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Drug Addicts Have More Rights Than Me And My Family???
By -

GOODLETSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I live in Kentucky and had to evacuate from my home due to the devastating ice storm 2009. The closest available place to stay without having my children sleeping on a cold floor of a shelter with no heat for yet another night was Nashville, TN.

We called ahead and made a reservation for two nights at Motel 6. On our second night, my family went out to dinner. When we get back there was a new neighbor next door. Our new neighbor did not have his curtain closed and of course we see that something is wrong. He was jumping and throwing himself all over his bed at the time. I mentioned it to my husband and we went on into our room. Our new neighbor was consistently bumping the walls to the point they were causing the walls to vibrate.

Suddenly, my children did not feel so safe anymore. We had a very hard time getting the children to sleep for all of the noise the new neighbor was creating. We called the front desk to let him know of the racket and let him know what we noticed when we came back from dinner. He did let us know that he would take care of the problem.

He did call us back later to see if the noise was continuing and we told him that it was. He informed us that someone else had paid for the neighbor's room and left him. He also suggested that I move my family to a different room if we did not "want to be bothered". I let him know that I was not going to move my three now-sleeping children.

About an hour later the noise still going on, my husband then calls the front desk again. The front desk worker told my husband that he has already called him and asked him to quiet down and suggested yet again that we should move to another room. My husband, furious at this point, tells the clerk that he should move the new neighbor instead. The clerk told him that he was not going to deal with him and that he was not going to ask the new neighbor to move for fear that "he might go somewhere", leading us to believe that he was aware that the neighbor was high on something.

With the neighbor acting the way he was, we asked the clerk to call the police. The police came and called an ambulance due the fact that the new neighbor was overdosed on oxycodon. We spoke to the manager that very night. We were told "sorry if you were inconvenienced, but with the laws that are out, we were not willing to deal with him." Per the manager as well, the room was covered in blood.

So here is my question: does this mean that anyone in a hotel/motel high on drugs of any kind have more rights than families who are staying at the same hotel? And why did the clerk not GO to the room to see what was going on in there? If we had not asked him to call the police, would the new neighbor be carried off in a body bag the next day?

I feel bad for the guy, being "dumped off" by family or whoever so that they would not have to deal with him. And I could get into all of the "what if's" of the situation, as in him trying to bust down our door since we were the closest or worse, him being carried off in a body bag the next day. The point is, I do not feel and believe that he had more legal rights than we did in this situation due to no one wanting to "deal with" this guy. Please respond.

By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- At around 7:00 PM Tuesday December 30, 2008, I arrived at the Motel 6 at I-10 and Wurzbach in San Antonio, only to be told that the manager refused to honor my reservation (#**) because “there was a problem” with my previous stay December 19, 2008. I called Motel 6 to resolve the issue, but was told they never override the manager's decision. Is this even legal?

The only “problem” I remember is that, when I arrived around 11:00 PM December 19, I was told to drop my driver's license into the night window bin and wait while two clerks cashed out the register or something. I had been up since 5:00 AM, worked from 7:30 AM until 6:30 PM, waited an hour to pick up a pair of glasses that wasn't quite finished, and driven 3 hours from Houston to San Antonio. I was so tired my legs were shaking, so after a couple of minutes I asked how much longer it was going to be, thinking I might need to find somewhere to sit in the meantime.

The female clerk huffily told me it would be two minutes. When she finally checked me in, she started some spiel about putting me in an upstairs room, but if it was a problem… I held up my hand and said I just wanted a room, any room. The clerk got even huffier this time and said she'd be fired if I didn't let her finish. I have stayed in many motels, including this and other Motel 6 locations, but I'd never heard such a load of garbage.

Somehow, I don't think a tired white male customer dealing with an arrogant clerk would have been refused service the next time he came through town, as I was. Two such incidents don't make a pattern of discrimination, but they certainly suggest that one might exist. This wasn't the first time I'd been refused service at a Motel 6 by a male manager with no explanation.

Several years ago I lodged a complaint with Accor about another incident that seemed purely discriminatory. I was staying at a Motel 6 in Phoenix at I-17 and Bell Rd. while looking for a house to rent. I found one on a weekday but was told I would have to wait until the next weekend to move in. I asked the Motel 6 manager to add an additional week to my credit card. Since I had a weekend free, I spent Saturday morning at the mall. When I came back that afternoon, my key didn't work, the drapes were open, and my belongings were gone.

I went down to the office to find out what was going on. I was told I had to check out. I reminded the manager that he had extended my reservation to the following weekend, but he denied it. I asked him to add the extra week to my credit card, but he refused. I asked for my belongings, and another employee offered to load them into my car, but the manager wouldn't let him do so. I never did find out what inspired this hostile reaction. In this case, I hadn't even had the temerity – or reason – to complain about anything.

I simply had spent my days at work or looking at rentals and my nights sleeping or watching TV with the mute and closed captioning on. Had I snored too loud? Or was I merely a single woman at the mercy of a man who finds single women a threat to his world order? After this latest incident, I left San Antonio and found a very nice room at a Best Western. It cost a little more than Motel 6 with my AAA discount, but was worth every penny, not because it was so much nicer – and it really was much nicer – but because the staff there treated me like a human being. Priceless.

Motel 6 spiteful clerk
By -

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- I am an RN and currently working night shift in Bakersfield, CA. I live in Huntington Beach, CA so this requires me to stay 3 to 4 nights a week in Bakersfield. I found the Motel 6 Bakersfield Airport location online and decided to give them a try. I called first and told them that I drive to Bakersfield the evening of my first night to work and get off the following morning around 7.

I explained that after working a 12 hour shift I needed to check in that morning so I could go directly to sleep. This could not be guaranteed so what I did was pay for the room the night of the first evening that I arrived so that I would have a room that following morning. This was OK with me even though I was paying for a night I would never use.

On my first visit I explained that I worked nights and did not want to be disturbed during the day so I did not need housekeeping. I was told that they were required to check the room every second day to make sure it was not damaged. I said that was fine so to keep from me having to be disturbed just move me to another one one morning out of my 3 or 4 day stay.

The clerk acted aggravated at this idea. On the days that I stayed in the room I asked that I not be disturbed since they had to come in every 2 days they could skip that one day. I was still disturbed regardless of having the do not disturb sign in place.

On my second week I made reservations again, once again paying for the night I worked and would not be using the room. On the following two mornings I again advised the same clerk that I did not want to be disturbed. On the second morning she again acted aggravated and said that they must come in. Again I said "that is fine just let me check out and move me to another room." She said "is there something wrong with your room?" Again I explained that I wanted undisturbed sleep so if housekeeping MUST come in the room on that day, move me to a new room so I can sleep. She said she would talk to the housekeeping manager about it. I go to my room and go to sleep.

Almost 2 hours later I am awaken by a knock at the door. It's the housekeeping manager and she asks if I wanted to see her. I asked who she was and she told me and said the clerk had told her I wanted to talk to her. This really set me off because the clerk knew that 2 hours ago I had just asked not to be disturbed and that I never requested to talk to the housekeeping manager. Judging the attitude of the clerk I have no doubt she did this out of spite.

My work in Bakersfield has the potential of keeping me there indefinitely and this meant 3 nights a week minimum at Motel 6 with me paying for 4 nights (the first night I worked), so I would have a guaranteed room the following morning. If Motel 6 cannot accommodate a simple request of not disturbing its guests, even when that guest volunteers to switch rooms to accommodate Motel 6, they just do not deserve that guaranteed income. Not only did they not accommodate, they intentionally disturbed me.

The manager was contacted the morning the housekeeping manager arrived at my room and I did tell him the situation. He also made the statement that they must check the rooms every other day for damage and again I had to explain that I understood, just move me to a different room. He told me that the clerk told him something completely different. Regardless I left that morning and drove around to find another place to stay and will not be returning to any Motel 6.

Un-Trained Staff
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- 1:38am/ Jun 6, 2007: After arriving to Motel 6/Albany from Bedford Hills, NY we were told that our room wasn't ready, and would not be ready until after 12:00pm that afternoon (despite reserving the room a week before with a VISA credit card). On this particular night the clerk was as helpful as her position would allow her to be. She made attempts to contact the manager who was in a room on the premises. The manager just gave her instructions and refused to come down to the desk to assist her in resolving the problem.

Sometime after 2am, the clerk gave us a room. The room was not cleaned, and the beds were not made. We had a long drive, and were exhausted. We accepted the room in "as is" condition. She gave us clean linen, we thanked her; and said good night. We commended her on a job well done (especially since her manager made no attempt to assist us, or his employee.)

Friday/June 8, 2007: Check out - At approximately 11:15am as we were packing there was a knock at the door. The door was closed, but not completely shut. Neither I, or my brother responded to the knock. However, the desk entered the room anyway WITHOUT permission. She stood in the doorway and in very loud and rude manner stated, "Y'all come down and take care of this bill!! You got a refund that you wasn't supposed to get!! I'll be waiting!!!"

Needless to say we were shocked at her actions and attitude. Once at the check-out desk, I had my receipt in hand ready and prepared to try to clear up any discrepancy in our bill. Once at the desk I attempted to show the clerk our receipt. My brother then stepped in and told the clerk that her actions and attitude were very unprofessional. She then immediately began ARGUING with my brother. Loud, finger pointing, back and forth arguing! She ignored all my attempts to show her our receipt. She just continued her loud argument with my brother (in front of other people in the lobby trying to check-in!).

After a few minutes of argument, another clerk stepped in and asked, "€œAre you gentleman checking out?"€ We replied, "€œYes"€. He then said, "€œThank you for your stay. You gentleman have a nice day."€ I'€™m a New York State Corrections Officer. About the same time each year my department hosts what'™s known as the D.O.C.S. Olympics. It'€™s an annual event where law enforcement officers from all over state compete in law enforcement and olympic events. The event brings possibly hundreds of guests to the hotels in the area (including Motel 6). The actions that this clerk displayed were very unacceptable!!!

After returning to work, I'€™ve discovered from other officers that all three clerks that we have dealt with are ex-CONVICTS (which explains her attitude). I have nothing against ex-cons. However, if you are going to hire them; your company needs to make sure that they are under closer supervision until they'€™ve proven that they are competent, and reliable enough to operate on their own!! Evidently the manager at this particular Motel 6 needs to be watched as well.

It was the worst hotel stay that I'€™ve ever experienced. I'€™ve heard other officers complaining about their stay at this Motel 6 as well. Next year, most of the officers have already made up their mind to stay another hotel despite the slightly higher rates. If I can help it, I'€™ll never refer, or stay in another Motel 6. And I'€™ll be sure to tell my fellow officers and others about my experience.

Urine, Feces and Other Hotel Extras
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- My wife and I are regular Motel 6 customers. We've found that what most Motel 6's lack in amenities, they make up for in price and basic comforts. Since we travel to places to see the places, not stay at the motel, our view has always been that it never hurts to save a few bucks. At least that was our philosophy until this experience. Motel 6 Tampa downtown is located just off of Rt 275. If it wasn't for the 12 hours we had just spent driving, we probably would have recognized the first hint that there might be a problem with this hotel - the huge adult shop across the street.

At the same time, the parking lot had a few folks loitering in the area with shopping carts full of, what appeared to be, their belongings. As we were checking in, we also noticed a young pretty African-American girl in a very skimpy gold lame bathing suit coming in and out of the lobby. We assumed she was coming from the pool. Exhausted from the trip, we decided things weren't that bad and continued checking in. We unloaded our belongings in the room which was smaller than usual (for a Motel 6), with no dressers for clothing. We "sucked it up," unpacked the best we could and went out to eat.

Upon returning, we got undressed, got ready for sleep and climbed into bed. My wife nearly hit the ceiling as she jumped back out of the bed, having laid in a giant soaking wet spot about two feet in diameter in the center. A sniff of the spot indicated that a previous occupant had urinated in the bed and, apparently, housekeeping had simply put new sheets on top of the spot. I marched to the office to get another room. I discovered that after 10:00 PM, the lobby door is closed and locked, and the night clerk speaks to people from behind a window of bulletproof glass.

Unfortunately, since the area just outside the glass is in an enclosed area full of noisy vending machines, communication with the clerk requires a combination of yelling, hand gestures and a bit of lip reading. I finally got the message across to the desk clerk who looked somewhat annoyed at my having interrupted him in whatever he was doing. After working on a touch screen computer for a few minutes, he finally gave me a door card for a room a few doors down from ours. Returning to my visibly shaken wife, we quickly transferred all our belongings to the second room.

This room had two beds rather than the one bed of our previous room but we figured it was late, and we could get a third room in the morning. Undressing, my wife and I prepared again for bed. My wife pulled back the sheets of her bed then paused. She then asked me what I thought the brown spot on the sheets was. A sniff revealed that the spot was a skid mark (feces, aka "poop"), and still had a bit of smell to it. It was at this point that we decided to find another place as quickly as we could and get out of this hell hole. We jumped in the car, and drove around for a few blocks until we found and checked into a nearby Super 8 motel (on Fletcher Ave).

We highly recommend this hotel. The clerk was very nice, the room was spacious, and the cost was only a few bucks more per day. We returned back to Motel 6, and unloaded the contents of our room back into the car, movie style (fast, furious, and not tidy). We pulled up to the office where we again noticed the cute little girl, still in her skimpy lame outfit, walking around the building and loitering in the parking lot. "I think that's a working girl," my wife said. "The pool's been closed for hours and all she does is walk around the building over and over again."

Looking at the girl a little more closely, I realized my wife was right. I went back to the bulletproof window and explained to the still annoyed desk clerk that the second room was also soiled and we wanted to cancel our two week reservation and leave. While I was waiting to get my refund (my wife was waiting out in the car) the cute working girl came in to get a soda from one of the vending machines. Overhearing my complaints to the clerk she struck up a conversation with me. She was very understanding and sympathetic as she explained to me that they were usually pretty good about cleaning the sheets at the motel.

She agreed that our experiences were terrible and wished me luck before heading back out to the parking lot to look for more clients. After about 15 minutes at the computer and credit card terminal, the clerk finally gave us some paperwork back, indicating our card had been charged back. He apologized for the inconvenience and we left. Friends of ours who live in the area later told us that this hotel sits in Tampa's "sex district" and is a notorious "service center."

As for our experience, the entire night was like something out of a bad movie. If there was a rating worse than "terrible" we would give this hotel that distinction in nearly every category. The exception would be in customer service, where I would award a "two." While the desk clerk was rather sour throughout our entire ordeal, the hotel hooker was very nice. The hotel should give her a raise.

Poor Maintenance. BEDBUGS!
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

REDMOND, OREGON -- The room looked like someone had been sitting or laying on the bed. The desk had some bare wood. The door was difficult to open and a hazard in case of fire. The worst was a bedbug crawling over the comforter. We left pronto!

Enjoyed Our Stay
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

MATTOON, ILLINOIS -- Arrived shortly after 8 pm. My wife and I checked in without a reservation. The manager was courteous and efficient. The room and bathroom were clean as were the linens and towels. We enjoyed our stay. The following morning we noticed the grounds were clean and well maintained as was the motel office and we enjoyed fresh courtesy coffee before departing. I would stay there again without hesitation and would recommend this establishment to others. The motel is #4950 in the Motel 6 chain.

Excellent Customer Service
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

SYLMAR, CA -- I wish to comment on the great service I received. My first day was a negative one but, the turnaround with these special ladies Andrea and Maria ** both help make a negative to a pleasure with my stayforme, my family and two dogs. My stay has been a long one having to wait for house to be ready to move in. I had chance to change hotel, but NO I am comfortable where I am. Kudos to Motel 6. I highly recommend to those who are in need of a hotel near freeway 5 & 405...

StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

MOAB, UTAH -- Had a bad dealing with crazy owner.

Do Not Stay Here
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, INDIANA -- We stayed here to save money, but in the end Motel 6 charged my debit card without my permission. They accused me of stealing and then charged me $150 on top of our $55.99 room rate. They are the thieves! Do not stay here!

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