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It's -18 Outside Car Won't Start
Posted by Mrstolley1 on 01/06/2014
WILLIAMSBURG, IOWA -- It's freezing out in the negatives, car won't start. Check out time is 11:30 it's 11:00. Tell the lady at the front desk my car won't start. I have a road side service coming there 3 to 5 hrs out. They won't let me stay in my room without charging me. So I'm sitting the waiting area now till they come to fix my car. Today's date is 1/6/14 half of America is in a deep freeze - I will never stay at Motel 6 again. No consideration, they only want their money. Oh yeah - none of the staff had jumper cables or a car here. Wonder how they all got to work.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-06:
I think that allowing you to wait...in the *waiting area* is perfectly acceptable.

I don't think it's reasonable to expect them to allow you to stay a room, that might already be booked anyway for free, when you can sit in the waiting room just as easily.

Look at it this way, you got to sit in a warm room whilst waiting for the roadside assistance to show up. That's a reasonable accommodation in my book.

"Oh yeah - none of the staff had jumper cables or a car here."

I wasn't under the impression that it was the staff's responsibility to provide jumper cables to motel guests

Posted by Cwazychicken on 2014-01-07:
i agree they could've kicked you out because you weren't a guest, some places do that.
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Dirty, Ants and Cool Water in Nasty Shower
Posted by Heavily on 12/29/2013
Smelled horrible, dirty and the water was luke warm at best. The sink was clogged.
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You Get What You Pay For
Posted by Mariliacastle on 12/26/2013
PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA -- I wasn't expecting the Ritz. But I draw the line when a valuable possession disappears. I left a cheap shirt and expensive cell phone in my room. It was Christmas morning, I was in a rush, thought I had packed it all. One hour later I call to let the motel attendant know what I had done. He let me know that they found my shirt but there was no phone. He further told me to call the next day and talk to the lost and found. Wow! it didn't take long for them to clean out the room. Looks like somebody got what I paid for. Done with Motel 6 and the clones.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-12-27:
This is not unique to Motel 6.
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No Office Help
Posted by Pastorstevepollard on 12/23/2013
ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- We are in the room sleeping and some man broke our window we went down to the office and the lady in would not let my wife in so she could be protected I said please please please and she acted as she could not hear. My wife is sixty years old and now she need help and I hope no one ever have to go through that when you ask for help you can't get it. Motel 6 every one please don't stay there motel 6 do not care for people we seen it for ourselves. Please take note beware of motel 6. There [ad] is a lie don't you believe it not safe at all
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-23:
Did your wife call the police? That would've been my first move, assuming I wasn't carrying at the time.
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Bi-Polar General Manager
Posted by Schweeschweet on 11/29/2013
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- My boyfriend and I checked into Motel 6 on 10/16/2013 for one month until our new home was ready to move into. The reason we chose Motel 6 is because it was the least expensive for the amount of time that we needed to stay. As it turned out, we ended up staying for forty one days at over $300.00 per week!

My boyfriend works twelve hour days at GM, and left at 4:00am. We are a quiet couple with no children, and paid our room every week like clockwork! The first weekend Saturday, the sink in our bathroom started to drain slow until it stopped draining all together. I called the front desk and explained this, they told me that the maintenance man didn't work on weekends so they couldn't do anything until Monday, they didn't even offer to change our room! My boyfriend needed to shave before work and couldn't because of the standing water in the sink!

The woman at the front desk gave us a refund credit for one night, that was standard courtesy anyway as far as were concerned. When the general manager found out that she had done this without his authorization, that's when our nightmare with him began. On November 26th, two days before Thanksgiving and over one thousand dollars that we had paid them thus far. Out of the blue the general manager called and said that he WAS NOT going to renew our room, and he was kicking us out that same day (in the snow with place to go)!

Who does that! Two days before Thanksgiving without any reason? We had done nothing wrong, except questioning a discrepancy that we found on our bill, and the credit we received on the bathroom sink. When I continued to ask him for an legitimate reason, he refused to give us one, after we paid over thousand dollars to stay in that dump!

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Nasty All Around Room
Posted by Caskopczyk on 11/23/2013
Nov. 21 stayed at the Motel 6. The carpet was wet outside the bathroom, so I just walked around it in my tennis shoes to deal with it. I washed up to go to bed, but when I pulled back the covers the sheets were stained with what looked like dried blood or food, I hope food. I was too tired to ask for another room so just slept in sweats and socks. Not very pleasant stay.
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They Just Don't Care About Guests
Posted by Terryl_davis74 on 11/23/2013
PONCA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- On several occasions my room key would not work, when I went to the front desk and told them they made me a new one and it did not work. I had to be let into my room with a pass key. They informed me that it was because I was carrying it in my wallet. that was the first problem. Now I don't have TV reception in my room and I have been told that they are installing a new system all day and it is 7:10 and I still don't have TV. The impression I am getting is that the owner just dos not care about the guests.
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What an Experience
Posted by Captjewelazcorsairs on 11/21/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I arrived at the Phoenix West location at 27th Ave & the I-17 freeway. I was rudely greeted by a woman staring at me, while I gathered my money to pay for the room.

As I exited the vehicle, she promptly turned away. I thought, "Maybe she's got a call." OK. I patiently wait at the checkout window, and she's doing paperwork. It made me think, "WTF?" She then turned to me, after about 3 minutes, and GLARED at me.

I took no offense, and thought maybe she's having a bad day, whatever. I paid for the room and went to settle in. Upon my arrival, I found black hair all over the bed sheets. Gross!

I did my best to strip the bed and clean what I could, I was just tired by then. I went to wash my hands and saw something move out the corner of my eye, a cockroach, not scared at all by the presence of a human. That's when I decided to complain, and get the *** outta there! I made my complaint and left Phoenix for Las Vegas.

Upon my arrival there, I had a free night from Motel 6 from the Phoenix incidents. Check was OK, and I was excited about Vegas, right? Come on! The first night was OK, but the second night they had guest in the room above me.

There are hard wood floors in this establishment. These guys (or gals) decided to stay up until 5am, banging they're feet all over the stiff floor boards. Right above my head, my poor exhausted head. I then called the front desk 3 times to ask them to quiet down, and the attendant just sighed and said, "I'll take care of it." WTF?

I wanted to scream! Eventually, another shift came on, and kicked them out. If you want to bash Motel 6, spread this story.

It's 100% true. Funny thing, I had 2 nights left on my reservation in Vegas, and I just said, "*** it." Thanks Motel 6, Thanks!
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Posted by jonthethird on 2013-11-22:
Other then it was free, why stay at a Motel 6 in Las Vegas. You can get a nice room for the same price as most Motel 6s in Las Vegas
Posted by Paul on 2013-11-23:
This sounds a lot like my experience at Motel 6 about 23 years ago. I haven't been back, and won't be.
Posted by bzzoff on 2013-12-11:
There's "NOTHING" wrong in asking to see the room "FIRST". Once they have your $$, you'll not see the cash again unless you can cancel the Transaction on your Credit Card. If's it a debit, forget that!

Don't forget to *itch the Head Corporate Office on line or by phone either.
Posted by Eugene on 2013-12-12:
Never NEVER stay at Motel 6,East Brunswick,N.J. Not only does staff steal from your room, they will actually book your room to another party when you are out of it more than six hours. I prepaid for the week, took the train to Manhattan for a business meeting,and returned to find my room occupied by three people,the maid wearing my shirt,and my bags empty.
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Bait & Switch
Posted by Kd1319198 on 11/05/2013
MACON, GEORGIA -- I made a reservation via the internet for my fiancé who lives out of town. The special internet rate was for $35.99 plus tax . When my fiancé arrived for check in, the manager charged him $45.99 plus tax & stated he did not have to honor the internet rate & would not honor it! My fiancé ended up going to another hotel on the other side of town. I will not recommend this particular motel to anyone at all. They did not "leave the light on".
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Not the best of the bunch
Posted by Nan60ish on 10/21/2013
ELK GROVE, ILLINOIS -- I stay at Motel 6 very often. Mostly around the pacific Northwest. This one in Elk Grove, IL was less than normal standards of Motel 6. The water in the shower kept going hot and cold depending on the neighbor rooms flushing the toilet or taking their showers. The ice machines were broken and there was not even morning coffee in the office.

They office help was not able to give me directions for local attractions. And half of them it was hard to understand when they spoke to me. The girl that worked the office at night spoke the best English.
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