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Box Arrived Empty at FedEx Location
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Torola keeps launching new and exciting products. However, I would avoid them at all cost. The company will not support the consumer.

I ordered a pair of Bluetooth headphones valued at $200 for my sons birthday coming up. The order shipped from China to Hong Kong to Tennessee to Henrietta, NY. Henrietta is the shipping hub for the Rochester, NY area for FedEx. They were to be delivered Tuesday, 3/10. I got a text for a delivery exception on Monday. I called FedEx and they said they were holding the package because it arrived EMPTY! Ok, mistakes happen. I have to call Motorola to resolve the issue. I called and they said they said they would call me back when they had more information. Twenty-four hours went by and I decided to call them. Was told they would ship out a new pair and I would receive in 4-5 business days and could not expedite them.

This morning, I got two emails stating that they would need to file a claim with FedEx and I would need to wait until the claim was resolved, usually 5-7 days. Then depending on the outcome, they would advise from there. I contacted FedEx and they still have not filed a claim so I did and forwarded the info and packet to customer service. As a consumer, this is not how you want to treat your customers. I have no control over this situation. I never even seen the package because FedEx has had complete control over it. My sons birthday is coming up and he will not have the headphones he wanted. I understand this is a small issue for Motorola, but your consumers can have a large voice. I'm not asking for anything unrealistic, just what I ordered and paid for. My incident number is: Incident: 150310-014670

VZW's MOTORAZR² V9m: 2 Wrongs Don't Make A Right
By -

Fresh from over 2 years very pleasant experience and satisfaction with my MOTORAZR V3, it's taken just 2 months to be thoroughly disgusted with my choice in its replacement; the MOTORAZR² V9m from Verizon Wireless.

A combination of issues, part phone, part service provider; and together they're a real disappointment. First, the phone itself:

Primarily, the V9m surpasses the original RAZR V3 in just 2 areas: bigger display screens and a bigger price tag. Slightly shaving down the already slim profile, the V9m is also minus that "just enough" undercut on the flip that allowed it to be opened with one hand, the thumb neatly slipping in to raise the display; it can still be done but not without some added dexterity and conscious effort. And while the external smart keys have now been made flush, I find myself activating them all too easily in trying to open the phone or in conflict with each other. The new micro USB charging/connection port has been neatly concealed ....behind a small cover on an awkwardly designed plastic tether that's not likely to survive long considering it must be opened frequently for battery charging, PC and headset connections.

While the external display face does sport a more rugged covering with a chemically treated glass window, the glass and the entire shell can be seen as nothing short of a giant fingerprint magnet. No matter how clean your hands, you'll be polishing the V9m every time it's touched if you don't care for the "greasy stove-top" look.

And then there's the extended memory feature. The V9m's memory can be increased by up to 4GB with a microSD card, giving you extra, flexible space for your music, video clips, etc. Nice, yes? In theory maybe, but you'll soon think otherwise after a few times of removing/replacing the battery each time you need to retrieve the SD card to load files from your computer. Not only is this inconvenient, I've had continued problems with the phone recognizing the SD card properly; requiring the card to be removed/replaced over and over before its seen, and of course each time also means in & out with the battery... and this has been the case with TWO V9m's- returning the first one only to find the replacement also has the same problem. In reporting this 2nd occurrence, I'm now informed that the recognition problem is a software issue, which Motorola is now working to correct.

The Verizon User Interface tops off my disappointment in the V9m by its handicapping to the versatility and function that I had in my V3 (ATT/Cingular), and know the V9m is also capable of. Personalization of key functions is near non-existent by comparison, allowing the user to set only the four points on the main navigation key, and then only from a limited set of selections.

The ample LCD displays are wasted in terms of text, being denied the ability to change the size of text display. Numbers as they are being dialed are large & bold, but incoming Caller ID and text messages are all far too small/fine where no size option is offered.

Menu structure is, well....unstructured and random. Erase/Erase All functions are not in the same location from one menu to the next, i.e. Erase is submenu option #3 in Recent Calls, but in Messages it's the left soft key. Features such as Alarm Clock, Calendar, and Calculator are only made readily accessible by setting on the navigation key. Your Contacts, the names/numbers in your "address book" cannot be set on the navigation key; they are fixed on the right soft key.

If you take too long to finish an entry or make a choice and the display goes dark, lookout; pressing anything other than a volume key won't just re-light the screen, it will also act upon it.

For some strange reason you are only allowed to create 3 alarm clock settings, period, whether active or not, and you must go to a submenu if you want to see a different month of your calendar without scrolling day by day.

Where I previously would receive a tone notifying me of a new email, I find at Verizon this comes in the form of a text message....tacking on 15¢ a pop if you don't have a text package.

If you're already a user of the Motorola Phone Tools software, be prepared to do some really creative restructuring if you want to have use of all MPT functions on a Verizon phone; Verizon would much prefer you get all your ringtones and music from their Get It Now service and attempts to curtail your doing otherwise. When I first ran into this issue and brought it up to a VZW representative, I was told "This is Verizon's phone, therefor I should be using Verizon's tools, not Motorola's." Excuse me???? No. This is MY phone, paid for outright and in full. It was MANUFACTURED by Motorola, and MARKETED by Verizon, but it is MY property and you do not have the right to limit where the content I choose to put on it comes from when it does not pertain to the safety and function of the service you provide.

My feeling overall is Motorola has made a grave mistake in agreeing to provide the V9m under Verizon's outline, and should have insisted the phone retain more of the features/flexibility that brought it here in the first place. As it is, it makes Motorola look bad. And Verizon should wake up and realize that cramping the versatility of the V9m only means less features they could market the phone with and draw in consumers. As for myself, it's going to take an improved showing of performance by Verizon in the near future to prevent my buying out the contract and moving on.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Motorola's customer service is awful. I called to get help on Motorola razr maxx device. Not once, not twice but 7 times I had to call. In the middle of discussing the issue I was hung up on. Not a dropped call they actually hung up. The reps were in India and said no I can't help you, we don't handle software issues to not my department. This was all said prior to the reps hanging up on me. I got fed up with the treatment and got an IPhone. The customer experience is wonderful with Apple. I will never buy another Motorola product.

Motorola Droid Phone
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Rating: 1/51

RENTON, WASHINGTON -- I am on my second phone and it is only a month sense I got it. it still doesn't work well. its doesn't last more than 6 hours and it has to be charged.. very inconvenient. My second one is going back because it won't charge. Same pr5oblem I had before. it has been charging for 3 hours and still at only 8% left on battery. I am very unhappy with this product. And I am stuck for another year or pay a big fee to get out. I am advising my friends not to use Verizon or the droid.

Refusal To Take Responsibility For Inferior Product
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GLENNVILLE, GEORGIA -- Motorola cordless/corded phone model #l703cm promoted by windstream to customers via monthly billing is of inferior quality in my opinion. There is constant static on base handset as well as cordless handsets. My calls are frequently dropped with going completely dead when phones are completely charged. Windstream refused to take the phone back when I called to complain 18 days after receiving product. There was a 15 day return policy which was stated no place in the promotional or info in the packing. I am a 9 yr. Customer of windstream, and they would take no responsibility or concern. They referred me to Motorola who offered to replace this defective unit with another of the same model.

Why would I take that risk? Buyer beware and report similar problems regarding both companies!

Never Buy Motorola Again
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I updated my cell phone at the T-Mobile store and went for a 3G model Samsung and a Motorola Ear Bud. The design of the ear bud has a flaw with a soft rubber cover on the speaker which falls off constantly. I lost it and called customer service to buy a replacement and was told that they don't have any. To make matters worse the people at T-Mobile told me of the refund (discount) for the phone with a 2 YR contract. I BIT!

When I sent in the forms I was informed that it did not meet to requirements for the discount. So T-Mobile is off my list of reliable Company.

Motorola Customer Service is Horrible
By -

This morning I called Motorola customer support just to replace an in-warranty hands-free bluetooth device. It was only 6 months old with a one-year warranty. The first agent pushed me off the phone until I could find a receipt or credit card statement showing the date of purchase. The second one hung up on me when I called with the statement. The 3rd agent took more than 25 minutes and put me on hold 6 times.

All I wanted was just to get a simple "Return Authorization" and an address to return my defective device to. She finally transferred me to her supervisor which took about 7 or 8 tries because she couldn't figure out how to complete the phone transfer. Sadly, she was the MOST helpful of the 1st level support agents I spoke with today.

The customer service agents were the MOST unintelligent and incompetent I've ever experienced. They didn't listen, repeated irrelevant statements several times, and asked the same questions again and again. I have experienced some Dell agents from India who were far more rude--but at least they were smart and solved my problem without wasting too much of my time. These Motorola agents (judging by the accent, I presume) were from the Philippines (not a discriminatory comment against Filipinos. I know many smart Filipinos.) and were completely hopeless to get a simple task done.

I wonder if Motorola is intentionally instituting this process of customer service problems as a policy to prevent repairs and exchanges. Or if the people they've hired are really as incompetent as they seemed.

When I finally reached the supervisor, I explained my story in 30 seconds and then it took another 10 minutes for him to get my address and credit card number, comment on the fact that he's always heard good things about Hawaii (where I live) and process my repair/exchange order. In the end, he told me I would be receiving an email with the exchange information. It took over an hour to accomplish this task when the wait time to have my call picked up by an agent was under two minutes as long as I blocked my caller ID so their system didn't know it was my phone calling in. (After speaking to the 1st agent, I called back twice and waited for over 5 minutes for the call to be answered with total silence on the other end of the line after it had informed me that based on my number they saw I had an open case. When I blocked my caller ID, I got right to an agent).

I will never buy another Motorola product again based on this customer lack-of-support experience.

Android problems
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I've had several problems with the Droid phone. Bluetooth connections are difficult to establish and maintain. I've often had to kill the application both on my phone and on my PC, then restart everything. Even then, it often fails. Also, the email tool used to access third-party email accounts (non-gmail) is very unreliable. It doesn't report incoming mail most of the time, and it often gets stuck in a "checking for mail" loop. Again, when I clear the cache and kill it, and then restart it, then it some times works, and some times doesn't. The WiFi connection is a bit more stable, but I often have to manually reconnect it coming back into range of my wireless router.

It seems none of the applications stop once you use them, and they apparently do a poor job of freeing dynamically-allocated resources.

I've been able to successfully upload several videos to YouTube, but I created a longer one today that's in excess of 100 MB, and it has repeatedly failed to upload it to YouTube. It uploads the video over a period of time until finally the progress bar reads 100%, then it gets stuck and spends forever retrying. I'm guessing it has something to do with the file size.

I work as a programmer, and I know buggy code when I see it. Android 2.0 is full of buggy code. I hope they get these bugs fixed with Android 2.1, which is now over a month late.

I guess really my complaint should be against Google, as they are the ones who created the Android operating system.

Other than these things, the phone works pretty well. The battery lasts a long time, and recharges with impressive speed. The internet browser thus far has not given me any problems to speak of (well, one or two sites had trouble, but I guess that's to be expected).

Fix the bugs and it will be a great phone. Until then, it's a real aggravation.


Motorola Crush Phone - Worst Phone Ever
By -

The Motorola Crush touch screen phone is the worst phone I have ever owned, The morons at Motorola didn't consider that when you put the phone to your ear without locking the phone (every single time), that the phone will start changing screens and even dial other numbers while your talking.

The slide bar you have to used to unlock the phone can be very difficult to get to work and you end up missing a call.

The Qwerty is difficult to use

The features are very basic, ring tones, camera etc etc this phone is not worth the money

Bad service
By -

Camera will not work on the phone over heats itself and bad service

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