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Motel 6
14651 Dallas Parkway, Ste 500
Dallas, TX 75240
972-386-6161 (ph)
972-991-2979 (fax)
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Rating: 1/51

TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- This is without a doubt the worst motel I have ever stayed in. The people who worked there were pleasant individually. Housekeeping services were a joke because they would not just come in and check on what needed to be done and then do it...they would ask if what they had done was ok. Then you nodded and they left and you find there had been no cleaning of the bathroom, just vacuuming the carpet. No towels picked up and replaced. No replacement of bath tissue if the roll was low. And most of them did not seem to speak English. Noise took on a whole other level day or night. Maintenance and housekeeping shouting out greetings and conversation at each other all day, cars with the radios thumping loud enough to shake the windows at ALL hours of the day and night, and people who were not guests visiting and having arguments and conversation, loudly, again at all hours. The beds were uncomfortable, which you could I guess put up with. There is a WiFi fee that is more than $90 a month, which is absurd. All in all this is poorly managed. For a day sleeper and night worker paying as much money as I would in a well-run motel with well-trained staff, my stay was teeth-gritting exhausting.

Very Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

ESPANOLA, NEW MEXICO -- Th check in clerk was rude and fighting with another guest. The carpet was stained, look like a bloody body was drug down the hallway. WIFI was not available. Coffee was flavored water, there were no cups or condiments. Every day after eleven, we had to reprogram the room key. We called to complain and was told we had to pay extra for WIFI, I was not told that when I called to inquire about the room. All the extras other hotels provide like alarm clocks, note pad, pen.....keeps the cost down was what we were told from the customer support person. A gift certificate will be!!! After telling her that we had never been treated like that she hung up on. After reading the rest of these reviews, I don't think the gift certificate will not be used. Not ever staying at Motel 6 EVER AGAIN. Rather stay in a tent with that kind of service.

Kids Put in Danger
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO / INTERNATIONAL DRIVE, FLORIDA -- My 18 and 19yr old daughters went to Orlando for Halloween horror nights 10/10/14 their room was booked weeks in advance, upon arrival to the motel they were refused a room because they were under 21. I called the motel to resolve this issue as my kids were in downtown Orlando on a Friday night with no place to stay. This is unacceptable by any standard these kids were 200 miles from home and faced with a very real and potentially dangerous situation. If this is the policy of Motel 6 it should be clearly written and visible before booking a room. I would encourage anyone seeking to stay with this chain to strongly reconsider as they clearly have no regard for the safety and well being of their guests

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Rating: 2/51

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- We have stayed at this motel 2 years in a row. It is quite run down but the first time we stayed there it was clean. This year I booked 3 months early requesting a ground floor since they have no elevator. When I got there they apparently had one room left (wonder why I booked 3 months early). My husband and I get to our room and, since it's directly outside from the pool area I went to close the drapes. There were the shear curtains down the middle and the 2 quarter panels, no drapes. So I went to the desk clerk and told him that our window had no drapes. He told me I had to talk to housekeeping. I went and got the housekeeper who said there was nothing she could do, but if I had an alligator clamp I could pull the two quarter panels across and clamp them "that's what everyone else does"!!! I didn't realize that everyone traveled with alligator clamps. I went back to the desk clerk who told me that all the rooms were like that. I said "I stayed here last year and I had drapes". They couldn't move me because all the ground floor rooms were taken.
As for security, not all the door swipes work, so when the guests go outside to smoke they put a stone in the door to prop it open. I was walking past one door and a man was knocking on it to let him in because the door closed and locked and he couldn't swipe himself back in.

Stole My Son's Pills
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Rating: 1/51

CRAFTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- We were going to stay 2 nights at the motel. First night went great came back from Pittsburgh to eat some lunch and we noticed that there was some stuff moved around so we went to check our stuff and noticed that some of my autistic son's pills that he depends on to get through the day were missing. So we went to the desk to complain and check out early cause who wants to stay where your stuff will get stolen and they didn't even try to deny it. So we just went home and then called the 1-800 # and they told us that you shouldn't leave anything in the room so there not responsible what crap every time you leave you shouldn't have to pack up all of your stuff and take it with you every time you leave so don't stay at Motel 6 unless you want your stuff stolen or pack up every time you leave.

Hotel Stay
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Rating: 4/51

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- Motel 6 Apalachaee Parkway, Tallahassee FL

If you are looking for a place like no other this is the hotel for you.

The newly renovated rooms are decorated to look like a 1970's kitchen in Avocado green. You will love the cheap laminated flooring where the sound echoes off the walls. There is lots of broken furniture too. It gives you that teenager dorm room atmosphere.
This is an exceptional place where you can roam the condors and take a look at ladies that are more than willing to be helpful. For you convince they keep the doors open for whoever is available.

It is just like a truck stop where there is plenty to choose from and the ladies are more than willing to help serve your needs.

Also they specialize in recreational substances with a wide verity to suit your tastes.
Also this is an exciting place to take the kids. It is an experience that will truly educated them in the ways of the world. Where else can you take them where partying goes on all night long in the parking lot and in the morning people are found dead?

It all is so neatly wrapped up with the manager, the police, and of course the mayor preserving the hallmark of this establishment. The location is particularly convenient for when the senators are in session to pay them a visit.

I just can't say enough about this hotel. I would have given it 5 stars but they don't have a bar with dancers. None the less this is one of Tallahassee's most exceptional places to stay even if it is for just for an hour.

Nasty, Filthy Room!!
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Rating: 1/51

FLOUR BLUFF/CORPUS CRISTY, TEXAS -- This was by far the NASTIEST, FILTHIEST Motel 6 (or anywhere)that I have stayed at. We booked a room for 4 days a month in advance for a wedding. Our plane got in late. When we saw the room we couldn't believe it.
Bugs in the bathroom. Long black hair in the shower .Dirt built up on the nobs that hold the toilet paper roll. A floor that hadn't seen a mop or bleach in months. Pulled back the top blanket only to find the sheet wrinkled, like they had never been changed from the last people that slept in them. Black hair and lint and fuzz all over the sheets and pillow cases. Tiles coming up off the floor. And REALLY..... the "beds" were an uncomfortable hard mattress set on top of a board that was set on top of a wooded box. The room was sooooo small that two people could not pass each other between the bed and the TV to get to the tiny space for your suitcases or to the teeny tiny nasty bathroom. The room had suffered water damage and the repair person must has been hired from the mentally retarded school.
Drug deals and hookers outside.
I will NEVER, EVER stay in your dive again!!!!! Your motel should be condemned. Nothing but a flop house.
Got a refund for the 3 days but want a refund for the miserable night I had to spend in that disgusting room. Hope I didn't catch something.

Very family unfriendly motel. Management doesn't enforce any rules.
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Rating: 1/51

BRAINTREE, CALIFORNIA -- Stayed at the Motel 6 in Braintree, MA in mid-May of 2014. I've stayed a many other Motel 6's on the West Coast and I've always enjoyed the experiences. Unfortunately, I believe there's a good number of people who mostly live at this one so they act like they own the place.

For 3 hours straight, a small crowd of them have been holding a gathering out in front of the building near the office. Needless to say, there's lots of cussing going on.

If you have children, you would be wise to avoid staying here. I have already booked a room at another nearby hotel.

Luckily, the rest of my vacation with my own daughters has been so wonderful that this one negative experience really doesn't matter.

I will, however, always tell this story when I'm having conversations about traveling with my friends.

The Very Worse Hotel I Have Ever Stayed At
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Rating: 1/51

DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I checked in on Friday and got their "WEEKLY RATE" and I have two rooms. The next day I called down to tell them I do not want room service and that was okay. I asked where my do not disturb sign was and they said they do not have them and all I had to do is call them.

When I was checking in, I asked if there was a comfortable chair
in the room and he said no and he would have one sent up tomorrow. I asked about the pool and he says they are ahead of schedule and might be ready tomorrow. so next day call about pool and chair, next thing I know manager comes to my door and rattles off about 1 week special. She told me about room cleaning on Tuesday and Thursday. So, I am told to go down with towels to the desk and they will swap for them for clean ones. rubbish...1st get maid and she will empty.

Now today, I was talking to girl that told me she would get towels when they had some clean ones... I go down to desk and manager there and says "" YOU ARE ON A WEEKLY RATE AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO USE THOSE TWO TOWELS ALL WEEK "" very rude and rubbish empty on Thursday....the day I am leaving. she also said if I like she can change my rate to a daily rate and get towels rubbish.. now remember I have already been here for 4 days without any service and if I change goes back to day one at full rate... I was so upset and not even corporate did not care

Avoid Motel 6!
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Rating: 1/51

BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- I was a regular at Motel 6 for the convenience and low rate. The last time I tried to get a room there, I was I formed that I was on the "no rental" list because "items were missing from the room." This was likely because room service left fewer than usual towels in the room for my use, which is no fault of mine. After explaining to the front desk as well as to the Motel 6 corporate office that I did not take anything, nor had I ever been anything but a good customer for them, still nothing happened. The motel manager was always too busy to talk to me and never got back with me despite corporate office's promise for a call to rectify the situation. I do not appreciate being accused of theft. I am using the American Inn now when needed, which has better rooms and service, thank you.

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