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Motel 6
14651 Dallas Parkway, Ste 500
Dallas, TX 75240
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Manager Not Taking Responsibility for Checking Mattresses That Are Nasty
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Rating: 1/51

DOUGLAS, ARIZONA -- We came in the afternoon about 3 o'clock. I wanted to rent a room and the lady was very nice upfront and she said, "I'm sorry but all we have is an upstairs smoking unit that is nice and clean." My son and I went upstairs the room had a smoke smell, like smoke real bad but it was okay we needed a place to stay. Well we lay down and try to hook up the TV. The TV did not work so we went to Walmart and bought a new plug-in wire for it and the TV still would not work.

We went to the office and they gave us another room, it was a lot cleaner and better carpet but the bedding looked very dirty and worn out. So we took the comforters off. The corners of the sheets were worn out and would not stay on the bed, so I pulled them down. We went to sleep for the night.

We woke up the following morning and the sheets are balled up around my body. It was the grossest thing that I have ever seen in my 58 years of my life. Rollover and got up and looked and there was a giant blood spot 12 to 14 in diameter on the bed that looked like some woman had a problem and left a bloodstain on bed. It was gross, it actually looked like a pregnant woman had sat there and her water broke. I am so sick about it.The money that they gave me back did not satisfy me. I should have somebody from corporate get a hold of me, otherwise I will publicly broadcast on every network and every news place I can ring till someone from corporate contacts me.

I am appalled to let you know that Motel 6 did not take care of their beds. Somebody in this office should do something about it, it is horrible. I hope nobody ever in our life stays at Motel 6 in Douglas Arizona. How would you like to wake up in somebody's nasty blood. I went to the office and they were so embarrassed they did not want us to talk to the manager.

Getto Room, False Advertising, No Working Locks.
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- On November 07 my wife and I call the reservation line and requested a room with a queen bed. We were told there was one at the Motel 6 1800 E Reno Oklahoma City. We arrived to find a FULL bed, not a queen. We dealt with this. We decided to check the bed and furniture, a habit we are into now. I attempted to lock our door, only to find the locks would NOT work. Upon more inspection, I found a number of other thing.

A LARGE wet stain on a chair. Dried spit on the carpet. A hole in the wall BY THE SINK, with wiring hanging out. The restroom was so filthy that we had to use our towels to clean it. (they refused to come and clean our room unless we paid EXTRA cleaning charge.) The vent behind the toilet was half hanging off the wall, which fell off later that night striking my wife in the head and leg. In the end, DO NOT GO TO MOTEL 6 ANYWHERE. We WILL be contacting our Attorney over this mess. If you have had similar experiences with this chain email me **. We as consumers should not have to deal with these kind of Companies. Please see the photos.

Bed Bugs, Broken Sink, Cold Water
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Rating: 1/51

MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA -- I was in Oklahoma on 05/21/2013, and I checked into Motel 6 at 12:30 am on 05/22/2013. I opened my suitcase, put on my pajamas, and left my suitcase open on the bed with me and went to sleep. I woke up feeling awful. I turned the shower on, but it was taking forever for the water to get hot. I turned the bathroom sink on, and it too was taking forever to get hot. I went to my suitcase to get the clothes that I was going to wear that day, as I left the water running in the sink and in the shower. I heard the water splashing on the floor. I went to turn the water off, because there wasn't a pipe under the sink to catch the water. Keep in mind I'm naked.

I grabbed some clothes to put on and went to the office to ask for another room. They did not have one available at the time, and so they asked me to come back. In the meantime, all of my items are in the room. I returned to the motel to get a key to the new room, and asked if they moved my items for me (2 suitcases and a laptop). They said, "No, but here is a new key and you can move it yourself." Somehow, the original room (228) would not accept the key to get in.

It's 5 AM and I am walking back and forth from the motel lobby to this room, each time explaining to the employee, that the key is not working. I advised I had to get my items out asap. I had to be in court with ** at 8:30 AM. They could only say we are sorry, but we cannot get the door open. They gave me a key to a new room (122), and I asked why. If all of my stuff was locked in room 228, what good would it do me to have a key to room 122? They finally opened the door to room 228 at 8:37 AM. Of course this was too late, no shower, no make up. I changed clothes, and went straight to court.

In the meantime, I'm itching like crazy. I assumed it was because I did not take a shower, but the itching was intense, like something was on me. Come to find out, I have numerous bites all over my body. The room was infested with bed bugs. I had to drive back to Nashville, TN with a hair brush scratching the whole way. I ended up going to the hospital to get medication to cure this mess. I ended up staying in the house the whole holiday weekend. I missed out on my holiday pay at my job, and I was supposed to be on a boat a Percy Priest Dam with some friends.

I am still stuck in the house, because the dr. at the hospital could not determine if I only had bed bugs, and not scabies. To end this long dramatic incident. I had to throw away both suit cases, to prevent from bringing these bugs into my home. I want to be compensated for this mess.

Frauds, Thieves, Criminals, Low Lifes, Crooks, Motel 6
By -

CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- Last Saturday the 29th of October I was on my way to a football game here in Florida when I checked my credit card and debit cards as I usually do. I noticed a funny charge for a Motel 6 and decided to call my bank about it. Bank was closed (of course) so I decided to call Motel 6 where I found out they had accepted my debit card. Oddly, both of my cards were in my possession. I immediately told the lady that this was fraudulent and that they needed to resolve this matter asap.

The little girl on the phone ** Guest Relations Specialist assured me she would resolve it, but she had to call her GM and let me know. She really didn't sound enthused, but guess you can't expect much from a 10.00 an hour employee. She called me back and told me they would do nothing. They wouldn't even call the police to do an info report but told me I should. I called Oakland PD immediately and they told me they could do nothing without an info report.

I called TPD (Tallahassee, PD) which told me they couldn't (and I understood that because they have no say in California!) I then called Orlando, PD whom I got a report number from but again could not do anything. I called the woman back with the number of the OPD report and she still said they could not do anything. However the person was staying there still and she refused because she claimed the charge was valid Again.

FAST FORWARD I called Motel 6 corporate offices today (Accor) and the woman at the executive offices was rude, uncooperative, and told me it was my problem. Also told me it was not their stance to file any reports which is stupid but hey, what do they care. Granted I would never stay in a roach infested, rat motel (6), so they will never get my money but still they should take care of their possible customers. Avoid going here as they will allow people to use a fake debit card, with no actual card OR ID.

When I spoke with the GM there he said it's not his place to check every ID that comes with the cards. However the girl on the phone at the executive offices said they check EVERY ID without fail. They are crooks, frauds, etc... whatever you want to call it! Avoid their services, avoid their nasty hotels with crooked employees! Hell, stay at a Red Roof instead, at least they are clean and professional.

Poor Experience
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Rating: 1/51

181ST AND STARK PORTLAND, OREGON -- I made an online reservation which was for a room with two double beds. I received an email confirming my reservation. When my two Kids and I showed up to check in I was told they didn't have an online reservation from me. I showed the lady behind the after hours window my email which she wouldn't even look at. I was then told there was one room available with one double bed so I took the room.

When my two children and I opened the door the room smelled bad. There was supposed to be a microwave which there wasn't one, the fridge had an open jar of mayonnaise and mustard, the bathroom door had graffiti on the inside bathroom door, and one of the other rooms had a broken window and wasn't boarded up or anything. Needless to say I don't recommend this motel to anyone.

Dissatisfied With Stay
By -

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- We just got home after staying at Motel 6 in Kalamazoo, MI. for 3 nights. It was horrible, we reserved a room a few days ahead. The sidewalk was a sheet of ice and had not been salted, my son and niece fell, luckily neither got hurt, called the office, no apology just excuses to why it wasn't salted (the snow and ice had stopped coming down more than 12 hours before so they had plenty of time). They said they would be up to salt it right away, still wasn't done til the next morning.

Our room was filthy, garbage on floor, bugs and hair in the tub. The sheets had not been changed, they were all wrinkled, hair in bedding, and had lipstick on them, as well as burn holes in them. Called office, got switched to new room, should be better. Sheets clean, went to bed. In morning getting kids ready for day noticed the side of box spring was completely ripped open. Not safe when you are traveling with a 2 year old and 4 year old, they could get hurt trying to climb in and out of bed. Had to go though we were late.

We got back that afternoon, room service had been in as garbage was emptied, towels were ALL gone, no replacements, soaps were ALL gone so we can't wash or dry hands. Our nonsmoking room smelled like smoke because the housekeeper smoked while they cleaned, we even saw them doing it in a room near us. So we went down to office this time, talked to manager. We got fresh towels and he sent room service to bring soaps. Also got switched to another new room, was told they are doing renovation that was why bed and bedding were so bad.

Refunded $20 and gave us a bunch of coupons, oh that makes it all better... not. This room actually had clean bedding, although there were burn holes in them and the room was cleaner, not clean but better. The next morning my 4 year was wanting a bath so we went in to get it ready, we barely moved the shower curtain, and the rod fell on my head, thank goodness it didn't hit my 4 year old. I started her water and guess what the tub wouldn't hold the water, the drain plug wouldn't seal.

I called the office... Again, they said "you're checking out today" very happy not concerned as to my head, told them no one more day. They said "Oh... we'll have someone come fix that then" in a disappointed tone. I was so happy to be leaving that place when we checked out. I've stayed many places and never had an experience like this. I will never stay in a Motel 6 again, I'd rather sleep in the car. I don't care if a place is under renovation. I paid for a clean safe room and didn't get it.

Horrible experience..... @ Motel 6 El Paso East #1367
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- Motel 6 El Paso East #1367. Where do I start off? The musty smell of the room when entering or the knife holes on the walls or the mildew in the bathroom? Well, to start off I travel a lot. I choose Motel 6 for its price and it's close to where I usually end up working. And I have stayed at many Motel 6's across the West. But this time I chose to leave after one night of staying in this dirty room. Dirty being an understatement of course. I'm going to just list off the stuff in this DIRTY room instead of talking about it too much.

  1. Mildew Stains across the ceiling right at the Main Front Door.
  2. Stains from spilt coffee or possibly even pseudo painted over blood stains (couldn't tell).
  3. Knife holes all over in the wall above the TV and Door area leading into the bathroom.
  4. Bath tub was someone's dump for excess paint which was peeling up in huge chunks and very sticky while trying to attempt to take a shower.
  5. Fuzzy mildew spots on walls and ceiling had mildew stains as well.
  6. Floor in bathroom wasn't swept - it had previous persons personal body hair on the floor.
  7. Personal body hairs stuck on the shower curtain.
  8. Bathroom door falling apart.
  9. Gang sign written into the inside door frame of the bathroom.

I went with 3 other guys that I work with. In their room one of the mattresses was torn up to shreds and was explained to me that they thought either a rat or some cockroaches were going to come out of it. It just looked horrible. We tried to complain about the rooms but 10 min after we checked in the Office was closed and the attendant was unable to be reached. I took pictures of all that I saw in our room #209. No pictures of the other room. It was just BAD Customer Relations to let people stay in a place so dirty.

The next morning we were able to get our money back at 6 am. Only bonus to the stay is that they had hot coffee already made. Do Not Stay at Motel 6 El Paso East #1367. We had rooms 209 and 210.

Know Before You Go

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I have been working at a franchised Motel 6 location for nearly three years now. I have just about seen and heard everything. A lot of people who stay at a Motel 6 just don't know what to expect going in.

We do NOT offer breakfast (and were only supposed to serve coffee until 10). That goes for ALL Motel 6's. Any of them caught serving breakfast can be fined. There are no hairdryers, ironing boards, or coffee makers in the room We allow pets. We try and leave some rooms completely pet free, but when you don't tell us you have pets that makes it hard.

Many Motel 6 are owned by foreigners, and there is nothing wrong with that. Should they speak English? Yes. Do they? Mehh there is a 50/50 chance with that. From the moment you check in you have FIFTEEN minutes to decide if you are staying there. After the fifteen minutes are up I am no longer able to give you a full refund. Call corporate, they will tell you the same thing. On the same note... If you are dissatisfied with your stay, threaten to call corporate. If they still don't give you a partial refund, go ahead and call. GMs are charged $50+ for complaints.

Concerning the WIFI... Yes our modems are out of date, but I have never had a problem connecting. I tell customers that we only guarantee service in the lobby, because I know it works in the lobby. A/Cs and heaters are turned off during the day as to save energy, so yes your room will be hot in the summer and cold in the winter... give it ten minutes and your a/c heater should be fine.

Don't use the ice buckets. Just don't do it. Bugs... yeah they do happen. But we do everything in our power to get rid of them. I never put people in a room that I know has bug problems, or that have just been sprayed. If you have a problem I strongly urge you to notify the front desk. But do not scream at us. We are just workers doing our jobs. We usually can't do anything other than switch your room. If you want to yell at someone save your frustration for a manager who has power to do something about it.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, if you are spending $50 a night don't expect the same experience as you would get paying $100. We cater to the people who can only afford $50 a night rooms. That is a variety of people. We get strippers, hookers, drug dealers, felons, murderers, rapists, and rednecks... Not often, but it does happen. If that doesn't sound like something you can deal with, there is a Super 8 right down the street.

By -

GALVESTON, TEXAS -- I reserved a room for 6/11 at the Galveston location with two beds for a family of 4 for our visit to Moody Gardens. When we arrived there at 11 am, I was told check in would be at 3 pm. I paid the $87.39 for the room and was told I could pick up the key when I returned after 3 and then we went to Moody Gardens.

After leaving Moody Gardens and picking up our key to the room at the front desk, we found the room only had one bed. I asked for another room, they said they were full and they refused to give me a refund. The ethnic women that were working the front desk were very rude, there were two other families at the check in desk with the same issue.

The hotel appeared to be unsafe with people loitering on the balconies but they did have security walking the premises. The pool was nasty and 2 overfilled trash bins lined the corridor that leads to the second floor. We found another hotel (thank you Super 8) for our stay, where the staff provided a pleasant and cleaner atmosphere and the rooms were royal in comparison to the dive we had just come from.

I will never return to Motel 6. I will report to BBB and other consumer organizations and will consult an attorney about the fraudulent experience here. NOTE: Ask to view the room BEFORE making payment and report any health or building violations.

Taking A Stand Against Motel 6
By -

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO -- Is the worst hotel EVER! I paid for a hotel because I was having some family issues on August 24 and handed in my key August 25. The very next day August 26, I see a charge of 125.00! I called the motel and talked to a guy at the front desk. I asked him what was it for, he said probably for a blanket. I asked why would they charge me for a blanket and the hotel room? He said the blanket that was stolen, accusing me of stealing the comforter, which I did NOT TAKE.

When I left it was there so when they noticed it was missing, instead of calling me because they had my number or emailing me because they had my email first I could have come right back and so they could see that I didn't have it or could have asked the people that were leaving at the same time as me and maybe have come with the culprits, or even have a type of surveillance. They charged me for a blanket I didn't even steal!!!

I have never had to deal with this situation and I shouldn't have to pay for it. B/c of this I am 120 dollars in the negative which I needed my money - I am struggling college student. I called the hotel. The guy said he would have the owners call me which they never did, the desk guy called me!!

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