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Value for Money???
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Rating: 1/51

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- My husband and I relocated to Corpus Christi due to his work. We unfortunately got stuck with staying in this place. It was the only available room here that we could afford over $350 for just one week. It is so overpriced but let's face it the whole of Corpus is overpriced. The room is so out of date, internet is not even free, it smells and to top it all the room had a shower and NO bath and the toilet seat didn't even have a lid on it, which to me is disgusting (but I know this seems to be standard in Motel 6s). The reception area looks OK though funnily enough!!

I am just mad because of what it cost us and we have stayed in several motels around Texas and for a 'corporate' motel this really has to be the worst. Don't they have standards that they have to keep to? Who charges for the internet nowadays? They really need to address that. I do understand this is supposed to be a budget chain, but budget does not mean dirty over used and broken.

The only redeeming feature this place has for me is their pet policy which is why we had such a limited choice when we were shopping around. So if you can afford it, it's worth paying a little more for clean and updated accommodation so go elsewhere!! Given the choice I would in a heartbeat!!

They Will Kick You Out for Someone With a Reservation
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Rating: 1/51

N. CANTON,OH., OHIO -- I had stayed several nights in this smoke scented, holes in blankets and bugs in the carpet fine establishment. I was paying daily (cash) and on the 8th day when I tried to pay for another night they said I couldn't because someone had reserved my room. I don't think my room should be up for grabs until I check out but it's all about their bottom line and not common sense. I was not loud or drinking in my room. I paid every day before check out time.

My truck was in the dealership for repairs so I had to call them every day to see if they were done. So there I am with no room and no truck (nice). Someone with 2, 3 or 4 people were probably going to bring in more $ than lil ol me. It's all about the bottom line. Not about being a real person, not about common sense. Oh by the way I really enjoyed the 19-inch tube tv. Right out of 1985. You get what you pay for!

Worst Hotel Experience Yet!
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Rating: 1/51

WEST MONROE, LOUISIANA -- I stayed in the Motel 6 last night in West Monroe, La and it was by far the worst experience I have ever had staying at a hotel. The bed was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever tried to sleep on. My back was in so much pain that I didn't sleep but maybe two hours all together and couldn't stand up straight when I finally got up. It was so bad that I will have to be visiting my chiropractor come Monday. And the bed was just one of the problem.

The television only got about 16 channels and the screen was going out on it. It had lines through it and no movie channels as the advertised on the website. Also the wifi that they advertised was a joke as well. It would not let me, nor my guest, connect to it. Once again, it was the worst experience that I have ever had and would not advise anyone to waste their time, nor their money, on such a horrible hotel experience. I know I will not go back ever again.

Incredibly Disgusting
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH POOLER - SAVANAH - GA, GEORGIA -- I recently stayed with my wife at Motel 6 and need to report how disgusting the place was:

  1. The front desk clerk was involved in a deep conversation with 2 drunken and loud smoking friends and barely paid attention to us during checking in (it was around 11PM).
  2. The room was filthy, with large stains on the carpet (room 114).
  3. The bed was made like my four year old would, by hurriedly changing the sheets without paying any attention how it will look once the bed cover is open: sheets not tucked under the mattress, pillows thrown on the bed. Basically needed redoing.
  4. The bathroom was filthy with no shampoo (for travelers?!) - a wet small bar of soap was available near the sink. 5. Mold at the base of the tub - Hair in the tub - Tub emptying very slowly, obviously plugged from past users hair, etc. Toilet bowl dirty - Old toilet paper roll 3/4 used.

I will stop here as I don't want to remember about the noise and screaming going on near the front desk. Using this hotel while waiting for our flight, there was no time to escape this hellish place. Overall a truly disgusting experience. I tried to find an email for customer service or the email of the new President Jim Amorosia without success - He is hiding behind a corporate veil while writing to the media how great his hotels are.

Conclusion: Sleep on the beach or find a park bench but stay away from Motel 6 - Welcome to a remake of Dusk to Dawn.

Don't Acknowledge Soldier Discount, Overcharged & Dirty
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Rating: 1/51

KODAK, TENNESSEE -- During a PCS move from VA to TX (19 March 2013) my family and I stopped in Kodak TN. The night shift attendant told us he has to charge us more for having dogs and that Soldiers with dogs don't get the military discount. The website clearly states that well-behaved dogs stay for free. When I confronted him about the website he said that a few dogs have ruined his bedspreads so he charges more now. The website price is $39.99 and he originally was going to charge us $59.99, but with our complaining (about what the website says) he acted like he was doing us a big favor (attitude) for "only" charging us $54.99.

I feel that not only did he disrespect me and my family, but as a soldier who has deployed for 2 wars and served 15 years in the Army, I felt that by not honoring the small 10% discount It was like he spit in my eye. It was after midnight and I had my 2 kids, wife and dogs in the truck, so I had to put my differences aside to allow THEM to rest.

Upon unpacking in the room, we found little black hairs all over the ice box and tray, chewed gum on the box springs and upon pulling back the sheets... more black hair on the white sheets. I wouldn't let my family sleep in the beds. We slept on top of the comforters and turned the heat up to stay warm. This is, by far, the worst "6" I've ever been to and would never even recommend it for "hourly use"!

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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- This Motel 6 is near the University of Texas Medical Center, in El Paso. We had a friend there who was having surgery and we wanted to stay close by. When retired for the evening we realized that the bed linen and blankets were so very old and unclean. The sheets were a gray color and did not fit the mattresses well. We did not sleep well because of the noise all around the motel. When I went to take a shower I found mold on the inside of the shower curtain. We cancelled our next two nights and were given a refund. I would never stay there again.

Roach Infested!!!
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Rating: 1/51

CUTLER BAY, FLORIDA -- I am never EVER going back to Motel 6 again!! This was the worst experience I have ever had with any Motel/Hotel. I thought it was going to be a decent place to stay for a night for emergency purposes but boy was I wrong! They only had smoking rooms and I don't smoke but the neighbors next to me had a field day with the marijuana they smoked the whole night! My husband slipped on the 2nd floor and messed up his knee because of a leaking a/c unit that spilled water all over the hallway.

We get to the room and it smelled horrible! Either someone died or threw up in the before we even got there. But the icing on the cake was when I saw ROACHES! Yes, roaches, crawling on the bed! YUCK!!! I was so disgusted and so pissed off all at once. This place was so infested with roaches that you can see them crawling all over the furniture. They were on the bed, the TV, the night stands, the tub and even on the toilet! Seriously, something needs to be done or that building needs to be torn down. Either way, we were moved to another room.

The other room was a little better and bigger but aside from the experience in the other room, we ended up finding more surprises. Found a crack pipe, baggies, brillo pads, a beat up mattress with bed bugs and no remote control for the TV. You better believe that I will not come back to this place nor recommend it to anyone. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had and I hope that no one else goes through what I had to.

Dissatisfied With Stay
By -

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- We just got home after staying at Motel 6 in Kalamazoo, MI. for 3 nights. It was horrible, we reserved a room a few days ahead. The sidewalk was a sheet of ice and had not been salted, my son and niece fell, luckily neither got hurt, called the office, no apology just excuses to why it wasn't salted (the snow and ice had stopped coming down more than 12 hours before so they had plenty of time). They said they would be up to salt it right away, still wasn't done til the next morning.

Our room was filthy, garbage on floor, bugs and hair in the tub. The sheets had not been changed, they were all wrinkled, hair in bedding, and had lipstick on them, as well as burn holes in them. Called office, got switched to new room, should be better. Sheets clean, went to bed. In morning getting kids ready for day noticed the side of box spring was completely ripped open. Not safe when you are traveling with a 2 year old and 4 year old, they could get hurt trying to climb in and out of bed. Had to go though we were late.

We got back that afternoon, room service had been in as garbage was emptied, towels were ALL gone, no replacements, soaps were ALL gone so we can't wash or dry hands. Our nonsmoking room smelled like smoke because the housekeeper smoked while they cleaned, we even saw them doing it in a room near us. So we went down to office this time, talked to manager. We got fresh towels and he sent room service to bring soaps. Also got switched to another new room, was told they are doing renovation that was why bed and bedding were so bad.

Refunded $20 and gave us a bunch of coupons, oh that makes it all better... not. This room actually had clean bedding, although there were burn holes in them and the room was cleaner, not clean but better. The next morning my 4 year was wanting a bath so we went in to get it ready, we barely moved the shower curtain, and the rod fell on my head, thank goodness it didn't hit my 4 year old. I started her water and guess what the tub wouldn't hold the water, the drain plug wouldn't seal.

I called the office... Again, they said "you're checking out today" very happy not concerned as to my head, told them no one more day. They said "Oh... we'll have someone come fix that then" in a disappointed tone. I was so happy to be leaving that place when we checked out. I've stayed many places and never had an experience like this. I will never stay in a Motel 6 again, I'd rather sleep in the car. I don't care if a place is under renovation. I paid for a clean safe room and didn't get it.

Horrible experience..... @ Motel 6 El Paso East #1367
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- Motel 6 El Paso East #1367. Where do I start off? The musty smell of the room when entering or the knife holes on the walls or the mildew in the bathroom? Well, to start off I travel a lot. I choose Motel 6 for its price and it's close to where I usually end up working. And I have stayed at many Motel 6's across the West. But this time I chose to leave after one night of staying in this dirty room. Dirty being an understatement of course. I'm going to just list off the stuff in this DIRTY room instead of talking about it too much.

  1. Mildew Stains across the ceiling right at the Main Front Door.
  2. Stains from spilt coffee or possibly even pseudo painted over blood stains (couldn't tell).
  3. Knife holes all over in the wall above the TV and Door area leading into the bathroom.
  4. Bath tub was someone's dump for excess paint which was peeling up in huge chunks and very sticky while trying to attempt to take a shower.
  5. Fuzzy mildew spots on walls and ceiling had mildew stains as well.
  6. Floor in bathroom wasn't swept - it had previous persons personal body hair on the floor.
  7. Personal body hairs stuck on the shower curtain.
  8. Bathroom door falling apart.
  9. Gang sign written into the inside door frame of the bathroom.

I went with 3 other guys that I work with. In their room one of the mattresses was torn up to shreds and was explained to me that they thought either a rat or some cockroaches were going to come out of it. It just looked horrible. We tried to complain about the rooms but 10 min after we checked in the Office was closed and the attendant was unable to be reached. I took pictures of all that I saw in our room #209. No pictures of the other room. It was just BAD Customer Relations to let people stay in a place so dirty.

The next morning we were able to get our money back at 6 am. Only bonus to the stay is that they had hot coffee already made. Do Not Stay at Motel 6 El Paso East #1367. We had rooms 209 and 210.

Motel 6 in Flagstaff, AZ - the one on Butler Ave
By -

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- We were just driving through, and were pretty tired; since it was very late already we decided to go for a cheaper motel because we'd only be there may be 7 hours total. Normally, I try to avoid places like Motel 6 because most I have been to are disgusting or located in bad areas. This Motel 6 is no exception to the rule. The room is very musty smelling, with visible mildew throughout the bathroom and baseboards. The front desk employee was pleasant, and did apologize about giving us the wrong room key.

I think they must have a problem with the window sealing, because even with the old 70's a/c unit going on full blast you could feel the air seeping in through the window (and yes, I did check to make sure it was closed fully!) We ended up taking the bed further away from it because it was 17 degrees outside that night. Beds were quite comfortable, actually, and the bedding seemed washed with no stains or bugs in the sheets. That was really all I was concerned about.

I didn't mind it at all for a one night's stay, but I would advise anyone considering a multiple night stay to look for a different motel/hotel; possibly the other Motel 6 on Woodlands. It looks a bit nicer from the outside. The primary reason for this, would be that there are hundreds of trains running through 24/7 and you can hear them all night long blowing whistles. There's a sign about it in the lobby that they won't give refunds, and I believe this is probably the reason why. I'm a heavy sleeper and was only there for about 7 hours, so I wasn't too bothered by it. Hubby and I actually had a few laughs about it.

The room, although smelly and cigarette burned carpet, was fairly clean and I didn't see any bugs or roaches. The sink has some cracking in it and it doesn't seem like they have the option of warm water... it was either scorching hot, or freezing cold. I gave up trying to get a mix for warm water after about 10 minutes. No noisy people hanging around or in other rooms, so that's definitely a plus. We had to look in the phone book in the morning and a napkin had fallen out with some genitalia drawn on it. We had quite a laugh about that before our checkout!

Overall, the room was good for the price we paid and just a short stay. I don't mean for this to be a complaint at all, more of an informative review for those who may be considering staying here for more than a few hours. I can't honestly say that I would stay there again if I were going to be in Flagstaff for a couple days, but it was OK for an overnight. I was just happy to get a comfortable bed and sheets that passed the smell test & dirt/bug inspection in a cheap-o motel.

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