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This Company Is A Truly A Scam
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TEXAS -- I went on a moving site to find a moving company to move me from FL to TX. I got a call from two companies Moving Van Line was one of them. I informed the guy name Brian that I had gotten a lower quote than he gave me; he told me give him a chance and he will meet or beat their price which he did. When I got the binding quote it was missing quite a few items that I told them I had I called but did not get anything but voice mails so I replied to the email that I got the quote from no one answered. Two days before the move I contacted the company to see if they were still going to move me and to see if they fixed the items that was left off the list. Of course they hadn't. After a long discussion with Brian he wanted to charge me more money I told him I was not going to pay because I told him about the items ahead of time long story short I had to call back and speak to a manager name Randi who did the same thing but because I could not find another moving company I had to agree to the price she quoted me and I asked her to email me this new binding quote which she did and it was not what she told me.

After long discussions again I told them to pick up my stuff the next day. The movers were four hours late when they came they would not move any of my things until I signed the papers first so I did. After they finally packed all of my things they said my new amount was $1600.00 more than what they quoted me I told them that I was not paying it and to unload the truck the refused and called the dispatcher who asked if I had nice stuff to which the guy replied yes and then the dispatcher told him to take the amount that I was offering him and I can call and discuss it with Randi the next day. I called and called and got no where they held my stuff hostage for three months I had to call the FMCSA in order to get my stuff. Which when they delivered was all broken up. I filed my claim 4 months ago and I still haven't been re-embers for the damages and the damages is noted on the bill of lading and on the descriptive inventory list still they refuse to pay or even take my calls.

I have filed complaints with the Division of Consumer affairs, FMCAS, Attorney general of FL & TX, the States Attorney's office and still nothing is being don about this company it's like they have someone in their pocket that is letting them run a much on the American Consumers and all of them are Israeli's.

I say all the people on here file a class action suite against this company.

Beware Other Companies Owned/Operated By Moving Van Lines
By -

While investigating information on the internet in an attempt to collect on my judgment against Moving Van Lines, I have learned the following and would like to share to ensure that other consumers are informed

1) NONE of the other locations they boast exist (check Google earth)

2) Moving Van Lines OWNS First Van Lines. (check

3) The Movers Group is owned and run by the girlfriend or the owner of Moving Van Lines (confirmed by doing a real property and asset search)

STAY AWAY FROM ALL 3 OF THESE COMPANIES. Please post this so that others can be forewarned.

Moving Scam
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- This was purely a bait and switch scam as far as I'm concerned. I contracted with someone named [snip] who solicited me after I inquired information from his company on line. I informed him that I found another mover for less money and he asked me to let him see if he could compete, which he did, and quoted me a price of $461 to move me about 200 yards. On his quote, which I have in writing, it spelled out that they would be packing my goods and unpacking.

When the movers arrived, (which they were very unprofessionally dressed, pants hanging down to his thighs) I was told that they wouldn't be packing up my things for that price and I was forced to sign something saying I would pay $115 an hour and since I had to be out of my apartment on that day, I had no choice. They did a very poor job of moving and broke a "very expensive" vase.

Since the bill was going to be $461, I put $450 cash on my dresser. When the movers got there, I was sitting on the couch and I remembered that I had put the money on the dresser and when I went to get the money, it was gone.

I was never told that they didn't accept checks and they only accepted master card or visa and since I only had a check or American express, they said since I didn't have master card, if I didn't pay by cash they would take my furniture back to Miami.

I spoke to someone named [snip] who didn't really speak good English and he was curt and very unpleasant. I spent about two and a half hours trying to resolve the matter and after going to 3 ATM's I came back with the cash and they charged me an extra $350.

Something should be done about this company. These people should be put out of business for their shoddy practices and this bait and switch technique.

I am seriously contemplating contacting an attorney in regard to this horrible mess. I think that this company thrives on scamming single female senior citizens.

Trish2970@AOL. com

Very Unhappy With Service
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- First of all we didn't hire moving Vanlines, another moving company sucontracted them to do our move. They showed up at 4:30 on a Friday evening to move us. My husband (who has a bad back and myself had to help them carry our things to the truck. Prior to the move we had been issued a check off list in order to determine the quote. They refused to move half of the items on that list. And told us that they would move no boxes. They both had strong Russian accents so comunication was quite awkward but I could tell that they were frustrated and really did not want to move us at all. When they found out that we were moving to a second level apt. Things got progressivly worse. They only worked two of the three hours that we were charge for and threatened to leave our things laying in the parking lot if our time ran out. I didn;t understand this time constaint problem because as I said we were shorted and hour. They were harsh, rude, arrogant andhostile and when they left they had the audassity to ask for a tip, I had to rent a U-Haul truck the next day incurred more expense. And get this They were one of the original companys that contacted us via email in hopes of getting the job, They called me two weeks after the move to discuss why we chose the other company over them I told them (not realizing at this point who they were) all about our nightmare.

The salesman figured out what has happened while still on the phone with me and started making excuses for them I however didn't realize until I hung up what had just transpired. But rather than ownning up and offering some kind of restoration or at least re=embursment for the hour that we were obviously cheated out of He couldn;t get off of the phone fast enough. Which is OK my beef is with the company that we originally hired who seems to be making restitution. They however have taken Moving Vanlines off of their subcontact list and have advised their sister moving companies who are worldwide to do the same. I am however going to report them to the BBB and Consumer Protection Agency. Companies like these with reviews like these don't stay in business long.

Signed unmoved by the whole experience

Moving Scam Lines - Hollywood/Tampa, FL
By -

HOLLYWOOD/TAMPA, FLORIDA -- We agreed for this company to move us at the estimate quoted. If there was additional cubic feet needed, we would have to pay the extra, which according to the original driver there was another 198 cubic feet. Therefore, we paid the difference. Upon delivery, we were told that there was no more than 720 cubic feet used, as that driver had 9 different loads on his truck. We have tried to deal with this company to no avail. We were told by the customer service department, that we only had an estimate. We feel that were we overcharged by 247 cubic feet or $1081.86 which we feel that the company should refund us.

How is it possible to fit 967 cubic feet into a 720 cubic foot area. We feel that this company has ripped us off. We tried to go with a weight quote but they refused.

By -

FLORIDA -- I used this company without taking time reading the reviews. I wish I had!! They overcharged me for all type of "hidden" fees. They quoted $300 and the final bill was over $1000.00.

They refused to unload the truck without payment. I paid and they threw out everything to the street instead of bringing it into the building. Broken table, lamps, furniture, missing boxes. I am complaining with the BBB, Transportation Gov, Code Compliance of the City and Policy report.

Do not use this Company. They should close it!!

Moving Van Lines - Broken furniture

Refusal to pay for damaged items
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- After moving our household from Florida to Nevada, Moving Van Line wanted only cash instead of a check and held our furniture hostage. They only partially delivered our items and even though we paid an extra $350.00 for special wrapping on fragile items, they were still damaged on arrival. Now the company won't take responsibility and their insurance company (Anthem Claim Management) denied our complaint because we signed a bill of laden when the furniture was delivered. We had to sign the bill of laden or they wouldn't unpack our goods from the truck. Only after signing and paying would the delivery men unpack our goods from their truck. They held our furniture hostage. Do not do business with this company! MOVING VAN LINES in Tampa, Florida.

Do Not Use This Company
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Moving Van Lines - Damaged FurnitureI contacted MVL in Nov of 07. After speaking with 5 different moving companies, the salesperson Sal assured me that my goods would be transported without issue and all would be well. When I arrived at my new home, they REFUSED to take credit card ONLY CASH, ALL (I am not exaggerating for effect here) ALL of my furniture was damaged, the "lost" several boxes of valuable items.

They destroyed my China cabinet. I have retained an attorney. [solicitation snip]

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