.
Starlord on 07/25/2010:
Examine the visors carefully. Occasionally, there will be a phillips screw near the visor's attachement. If there is, a simple tightening will help hold it in place. If there is no screw or if it doesn't work, keep on the Nissan dealer.
Venice09 on 07/25/2010:
Good advice, Starlord. I never really examined my visors, but it could be something that simple. I'll keep it in mind if this ever happens to me.
Starlord on 07/25/2010:
You won't find them often, most car makers use internal devices to keep the visor adjustment stiff, but I have found a few adjustment screws in my time. Best of luck.
Claudia on 06/24/2013:
I have a 2006 murano and the visors just started flopping down , can't seem to fix them .
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